Space Clouds

Getting Blown Up

Stasis, Spirits, and Death

When your ship is blown up, it will go into deep stasis. The image below on the left is in deep stasis. You will eject out of the ship as an escape pod (if you purchased and equipped one), or as a spirit. More on those two later. Your ship will remain in deep stasis until the shields fully recharge or in five minutes, whichever is shorter.

Now your ship enters light stasis. The image below on the right is light stasis. Your ship can now be reclaimed. To reclaim your ship, simply fly over it with an escape pod or your spirit. Beware that whatever killed you, if still in your sector may try to kill you again when you jump back into your ship!

Upon entering deep stasis, your equipment will take some durability damage and drop part of the damage value in the form of debris from your ship. You can repair the durability right clicking the damaged item and selecting repair or by double clicking the durability next to the speed meter, please note that repairing items while docked in a station cost half of midflight repairs. 


This is a ship in deep stasis. Notice the blue field around the ship.

This ship is in light stasis. In light stasis the field turns yellow.


If your ship does not have an escape pod, or your escape pod is destroyed, you will come out as a spirit. When you go into a spirit, and you will drop around a tenth of your credits. Using an escape pod is highly recommended.

  This is a spirit. It is impervious to all matter and energy. It cannot be shot, tractored, or harmed in anyway.