Space Clouds

Player Guides

Quick Start Guide
This quick guide will get you started playing the game. It covers some basic user interface elements and explains some of the game concepts.

A step by step introduction to the game.

Teams are not really necessary for most group activities, but it is required to do raise your status in the universe.

Slave ships can be profitable if you have the extra dough

How to talk to other players you meet along the way.

Space Stations
How to build your own space station, or take over someone's!

Getting Blown Up
It is bound to happen some day... There are several different things that can happen when your ship blows up. This one is a recommended read!

Before you have the Character Skill necessary to use drones, this section provides some handy information to get you acquainted.

Space Trading Game
At its core, Star Sonata is a huge multiplayer space trading game.

Space Colonies
Build and exploit your own colonies

Ruling the Universe, Becoming Emperor
Learn about the rules for taking over the universe and becoming Emperor!

Character Skills
The cornerstone to advancing your character.

Coming soon...

Coming soon...