Space Clouds

Server / Client Patch 07.09.2017

Client Fixes

* Fixed a bug where buttons in the client would stay pressed if the “mouse up” event happened outside if their click boundary
* Fixed a bug where the resize border would still show when a window was focused even if the mouse was outside of the window bounds.
* Fixed a bug where sometimes the skill search bar would not reset
* Fixed the text scroll in the target window
* Fixed a bug where the “misc” type empty item slot inventory indicators weren’t being sorted properly, which resulted in them changing order every time the inventory changed contents
* Fixed a bug where the friends list would not clear when logging out and back in

Visual changes

* Adjusted Faranji Stinger texture, thanks to contribution from Klestiko.
* Improved Rhino model and texture.
* Updated faction selection dialog.
* Changed the color of the “empty item slots” to be darker and stand out more from normal items.
* Updated visuals for Chihuahua, Whippet, Terrier, and Border Collie fighters.
* Added Frozen Harrier skin.

Content Changes

* Battle Sphere: Augmenter slots from 5 to 4
* Fleet Commander augs are being nerfed
** Aptitude: lost its Turning and Speed
** Proficiency: lost its Turning and Speed
** Mastery: lost its Turning and Speed
** Art of FC: lost its Speed and Tractor Power
** Ult. Art of FC: lost its speed and Tractor Power
* Arsonist’s Augmenter: Crit Chance 20% (from 30%), Crit Strength 40% (from 0%)
* Slumber Augmenter: Crit Chance 15% (from 40%), Crit Strength 60% (from 0%)
* Hibernation Augmenter: Crit Chance 20% (from 60%), Crit Strength 75% (from 0%)
* Reaver Augmenter: Crit Chance 20% (from 40%), Crit Strength 40% (from 55%)
* Hantr Psu: Crit Chance 20% (from 30%), Crit Strength 125% (from 100%)
* Arcadian, Apollo and Ares Base Energies no longer generate Nuclear Waste
* Vulture and Hawk inbuilt scoops replaced with inbuilt super items, Scavenger fires the Vultures signature pulse guns (and gives Tracking and Range bonuses) and Hunter fires the Hawks signature weapon (and gives Rate of Fire and Radar bonuses). The AI versions of these ships do not have these super items.
* Red Photon Plasma Missile no longer does 2x the damage they should be doing, nor do its fires stack up to very high amounts. Each missile does 5k damage instead of 10k damage (For a total of 25k damage per salvo), and the fires last 2 seconds instead of 10 seconds.
* The Seer Rift generators got a slight reduction in cooldown and the lower tech Microwarps received beefs
** Warpping Paper: max distance from 200 to 1000, chargetime from 600 to 25 seconds
** Witch’s Broomstick: chargetime from 300 to 60 seconds
** Gallows Robber: chargetime from 600 to 60 seconds
** Bimbus 3000: chargetime from 450 to 60 seconds
** Monkey Jump: max distance from 700 to 1000, chargetime from 2 (no, that’s not a typo) to 25 seconds
** Leopard Jump: chargetime from 180 to 15 seconds
** Prototype Rift Generator, Seer Rift Generator, Aveksaka Rift Generator: chargetime from 180 to 150 seconds
* Assault Behemoth’s Assault Dropship fighters can now acquire a new target after their first target has been lost.
* Paxian Battle Frigate has had its Shield and Energy augmods reduced to 200% each.
* Hawk has had its Weight increased 55000>110000, Max Speed increased 137>140, Diameter increased 35>50, Laser resistances decreased 65%>60%, Energy resistances decreased 20%>10%, Mining resistances decreased 70%>60%, Aug Mods replaced (10% Turning, 10% Tracking, 15% Thrust, 15% Energy Recharge)>(20% Damage, 20% Energy Recharge, 5% Critical Hit Chance), inbuilt electricity generation increased 35>50.
* UrQa’qa Qu’ishi Qa: Energy bonus from 450% to 800%
** Inbuilt missile launcher now increases missile speed by 50% from 20%
** Inbuilt missile launcher now has 4 seconds charge rate down from 5 seconds
* Gunner Ion Missile devices should now properly apply + electric tempering to target
* Added unique with tags to anti graviton tweaks (they now share cooldown)

Misc changes

* non bvb kits must now be within 30k dist of the nearest solarbody.
** Kits that are out of bound will be notified in team chat and are given 10 minutes to be moved back in before destruction
* Base thruster are no longer restricted while under attack.

Next uni changes

+ Added Shadow AI base back into Shadow galaxy.

Server Patch 06.29.2017

Content Changes

* Lyceum Offensive and Defensive Field’s are no longer useable by bots and no longer affect drones
* Fixed mission description wording in exchanging twisted tech for tokens.
* Energy needed for Earthforce Overload Prototype’s Overloaded Mining Laser Prototype increased to 25k, charge time increased to 54 seconds.
* The Lyceum Research Cruiser’s Offensive and Defensive auras are no longer improperly affected by Neuro Tweaking.
* Over 25 Permanent drone fixes. This will result in heavy nerfs to a lot of drones (but they were unintentionally too strong to begin with).

Bug Fixes

* HAZMAT Collection mission in Tra Subspace fixed, Corrosive Alien Plamsa has been renamed to Corrosive Alien Plasma and will now appear as a parasite in your ship.
* Fixed all Parasitic pulses to properly inject parasites again.

Server Patch 06.20.2017

Content Changes

* Due to the excessively strong nature of the Mastodon as a fighter platform, the fighter bay is being nerfed to 6 slots from 10 slots. The launch speed of the Bay has been reduced from 5 seconds to 0.75 seconds. There may be further adjustments to the Mastodon, as neccessary, going forward.
* The Trap is Set mission in Katur Subspace now points you towards the Landmark Drone to begin, which has had its trigger radius increased from 100 to 300.
* On The Offensive mission in Katur Subspace requires 15 Sahvitra kills, the Sahvitra will now spawn from an interval of 45 seconds (2 spawners) down to 20 seconds (2 spawners).
* Dark Kobaldstein’s Offensive and Defensive Lasers replaced with Injectors in the drop tables. Any existing offensive and defensive lasers will still convert into injectors.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug where slaves would not follow seers into a warp if the seer was relying on their seer skills for warp nav.
* Fixed a bug where seers would not get the full map merged from their team if they were relying on their Seer skills for warp nav.
* Fixed 3 of the most common client crashes.
* Fixed a bug where team xp progress towards the next level would have been wiped when the server loads.
* Fied bugs where range tweaks weren’t counted for deathblossoms and the Seer jammers
* Fixed Voulge and Flamberge skin names.
* HAZMAT Collection mission in Tra Subspace fixed, Corrosive Alien Plamsa has been renamed to Corrosive Alien Plasma and will now appear as a parasite in your ship.

Next uni

+ Copper background adjusted.
+ Dragon Boss Lair background adjusted.
+ Easter galaxy backgrounds adjusted.
+ Captain Kidd galaxy background adjusted.

Server Patch 06.10.2017

– Server Patch 06.14.2017 (minor patch) –

Misc Changes

* Fixes Flamberge and Voulge skin name.

Content Changes

* Kalthi Armored Commander: Speed from 127 to 100
* Kalthi Wrathful Commander: Speed from 127 to 100, +10% Splash Damage, +25% Splash Range
* Bule Hyperdrive Device turned into an inbuilt Superitem for the Bule Eradicator. New stats: 200 warp distance with 700 speed afterwards with 60 seconds cooldown.
* Altered Christmas Present drone size from 12 to 1.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed Lelih’ayu and Zarkar’ayu fighter factories, they should now generate a fighter generator.
* Fized Bule Blackness requirement in Bule Eradicator Upgrade Blueprint mission.

– Server Patch 06.10.2017 –

Misc Changes

* Added option to “Use Some..” for stacks of items such as Crystals and Industrial Commodities
* Multiple client crashes fix
* Slight improvement to the client dump generation to help track and fix the remaining crashes.

Visual changes

* Added muzzle flashes
* Updated the visual of the Unt Faranji Wingship.
* New lightning laser effect
* The following plus ships now have different textures: Wingship 1-4+, Saudara+ and Bule Saudaron, Ghostship+, Thatch+ and Battle Thatch, Anachron+, Bulk Trader 1-2+, Banshee+, Wyrm+.
* Added Twisted Wattage skin.
* Added Adamantiumized Behemoth Skin.
* Added Emberge Skin to the Voulge, Flamberge, and Flamlite.
* Added Heaven’s Eagle skin to Heaven’s Decent.
* Added Heaven’s Antu skin.
* Added Eridium Isavas’ayu Skin.

Content Changes

* Kalthi Wrathful and Armored Blueprint requirements lowered: Kalthi Ship Plating 10 > 2, Reinforced Kalthi Essence 10 > 4.
* Changed Zeus Research Module to require 200 Platinum (was 2000)
* Sub-Shield Reactors Factory now consumes 50 Enriched Nuclear Waste every 1 minute (from 25)
* Base AI base price of Sub-Shield Reactors increased to 700.000 from 375.000
* Tamed Wasp fighters no longer do twice the damage they’re intended to do.
* Fixed “Rewired” giving +elec temp rather than -elec temp and corrected the description to show the actual bonus
* Removed the splash damage from the Demolishing and Neutralizing line of pulse guns. These weapons are still the highest DPS Mining and Radiation weapons you can acquire, but they were doing a very large amount of damage against multiple targets while still maintaining high DPS numbers.
* Ruby Carrier kill mission for Strontium (Silver base) fixed.
* Rumble Instance Rooms now have a 5 minute lockout.
* Nexus Map arrangement fixed, Arctia and Building Academy Entrance are now in the top right area of the Nexus layer.
* Particle, Singularity and Quantum Brakes nerfed to not be usefull in combat.
* Added missing newline to description of Translocators
* Twisted ship blueprints have gotten their relatively unnoticeable Microchip requirements changed to Sentient Chatbots
* Olympus ship blueprints now require 5 T21 modules of various kinds (down from 10-11) and 1 Adamantium Module (down from 2)
* Battle Sphere changes
** Battle Sphere and Battle Thatch weights have been increased from 3,000,000 and 2,000,000 to 30,000,000 and 20,000,000 respectively.
** Maneuvering Thrusters weight has been dramatically increased, and its Turning has been dramatically increased.
** Battle Sphere and Battle Thatch now have twice the diameter.
** Battle Sphere and Battle Thatch now have 50% Hostility augmod.
* Design pass on Plating X to bring it into line with power curve for other X gear. Tech 14-20 affected, up to 22% nerf to T20.
* Increased Twisted Extensive drone energy charge by 20% more.
* Increased Twisted Compact drone energy charge by 20% more.
* Increased max workforce amount from 10,000 to 100,000 on the Demented Titan Shield plus blueprint.
* Phoenix AI will now transform much sooner and has additional resistance when transforming and increased shield bank by 50,000.
* Converted Lunarium Dust to Lunarium Shard.
* Converted Lunarium Shard Blueprint to Lunarium Blueprint. Blueprints already installed wont be effected.
* Seprated the inbuilt items between the Voulge and Flamberge. The Voulge has recieved bonuses to its versions of the built in items. The old built in items will be deleted on the Voulge and Flamberge and will require the /outfithull command to install the new ones.
* Added Flamberge Charge Drone Device Superitem to Flamberge.
* Added Voulge Charge Drone Device Superitem to Voulge.
* Fixed -electric tempering aura mods and tweaks making weapons cost more energy, and vice versa.
* Fixed Blue Photon mission name typo and clarified the objective of Sweep the Asteroid Field Subspace daily.
* Fleet Commander Transwarps can no longer be sold to AI bases.

Bug Fixes

* Ships can no longer thrust and turn without an engine. Stats from auras, tweaks, zen skills, and engine skill will now no longer add into the turning or thrust of the ship if there isn’t already turning and thrust values from an engine.
* Attempting to thrust in a ship without thrust will no longer play the engine sound or create particles.
* Fixed the bug where class skills were giving skill point debt
* Fixed a bug where your possessions could charge your Gunner Analysis

Changes that will be applied upon Universe Reset

+ Paxian Figurines consumption rate and base max increased by 20%
+ Sentient Chatbots consumption rate and base max increased by 20%
+ Price of all Tier 0 Industrial Commods decreased by 20%
+ Improved Absolution background.
+ Improved Judgement background.
+ Improved Penance background.
+ Improved Arena Lobby visuals.
+ Improved The Colosseum visuals.
+ Improved The Planetarium visuals.
+ Improved Beta Antares AI base and ships docking visuals.
+ Improved Jux background.
+ Adjusted Beta Antares visuals and added shipyards.
+ Adjusted Blue Photon visuals and rock belt.

Hotfix Patch 05.10.2017

This patch is to address an unforeseen issue with base thrusters in bvb. It seems that they can currently be used by the defenders to indefinitely “outrun” a bvb attack and prevent loss of ownership and cause a loss of all attacking kits. This patch will be making the following changes:

*Base thrusters cannot be equipped (and will turn off if already on) on a kit that has been attacked in the last 5 minutes (sharing a timer with the base transfer rule).

*Bases outside of the userbase placement limits (over 30k from the nearest solarbody e.g. suns, planets, wormholes, etc) will not count for galaxy ownership. If the only kits in the galaxy are outside of this limit, the galaxy will go un-owned. If a galaxy is owned with kits outside of their team beyond the limits, they will be converted to bvb kits.

Server Patch 04.26.2017

Server Changes

* Another server lag from bvb (or other heavy spaceobjects scenario) fixed, hopefully is the last one.

Content Changes

* Reduced Twisted Nikola shield caps from 17mil to 15mil.
* Improved “Outpost 2 Reporting In” mission intro and summary to better convey the objective to the player.
* Made Lasting Reserves Berserker only
* Adjusted the cost of station-bought Thoraxes and Torpedoes
* Adjusted Stygian Fist
* Reduced weight on Primal Zebra Hooves Torpedoe
* Reduced size on (Primal) Lion V2 Rocket. This had a severe impact on their stats.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed bots getting full bonuses to fighter bay slots, they now get half the fighter slots bonus from the master

Server Patch 04.19.2017

This is a pretty small patch, mostly due to how recent the previous patch was.

On another notes, a slowdown on the webserver was fixed recently, hopefully website should be back to fullspeed.

Thanks again to everyone sending the crash dumps from the client, I have a lot of data to go through and fixe as many of the crashes as i can, client patch fixing most crashes should be here this week.


* Slaves now correctly receive bonuses from Zen of Capital Ships and Zen of Fleet Commander
* Reduced the min and difficulty levels of the UZ kill missions by 400. Missions now open at level 600 like the wormhole itself
* Fixed another ancient scoutship mission description
* Weakened huge termite.
* Server crash fix

Server Patch 04.14.2017

Server Changes

* Multiple less frequent crashes, fixes
* Added more detail to /showsquaddamage. The output can get very bloated, more improvements will come later
* Diffusers with a chance of failure on ships in stasis should no longer have a possibility of being destroyed if the ship is attacked while in stasis.
* Fixed bad description on Super Intelligent crit hit bonus

Content Tweaks

* Doubled extraction power of panning beam.
* Made the Aveksaka Xenobiology Platform deploy 5 fighters instead of 1. Will require to re deploy the drone..
* Fixed an issue with Honey Strikers doing less damage than intended.
* Reduced the weight on Subshield Reactors by 90% (since it doesnt include the previous tier anymore)
* Beefed the Bule Hyperdrive Device (Bule Eradicator inbuilt): Jump distance 1500, Failrate 15%, Energy needed 15000, Charge time 25s
* Added Thorn Augmenter within the Cleft Thorn family internal inventory list so that surgical weapons will increase chances to obtain it.
* Adjusted junkyard extractors from sticky to base bound.
* Any base kits missing station upgrade blueprints and defender/platform/assault drone blueprints have had them added. Existing kits will not receive these blueprints if they are missing them.
* Paxian Figurines are now made from 250 Baobabs (up from 150)
* Paxian Figurines now get consumed by their respective AI base type at the same rate Fine Space Whisky gets consumed
* Base price of Paxian Figurines increased to 37.500 from 22.500
* Merchant Fleet Master now once again gives +10% max shields, rather than +2%
* The “Market place? Trading Federation?” Paxian Exploration mission no longer rewards players with an Ion Peashooter+, as the item requirement was removed already.
* Engineers tweakings changes (+5.5% to augs, +11% to tweaks)
* EDVAC Prospecting Scanners have had their tech levels updated.
+ Added Combined Augmenter blueprint packs to Augmenter Labs in The Acropolis. These blueprints will no longer drop from AI. (These will need to be manually added to The Acropolis for this universe.)
* Dementium Lockers should now drop from Kalthi Depths, previously they did not.
* Assault Dropships no longer require Colonial Marines to make, the Assault Behemoth now has an inbuilt generator that makes Assault Dropships. The Assault Dropships themselves have been buffed quite significantly.
* Wrathful and Armored Kalthi ships now require 5 Reinforced Kalthi Essence’s instead of 10.
* The Zeus Throne now generates 24 Jovian Guards instead of 12.
* The player progress missions in Sol are much more helpful as to where and how you obtain Tech 21 and Tech 22 skills.
* Vaidya (In Vihara Vaidya, also known as the Shielding 22 boss) now has significantly less regeneration, but is healed for 100% of the damage done to it when the wrong damage type is used against it. The spawn also have more shield regeneration and shield bank.
* Super Intelligent mod is once again additive
* Kalthi Wrathful and Armored Blueprint requirements lowered: Kalthi Ship Plating 10 > 2, Reinforced Kalthi Essence 10 > 4.
* Mythic Defenders now have a Subnavigator’s Augmenter builtin instead of a Grand Navigator’s Augmenter. This will result in a reduction to their Damage, Rate of Fire, Resistances, Shield Bank and Shield Regeneration. Their inbuilt Mythos Stream healing beam now Chains for 1 jump instead of 2 jumps.
* Hermes Fire Starter, Fire Maker and Faulty Fire Starter energy cost increased.
* Rajanicaragupta Amzuchid now imparts a +2500 Visibility tweak for 5 seconds.
* Many torpedoes have received significant overhauls, especially in the lower techs
* Added tech 0 Weak Mining Laser to be added to the Volcom side of Nexus
* Neutralizing and Demolishing weapons now have 300 splash range and 75% splash damage universally.
* Kalthi Wrathful and Armored Blueprint requirements lowered: Kalthi Ship Plating 10 > 2, Reinforced Kalthi Essence 10 > 4.
* Mythic Defenders now have a Subnavigator’s Augmenter builtin instead of a Grand Navigator’s Augmenter. This will result in a reduction to their Damage, Rate of Fire, Resistances, Shield Bank and Shield Regeneration. Their inbuilt Mythos Stream healing beam now Chains for 1 jump instead of 2 jumps.

Bug Fixes

* Zarkar’ayu Cloning Vats now take the 3.75billion to generate the aforementioned Fighter Generators, as they should have been taking originally.
* Fixed the visbility bonus on the Angelic mod
* Twisted Death Augmenter Blueprint now takes 30b total (was 3b due to a typo)
* Berserker Mode no longer drops from DGs (item renamer), replaced with Berserker Method
* Minor description fixes: No such thing as “statis” and duplicate description on Flying Monkey
* Changed how quality tiers are calculated for scoops (drone capable scoops should no longer be auto-marked as exotic)

Server Patch 04.09.2017

This is a bug fix patch, mostly aimed at items bugs introduced in the recent patch, alongside a few crash fixes.

* Auragenerator should now be working properly
* Fix for Galscanner
* Base amplification device no longer reset its timer with the server
* Tractor should now update properly
* One bug with scoop was fixed (pretty sure theres still more)

Server Patch 04.06.2017

Server Changes

* Adjusted Ai Base 3 visuals
+ Adding Combat Focus Defensive Device to the bases in The Nexus
* Fixed ult drone controller bps having an incorrect max uses
* Made it so that extractors that extract the same resource share slots with other extractors of that resource.
* Fixed lockouts for coloured empires
* Updated The Nexus to visage2 AI bases.
* Tweaked Earthforce choice visuals.
* Gunner Analysis fixes
* Controlbots now say what type of bot they are (Trade/Combat) in their description.
* Scans of solarbodies will now include the name of the object they orbit, if they have one
* Fixed a bug that prevented Diamond Extractors to be equipable on a ‘Gem Caverns’ terraform
* Beefed the Arcadian to Argonaut Barrier Booster effects.
* Adjusted base pulse pluses lower recoil and lower damage but same dps.
* Adjusted Deep Space Fuel Stations visuals.
+ Adjusted Deep Space Background.
+ Removed negetive 5% shield charge aura from Paradise.
* Made it so that automatic super items that do damage will not be triggered by healing weapons
* Buffed the missiles the Aveksaka Munitions Device’s use.
* Adjusted the Stormcloud fighter so it will always be able to launch fighters, lower the damage on the Stormcloud fighter, lowered the damage on the Zarkarayu fighter, lowered the damage on the Wasp fighter.
* Fixed issue in pax stratos turret position
* Beefed Mythic Defenders range from 100% to 125% and enabled the Light of War weapon.
* Junkyard extractor can now be equipped alongside normal version of the extractor
* Reduced size of andaman and achilles crest bps to 100
* Server performance improvement with splash weapons and deathblossom.
* Fixed Ambrosia Drone (attached), Andaman Drone (attached), Qafir Drone(+), Ancient Defense shield banks. Will require redeploying.
* Qokujiii Qa’ik no longer has way more regeneration and shield bank than intended.
* Items sold alongside a ship when said ship is sold can now be recovered with the undo button.
* Guard AI in Kalthi Depths dungeons will no longer drop augmenters from their drop tables, they’ll only have a chance to drop augmenters that are equipped to their ship hull. They, instead, have a chance to drop a wider array of commodity crates.

Client Changes

* More crash fixes, it should be pretty stable now.
* Client crash now attempt to upload the dumpfile automatically if you click yes (instead of opening the folder and asking you to send it to us).
* Small tweaks to the laser shaders
* Renamed dds texture option to compressed texture to reduce confusion.
* New lockout tab display in the character window.