Space Clouds

Client update patchnotes 07/02/2014

- Fix for a crash during jump (there is still at least one alt-tab related crash with jumps, maybe more).
- Fix for a crash with weapon switch.
- Fix for a crash in inventory tab.
- Fix for a crash in certain stations if you docked just after jumping.
- Fix for a crash when transfering items
- Fix for a crash when transfering credits.
- Fix for a crash when setting descriptions on userbase.

In a nutshell… this is a crash fix patch !

Server/Client update patchnotes 21/01/2014

* Added buff icons for Dampening and Critical Hit Immunity Tweaks
* Added /lkc distortion for those who dont like the distortion effect on laser / trans applied at veryhigh, /lkc 1.1 would disable them completly. (already live)
* New news viewer in the client.
* New context menu for the Possession tab of the Character dialog.
* New options for slaves in the Possesions tab context menu; “Follow Me”, “Leave Stasis”, “Open Inventory”, and “Repair Ship”

* Particles system change, higher fluidity and shorter trails all around (smoother animation as well), on very high especially (lower graphic also gain smoothness but not as much) (already live)
* Particles system massive performance increase. This patch improved the performance of the particles rendering system by nearly 300% (which allowed us to make most existing case much smoother without impacting performances) (already live)
* Greatly improved memory bandwidth and rendering efficiency (speed if it was your bottleneck) on all dynamically generated meshes, (like the suns and the spheres used in some projectiles), also fixed a memory leak on that side which was one of the last remaining known client crash (already live)
* More debug data to help me pinpoint the last known crash still existing (the one where you alt tab during an autopilot jump and it sometime crash). I am sure there are other crashes left, but the 2 mentioned here are the last 2 i was able to prove existed. (already live)
* Moved “Release Slave” button in the Possession tab to the new context menu.

* Multiple client crashes fix (already live)
* Fixed a bug that caused engine particles to not update after an engine change until you undocked a second time. (already live)
* Fixed a client crash in the map flags (already live)
* Fixed a client crash in the warp effect. (already live and there is still one crash remaining on warp while alt-tabbing)

* New item type: Field Amplifier – Amplifies aura projectors
* Added support for parasites on missile warheads.
* New Chain Bullet weapon effect.
* New Repair Slave Option in the X Menu
* New Boss Condition to count unequipped items in the boss inventory.

* Made it so AI’s/Slaves thinking about using offensive super items will check the range of the first weapon in the super item, wherever it is in the order of actions, whereas before, they would only check the range if the first action in the super item was a weapon.
* (dev stuff) Asteroid spawners can now spawn named asteroids.
* Added new subtype for class items like Deathblossom, Sniper Analyzer, etc.
* Sniper Analyzer now uses the Overloader icon.
* AI bases without skills won’t display a skills tab.
* Seperated Missile and Fighter bays.
* Seperated Missile and Fighter slots.
* You can have a missile and a fighter bay equipped at the same time.
* Shield Tweaks now affect shield regeneration provided by shield chargers.
* Changes to repair messages.
* Improved layer filtering for loading wild AI and applied it to holiday AI (no more holiday AI in The Nexus for example)

* Fixed a bug where combat slaves were not using offensive super items
* Fix for auto-start mission errors.
* Fix for Janitor’s Outpost not showing a skills tab.
* Irradiated AI will no longer use Superitems.
* Transwarp now properly reduces the shields of the user.
* Splashing laser effect now acts as ethereal even if the starting laser is corporeal.
* Fixes to the Chain Laser weapon effect.
* Ships under the effect of an invincibility aura (+100% resistance all aura) are no logner affected by resistance reducing auras.
* Fixed a bug where it was sometimes not possible to crit a husk
* Fixed a typo in the ship repair confirmation dialog.
* Fixed issue where the server wouldn’t tell the client when a fighter docked with it’s owner’s ship.
* server change to remove support from uncrypted connection (will check for update but wont let you fully connect using an uncrypted version).
* fix for the rts order feedbacks not working.
* server crash fix.

* New client map layers for Holiday content and Color Empire zone.
* Zeus’ Throne has a new inbuilt Missile Bay.
* Shrimp has a new inbuilt missile bay.
* Battle Sphere has a new inbuilt missile bay.
* Assault Behemoth has a new inbuilt missile bay.

* Reduced the prices on the Seer Mine factories to only consome field obtainable (or producable) commodities
* Unteamed the End of the Universe Beacon.
* You can now only tow to Janitor’s Outpost if you are towing from the Nexus.
* Changed price on Blue Photon Stock Missile crates.
* Damage fields in Bila no longer affect drones.
* Akara Adhara now drops a protection field emitter at 5% shields so players don’t die after they kill it.
* Paxian Bombs no longer spawn after 10% on the tractor boss. The final 10% must be done by the player.
* Incendiary Missiles now do half their damage in Napalm Fire.
* Gave Olympus a minimum level requirement of 750 to enter
* Changed all the Olympus wormholes to require Warp Navigation 3 (some of these won’t be in effect until new uni, but all of the instanced holes and the entrance one are done)
* The Zarkara at the dead end in the Akhara instance is no longer invincible.
* Goldenboy ships in Rumble Arena now have self-destructors.
* The Pest Drone Device acquired in the Nexus now properly drops Small Pest Drones instead of Blue Scout Drones.
* Changed Red Photon Prototype Remote Weapon Augmentation to give -20% Recoil
* Alien Outposts in Pajca and Sas arms now count the number of miniboss fighters in inventory before creating more.
* Changes to Saluna Psu to make it more usable.
* Buffed most T22 alien shields.
* Fixed an error with Dhatri Zaktirasa and Dhatri Devazaktirasa weapons which were incorrectly marked as pulse guns in the balance sheet and had way too much DPS for their type of weapon.
* Drone Scoop is now tech 0

* Fixed Ares’ War Cry and Hephaestus’ Flame Tractors.
* Lots of various spelling fixes in missions
* Fixed a typo in the Compact Colony Blueprint description
* Fixed Undead Helro’s Vultures counting for Strontium 90 missions
* Infernal Darkness Access mission no longer autocompletes.
* Fixed Alien Siege Mode superitem.
* Fix for MIRV missiles.
* Fix for Vihara Sapta.
* Fix for Small Disintegrator Missile Production Blueprint.
* Fix for Zeus’ Energizing Beam not affecting player ships.
* Beefed the Bear tractors

New uni stuff
+ New Blue Photon Testing Range galaxy.
+ Fixed a bug that caused L Suns to not effect solar panels correctly
+ Added two new testing drones to Blue Photon Test Range.
+ Added two new missile types, Incendiary and Surgical Strike.
+ Added factories for the new missile types.
+ Added new missile blueprints to Hyperion.

= CLASS REBALANCE – Not live yet
= Added -1% Electric Tempering bonus to Speed Demon Class Skill.
= Reduced Speedy Firing subskill from +4% Rate of Fire to +3% Rate of Fire.
= Increased Speedy Firing subskill from +1% Damage to +2% Damage.
= Added +2% Damage to Psychic Sight subskill.
= Added +1% Critical Hit Chance to Shadow Ambush subskill.
= Reduced Shadow Ambush subskill Backstab passive from +3% Critical Hit Chance to +2% Critical Hit Chance.
= Reduced Shadow Ambush subskill Backstab passive from +3% Damage to +2% Damage.
= Removed Electric Tempering from Ordnance Supremacy subskill.
= Added +3% Damage to Berserker Class skill.
= Added -1% Space on Equipped Weapons to Berserker Class skill.
= Removed -1% Space on Equipped Weapons from Arsenel Expertise subskill.
= Added +2% Damage to Arsenel Expertise subskill.
= Reduced Sniper Class skill from +3% Physical Damage to +0.5% Physical Damage.
= Changed Sniper Class passive, Sniper Analysis to +10% Critical Hit Strength, +3.75% Damage (+200% Critical Hit Strength, +75% Damage after 5 minutes)
= Added +2% Damage to Stalking subskill.
= Added +2% Damage to Gunner Class skill.
= Increased Big Guns subskill from +3% Mining Damage to +3% Damage, +1% Mining Damage.
= Destruction subskill now only triggers on missile attacks.
= Destruction subskill now grants vunerability to all damage types.
= Increased Destruction subskill from +0.5% (1 Weapon) / +1% (2 Weapons) to +2% (Missile Strike).
= Destruction can now be applied by splash damage from missiles.
= Fix for not taking item durability damage if you had drones on board.
= New Critical Hit Immunity Tweak
= Berserker Engagement Devices
= Moved some of the splash damage on Lancer Missile to a Napalm Fire DoT
= Sniper Flak Device
= Sniper Ricochet Device
= Stacked Missile Bays no longer grant a firing cooldown bonus.
= Fleet Commander fighter recall devices.
= Using a missile launcher will clear the queue.
= Changed Missile Mastery to +2.5% Damage per level.
= Updated missiles with Salvo Counts for testing.
= Added Prototype and Ultimate Deathblossoms.
= Fix so AI drones still explode on death.
= Missile Bays now have a max queue.
= Deathblossom now uses the proper amount of energy while multifiring.
= Deathblossom damage bonus removed.
= Deathblossom energy use reduced from 200% to 60%.
= Fix for undestroyed drones getting placed in the destroyed stack.
= Berserker Shield Redistribution device.
= Missile Changes for class rebalance.
= Deathblossom now properly targets AI teamed with your target.
= New Seer Ambush Overloaders.
= Splash Damage Warhead support for parasites.

Beta Client Update 266.136

* Changed the client random number generation to use a greatly optimised version for performance increase on some os (windows 8 used especially should see a performance increase by about 10%, wine user by nearly 25% (depending on the kernel) and windows 7 used by about 5%. (depending on the scenario)

* client side code to handle connecting using an encrypted user/pass beta client 266.* will still send both encrypted and uncrypted connection message in parallel, to remain compatible with old and new server. Once version 267 roll in, support for uncrypted login will be dropped from the client.

* fixed 2 crash fixes from dmp files sent.

If you do not have the beta client and wish to install it. It can be downloaded from The installation is separated from the live client, and it is recommended you keep the live client at hand reach, in case beta client update break it for you.

Beta Client Update 266.83

* new ingame news system
* multiple small performance improvements for some low end hardware. (15% improvement in ideal scenario, 2-5% is more likely for most people)
* many client crash fixed
* rendering issue with the target ring fixed
* targetring will no long spin crazily when you are on top of your target.
* added the beta version indicator. If the current beta is identical to live client it will also be indicated.
* added support for livetest / test new server version (both in client code and assets).
* New context menu for the Possession tab of the Character dialog. (functional only on test/livetest)

If you do not have the beta client and wish to install it. It can be downloaded from The installation is separated from the live client, and it is recommended you keep the live client at hand reach, in case beta client update break it for you.

Server & Client Patch December 20, 2013 (Updated Jan 16)

This is a small patch, mostly to get the stuff needed by this year christmas event in and a few bug fixes / improvements and will be live at 23h00 SS time (see homepage for current server time).

Client changes:

  • particles system change, higher fluidity and shorter trails all around (smoother animation as well), on very high especially (lower graphic also gain smoothness but not as much)
  • particles system massive performance increase. This patch improved the performance of the particles rendering system by nearly 300% (which allowed us to make most existing case much smoother without impacting performances)
  • greatly improved memory bandwidth and rendering efficiency (speed if it was your bottleneck) on all dynamically generated meshes, (like the suns and the spheres used in some projectiles), also fixed a memory leak on that side which was one of the last remaining known client crash
  • added /lkc distortion for those who dont like the distortion effect on laser / trans applied at veryhigh, /lkc 1.1 would disable them completly.
  • more debug data to help me pinpoint the last known crash still existing (the one where you alt tab during an autopilot jump and it sometime crash). I am sure there are other crashes left, but the 2 mentioned here are the last 2 i was able to prove existed.
  • fixed a bug that caused engine particles to not update after an engine change until you undocked a second time.
  • Added new assets for the holidays.

Server changes:

  • Fix for the crash that has been happening every 26-30hours for the past week.
  • Event galaxies now have their own layer on the map.
  • Added support to missions to be open for set periods of time automatically (event missions automaticly becoming unavailable after a set time).
  • new christmas missions and content.
  • Made untanglers which stop tweaks stop imparted weapon affects
  • Fix Seer Virus Transmission Laser intro mission (Leo Branton chain)
  • Changes to the Bhisajayu and Samgrahak’ayu Healing Burst and Regenerative Burst super items.

Jan 16 EDIT:

There was a micro patch between Dec 20 patch and Jan 16 that fixed a bug related to healing experience not degrading properly.

Server & Client Patch December 06, 2013


  • Changed the radar blip to be uniformly transparent.
  • Removed the ‘experimental’ and ‘alpha’ notices from Orthographic camera, HDR and SSAO checkboxes.
  • ‘Buttonified’ the undock button.
  • Mission Summaries now appear at the top of the mission dialog.
  • Tooltips for Hull Items will display the model of the ship they are for.
  • Fixed the typo in the faction selection screen.
  • Beacons in unexplored galaxies will now appear as ‘inaccessable beacons’ in the transwarp destination list.

Server Additions:

  • Added a new game parameter that lets us control the galaxy limit for attached and non-attached bases separately. This will be used to give an attached base limit of something big, like 50 or 99, essentially unlimited (unlimited galaxy base slots suggestion).
  • ¬†Added a text notification for how many base slots a character has used when he deploys an attached base similar to the one that currently displays when you deploy a floating base
    Instances can now be locked to a set number of players.
  • Added support for untanglers (graviton disruptors) to optionally also disrupt tweaks (including auras etc), gremlins and critical hit effects (you’ll still do the extra damage).
  • Added the ability for holoprojectors to be used from super items


  • Drones will no longer automatically shoot at other drones.
  • Increased the placement distance that you have to be from the edge of a planet when deploying an attached base from 50 to 100
  • Drones deployed via super item no longer count against personal drone limits.
  • Made missions take into account required items to complete it when calculating if you have enough space to finish it.
  • Made missions able to have multiple galaxy reveals on the map
  • Missions now tell you how many credits you are short when you try to complete a mission that requires credits
  • Autoscooping (holding down C) will no longer scoop drones if debris has been scooped first.


  • Fixed the bug where it’s always saying you get 0 XP for exploring.
  • Fixed the bug where missions say they give 0 XP incorrectly
  • Nodes can no longer spawn on objects players can’t prospect.
  • Single Body Prospecting Scanners no longer show empty nodes.
  • Fixed Fleet Transwarps (they didn’t warp squadmates properly)
  • Fix for beacons being removed from destination lists on server restart.
  • Fixed a missing space in the stat string for user bases
  • Selling a modded item to an AI base and undoing the sale will no longer result in extra mods being added to the item.
  • Transwarps will no longer allow warping to no-PvP galaxies while under the effects of the PvP warp timer.
  • Transwarps will no longer warp slaves if the destination galaxy is a no-slave galaxy.

Content Additions:

  • Added some new tractors to DGs


  • Removed the team from the Lyceum warp beacon.
  • Temp Beacons are no longer scoopable.
  • Beefed hullspace on Academy Freighter and Academy Thatch.
  • Increased lifespan on Mythic Defended from 5m to 15m.
  • T22 ship Revamp (see below)


  • Fixed the blue photon transwarper missions not taking the credits they should
  • Fixed the mission ‘Urzod’ to kill Urzod (the giant volcom) not telling you where Honey Moon is.
  • Fixed incorrect manhours on the Adonis Protector Z blueprint
  • “Package Pickup” mission in the Nexus no longer automatically reopens.
  • Fixed Tractoring skill in Capella
  • Lockout and kick issues with Tidepool are fixed.
  • Changed the lockouts on the Tidepool daily to avoid any conflicts with Olympus lockouts.
  • Added missing Nuke Crate mission to Shadow.

T22 Ship Revamp:

  • Isvas’ayu has a new inbuilt, Aveksaka Submerger.
  • Isvas’ayu inbuilt, Panic Button, warp range increased from 2000 to 3000.
  • Isvas’ayu inbuilt, Panic Button, now sets the player to 0 velocity after warp.
  • Subhatt’ayu has a new inbuilt, Subhatta Charge.
  • Bhisajayu has a new inbuilt, Healing Burst Device.
  • Bhisajayu inbuilt, Shield Overcharger, no longer gives shield max bonus.
  • Samgrahak’ayu has a new inbuilt, Recharing Burst Device.
  • Samgrahak’ayu inbuilt, Energy Overcharger, no longer gives energy max bonus.
  • Antuayu has a new inbuilt, Alien Siege Mode.
  • Vaziayu has a new inbuilt, Nest Drone Device.

Stuff that will only appear in the next universe

  • Added towing to Janitor’s Outpost in The Nexus
  • Trials of adum
  • Added Zebucart varients (CS, HF and FR) to the Basic (normal Zebus) spawners in Earthforce and Celestial Gardens

Micro patch December 08

  • Fix for fighters slots being unlimited
  • Fix for transwarp allowing free to play to access premium only galaxies.

Micro patch December 09

  • Fix for a client crash when the game was in background for too long (map, docked, and ap could cause it)
  • Fix for the teamscore display in the client being wrong since this patch
  • Fix for drones not auto-equiping on scoop
  • Small nerf for Bhisajayu and Samgrahak’ayu inbuilts.
  • Fix for Subhatta Charge (was slowing rof, now increasing it).

Micro patch December 15 (with server crash around 10PM EST)

  • Reclassified the Great Open Uu Quu Excommunicator as a pule gun.
  • Beefed detection of a few base radars and the Fine Tuned Mercurian Pharos by increasing energy per detection

Server & Client Patch October 19, 2013

* Made it so that no PVP tag applies to teammates too.
* New Auratweak item class.
* New Charge Overloader item class.
* Neurobinding and Modding an already modded item will no longer result in duplicate, wasted mods.
* Empty prospecting nodes no longer show up in scans.
* Tweaked down the minimum dock range a bit to a value that should feel more comfortable.

* Fixed Surging Poseidon Hippios Energy and Heavy Bloodstained Ares Radar blueprints using the wrong items.
* Lyceum Signet from Herophilus 3000 is now neurobound.
* Removed the Cadets from Earthforce Outpost to curb confusion of players attacking them when they shouldn’t.
* Fixed Solarian Drone Blueprint being the wrong tech level.
* Fixed objects in Strontium-90 being at the wrong angle.
* Added a Nooby Planetscanner and added it with the Nooby Shipscanner to AI stations.
* Prabhava Remains for the Subspace Daily “Hatchery Mayhem” are no longer neurobound.

New uni stuff:
+ Subspace Hub galaxies are now no PvP zones.
+ Tidepool should properly have a lockout.
+ Head Master in the Building Academy now uses an Emperor’s Behemoth.
+ Fixed a bug with the Pyrite node in Capella.
+ Added warp beacons to Free Market, The Mausoleum and The End of the Universe.
+ New Fleet Commander Transwarps and Missions.
+ New Seer Transwarps and Missions.

Class rebalance stuff:
= class rebalance stuff (line starting with = will not be enabled until they are all completed as a whole, merely on those notes to keep track of progress (and they are enabled on test port 3032)).
= New Gunner “Starfighter” devices.
= Gunner Big Guns skill is now +2% damage, +1% mining damage.
= Missiles Launchers can now give augmenter mods to the missiles they fire.
= Missiles automatically get 100% bonus speed and 400% bonus thrust.
= Missiles can now be fired in salvos.
= Changed bonus damage to Seer Backstab skill from +3% / level on backstab to +1.5% / level general damage bonus and +1.5% / level on backstab.

10.23.13 Micropatch Notes:
* Non-Premium players can no longer warp to beacons in Premium areas.
* Missing visage fix for Fleet Warp Devices.
* Removed weapon from AI Warp Beacons.
* Fix to add Team and Temporary Warp Beacon Blueprints.

Server & Client Patch October 9, 2013

* Added 2 new lkc command for the hardcore mcer / low performance pc
** /lkc renderres 0.5 (where 0.5 can be anything from 0 (fullqlty) to 0.9 (very very lowres)) This setting basically lower the resolution at which your gameview is rendered, but does not affect the gui
** /lkc renderfull 0.1 is more extreme than renderres, as it will affect the whole client (text will become very hard to read) but this produce much better gain when the gpu is the bottleneck
** those new settings are used automatically to reduce the load of clients that are not focused or completely covered by other window (multiclienting) this should fix the issue of clients having a delay when alt-tabbing (need background client rendering enabled)
* Lagkiller will also lower the resolution of the gameview slightly (this can give a great performance boost in some case, with very little ingame impact)
* (feature) Added a new button to the bottom bar “?” Which open to the player guide section of the website.
* Added back the space brake sound from C1

* (tweak) shipforming now display the ship hull name in the last confirmation window before using the spacepoints.
* (tweak) tooltip from the ship inventory, now only display for item you have selected (should reduce greatly the amount of “annoying” tooltip
* Improvements to the Autopilot Code
** Don’t thrust in the wrong direction when starting out
** Don’t wiggle back and forth
** Don’t thrust all the time and lost speed bonus from afterburners or tractors and thrust as little as possible while stealthy
** Brake at the correct time, rather than braking early and pulsing the brake
** Use the break any time the ship is moving in the wrong direction, but not facing the right direction to thrust (as opposed to only braking at the very end)
** Don’t stop on the last wormhole of the AP journey and then jump through. Instead, jump through and then stop — it’s faster.
** Don’t try to end up exactly in the middle of the destination, rather suffer tolerance based on the ships jumping and docking radius
** Do reverse thrusting if the AP wants to stop somewhere and the ship is going to overshoot it
** Make the angle that the AP is “cutting in” in order to get on track be proportional to how far off it current is, rather than just either pointing 45 degrees in or straight at the target
* (lagkiller optimisation) added renderbg to the lagkiller which essentially lower the rendered resolution of backgrounds and large clouds (which are the main cause of gpu related lag on lower end hardware). There are a few camera related artefact going on when you are zoomed in too much, but they are minimal (lighting dim a bit on the cloud and what it cover).
** this optimisation took the spot between laglevel 1 and 4 pushing the full renderres effect from 5 to 12, since its pretty rare that rendering the ships them self at lower resolution help anything.

* fixed a long-standing bug in autopilot path that would refuse to traverse some specific galaxies.
* Improved client and server millisecond timer to be much more reliable over long duration, fixing the desync issue on asteroid and planets (i hope)
* Reduced the amount of “failsafe” network update now that sync should be fixed (planets / asteroid and the likes, currently caused quite a bit of network stress for lower quality isp / routers, especially while multiclienting).
* (bugfix) shipforming should now make the ship disappear from the docked list
* (bugfix/feature) fix for the random crash when using death tow (and possibility other galaxy change related crash, although much less likely).
* (bugfix) fixed tooltip issue when the galmap was close to the left side of screen
* Fixed a bug with engine thrust sound where it would sometimes stay on after you end AP or dock at a base
* Fixed a sound bug with fast firing projectiles where some of the ones that were getting inserted by the server to make the average RoF come out correct were having the wrong firing sound (e.g. Radish Torch)
* Fixed a bug where the Activate Controlbot option would only work if the ship was previously entered.

+ New Mod Angelic (reduced hostility and visibility)
+ New Mod Reinforced (reduced durability damage on death, and adds inertial dampening)
+ Shield Chargers can now be modded.
+ Hull Expanders can now be modded.
+ Tractors can now be modded.
* Shielded mod now also reduces hostility.
* Super Intelligent mod now also grants critical hit chance.
* Amorphous mod has been added to engines.
* Rewired mod has been added to engines (adds thrust, removes turning).
* Rewired mod also grants electric tempering.
* Composite mod now reduces weight by 50% up to a maximum of 500k reduction.
* Miniaturized mod now reduces item size based on tech level of the item.
* Buffered mod now applies to shields. (adds resist all)
+ Transdimensional Warp Devices
+ Added AI controlled Warp Beacons to Sol, Lyceum, The Nexus, Kumari and Iq’ Bana
+ Missions to get Transdimensional Warp Devices added to Deep Space and Beta Antares
+ Added new commodity, Warpwnium, used in building Warp Beacons

* Changed the base price of Psion Icicles to 50k
* Moved some of the words in the swear filter from the “partial” to “whole” list
* (Feature change) Spaceshipping no longer completely destroy the ship, Instead all items onboard the ship have their durability lowered to 0 and the ship is towed to the nearest tow station.
** (Tweak) a ship or a slave can no longer spaceship if the player is in the same galaxy (including offline) this should drastically reduce the number of accidental spaceshipping.
** (note) an item will be created soon that will allow safe stasis ship destruction (to allow getting rid of ships that cant be sold). This item will essentially work like a timed bomb, once equipped on a ship, the ship will go in stasis, and will be destroyed x days later unless recovered. (this should prevent catastrophic destruction in case of someone evil taking over an account and willing to destroy every ships since the ship will not be destroyed right away)

* Fixed the warhead/mass impact bug (being sent to infinity (south east)).
* (crashfix) changed the network code to support a dynamic buffer size (from 128bytes to 128mb) instead of a static buffer (32kb), this should completely fix any buffer overrun possible with the network code (server crash when opening a sing sphere with too many items to only name one)
* Fixed a bug where you couldn’t sell unequipped Augmenters to a station that vended them
* fix to prospecting node reseeding
* Fixed “Recharge Like Zeus” mission
* Fix for Zeus’ Recharging Beam, now affects both ships and drones properly
* Fixed damaged items being able to be sold to bases via ‘sell’ button.
* Fixed Miniaturized mod to give the proper amount of space reduction

* New level names up to 10,000.
+ added some shiny new DG AI
+ added piracy drone missions (Strontium)
* added blueprints and droprates for new drones
+ added Looter drone to ai base for sale (Strontium)
+ added lance drone mk I to ai base (vervaardiger)
* Added three shiny new drones (T19-21) to dungeon drops

* Aliens levelling coefficients have been changed so aliens level at the proper speed.
* Alien roaming ranges have been fixed so they won’t invade lower level leaves of subspace.
+ Subspace Tunnels have been added to reduce travel time in Subspace.
* Tweaked the ratios of dungeon drop categories
* Made the fighter bay on Mulligan’s Zebu Titan be non-sticky, but of the same sub type as the ship so people can equip better fighter/missile bays on that ship if they wish.
* Ohm and Resistance have been slightly beefed (Resistance is a ship)
+ Removed Stasis Generators from galaxies that sold them and shouldn’t
* Beefed most scoops so they have a faster scoops per second stat.
* Olympus Tractors are no longer Neurobound.
* Alien Invasion attacks are no longer contained to a single galaxy.
* Alien Invasion ‘Outposts’ are more dangerous.
* Changes to the Tractor 22 boss to ensure loot drops and mission completions.
* added fighter slots usage to their item description if its higher than 1 slot

* Fixed Subspace Daily “Sweep the Asteroid Field”
* Fixed Subspace Daily missions not requiring the commod given by the root mission.
* Subspace Daily mission fixes
* Rahnti DNA extraction fix

Please note that line starting by * are live with the patch and line starting by + require a new universe before going live (the code is live, but wont be useful until the content which require new universe go in).



Server & Client Patch September 6, 2013

* New model for the Mzungu Acolyte/Kikale Mzungu Frigate
* New Neurobind and Mod feature
* Scooping changes: Scoops are now activated by holding down ‘C’, they’ll scoop a certain number of items per second as long as you hold C.

* Client will now flash its task bar icon when you receive a pm and the application is not in focus.
* Your current number of Space Points available on your account is now shown under avatar (take note that it can take up to a minute for it to update after you buy Space Points on the website)

* Fixed Pax Scutelogica being off-center in the character selection screen
* Fixed the Behemoth+ visage

* Added 1500 max shield to slaves for each level of remote control
* Added 2% per level resist all for slaves for each level of slave research
* Added 150 max shield to drones for each level of drone deployment
* Support for Space Points using items (Augmenter Retrieval Module and Ship Dry-dock Module)
* Aug Reset and Ship item forming item using SP (basically replacing the ticket system to pay for Augmenter Retrieval or Ship Dry-dock Module) are now available in game in free market ai base “Friedman” for 1 credits. Using it do not consume the item and will ask for confirmation before using the spacepoints.
* Galaxy wide prospecting scanners.

* Made Drone Deployment skill require piloting skill
* Split out the dual-functionality of the Sticky tag and added a new Ship-bound tag for items, additionally applied it to various items that needed it
* Bhisajayu had some stat changes.
* Missions will automatically complete if they can be completed when started. Repeatable missions completed this way will automatically reopen.
* Parasites decay while in stasis.

* Changed the outfit hull command to required you to be docked. Outfitting your ship will unequip any items of the same class that’s given to you (eg: doing it to get a superitem will unequip your other non-sticky supers)
* Fix for drones/AI using weapons which heal the target instead of damaging it
* Prospecting Beams and DNA Extractors now properly display error messages in the client.
* Fixed the bug causing Subspace spawners to sometimes change to Zebucart Spawners.

* Added some basic gear to the station in Lyceum just in case bad stuff happens during a class reset
* Gave Faranji Wingships a new inbuilt (replacing the mag one)
* Gave Captain Kidd a few Prawn Piece drops
* Added some new items to dungeon loot
* New T21 daily mission, The Tidepool.
* Tractoring 21.
* New T21 Tractors.
* New T22 Fighter missions.
* New Capacitors and Diffusers that reduce reflectivity.
* New items that can be built with Eridium.

* Various changes to The Mausoleum, given normal DG/boss loot, increased chances of Mausoleum specific loot
* Re-added the Mini-Marinus Blueprint as a drop from Mausoleum
+ Updated UZ galaxies to use the automatic wormhole unlocking where appropriate, and made the spawners one time where appropriate (gals outside of the instances won’t change till next uni, if appropriate).
* Updated the requirements on T21 skill and added a player progression (Tut bot in Sol) mission for T22 skills
* Blueprint update: Build times on most blueprints radically changed, following a general trend of a minimum build time of a few days if you have a really good prod.
* Set all the Lyceum factories (Sensors, Microchips and Augmenter Module commodities) intervals to 10 minutes
* Increased the Prawn Piece drop rate in DGs a tiny bit.
* Prospecting nodes now have a lifespan and will be reseeded when they die.

* Fixed an issue where DG Roc Minions dropped too many credits
* Fixed a typo in the pretender Shard missions
* Made some adjustments to the Auric Sector to inhibit slave spam
* Fixed Olympus mini bosses not dropping Unstable Shard Dusts
* Fixed a typo in the item name for the Mercury Condensers
* Fixed a bunch of typos in Augmenter Tweaking missions of Condenser spelt incorrectly.
* Fixed Qokujiii Qa’Ik visage being angled incorrectly
* Fixed Range Crystallizers Blueprint weighing 1.5b and costing 100m
* Fixed a bug with the MF Bigger Green and 4MF Slumberchrome Strontium missions
* Fixed DD22 drone stablizer factory being unusable