Space Clouds

Server/Client Patch – 03/27/2024 – Economic Assault 1.1

Economic Assault 1.1 Patch Notes


[Active IC Changes]

[V Formation Changes]

  • Ships in V formation will no longer “snap” / “lock” to your side while in combat or going faster then 20 speed. Outside of this they will need to use their own turning, thrust to get into position.
  • Bot will now shoot if possible while trying to get back into formation.
  • Added the ability for bots to use braking when trying to get into position.
  • Players can now control the distance bots prioritize shooting before trying to get back into formation via Leash Distance while in V Formation.
  • Adjusted the logic for Mag Canons, Pulse Guns, and Torpedo weapon types for AI/Bots/Drones when expecting to hit to be more accurate.
  • Free Combat Bot reset will be added to Shadow.

[Client/UI Changes]

  • New Store with items such as but not limited to:
    • Additional Character slots.
    • Neural Boost to T20 for most skills.
    • Augmenter Reset (plus a cheaper NB version).
    • Station Skins items (you cannot change/remove after applying item to a station similar to an augmenter).


  • Added new Temporary Bonus window that can be toggled via the F10 menu. It displays tweaks, their amounts and the time left they have.
  • Fixed a bug that caused item linked tool tips to crash the client when clicked.
  • Floaties no longer vanish if the object is targeted and object type is check marked under section of “Display Float Icons” under Display Options.
  •  Alt+Click no longer unequips items when clicking hotbar. This was removed due to limitations with how windows works with alt+tab causing alt to get stuck on and unequip items while players trying to use their hotbar.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause inventory window to constantly close on undock after completing a mission that would grant items. Inventory window will now only force close if it was previously not opened prior to completing the mission.
  • Added various tooltips, adjusted search boxes for consistency, added a exit button to the bot jump order map and various other little UI adjustments.
  • Added support for Search in Buy, Sell and Dock commands within the Edit Orders bot menu.
  • Fixed various bugs with tweaks not updating (not clearing on switching character, displaying player owned drone/station auras, etc.).
  • Improved generic dialog (/mc, blackbox) to be resizable, and auto-sizing when opened to be applicable to more types of text display.
    • Hull scanning now uses this type of message.
  • Scanning a planet now does popup text of the scan if within 1k distance.
  • Fix for Ruby Wingship skin’s glow causing the ships to white out.
  • Updated various references from Base to Station.
  • Chat Timestamps are defaulted on.
  • ESC key no longer undocks the player from stations. The “R” keybind now correctly undocks additionally to docking.
  • Fixed issue where minimized clients would continue to use large amounts of CPU as if they weren’t minimized.
  • [Beta Client Only] Added ability for most of the client now to scale with font size but significant parts of UI is not currently designed for such and may result in clipped or cutoff text. Feel free to use at your own risk while we update the interface to handle.

[Item Changes]

  • Push type tractors are now using a different physics formula for how they push and are generally stronger when up close and weaker when farther away. Their stats have changed.
  • Removed Particles from the Eyezer of Light and Zauron’s Floating Eyezer.
  • All mines are now zero size. Any ships that have mines that cannot be removed will now no longer lose hull from having mines in their inventory.
  • Made item multi-factories stack and added the interval to their description.
  • Removed NCC-Bulk from requirements from NCC-Special Blueprint and made it produce a NCC-Special Upgrade ship item instead.
  • Heavy Bloodstained Ares Sapper Drone incorrectly had Heavy Bloodstained Mars Shield and Energy instead of Ares. Item now displays correctly as a rare quality
  • Updated the following items Qualities: Particle Brake to Uncommon, Sing Brake to Rare and Quantum Brake to Exotic.
  • Made the T22 Boss Skill commodities decay at the same length as the T20 commodities.


  •  Added Trade bay exchange for NCC-Bulk at East Vindia for 20 Trader Insignia after completing the “NCC-Bulk” mission (Will need to be live edited).

[Universe Changes]

  • The boss copies spawned by Infernus now use additional prefixes in their names to better distinguish them as copies from the original bosses.
  • Adjusted Lunarian gear drop rates to be more aligned with Selenite gear drops.

[Next Universe Changes]

  • Reduced the number of asteroids in Blanco from 1,000 to 300.
  • Pirate Maboule will only roam in Warp 1 instead of infinitely across EarthForce Space layer.
  • Updated the first three rift wormholes in Vulcan to be closer to the centers. Locked the wormhole to Bedrock Depths until the mission to kill Infernus is available.
  • Re-added roaming Zebucarts to EarthForce Space, Perilous Space, Kalthi Depths and Wild Space.
  • Reduced the Resistance to Damage of Lunarian Avengers spawn with.


  • Added the ability to transfer bots and player stations to offline characters on the same account so long as you are in the same galaxy. When an item is both Neurobound and Unable to be Put in Storage – it will prevent transfer.
  • Bot/AI now factor in scoop range/ship size when using their scoop. Should improve the reaction, speed and feeling of using a bot to scoop loot.
    • Hint: hold shift and right click while a combat bot is highlighted to send multiple scoop commands.
  • The server now auto displays in the construction tab if a blueprint builds multiple and what the qty is.
  • Missions that reward both skill and item will no longer be hidden from player if they already have the skill.
  • Muted player can now invite non team members / mutual friends , every 2 minute. Inviting teammates or mutual friends do not affect the cooldown.
  • Fixed Event notifications not having a duration for the initial announcement when an event starts. Removed IC active announcement when an event ends, since we have the duration on login now.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed a bug where toggling auto repair would cause Pop-Up Messsage options such as Damage Inflicted, Damage Recieved, etc to disable.
  • Transferring a bot will now restore its skin to default if the new owner doesn’t own that skin.
  • Adding a space before listing item as there was a lack of a space previously in the error string for transferring a Neurobound item.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Imperial Tweaking and Station Tweaking to apply to Station Kit inbuilt augmods.
  • Fixed a bug with Out of Combat that caused it to turn on if you didn’t fire.
  • Fix for a short duration bug with Rate of Fire when electrical tempering changed.
  • Fix bug where teammates attacking bots could make teammates personal enemies.

Server/Client Patch – 02/01/2024 – Economic Assault 1.0


[Active IC System]

[Wild Space]

  • Front loaded more galaxies for reveals and removed two of the later galaxy reveal stages.
  • Lowered the quantity of common galaxies and boosted the presence of other qualities.
  • Termite Siege penalty conditions are now additive instead of multiplicative and capped. This should tune down the extreme cases when not perfectly defending multiple times in a row.
  • Added new Dismantle & Disrupt kit to Base Academy Entrance at the “Advanced Station Research Facility” AI station that can be deployed in any unowned wild space galaxy.

[Client/UI Changes]

  • Created a new skin called “Orchid Fears” for Earthforce, Trepidation Frigate, and Red Photon Ships.
  • Added Trepidation Frigate and Red Photon Ships to Earthforce Teal Edition.
  • Added a new skin called Pesto Masala for the Masala.
  • Added two new skins for the Crystalline Shard and Crystalline Chelonia called: Schwartze Quartz and Howlite Spite.
  • Added Demented Dreams skin for Fallen ships.
  • Added Koto Zebucart and Ferrite Zebucart skins.
  • Bug fix for moving the radar dialog.

[Item Changes]

  • Adjusted the following inbuilt super items:
    • Matriarchal Overwhelming Fury: Damage +75%, Recoil -20 to Damage +50%, Recoil -40%.
    • Fallen Shelling Focus: Damage +70% to Damage +50%, Recoil -20%.
    • Forerunner’s Shelling Focus: Damage +70% to Damage +50%, Recoil -20%. Only applies to your own drones now instead of allies drones. Still applies to self as well.
    • Masala Blend: Recoil -50% to Recoil -33%, Damage +50%.
    • Bisarme Bombard: Damage +75% to Damage +50%, Recoil -20%.
    • Operative’s Nook: Recoil -60% to Recoil -40%, Damage +50%.
  • Removed station lasers from the following drones: Highway drone, Advanced Highway Drone, Motorway Drone, Autobahn Drone.
  • Updating Space Blue Prototype to use its own model instead of using the Hunter’s model.
  • Changed Olympus Drone Blueprints to 3 uses and replaced the weapon with the uncommon drone version.
  • Renamed duplicate misspelled “Hannukkah Candles” to “Hanukkah Candles”.
  • Converted item cookbooks (multi-factories) into base class items instead of equipment.


  • Added (66% efficiency) to the shield stealing line in shield monkey skill description.


  • Updated Infernal Pirate Augmenters mission to split Goblins and Infernos lore wise as they are no longer related.
  • *Fixed text errors in Augmenter Tweaking mission “Art of Class Augmenters” to clearly state “four” augmenters are required instead of saying two in some places.
  • Updated “Beat ‘em to it!” mission in Wolf 359 to clarify the wreck location is to the northwest to spawn the AI to kill.
  • Fixed “Kendalite Harvesting” to properly state 15 Kendalite needed instead of 25 in the mission text.
  • Fixing a bug with “Ultimate Art of Destruction Augmenter Token” mission that had it set to 12,000 level minimum instead of 2,000 like the rest of the Ultimate Art missions.

[Next Universe Changes]

  • Increased the range that Hidden Lyceum Observation Platform can be detected in Olympus Entrance.
  • Fixed issue with lack of new energy drops in KD DGs and adjusted drop distribution.
  • AI spawned by Red Rouge trackers now grant XP.
  • Fixed Kumari to Lyceum Research Wormhole connection.
  • Updated the Paxian Defensive Order and Paxian Offensive Order missions, part of the Paxian Dispatch Orders daily in Subspace, to have forcefield visuals to indicate target immunity states and shouts to assist the player. The hatchery fight for the Paxian Offensive Order mission now spawns Sahvitra eggs over time until the target is killed, and the target will gain/lose immunity depending on the number of its fighters and allies remaining.
  • Reduced the drop rate of Apprentice’s Ward.
  • Made Polaris Wreck and Icy Rubble untargetable in Arctia as new players were trying to shoot it.
  • Expanded the Arctia’s sun illumination from 3k to 10k so low tech players can see the roids.
  • Reduced Trade Bay Exchange Metals cost for Vulcan Mining Blaster from 50 to 25 in Vulcan.


  • AI Station Selling/Undo:
    • Players can now only sell items on ships (including via remote interface) that your main ship is docked at.
    • Undo now covers remote selling items being sold to AI stations while you are docked. (Reminder: undocking clears the undo list.)
  • ‘Show Stats’ is now enabled for Stations.
  • Bots guarding an object in teamed owned galaxies will no longer persist after the character logs off.
  • Updated kick message if the character has stations to clearly state their stations will be destroyed.
  • Blueprints that produce ship upgrades will now have their quality tier match that of the ship
  • Deployed Temporary drones now count as part of your equipped limit.
  • Extended Mod now states Reservoir, Protection or Space depending on item type instead of just “Max”.
  • Amplified Mod now states 20% Reservoir or Protection instead of Max Bank to clarify it is not an augmod and is only modifying the item itself.
  • Dynamic, Overclocked, Forceful, Reinforced and Buffered Mods clarified for situations where it isn’t an augmod.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Applied a fix for a bug with AI station trade bay economy producing/consuming slower than they should when galaxy is in idle state.
  • Fixed bug with Transfer All and Transfer Type with not removing cargo tag.
  • Fixed issue when transferring items with a cargo tag creating new stacks instead merging into an existing stack.
  • Fix display issue of buffs when affected by multiple values (was only displaying first entered rather than the best one that was actually applying).
  • Fixed for a bug that caused damage tracking to not properly reset when not ai was not in combat.

Server/Client Patch – 12/18/2023 – Fractured Strife 1.2



  • Added one redesigned Christmas AI: the Christmas Ghost. There are two versions of the Christmas Ghost from DF 300 to 500.
  • Added one new temporary holoprojector for Christmas.

[Client Changes]

  • Added “Target Similar Ally” (default:  backquote “`“)  and “Target Similar Non-Ally” (default: Tab)  to client.
    • These 2 are variation of the “Target Similar” function (default: Q) except they select only ally (team/squad) or everything else
    • Separated bots, fighters and missiles from ships and into their own category when cycling targets. (no more will you need to press “Q” 35 times to find your target because of a bunch of bots in the gal).
    • Allied AI treated as if they were squad mate and should be handled accordingly for targeting.
    • Previous Tab Next Target can be remapped if player desires that behavior as new style will take priority if they’re the same key.
  • Prospect scanning a comet or solar body which has extractable resources will now produce a sound effect.
  • Fixed bug with galaxy circle not loading in the tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug with double clicking and middle clicking that bled through generic windows (Add to Trade Bay, Content Guide, etc.)
  • Fix for clicking tabs through another window.
  • Dialogs saved offscreen (due to resolution change) will now snap within screen edge when loaded.
  • Fixed sorting issues with tech and uses in construction table.

[Item Changes]

  • Updated the Anatolian Crown item to use new custom model that uses the Midas texture.
  • Increased Atmospheric Robotic Vacuum Dock’s Storehouse boosting from 100% to 110%.
  • Increased Anatolian Colonial Regulations’s Storehouse boosting from 105% to 115%.
  • Fixed missing chance for Minor Resistance Augmenter in Minor Aug roll in Splendid Trove.
  • Removing Troll Tooth requirement from Spectral Charger Blueprint.
  • Fixed tag on Solarian Nova from Selenite to Solarian.

[AI Changes]

  • Reduced Ayudhinaguru from 80% beam resists to 20% beam resists.
  • Fixed an issue for Cyborgs launching the incorrect number of fighters.

[Next Universe Changes]

  • Reduced skilling in Mira from 2 Paxian Medallion to 1 and reduced various trade bay exchange costs down dramatically.
  • Changed the Aveksaka in Dark Jungle to despawn after 10 minutes, so they wont get lost in deep space.
  • Fixed issue with the incorrect mission auto-starting in Whiskey Approach.
  • Added a new “Get them all to 23!” to Wild Space Sanctuaries, Perilous Space and Sol.
  • Grim Reavers will no longer swarm/hang out together in Perilous Space.
  • Updating name of Instance in Paxius to “Rift to Juxtaposition”.

[Server Changes]

  • Trade bots will no longer care about their owners cloaking status when deciding to cloak.
  • Improved error message when attempting to use an item which requires a trade skill you have but are unsubbed.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed a bug with Targeting Computer to use its own internal cooldown so that other superweapon can work without unequipping the Targeting Computer and instead pause the targeting computer firing like they do the regular firing.
  • Potential fix for towing credits dropping where it towed from and not at the tow station.
  • Fixed a bug so Warp beacon should now reliably show up in the transwarp list so long as it existed for more than a minute.
  • Fixed a bug where you can equip more items on a base then you normally would have. This should prevent random unequip scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug with bots not properly reloading the use sticky weapons toggle.
  • Fix for an exploit allowing multiple Targeting Computer to be cycled for higher dps. Targeting Computer now enforce a cooldown before allowing another to be equipped.
  • Potential fix for hate issues when trying to clear hate.

Server/Client Patch – 11/26/2023 – Fractured Strife 1.1


[Emperor Contest Changes]

More details here.

  • The contest itself lasts 3 weeks (21 days) now.
  • Added the following login notification for Emperor Contest:
    • Winner announcement for the first week after contest ends.
    • Notification before the contest is about to start.
    • Notification before the contest is about to end.

[Client Changes]

  • Fixing bug with state of the colony toggle not saving. (You will need to update and correct and be fixed going forward).
  • Right clicking galaxy hotlinks will now search and center on the Map.
  • Right clicking item hotlinks will now /mc the items.
  • Added tech level column to ship inventories.
  • Fixed issue with Kalthi Deployer skins with the attached pipes not being attached.
  • Fix for thruster particles despawning in weird order. Especially noticeable on longer engine trails.

[Item Changes]

  • Prospecting and DNA Extraction Beams have had their electricity costs aligned with normal tractors. This has resulted in an increased requirement for Prospecting Tractors and a reduced requirement for DNA Extraction Beams.

[AI Changes]

  • Fixed the resist profiles and stats of Dark Diablo’s Inferno and Dark Kobaldstein’s Inferno.
  • Reduced Cyborg Battleship and Cyborg Cruiser damage dramatically.
  • Fixed issue with Matriarch Auora’s Formation Nullifier Platform’s yellow pulses that were incorrectly tracking.

[Next Universe Changes]

  • Removed the module requirements for the uncommon Empyrean ships. They only require Empyreal Core to make the exchange now.

[Server Changes]

  • Added a check to prevent demolition kits to be used on abandoned kit inside another team territory.
  • Added a team wide message when an ownership kit become abandoned due to the owner subscription lapsing.
  • Added a content guide entry for Microwarpers and Translocators.
  • Ship upgrade items now match the Quality of the upgraded ship.
  • Superitem that charge on impact now consider the real damage, and not the damage before resists.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fix for scoop loop scooping a ton of drones instead of the 1 per press (unless targeted).
  • Fixed the wiki page link for the Transwarp content guide entry.
  • Fixed misleading description on the storehouse bonuses for colony booster items (the value is a multiplier, but it said “increases”.).
  • Fixed issue for beam damage on diffuser not taking durability damage when hit by a beam.
  • Fixed an issue with Termite RNG that should give Termites a more drastic spawn time range.

Server/Client Patch – 10/27/2023 – Fractured Strife 1.0



[Wild Space]

  • Fractured Galaxies

  • New Termite System. Each galaxy has its own termite mound spawn rate which has a default rate of 1 spawn per 3 weeks (plus a bit of RNG). The termite mound spawn rate is adjusted according to the following rules:

    1. The galaxy’s spawn rate will be doubled if any of the following events occurs during an infestation: the galaxy becomes unowned, any station enters destroyed or abandoned state during the scout phase (i.e. before full termite waves are being sent), or on at least two occasions a station enters destroyed or abandoned state after the scout stage is concluded.

    2. The galaxy’s spawn rate will be increased by 50% if by the end of the infestation, a station entered a destroyed or abandoned state on exactly one occasion and it was after the scout stage was concluded.

    3. The galaxy’s spawn rate is reduced by 33% (but not below the default rate) if an entire infestation concludes without any of the events listed above.

  • Command & Control Station Kits now start with an hour of buffer time instead of 30 minutes before the galaxy will unown without feeding it additional fusions.

  • While the End of the Universe is active (last 7 days of universe) ownership within Wild Space can no longer be lost.

  • Dorado has increased T0 commodities counts. Silver and Platinum can now also be found there.


[Client Changes]

  • PvP Zone galaxies (no turning off safety lock required / no PvP level limits) will now be displayed with a crossed swords icon on the map.

  • Holding the scoop button (or using shift-c) will now only scoop a single drone without interrupting the scooping of other items (so that you will still be able to scoop debris without stopping and restarting scoop).

  • You can now use scoop lock (shift+c) or hold c and then target individual drones to scoop multiple in one scooping session.

  • Shift-c now locks the scoop for 30 seconds regardless of client focus.

  • The Character tab now receives an update on placement of a station or a drone without needing to refresh the tab.

  • Updated colony UI for toggle station colony trading.

  • Changed toggle station colony trading to be any character with management privileges.

  • Sound should no longer be able to play the same effect multiple times in a single frame, each individual sound file is now limited to playing at most once per 50ms.

  • /avoid galname command now works when used from /savecommands.

[Skill Changes]

  • Station Mastery now give stations 3% range bonus per level.

  • Gunner’s Destruction skill now says “.per level”. instead of “.ber level”..

  • Extraction Expert now states “station hull space” instead of “station cargo space”. This was done to reduce confusion with the Cargo system.

  • Updated Piracy skill description to clarify it increases the rate of dropped goods on some AI and increases the drop rate of equipped Augmenters.

[Item Changes]

  • Adjusted global balance values for self damage

    • Most self damage weapons now have near the same or lower self damage. A few exceptions.

  • Holding Scoops now give -resists instead of -shield max.

  • Drake’s scoop now gives -5% resists instead of -15% shield max.

  • Reduced Gladiator Scoop from 300 range to 275 range.

  • Renamed Dark Goblin Augmenter to Dark Gyre Augmenter.

  • Renamed Dark Goblin Laser to Dark Gyre Laser.

  • Renamed Dark Hobgolin to Dark Ignis.

  • Highway drone, Advanced Highway Drone, Motorway Drone, Autobahn Drone had their stats increased for much higher survivability.

  • Microwarpers can now stack when unequipped.

  • Red Pill and Ammo Crates are now properly marked as Exotic

  • Red Loop Pill now gives -40% (from -25%) Recoil for 10 seconds, prevents you from using items the user for the duration, and increases Turning and Thrust by a % instead of giving a Constant.

  • Updated the description of Red Glow Pill – Red Block Pill now gives -92.5% (from -90%) Vulnerability to All, and prevents you from firing weapons and using items the user for the duration.

  • Fixed shrimp missile supers to shoot 1 missile per use and cut cooldown/energy cost in half, from 2 missiles per use.

  • Can now only equip one type of Untangler (Gravometric Disruptor) at a time.

  • Ownership Kit can no longer be deployed in non-owneable galaxies.

[AI Changes]

  • Fixed the issue with Vazi’s not firing their missiles.

[Universe Changes]

  • Infernal Tempest and Darkness:

    • Goblins have been removed and replaced.

    • Added tons of new visuals for mobs and bosses.

    • Added new exotic loot and increased drop rate to Infernal Darkness bosses.

[Next Universe Changes]

  • New KD DG Bosses and loot.

  • Added three new types of Halloween AI: the Feline Familiar, the Halloween Ghost, and the Vampire Bats. There are four versions of the Feline Familiar and the Vampire Bats, ranging from low danger factor all the way to Kalthi Depths. There are two versions of the Halloween Ghost, for high danger factor and Kalthi Depths.
  • Added eight new temporary holoprojectors for Halloween.
  • Arctia Changes:

    • Increased the drop rate of Rime Drones and Rime Shields from Rime Shards.

    • Added a Rime Drone drop to Lord Borean.

  • Slightly adjusted how the spiral is generated in Earthforce Space to add more low DF gals and reduce DF 300 by roughly 50%.

  • Subspace Sas changes:

    • Increased the time it takes for Subspace Aveksaka to evolve.

    • AI will despawn and be reborn to ensure there’s a good distribution of hull types at all times.

  • Earthforce Permanent Drones will properly name themselves Judge and Jury with universe reset instead of Pillbox.

  • Added despawn timer for Scruples spawned from asteroids in Hyper.

  • Infernos will drop Infernal Faction Access Card instead of Goblins.

  • Cyborg Cruiser and Cyborg Battleships were greatly buffed and their unique loot drop rates increased.

  • Fixed the costs of Adamanturized Patrol, Adamanturized Racer Augmenter, and Adamanturized Monkey Augmenter’s Trade Bay exchange costs to reflect that of the blueprints and costs of other augs.

[Server Changes]

  • F2P accounts are now restricted to 4 active connections per network.

  • Added several new gremlin effects that disable weapons, items, and the ability to thrust.

  • Added a privacy period to wild space galaxies during the first 4 hours when the first station is deployed that prevents all map updates in-game unless inside of the galaxy (IE. /f will no longer provide raw information from the map).

  • Event chat now lists the character’s current number of drone slots after placing a Permanent Drone.

  • Unequipping Station Expansions when it will overhull will now state the amount you can unequip without causing issues in the error.

  • Ship hull scanners now start with the type of ship you’ve scanned in event chat.

  • Show Squad Damage will now organize Damage and Heals by Drone type again instead of each individual drone name.

  • Cargoed item weight is now capped at 1,000,000 or half of the item’s weight, whichever is smaller. Previously it was just 1,000,000.

  • Can no longer do /limbo or use limbo item while some ships are already in limbo state.

  • Targeting computer should now stop firing when a ship is overhulled.

  • Spawner tracker messages should now show up as a red message in event chat instead of the standard gray, making it easier to spot.

  • Scooped credits now only show up in the event tab as a single combined line once no credits are scooped for 5 seconds. This should greatly reduce event chat spam.

  • The PvP zone warning message should only show if you were not previously in a PvP zone galaxy.

  • Boss AI now clear parasites/fire when they reset.

  • Chain weapon on hit effect is now ethereal.

  • Updated various Player Station errors from “base” to “station”.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed an issue with shield stealing that applied resistances/vulnerabilities twice to the target.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to be able to overheal yourself when stealing.

  • Added a check to calculate colony prices on the first frame after server load, to avoid an issue where a bunch of prices are at 0 until the first colony tick.

  • Rations being eaten by a station while your ship(s) are docked inventory will now refresh the inventory.

  • Fixed spelling issue with “.proportionally”. on diffusers.

  • Equipping multiple spawner trackers at the same time will no longer cause a spam of events messages.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the first limbo to decay universe reset items improperly.

  • Fixed a bug with Control and Resist skills not passing to stats bots correctly.

  • Ships that have a top speed of 0 no longer can have speed from augmods, tweaks or auras affect them.

  • Superitems will no longer get stuck if one of their steps returns an error.

  • Fixed Space Urchin level being tied to Subspace invasions like the Aveksaka in Perilous Space.

  • Fix for drones that are part of the uni save loading with a seemingly random team (Blue Photon warp beacon is one such example).

  • Fixed Blue Emperor mission saying to come back in five days when the lockout is only a day.

  • Fix for bots not following the player inside a public instance if the player is not in a squad or team.

  • AI and bots will properly re-enable their cloak if they have one equipped after a server restart.

Server/Client Patch – 09/28/2023 – Temporal Hijinks 1.2

Temporal Hijinks 1.2

[Red Rogue Changes]

  • The T23 core skill missions in Paxian Foothold now properly indicate that they require Paxian Requisition Vouchers.
  • CXY-4000 Scoop has +100 scoop range, and +1 items scooped per second.
  • Red Rogue Reavers:
    • Red Rogue Repair Turrets healing weapons no longer splash, inappropriately damaging players. Red Rogue Blaster Turrets do significantly more damage.
    • Added unique Exotic loot that can drop from Red Rogue Reavers.
    • Can rarely drop a tracker for a unique miniboss.
  • Paxian Foothold:
    • Operative’s gear will no longer require Imperiled items, but the number of Paxian Requisition Vouchers required to purchase the gear is increased.
    • Operative’s Sentinel doesn’t require Mythic Defenders anymore.
  • Black Boxes dropped by Red Rogues can now be traded via AC for Paxian Peacekeeper’s Recommendations once you have completed the mission they grant once.
  • Junior Operative Augmenter turn in mission now gives the player all 4 of the augmenters instead of a single random one.
  • The Five Piece’s projectiles are no longer stacked, and its particles have been adjusted.
  • Peacekeeper’s Panel is larger, and generates more electricity.

[Client Changes]

  • Added a new Sun Interference effect.
  • Client will automatically release key when not in focus. Shift + brake , thrust and fire still work as those are intentional, but any other key getting “stuck” due to the keyboard update not reaching the client will no longer work.
  • Possible fix for preventing non pinned tooltips getting stuck when client loses focus.
  • Fix for some scenario where background tile end up cutting at the top of the screen.
  • Modified the following engine graphics: Herbal Power, Mythos Pusher, Cara Sura/Sur’ara, Ayudhin Puccha/Puccharura, Dhatri Yantra/Yantradeva, Antu Zrgga/Zrggasamvita, Boson Blower, BFE/OS BFE/Giga BFE, Mercenary Drive, Glorious Resolve, Carrier Force.
  • Adjusted the particles/graphics for weapons from Fallen / Matriarch.

[Skill Changes]

  • Made it clearer that the repair cost increase from nanotech plating doesn’t apply to items which don’t take damage (e.g., fighters, drones).

[Item Changes]

  • Changed any commodity crate cost to the average equivalent in commodity on Masala, Bisarme, Crystalline Shard, and Crystalline Chelonia Blueprints.
  • Increased the Fabricated Armada supers on Kalthi Commander and its two upgrades to more appropriate DPS numbers for it’s inbuilt fighters.
  • Decreased Envelopment V from 80 second duration to a 10 second duration and increased the minimum diameter from 100 to 150.
  • Fixed spelling error in Empyreal Zenith ship description.
  • Fixed grammar and inconsistent wording in the augmenter blueprint pack items.
  • Fixed various spelling errors in supers.
  • Removed redundant [Extractor] tag from IC extractors and Added [Industrial (insert commodity)] tag to T12/14/16/18/20 built IC extractors to allow easier for inventory searching.
  • Added Warp graphic to Fallen Relocator.
  • Added sound and red graphic to Fallen Shelling Focus/Forerunner’s Shelling Focus/Ruined Shelling Focus.
  • Added sound and blue graphic to Badger Blockade.
  • Empyreal Fragment now decays on universe reset again.
  • Increased T18 Fusion Fermium Extractor to 3814 per day.
  • Removed Neurobound tag from all Drone Controllers.
  • Added 1 Honey to the build cost of Honey Badger.

[AI Changes]

  • Fallen Delquad bosses now resets if all players wipe.
  • Removed the inbuilt diffusers on Alpha Platforms.
  • Removed the Solid Armor diffuser from Basils and Basilus.
  • Re-added Swordfish Skin and Jelly Skin drops to Pretender Poseidon and Kraken.
  • Poseidon Whorls now have a lifespan of 60 seconds instead of 21 seconds. They no longer self destruct from the warhead they use when deployed from Pretender Poseidon.
  • Increased the charge time from 15 seconds to 20 seconds for Kalthi Engagement Device (Kalthi AI Mobility super).
  • Reduced the range of the Space Jelly’s weapon drastically.
  • Added missing Pretender Hermes common/junk drops.
  • Anatolian Freighters no longer increase their targets electric tempering by 100% with their beam weapon.
  • Nerfed Slimebergs and their fighters. (Part of nerfs require a new universe).
  • Increased size of Lunarians and Selenites including the Avenger variants.

[Mission Changes]

  • The T23 skills in Paxian Foothold now properly indicate that they require Paxian Requisition Vouchers.
  • Experimental Fighter Research and Experimental Missile Research now require Piloting 22.
  • Renamed daily mission “T23 Skills” to “Primordial Tokens: Target List”.
    • Reduced Estelle and Equinox kills from 5 to 3.
    • Reduced Ascension and Analemma kills from 3 to 2.
  • Added a new weekly mission called “Primordial Tokens: High Priority Target List”, requiring kills of the Fleet leaders for 9 tokens. (Note: An admin will need to add this and may take a day or two from patch.)
  • Doubled the credit rewards of Nexus missions.

[Universe Changes]

  • Additional KD DG loot added.

[Next Universe Changes]

  • Added two rounds of KD bosses.
  • Reduced The Emperor’s Drone Controller and The Emperor’s Drone Controller trade in cost from 10 to 5 The Emperor’s Drone Controllers.
  • Added T0 IC Factories to random AI station trade bays.
  • Earthforce capital ships in EF layer will now unteamed.
  • Drastically reduced costs of the Capital Armageddon Lasers at Beta Antares.
  • Starting after this universe reset (aka they will exist into next universe not not the universe after) Earthforce black boxes will decay on universe reset.
  • Slightly increased vis and reflectivity of Hidden Lyceum Observation Platform in Olympus Entrance.
  • Increased drop rate of the Koto Rejuvenation in Nexus.
  • Added a Zebucart for sale to the Ferrite Research Alpha so so the mission to upgrade to a Heavy Zebucart can still be completed if you no longer have the starting Zebucart.
  • Added Advanced Plasma Extractor (t12) and Advanced Ablution Extractor (t16) for sale at Ring.
  • Galaxies in Vulcan now have targetable foreground suns allowing for solar panel charging.
  • Prism Paxian AI has been made non-hostile.
  • The stations in Bipolar, Nihilite, and Underworld have been unteamed.
  • Remote Control training to 16 in The End of the Universe has had its commodity cost reduced from 5 Giant Goblets to 3 per level.
  • Golden Augmenter no longer drops from DG Goldenboy Statues and but will now drop only from roaming versions in Earthforce and Wild Space.
  • Added additional roaming unteamed Hotrod Megas.
  • Refuse and Waste in Nexus has been reduced in scale by half.

[Server Changes]

  • Updated team attack message from “Pillbox” to “Drone”.
  • The Content Guide now has chapters for Drone Deployment skill training, as well as improved chapters for Remote Control training.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed issue with Sapphire Carrier and Sapphire Transport appearing as Red instead of Blue.
  • Fixed erroneous Bonnet content guide level requirement and recommendation.

Server Patch – 08/19/2023 – Temporal Hijinks 1.1.1

Server Patch Temporal Hijinks 1.1.1

[Item Changes]

  • Due to their unstable nature, Temporal Quirks acquired before the patch have decayed.
  • Due to the continued fraying of the timestream, Salvaged Equipment and Temporal Quirks now always drop on death.
  • Added new inbuilt items for all 4 of the T23 Pax ships.
  • Peacemaker Recommendations and Requisition Vouchers are no longer mission items.
  • Fixed an issue with Cargo Bays that had -weight or -electric tempering getting more capacity instead of less.
    • Bule Expander, Transcendental Broom Closet, Zebucargo Bay, Empyreal Vault, Puzzling Partition have had their bonuses changed.

[Universe Changes]

  • Paxian Foothold

    • Operative’s items no longer require Temporal Quirks or Uncommon gear dropped by Red Rogues.
  • Red Rogue Hunts

    • Redesigned Temporal Trackers and the hunts they unlock, they are now purchasable from the AI base for Paxian Requisition Vouchers.
      • NOTE: Due to the faulty design of the original trackers, they have all decayed into Salt. Paxian Operative researchers have no idea why this happened, but they’re looking into it.
    • Updated the spawners and added new spawners for the Hunt targets in Kalthi Depths.
    • Red Rogue hunt targets are more deadly and spawn in bigger numbers.
    • Added some new rewards for players to discover while going on more difficult Hunts.
    • Red Rogue Hunts have been completely changed, and may sometimes drop a Blackbox that you can use to start a mission. Paxian Peacekeeper Recommendations are acquired through these missions.
  • Temporal Interstice/Temporal Causeway/Red Outpost

    • Decreased the spawn interval for Red Rogue Defense drones from 5 minutes to 30 seconds.
    • Adjusted damage of all Red Rogues, and made them multifire fewer ethereal beams.
      • Their super items hit harder now. Watch out!

[Mission Changes]

  • Fixed a typo in “Another Outpost?” mission.
  • Removed daily missions from Paxian Foothold, replaced with an introductory mission that when unlocked allows the player to turn in Salvaged Equipment and Temporal Quirks for Paxian Requisition Vouchers.
    • NOTE: All mission progress in the zone has been reset, moving from daily missions to a linear mission chain required that everyone start from square one.
  • Added T23 skill missions to Paxian Foothold, requiring the player to be level 3000 and to have completed the introductory mission chain to start them. They require Paxian Peacekeeper Recommendations to complete.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Accepting an already accepted mission no longer returns an error message.
  • Temporal Trackers should no longer use the same inventory slot as the Sniper Analyzer.
  • Equipping a Tracker that already had a galaxy selected, inside of said galaxy, will now force reset the galaxy it is currently tracking.
    • This was done in a previous hotfix.

Server/Client Patch – 08/09/2023 – Temporal Hijinks 1.1


[Client / UI Changes]

  • Fixed issue with Teal, Ruby and Sapphire Unt Faranji Wingship and Unt Faranji Wingship X skins.
  • Fixed issue with “Toss Some” not working on bases.
  • Fixed the issue with sharing skins with the Resplendent Nullifier Shell, Resplendent Nullifier Edge, Cybernetic Nullifier Edge.
  • Fixed issue with Beta Client not getting news updates.
  • Fix for not showing the right key on extended hotbar.

[Item Changes]

  • Shard Drone now has warp wake.
  • Uncommon Engines from the Red Rogues are bigger and have more weight, but have slightly higher stats.
  • Adjusted the T23 Pax Ship super items.
  • Added new T23 Supers for Masala, Bisarme, Crystalline Shard, and Crystalline Chelonia.
  • Luminous Focused Excavation Distributor and Wondrous Engrossed Boring Distributor now have 3 projectiles instead of 5 and reduced the number of particles generated as well.
  • Removed unique with damage tweaks from the Ruined Fallen and KD boss ship supers.
  • Reduced the Ruined Fallen ship Initial and Periodic costs from 30 bil to 15 bil.
  • Reduced the KD DG boss blueprint Initial and Periodic costs from 10 bil to 5 bil.
  • Replaced Indium, Osmium, Rhenium on both KD DG and Ruined Fallen ship blueprints with Perilium, Lunarium, and Seleium.

[Universe Changes]

  • Termite Mounds do not spawn any guards or attackers within 24 hours of placement.


  • Giving a RTS order while a bot is in Light Stasis (yellow) will now bring it out of stasis.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed misspelling of Reservoir on energies.

Server/Client Patch – 07/28/2023 – Temporal Hijinks 1.0


[New Content Zone]

  • More details SOON!

[Client / UI Changes]

  • Added Teal, Ruby and Sapphire Unt Faranji Wingship X skins.
  • Added Royal Purple Crab and Seaweed Crab skin for Empyrean ships.
  • Earthforce layer is now called Earthforce Space.
  • Fixed Recon Frigate’s texture.
  • Added support to Transwarp Menu to sort the Layer column alphabetically.
  • Added 10 additional hotkeys using the numpad numbers.
  • Updated map colors for better clarity:
    • Warp 0 to be slightly lighter blue.
    • Warp 3 is now a light purple.
    • Warp 4 is now a dark purple.

[Item Changes]

  • Scoop Adjustments:
    • Increased the scoop range of Dharv’atiguru from 50 to 200 scoop range.
    • Increased the scoop range of Gargantuan Holding Scoop from 50 to 175 range.
    • Reduced the Vacuum Range of Twisted Wormhole Scoop from 850 to 750.
    • Changed the following for Twisted Gravitational Scoop: Increased scoop range from 75 to 100, decreased the Vacuum Range from 1450 to 900, decreased the Vacuum Mass from 14500 to 8000.
    • Reduced the Levasseur’s Scoop range from 200 to 175.
    • Reduced the Drake’s Scoop’s Vacuum Mass from 10000 to 5000.
  • Adjusted various IC factory input values:
    • Overclocked Machine Learning Institute now requires 1 Plasma Crystals instead of 5.
    • Self-Censored Machine Learning Institute now requires 1 Ablution Crystals instead of 2.
    • Space Algae Distillery now requires 2 Alien Bacteria instead of 5.
    • Doctor L’s Distillery now requires 2 Bacta instead of 10.
  • Junkyard Kits can no longer be upgraded.
  • Twisted panels now give percent Damage instead of flat DPS.
  • Fixed spelling issue with the Ruined Ordnance Augmenter.
  • Fixed issue with Ion Appletini superitem not correctly marked as Energy Regen Tweak.
  • PVP Item (Anatolia Crests) debris should now drop to 0 speed instead of 25 speed while slowly braking and should no longer drift to forever.
  • Set Sentient Machine Learning Institute and Prescient Machine Learning Institute to 100 workers to match all other IC factories.
  • Update particles on various weapons to reduce lag inducing potential. Note: will continue to iterate and review.
  • Made Vervaardiger ‘Kamikaze’ PS-Y’s particles visible.
  • Adjusted GOALDPS of various fighters that have multiple weapons.
  • Adjusted Kalthi Burn Super item on Kalthi Wrathful Commander to prevent super long cooldown bug.
  • Added Sup. and Ult. augmenter tags to their respective augmenters.
  • Updated the Condenser Blueprint Packs’ descriptions to clarify the Augmenters they build.
  • Reduced the weight of most (but not all) Kalthi Depths blueprints from 1,000,000 to 100,000.
  • Reduced cost on Lunarium Blueprint and Selenium Blueprint from 400 Sub-Shield Reactors to 200.
  • Hotrod, Gonzales, and Hermes stations are no longer unattached only.
  • Splendid Troves now have a chance to give 5 Shards of Empowerment instead of one and no longer have a chance for Kalthi skill commodities.
  • Adjusted most Empyreal Module Blueprints to 50 uses.
  • Removed Spice Pirate tag from corrupted pulse gun.
  • Made Ablution Crystals no longer decay.
  • Made Solarian Blueprints infinite use.
  • Reduced Venusian requirements from 5 to 1 on Solarian Blueprints.
  • Created Venusian Fighter Bay and Solarian Fighter Bay Blueprint.
  • Renamed Heavy Kidd Drone Crate Blueprint and Captain Bling Drone Crate Blueprint to non-crate versions. They now each produce 3 drones each and reduced Prawn Piece costs from 8 to 5.

[Universe Changes]

  • Reduced the difficulty of Olympus, Subspace and Empyrean mobs and bosses.
  • Olympus Loot changes:
    • Removed uncommon blueprints and made uncommon gear drop directly.
    • Increased the drop rate and number of rolls of higher quality tier blueprints and gear.
    • Removed non-Olympus gear from dropping.
  • Ruined Sanctuary is now a two person Rift (instance) and has additional loot.
  • Adjusted and generally increased the drops and rolls for the following zones/bosses: Ruined Sanctuary, Empyrean, Dragon’s Lair, Subspace Ubers, Emperor Sharahn Rhak’kai IV, and Bonnet.
  • Removed the Banu Qo Akk’oj from the Jujuso’banu mobs and added it to the Suqq’ Bana boss drop list in Mira.
  • Decreased weight of Captain Albatross’s Magcannons (320 mil to 3.2mil) so he can turn better.
  • Added inertial dampening to Forgone variants to prevent them from knocking themselves out 10k+ in DGs.
  • Mobs no longer drop Aspect Augmenters within Serengeti.
  • Serengeti bosses have a high chance to drop their respective Aspect augmenter and an additional chance to drop any aspect augmenter.
  • Significantly reduced the resists of multiring Nephils in DGs.
  • Reduced High Vizir Rakhnis Grahad’rhi’s Shield Max debuff from lasting 100 seconds to 10 seconds per pulse.
  • Moved more various mob’s spawned with augmenters to spawner augmods instead.

[Next Universe Changes]

  • Wild Space changes:
    • See dev diary here.
    • Moved Emphatic Biology and Biologique out of Perilous Space and removed custom termites and now use Wild Space termite system.
  • Anatolian Expanse changes:
    • Final blow now gives 20% of influence pool instead of 50%.
    • Added 3 additional galaxies in Anatolian Expanse
    • Removed warp blockers and turrets.
    • Added more connections between the new gals and each of the 3 arms.
    • The repeating hoplite spawns on all three bosses now have despawn after a period of time.
    • Removed the mechanic that required killing the shield generator add from the three bosses
  • Nexus changes:
    • Removed desyncing curved asteroid field in Contracosta and fixed the illumination of Sun so you can see other asteroid field.
    • Reduced Kendalite Harvesting mission requirements from 25 to 12 Kendalite.
    • Drastically reduced the shields of Cadet Target Dummies and Space Rats.
  • Added random DGs to Kalthi Depths with new loot, mobs and bosses.
  • Updated East Vindia and Anomalous Passageway’s suns to work with panels at a reasonable distance.
  • Moved a bunch of Halloween missions over to Trade Bay exchanges.
  • Made most rotating/moving wormholes in various boss instances no longer move.
  • Made Stellation Roamers no longer hostile to other AI.
  • Increased the number of Stellation DG bosses in Earthforce and Perilous space and reduced lockout time from 2 hours to 1 hour.
  • Fixed issue with “bird” type dg boss weighting.
  • Adjusted the following for Timotheus the Red and roaming UrQa’qa Vazuk Vo’kii:
    • Increased damage, shields and shield regeneration.
    • Increased the drop rate.
    • Reset when all player ships (excluding bots, fighters and drones) die.
  • Reduced Rate of Fire and Damage of Shadow Turtles in Random DGs.
  • Increased the number of Green Battleships spawning in Earthfroce DF 300.
  • Increased the drop rate of Gargantuan Goblets from roaming Green Battleships.
  • Updated various wormholes to correctly state “Rift to” instead of “Gate to” for Rifts.
  • Changed Team of Merchant Navy Seal Commander from Merchant Navy to Merchant Navy Seals to prevent creating hostility in Strontium.
  • Added player direction holoprojector to the junkyard trade bay.
  • Made the shouts of roaming bosses in KD and Perilous Space float above them.
  • Moved Judgement (Absolution) to an instance and increased the drop rate of the boss.
  • Reduced and updated most trade bay exchange costs within Celestial Encampment.
  • Moved the mini boss fleet Rifts back one galaxy within Empyrean.
  • Adjusted layouts of Empyreal Fleets and Empyreal fleet bosses now have 2 bosses that both drop loot, instead of just 1.
  • Increased roamer/DG Stellations to drop gear at an increased rate and lower the rate of blueprints dropping.

[Mission Changes]

  • Adjusted (mostly reduced) various Augmenter Tweaking turn in costs.
  • Olympus Research missions (Various Fragments to Honorary Diploma) have moved to being a trade bay exchange.
  • Converted the Olympus fighter turn-in missions into trade bay exchanges.
  • Created a new Tractoring 23 mission in Celestial Encampment to obtain Tractoring 23 additionally to the existing method.
  • Added new Platinum Strontium Mission for KD DG mobs/bosses.


  • Scooping now uses the size of the ship as the minimum size to scoop.
  • Can no longer unequip or equip capacitors while undocked.
  • Added an exception for Temporary Drones to be tractored in No PvP areas if in squad with non-teammates.
  • Ownership Booster Drones no longer count towards galaxy drone limits and no longer get bonuses from Drone Controllers or Drone Ops.
  • Can now tractor asteroids in galaxies you do not own in Wild Space.
  • Clarified for Augmenter Drop events they only affect equipped Augmenters drop rate.
  • Planet Scanners and Prospecting Scanners now item link in event chat.
  • Drones now have titles more akin to bots. Listing TD (Temporary Drone) and PD (Permanent Drone). AI Drones without owners will still list the drone type as the name.
  • Officer+ can now manage Team Recruitment Management via “Recruit Team Members” under control on Team tab.
  • Improved AI recentering code.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed a bug that allowed tracking augmods, auratweaks and weapons mods affecting supers.
  • Fixed a bug with Mission Indicator not working.
  • Fixed a bug with players without Steam linked accounts with making Steam DLC purchases. Once the connection to steam API is confirmed – the redeem offer will appear instead of requiring to login again.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented forced aug resets to docked ships you never enter.
  • Fixed where Critical Hit Strength on Sniper Analysis was not scaling with speed like damage.
  • Fixed a bug for XP/Influence distribution to factor the whole fight and not reset if a boss is phasing and goes to full shields.
  • Fixed universe generation issue with sun interference in wild space.
  • Fixed broken mission chain within Prism Empires.
  • Fixed an issue with Matriarchal Blessing super item not working due to missing graphic.

Server/Client Patch – 06/29/2023 – Refined and Reforged 1.3


[Lumination Zone]

  • Drastically buffed the drop rates of Matriarch Aurora.
  • Buffed various stats of items that drop. (Player volunteered to update wiki stats).
  • Removed Exotic item requirement from Exalted Blueprints.
  • Added additional loot.


  • Anatolian bosses have had their mechanics adjusted:
    • Starategos clusterbomb damage reduced, now imparts a negative Damage tweak.
    • Polemarchos clusterbomb now imparts a negative Damage tweak.
    • Taxiarhos and Starategos Wave damage significantly reduced.
    • Bosses’ Artillery Drone damage significantly reduced.
    • Magcannon and Laser weapons used by most Anatolians have had their damage significantly reduced.
    • Anatolian mobs Physical projectile damage significantly reduced.
    • Reduced Anatolian Light Fighter and Heavy Fighter damage.
    • Increase Anatolian Freighters damage and defense.
    • Added additional mechanics to mobs.

[Client / UI]

  • References to “Bases” have been unified to “Stations” instead.
  • Added client support for displaying the type of drone / base in the targeting window (Not currently live yet).
  • Updated various errors and references from TSL to Storage Locker.

[Item Changes]

  • Nuclear Waste now decays on Universe Reset.
  • Fixed Annihilator Beam Z to being heat instead of incorrectly energy.
  • Celestial Protection Beam fixed so it properly works.
  • Reduced Range debuff on Celestial Destabilizing Beam from -25% to -15%.
  • Transferred 6,000 enriched nuclear materials from initial materials to periodic materials for the Kalthi Warrior Focus: Heart Blueprint, Kalthi Warrior Focus: Body Blueprint, and Kalthi Warrior Focus: Mind Blueprint.
  • Reduced the electricity cost of extreme regenerative shields.
  • Removed Twisted Re-structon from Twisted Extensive, compact, and leech charge drones.
  • Changed Empyreal Noctis Fighter Aura from 300 to 2000 range.
  • Updated description on Empyreal Eclipse’s Super to more accurately reflect how it works.
  • Adjusted Empyreal Saros speed super’s holoprojector to be more subtle.
  • Gaia Station Kit IX can be attached now.

[Next Universe Changes]

  • Converted the Olympus tractor beam turn in missions from missions to Trade Bay Exchanges.
  • Removed A Fair Trade mission from Paxian Strong hold, a trade bay exchange already exists.
  • Adjusted Earthforce Space resource distributions to be in line with the new Wild Space system.

[AI Changes]

  • Increased drop rate for Nightfury Hull Remains, Nightfury Hull Fragments, Green Battleship Hull Remains and Green Battleship Hull Fragments.
  • Fixed an issue with Tadpole’s spawning as Death’s Head in Strontium.


  • Energies out of fuel now generate at 75% efficiency instead of 25%.
  • You can no longer attack squad mates in arena galaxies (colosseum) or PvP Zones (Anatolia).

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed a bug where parasites which could stack their effect weren’t stacking.