Space Clouds

Server / Client Patch 05.10.2018

This is a small patch, mostly to fix issues that were added in the recent updates and some small quality of life fixes.

* Changed Deimos and Phobos Augmenters from rare to uncommon quality. (Deimos: 180% RoF -> 130% RoF, Phobos: +80% Damage -> +60% Damage)
* Added commas to /showsquaddamage
* Adjusted tech of the unsticky stable station diffusers, corrected 2 dampener bp pack descriptions to be more accurate. Deprecated the adonis, argonaut, and paxian unstable station diffusers.
* Fixed a bug that allowed the sun’s aura to be ignored with previously attached station (asteroid station)
* fix for first gal name being duplicated in oplist
* Fixed a vacuum scooping bug
* Fixed the construction related bug where periodics were not properly consumed. If you had a bugged build, it will still request a large amount to catch up (it did not actually consume periodics up to that point), but once caught up the periodic cost should be back to normal.
* Fixed a delay in the inventory refresh
* Improved map loading so that it should not lockup during loading anymore and refresh as new data is received

Server Patch 05.05.2018

*** bugs fix patch notes 05.08.2018 ***
* Fix for comets orbiting too fast at high eccentricities.
* Electrified Georg Ohm no longer has Lunarian, Selenite and Perilous Augmenters equipped to his ship. Thus, he will no longer drop them.
* Travel Fields now reduce Shield and Energy Recharge by 90% instead of 100%.
* Termites should no longer pose a substantial threat to bases.
* Reduced class reset cost from 500mil at lvl 500 to 500mil at lvl 1500.
* Fixes for drones fighting ai permanent drones.

*** uni reset patch notes ***
* The Blue Photon Corvette no longer grants +1000 Damage for 5 seconds, it now grants +100% damage for 5 seconds.
* Grand Navigator’s Offensive Augmenter: 100% Energy, 80% Firing, 30% Range, 70% Damage, 60% Shields, -15% Electric Tempering, 15% Resistance to Damage
* Persephone Augmenter: 50% Turning, 10% Hull Space, 50% Energy, 22% Rate of Fire, 10% Speed, 50% Radar, 100% Thrust, 18% Critical Hit Chance
* Hebe Augmenter: Damage increased to 70%.
* Helios Augmenter: Damage increased to 40%
* Ares Augmenter: Rate of Fire increased to 80%
* Metis Augmenter: Damage increased to 80%, Firing increased to 30%
* Heracles Augmenter: 50% Firing, 33% Range, 60% Damage, 66% Hostility, -12% Electric Tempering
* Hades Augmenter: 60% Shield Regeneration, 50% Damage, -20% Shield Bank, -50% Visibility, 10% Critical Hit Chance, 100% Critical Hit Strength
* Deimos Augmenter: Rate of Fire +190%, Shield +100%, Range +40%, Visibility -89%
* Phobos Augmenter: Shield Max +100%, Damage +80%, Visibility -89%, Electric Tempering -20%
* War Chant of Ares Augmenter: 20% Range, 20% Speed, 125% Damage, 45% Electricity, +15% Critical Hit Chance, -25% Resistance to Damage
* War Chant of Ares Augmenter+: 20% Range, 20% Speed, 135% Damage, 45% Electricity, +19% Critical Hit Chance, -20% Resistance to Damage
* Molten Fires of Hephaestus Augmenter: Shield Max +130%, Energy Max +300%, Rate of Fire +25%, Electricity +20%, Speed -40%, Capacity +40%, Hostility +100%, Resistance to Damage +33%
* Molten Fires of Hephaestus Augmenter+: Shield Max +130%, Energy Max +300%, Rate of Fire +40%, Electricity +20%, Speed -33%, Capacity +45%, Hostility +100%, Resistance to Damage +35%
* Poseidon’s Tsunami Augmenter: 100% Energy Bank, 40% Thrust, 80% Damage, 70% Shield Bank, -20% Electricity, +40% Tractor, -60% Electric Tempering
* Poseidon’s Tsunami Augmenter+: 160% Energy Bank, 40% Thrust, 80% Damage, 100% Shield Bank, -15% Electricity, +40% Tractor, -60% Electric Tempering
* Zeus’ Planar Field Augmenter: 30% Hull Space, 20% Range, 50% Shield Recovery, 64% Damage, 30% Electricity, 30% Electric Tempering, 20% Resistance to Damage
* Zeus’ Planar Field Augmenter+: 30% Hull Space, 20% Range, 65% Shield Recovery, 70% Damage, 30% Electricity, 22% Electric Tempering, 20% Resistance to Damage
* The Lasers on Subspace AI that grem no longer grem, they now reduce your turning by a large amount.
* Reduced Lunarian Energized Shield, Lunarian Destructor Shield, Lunarian Modulating Shield, Selenite Energized Shield, Selenite Destructor Shield, Selenite Modulating Shield’s Visibility by a factor of 10.
* Neutralizing Pulse, Earthshaking Cannon, Lacerating Bloom, Demolishing Pulse, Burning Bloom, Lancing Tusks, and Smashing Tusks Blueprints no longer require Tech 20 skill boss commodities in their builds. The T21 upgraded versions now require them, this is a reduction in the total amount of these commodities needed to build the Tech 22 versions of these weapons.
* Super Shield Soother has had it’s -electricity regeneration removed and it now has a charge up time like every other Shield Regeneration tweak.
* re-enabled team message variables, fixed the crash caused by ‘oplist’
* Fixes for less frequent drone cross healing and healing in protected gals

* Bases outside of the userbase placement limits (over 30k from the nearest solarbody e.g. suns, planets, wormholes, etc) will not count for galaxy ownership. If the only kits in the galaxy are outside of this limit, the galaxy will go un-owned. If a galaxy is owned with kits outside of their team beyond the limits, they will be converted to bvb kits
+ Updated the spread of Juxtas and Concourses in Wild Space. They no longer only appear on the edge of the map
+ Lowered the amount of Kalthi Dephts galaxies from 250 to 140
+ Lowered the amount of Perilous Space galaxies from 300 to 250
+ Increased the amount of Earthforce Layer galaxies from 450 to 500 to allow better AI spread over Danger Factors
* Frozen Snowflakes holoprojector reward now has bigger snowflakes
* Lord Borean’s Snow Crown has proper holo text now
+ Artica AI spawn locations have been improved. They will also spawn in a burst of snowflakes to mark their entrance into existence
+ New holoprojector from Arctia, Lady Aurora’s Snow Crown. Auroral lights shine through, creating a flurry of kaleidoscopic snow
* Psionic Weapons Jammer to no longer cause over RoF cap on AI and players
+ Points of Interest in Subspace are now visible from the beginning of the universe, without being explored
* Primal Jungle Drone no longer has 2 more augmenters than the Jungle Drone. The specific augmenters removed are the Aspect of the Monkey and Aspect of the Elephant Augmenters. These drones should now be appropriately better than Jungle Drones, instead of comparable to some Tech 20 drones
* Buffed base weapons in accordance with galaxy assault changes
* Adjusted temporary drone weights.
+ Added The Vault
* Changed old gadget using bp manhours/workforce to match raw commod versions
* Changed a diploma tagged bp for sale in lyceum to berserker tagged
* Bonnet mission “Drones” now requires a Bonnet Pirating Drone instead of a regular Pirating Drone from Brigand’s Stronghold.
* Added the ability for holoprojectors to do a tweak when they convert to a different projector
* Removed base aug bps from a drop list
* Added Twisted Crimson skin to Nikola, Twisted Honey, Bule Eradicator and UrQa Vo’kii Uka Uu’Qa
* Added Twisted Blacklight skin to Nikola, Twisted Honey, Vanguard, Bule Eradicator and UrQa Vo’kii Uka Uu’Qa
* Added Twisted Honey skin to Twisted Vanguard, Bule Eradicator and UrQa Vo’kii Uka Uu’Qa
* Added Ruby Scrupling skin.
* Added Dark Scrupling skin
* Added Angry Scrupling skin.
* Added Raging Scrupling skin
* Added Golden Bana King Skin
* Added Mechanical Bana King skin
* Fixed Bimbus 3000 cooldown
* Added “Idle Attack Patterns” where AI can do certain defined patterns while not attacking rather than the default AI behavior
* Added tutorial event and sound for attempting to jump through a blocked wormhole
* Added the ability to play a specified sound when a new mission pops up, and added voices for the tutorial bot when the first 3 missions pop up in the pirate Nexus
* Made some changes to Mutara Gardens galaxy
* Gave the Gatekeeper ship in Mutara Scrapyard an idle pattern to just stay parked next to the wormhole and to slowly rotate around it when engaged
* Fixed a bug that was preventing mission indicators from showing sometimes
* Gave Junkyard station kits inbuilt hydroponics
* Updated resists on the Unforge for base Rebalance. It now has 40% resists to all but heat and 1000 Soak to all but heat
* Added a summary and mission text note to Honorary Mention and Diploma exchange missions about requiring a Silver Bar and a Gold Bar respectively
* Added Diseased Larvae with attack patterns to Mutara Gardens
* Changed the bonus thrust and turning on all Zebucarts from +100% to +50%
* Greatly buffed the rof mod on Earthforce Supply Ship from 0.07 to 0.50
* Changed loadout on Gatekeeper Supply Ship to have Nano Heavy Tracking laser so he can’t crit the player with rad just before he dies and cause confusing warp interdiction effect
* Add pop up error message when trying to jump through a blocked wormhole to make it more obvious to the player
* Base Construction Vulnerability
* Fixed chargeable neurotweaks being unsellable
* Added a minimum orbit velocity to planets in the universe generation so that they will never have an orbit slower than the server can handle. (this should eliminate planets far from their star being stationary)
* Fixed a case where planets in certain rare solarsystem types did not have an orbit and were stationary
* Removed equip method on Rich Christmas Pudding tweak and added 5,000 energy initial usage
* Removed the grem effect from annihilator platforms
* Removed/deprecated 3 missions in Mutara Gardens
* Removed the money rewards from some of the early Nexus pirate missions — to be added to later pirate missions.
* Increased forcefield drones’ health, lifespan, and time between generation of envelopments by five times
* Space Rats in The Nexus will now idle and attack with attack patterns
* Made Space Rat hull a lot faster

Server Patch 05.04.2018

Client changes

* Some slight performance tweak, should result in 5-10% higher framerate under high spaceobjects scenario.
* Removed black background from Red Photon flag (ID 222).
* Added new flag (ID 44) for team The Elites found in Edge of Reason.
* Fixed the following engine mounts: Behemoth, Goblin, Kelvin, Earthforce Cruiser, Earthforce Battlecruiser, Earthforce Battleship, Earthforce Overload Prototype, Earthforce Dreadnought, Red Photon Warship, Faranji Wingship, Pax Stratos, Ares War Chariot+, Delquadrikamdon
* Altered faction selection image to give better interpretation of options. Credit to Doran.
* Added a server dropdown to the login screen
* Kalthi warrior no longer has black triangles in the corner of its body and front spikes.
* Fix for floaty text memory leak
* Changed the default camera view to top down.
* Made it so that sounds will load through mods (the skin system can now be used to mod sounds)
* C1 style gal circle (plain circle instead of a sphere texture)
* made it so that the random gal link color is only for wild space
* Gave the map a more “classic” feel to it.
* The map now show less station tabs than previously, up to a max of 15.
* Added per-team colors to owned gal links.
* Improved Space Rat textures.
* Tabs instead of spaces between cells when copying tables
* Added mods to the copy to clipboard functionality for inventories
* Added pagination to skins UI
* Fixed the target circle to point to the front of the ship
* Improved UI target rings resolutions.
* Fixed the rendering of icons next to the players name (such as the emp star)
* Fixed an issue where the “class skills available” dialog was sometimes blocking drag n dropped items that it shouldn’t be even when invisible.
* Fixed orthographic mode clipping
* Fixed ortho camera changing to perspective
* Added a server selection combo box on the connection screen
* Multiple client crash fixes.
* Fix for a file handle leak in the client.


* Made wormholes count as object for userbase distance check.
* Andaman laser mission now gives fembot assembly plant as intended
* St. Bernard Packs will now open a generator instead of 10 Prefab Fighters.
* Corrected fab/compl bundle amounts should be 40 of each
* Fixed Ares Aegis and Poseidon Trident Generators
* Quickened Demon Tracking Device now states the loss of 50% range for its duration
* Fix for space blue fighter mission
* Fix to the Twisted Travel Field Projector/Twisted Enraged Travel Field Projector not affecting ships.
* Fixed Brute force roaming out and disabling himself.

Content Changes

* Changed warmongering team skill to 1SP
* Increased range of weapon that gives corrosive plasma for hazmat collection mission
* Added dusty commodities crates for various prospectable commodities for the use in comets.
* Made Halley’s Comet use the new elliptical orbit system.
* The new Recycled Armada Augmenters mission in Serengeti Blockade has been replaced by a new set of five missions. They work similar to the mission they replace, however you can choose which spirit blueprint you will get in exchange for 4 blueprints.
* Added Bloody Mastadon skin.
* Copper AI can no longer dock at the Copper entrance station.
* Station Point Defense Array now requires, in addition to its other requirements, 500 Titanium and 500 Gold to build (was 100 Titanium, 12 Gold Sensors and 10 Gold Nuggets)
* Hidden Nanite infusion device now does 1.75 damage, we will keep an eye on the place that nanite is in for both PvP and PvAI and continue to make adjustments accordingly.
* New Combined Aspect of the Mastodon Augmenter Token mission added to the Augmenter Tweaking mission chain.
* Added the ability for missions to reset at the same time as daily/weekly galaxy lockouts, and added monthly mission resets that reset at the first of every month. Once completed, missions with this tag cannot be accepted until their next daily/weekly/monthly period. Missions with this tag will have a tag like [Daily] in front of their name. Missions on cooldown will show up in the lockout tab alongside galaxy lockouts.
* The AI Outpost exchange missions will now indicate the amount of tokens they require in the summary text as well.
* Vacohar’ayu (ship): Weapon slots from 3 to 4
* Silent Night (ship): Visibility from 30 to 12, Reflectivity from 75% to 61%, Damage from 20% to 30%, Critical Hit Chance from 10% to 5%, Critical Hit Strength from 0% to 15%
* Removed some Missed Lore Skills from the following items: Unt Faranji Gatling X, Unt Faranji Station Tech, Unt Faranji Diffuser, Kikale Mzungu Frigate, Ancient Transdim Extension and, Bule Abadi Cell.
* Added Stratos Knight skin.
* Made the vulture’s inbuilt generator 0 size.
* Added Blacklight Nikola skin
* Increased the Danger Factor range that Smashing Shiv, Lancing Shiv, Earthshaking Driver, Burning Petals, Lacerating Petals, Demolishing Discharge, and Neutralizing Discharge drop within. They should drop from slightly higher and lower difficulty dungeons now.
* Prawn build cost reduced from 50,000,000,000 to 10,000,000,000.
* Jungle ships no longer require Aluminum Sheets, they now require Titanium Sheets. Primal Jungle ships require Titanium Sheet’s and Laconia Sheet’s.
* Travel fields (Both Capital and Berserker) no longer reduce your shield or energy bank, they now reduce your regeneration instead.
* Reduced the number of missiles launched by Kalthi Commanders.
* Agamemnon Fighters (Launched from Big Green Battleships) now last 60 seconds instead of 20 seconds.
* The mission “Restless Spirits” no longer tells the player it is necessary for the Paranormal Research quest line.
* Perilous Space Roamers now spawn more often, drop more credits, and have their spawn locations randomized (This means bosses like Sputty Nutty, Marco Columbus, Closeness, etc.)
* Lunarian and Selenite Drone Blueprints now have a small chance to drop from any Kalthi Depths boss, like other Lunarian/Selenite loot.
* The Sniper Blind no longer gives +200 and +1000 damage, instead it gives a 25%/33% damage boost. There is also a -75%/-99% reduction in tracking to go along with the effect.
* Sniper’s Ricochet Device has been changed to Sniper’s Spotter Device, and deploys a drone with a short duration Spotty Beam. The drone also gives +15%/25% Range and Rate of Fire as an aura.
* Bule Abadi Adum’s Test Expander will no longer show up in ruins.
* Buffed some Augmenters
** Tinted Augmenter now has 26% Damage instead of 4% Damage.
** Opaque Augmenter now has 35% Damage instead of 6% Damage.
** Dark Augmenter: 30% Turning, 10% Hull, 50% Energy Bank, 20% Shield Recharge, -75% Visibility, 20% Critical Hit Chance, 5% Resistance to Damage.
** Vulture Augmenter: 100% Energy Bank, 80% Rate of Fire, -10% Range, 35% Speed, 50% Damage, 60% Shield Bank, 100% Visibility, 40% Hostility, 15% Resistance to Damage.
** Hawk Augmenter: 30% Turning, 30% Tracking, 22% Speed, 100% Radar, 60% Thrust, 90% Damage, 70% Shield, 100% Visibility, -15% Electric Tempering, 10% Critical Hit Chance.
* Altered Blue Photon Corvette model and texture.
* Added free Toxified Photon Corvette skin to the Blue Photon Corvette.
* Added free Cybernetic Photon Corvette skin to the Blue Photon Corvette.
* Added new missions to the start of Subspace to fix any issues with not having an affiliation skill while trying to start the chain.
* Added Kalthi manufacturing items.
* All members of a team will now contribute to team tithe
* Added Rainbow Force Field to Ancient Asteroid Being drops.
* Added Pax Felicitas.
* Edited the amount of Kalthi Manufacturing Parts needed for a Perilium to account for the Kalthi Assembly step.
* Adjusted run cost of the Kalthi mobile factory.
* Added additional Rat names and adjectives to reduce duplicates in Nexus and holiday event rats.
* Made Space Rat Hatchery 10 times less common than Slaughterhouses, as you only need 1 per 10 Slaughterhouses
* Made blueprints require Equipment rather than Station Management
* Adjusted Earthforce Station Panels from 5% resistance to 15% shield and negative 5% energy.
* Added Horizon Station Solar Panel and Anti. As a dungeon blueprint drop.
* Added Citadel Station Solar Panel and Anti. As a dungeon blueprint drop.
* Added Crystalline Station Hybrid Solar Panel. As a dungeon blueprint drop.
* Added Avalon Station Solar Panel and Anti. As a dungeon blueprint drop.
* Added Adamantiumized Station Solar Panel and Anti. As a dungeon blueprint drop.
* Allied AI is now healable irrespective if it is attackable or not.
* A single BvB base can now be placed even if the adjacent owned galaxy hasn’t been owned long enough. Any more than one base will have to wait for the timer.
* Updated The Nexus pirate side background visuals.
* Added Earthforce Supplier skin for The Nexus.
* Added pirate Ai base skin for The Nexus.
* Added Automated Attached Miner Kit IV Blueprint to Capella AI base.
* Added a warning during planetscanner use for solarbodies having no base slots.
* Added Kalthi Orbital Habitats Blueprint.
* Added Hotrod Station Kit VI Blueprint. As a dungeon blueprint drop.
* Added Golaz Station Kit VII Blueprint. As a dungeon blueprint drop.
* Added Hermes Station Kit VIII Blueprint, separate from all existing drops.
* Added Gaia Station Kit IX Blueprint. As a dungeon blueprint drop.
* Added Depot Station Kit VII Blueprint to Dungeon Drops.
* Added Depot Station Kit VIII Blueprint to Dungeon Drops.
* Added Depot Station Kit IX Blueprint to Dungeon Drops.
* Added new drops to Serengeti for Primal Gear and possibly some ships!
* Vapor Condensor (and Mobile version) has been item renamed to Vapor Condenser. Any existing condensors will be automatically converted to the new version when taken out of storage.
* Added various features to disable AI only ships in player hands (they can no longer be undocked, if undocked already their stats will be nerfed severly. To get rid of them, dock the ai only ship and remove all items from it, it will then destroy itself.
* Added new comet tutorial to Capella, demonstrating how to acquire comet loot and finding out what each comet contains.
* Reduced player obtainable base kit transference resistance to 70% to somewhat increase effectiveness of HPS bases.
* Removed duplication of status in HQ field generators.
* Added 3 Depot Defender temporary drones to Depot kits.
* Moved the UrQa Kasa Akuk’oj Ukoq ruin to a dropped item on Bana Queen and Bana King. Separate from current drop lists. This is also within a crate for easier scooping.
* Gargantuan Give and Take has been converted into a crate of size 75 from 1585 for dg drop.
* Gargantuan Misdirection has been converted into a crate of size 50 from 1077 for dg drop.
* Gargantuan Ion Justice has been converted into a crate of size 50 from 900 for dg drop.
* Gargantuan Obsidian Ionizer has been converted into a crate of size 50 from 1069 for dg drop.
* Gargantuan Yallow has been converted into a crate of size 50 from 833 for dg drop.
* Gargantuan Fission Thrust has been converted into a crate of size 50 from 946 for dg drop.
* Gargantuan Moral Emphasis has been converted into a crate of size 25 from 418 for dg drop.
* Bhisaj Kavaca has been converted into a crate of size 25 from 841 for dg drop.
* Boson Blower has been converted into a crate of size 25 from 512 for dg drop.
* Tamed Wasp fighter is now scrappable at Junkyard like other prefab fighters.
* Rabbit Hunter Assistant Prefab fighter is now scrappable at Junkyard like other prefab fighters.
* Added Rubicite Station Kit Blueprint to dungeon drop lists.
* Added unpacking IC factories to Capella for purchase.

Misc stuff

* Allowed use of variables in team messages. Variables must be enclosed in $(), (e.g., “Hi, welcome to $(name)!”). Supported options are:
** name – the team’s name,
** chars – number of characters,
** slotcount and slotlimit – number of used account slots,
** hqloc – the location of the HQ kit, or “[no HQ]” if you don’t have one,
** gcount – number of owned galaxies,
** pcount – number of protected galaxies,
** pop – team’s total population
** popperc – percentage population ownership of the universe
** opcount – number of outposts
** oplimit – max number of outposts
** oplist – comma delimited list of outposts’ galaxy’s name
** director – the character name of the director
** councillorcount, officercount, operatorcount, soldiercount, peoncount – counts of the number of those at that rank
** score – current team score
* Fixed the lack of a space after the number of base slots when using planetscanners.
* Better optimized the teleport protections for high latency players

Next uni changes

+ Industrial Commod bases no longer deal in off-theme Industrial Commods (For example, a Girder base will only deal in Steel Girders, Titanium Reinforced Girders, Laconia Reinforced Girders and Adamantium Reinforced Girders and no longer deals in Fusion Cells, Sentient Chatbots, Fine Space Whisky, Paxian Figurines, Cyborg Brigades and Sub-Shield Buffers
+ Umbra nodes are now 2 times as common and yield 2 times as much Umbra on average
+ Updated the spread of Juxtas and Concourses in Wild Space. They no longer only appear on the edge of the map
+ Lowered the amount of Kalthi Depths galaxies from 250 to 140
+ Lowered the amount of Perilous Space galaxies from 300 to 250
+ Increased the amount of Earthforce Layer galaxies from 450 to 500 to allow better AI spread over Danger Factors
+ The Badlands, in the Jungle, can now drop Bauxite and Bronze from the asteroids.
+ Added comets, these new celestial bodies will orbit their stars for long periods of time in elliptical orbits, and when they come close to their star they will drop items. The items that they dropped can be determined by using a prospecting planet scanner on them.
+ The list of Aveksaka gal names in Subspace has been expanded with 24 new possible names.
+ The potential galaxy name LACS-01804 Lamba has been fixed to LACS-01804 Lambda.
+ Jungle Bosses, except for Subemperor Baloo, drop 100,000,000 credits when killed. Subemperor Baloo drops 200,000,000.
+ Added Sivar’s Augmenter, Glare, Broken Glare, Focus, Purifier and Purpose to Sivar Hvar’kann’s drops.
+ Added Electrified Georg Ohm, a roamer in Kalthi Depths who has a vastly increased chance to drop Georg Ohm’s loot, as well as Kalthi Depths specific loot.
+ Fixed the missing glowmap on the Red Photon Oversized Turret.
+ Added a vuln aura for unattached bases to all suns in buildable gals.
+ Updated pax mission for Felicitas
+ Fixed Aether Escape super item will now have a charge of 25 seconds, with a flat speed boost of 150 lasting for 15 seconds.
+ Added exit gate to Dark Diablo.
+ Added Compact Station Solar Panel and Anti. Will be sold in Free Market and The Acropolis.
+ Added Divine Station Solar Panel drop, separate from all existing drops.
+ Added UrQa Kasa Akuk’oj Ukoq ruin station solar panel.
+ Added Armada Station Solar Panel and Anti as a separate mission in Serengeti Blockade.
+ The Twisted Token reward missions will now auto-start upon entering Prejudice.
+ Made base amp holoprojector a fixed size.
+ Qa Quuu Drone has been converted into a crate of size 100 from 5000 for dg drop.
+ Quu Drone has been converted into a crate of size 25 from 560 for dg drop.
+ Changed resistances of Quu, Qa Quuu, and Kasa Quu to be in accord with the BvB rework.
+ Reworked paxian explorations missions, added 2 new items a microwarpers and travel ship.

Beta client update 318.44

This has been a long time coming, multiple delays kept on creeping on and things just got out of hands.

The beta client is highly recommended if you want to connect to livetest, if you do not have the beta client and wish to install it, it can be downloaded here

The beta client should work fine on liberty but some features will not be functional as they depend on server changes.

Client specific changes in this beta:
* Multiple client crash fixes.
* Some slight performance tweak, should result in 5-10% higher framerate under high spaceobjects scenario.
* Removed black background from Red Photon flag (ID 222).
* Added new flag (ID 44) for team The Elites found in Edge of Reason.
* Fixed the following engine mounts: Behemoth, Goblin, Kelvin, Earthforce Cruiser, Earthforce Battlecruiser, Earthforce Battleship, Earthforce Overload Prototype, Earthforce Dreadnought, Red Photon Warship, Faranji Wingship, Pax Stratos, Ares War Chariot+, Delquadrikamdon
* Altered faction selection image to give better interpretation of options. Credit to Doran.
* Added a server dropdown to the login screen
* Kalthi warrior no longer has black triangles in the corner of it’s body and front spikes.
* Fix for floaty text memory leak
* Changed the default camera view to top down.
* Made it so that sounds will load through mods (the skin system can now be used to mod sounds)
* C1 style gal circle
* made it so that the random gal link color is only for wild space
* Gave the map a more “classic” feel to it.
* The map now show less station tabs than previously, up to a max of 15.
* Added per-team colors to owned gal links.
* Improved Space Rat textures.
* Tabs instead of spaces between cells when copying tables
* Added mods to the copy to clipboard functionality for inventories
* Added pagination to skins UI
* Fixed the target circle to point to the front of the ship
* Improved UI target rings resolutions.
* Fixed the rendering of icons next to the players name (such as the emp star)
* Fixed an issue where the “class skills available” dialog was sometimes blocking drag n dropped items that it shouldn’t be even when invisible.
* Fixed orthographic mode clipping
* Fixed ortho camera changing to perspective

livetest patchnotes will be available by monday.

Server Patch 1.3.2018

Just a small one today to address an issue with some super items that would allow you to deploy more drones at once than intended.

*Ares Aegis Generator super item changed to 120s charging time.
*Trident Generator changed to 120s charging time and lifespan.

Server Patch 12.06.2017

This is a relatively small patch, a few internal changes to help tracking (and eventually fixing) the causes of server lags and was required before i could simplify how dev request patches to be applied live.

* Fixed credit cost on entertainment station suites
* Fixed Engine Mounts on Glauco Phoenix and Hawk.
* Fixed the Zeus’s Antu to properly use Siege Mode
* Fixed fusion tree cutter manhour cost, was 172800, should be 1728000

Balance Changes / Additions
* Crystals (crates) now show how much space they’ll need to be opened as part of their description
+ Added Engine 19 to the AI base in Vervaardiger Processing at the cost of 1 Gigantic Fission Thrust
+ Added Electrical Engineering 19 to the AI base in Enigmatic Sector at the cost of 1 Gigantic Obsidian Ionizer
+ The Dark has been moved to Warp 3 Eathforce Layer, allowing F2P players to obtain Radar and Cloaking 19 (the Ai base that allows Radar 20 to be trained has been locked to be premium only)
* The Harrier is now marked as an Exotic ship instead of an Uncommon ship.
* Transcendantal Hull Expander / HullEx have been renamed to Transcendental.
* Reduced Twisted Striker fighters energy requirement from 130k to 13k.
* Split the Combined Aspect Tablet drop table from the other Emp items dropped from Emperor Shaddam
* Capital Slave Traveling Field has been renamed to Capital Bot Traveling Field.
* Reduced Sniper Analysis charge time to 2 minutes, bonus is the same
* Changed Anni Beam to no longer need a TRL(seer weapon) to build, incorporated trl build costs into the anni beam bp
* Removed all Lore skills from Lore Ruin Items. Added Skills based on item type to preserve stats.
* Removed Grem from Platform Drones
* Aspect of the Mastodon augs have multiple lesser chances to drop from Emperor Shaddam Kilrathi IV in The Serengeti now. His guards chance to drop Aspect of the Mastodon has been reduced from 25% to 2.5%.

Server Patch 11.09.2017

followup patch 11.10.2017

–This patch is currently available on and will be on live on Friday evening–
* Fixed and improved the ship info dialog: Now shows firing arc for lasers, more decimals for resistance and correctly updates the ship visage when changing ships.
* Fixed UseSome not working on bases (already live)

* Fixed description of space blue delta fighter generator mission.
* Fix for item teleporter not working properly
* Fixed disconnect on importing a very large trade log
+ Fixed Twisted AI station textures.
* Centered and Strategic deployment no longer get disabled if your drones and/or bases are attacked.
* Fixed a bug with factories where their total allowed cost was 2.4b

Balance Changes / Additions
* One sided war declaration now cause hostility on both sides.
+ Roaming Icepick Hunters and Roaming Stellas in Perilous Space now have their spawner locations randomized upon death.
* Adjusted Cleft Claw to use a tech 16 energy instead of tech 21.
+ Removed the need for and drop chance for deep/dark jungle keys
* TBFD 9000 drone now costs 50mil to repair.
+ Added new refund missions for Twisted Tesla Augmenter within the Twisted Manufacturing AI station.
* The Pax Astronomica Insurance mission within Brigand’s Stronghold has been renamed to Pax Astralogica Insurance, and will refer to the targets as Astrologicas instead of the playership version (Astralogica).
* Changed many dg drop bps from none/scrappable, to diploma/mention turn ins
* Changed Twisted tweak crates Junkyard scrappable level from 1 to 2.
* Lowering the Mining resistance on a few ships to make sure they have lower Mining resistance than userbases do so these ships aren’t as effective in tanking userbases.
** Poseidon Wave(+)/Poseidon Crown: Mining from 75% to 60%, Surgical from 60% to 75%
** Isvas’ayu: Mining from 70% to 50%, Surgical from 50% to 60%
** Twisted Vanguard / Adam’s Karkh’ala Scythe: Mining from 70% to 50%, Surgical from 45% to 55%
+ Tier 0 Industrial Commodities Steel Girders, Sentient Chatbots, Fusion Cells, Paxian Figurines and Fine Space Whisky now have a minimum price of 20% rather than 50%. This results in the consumption for these commodities being increased from 2.4x at 50% to 6x at 20%. This allows players to (nearly) always being able to sell their commodities as well as increase the gap between AI stations which gives players incentive to trade between AI stations.
* Changing the resistances on some permanent drones so that it is ineffective to block userbases with drones
** Nihilite Drone: Energy 80% to 65%, Physical 75% to 65%, Heat 70% to 65%, Surgical 70% to 65%
** Orb Drone: Surgical 100% to 65%
** Faranji Head Drone: Energy 80% to 65%, Physical 85% to 65%, Heat 70% to 65%, Surgical 70% to 65%
** Mzungu Iko Drone: Energy 75% to 65%, Mining 20% to 0%, Physical 75% to 65%, Heat 90% to 65%
** Quu Drone: Heat 40% to 5%, Mining 40% to 5%
** Qa Quu Drone: Heat 40% to 10%, Energy 75% to 65%, Mining 40% to 10%, Physical 75% to 65%, Surgical 75% to 65%
** Kasa Quu Drone: Heat 40% to 15%, Energy 75% to 70%, Mining 20% to 15%, Physical 75% to 70%, Surgical 75% to 70%
** Qafir Drone: Energy 80% to 60%, Physical 85% to 60%, Heat 70% to 60%, Surgical 70% to 60%
** Plasmite Drone: Energy 80% to 65%, Physical 75% to 65%, Surgical 70% to 65%
** Advanced Pirating Drone: Energy 70% to 60%, Heat 70% to 60%
** Qafir+ Drone: Energy 80% to 65%, Physical 85% to 65%, Heat 70% to 65%, Surgical 70% to 65%
** Mzungu Energy Blaster: Energy 75% to 65%
** Solar Collection Drone: Heat 90% to 70%
** Plasmite Defense Platform: Energy 80% to 65%, Physical 75% to 65%, Surgical 70% to 65%
** Paxian Urqa Denial: Energy 80% to 65%, Physical 85% to 65%, Heat 80% to 65%, Surgical 70% to 65%
* Temporary warp beacons can be placed in systems eligible for bvb
* Bots once again get bonuses from Advanced Flight Controller (+1 slot, +75% evasion for fighters)
* MFM now once again gives +2% to many stats on trade bots, up from +1%

patch 11.09.2017

* Lasers say in their description if they’re ethereal
* Fixed Super Item descriptions not generating in certain circumstances
* Fixed typo when a planet’s gravity is too high for a BP you’re trying to use
* Improved dialog background gradient
* UI Textbox background gradients improved
* Ekam monthly mission now correctly states the player needs to kill 200 Ekam AI
* Fixed description on the const radar bonus to say ‘Detection’ rather than ‘Radar’ since it only gives a detection bonus
* Added Volcanic Antu skin.
* Added Glacial Antu skin.
* Adjusted hive texture and added glow map. This also adjusted the Honey Comb alternative skin.
* New Halloween infected cheese wormhole texture and infected space cheese mound texture.
* Altered xMas Helga visual.
* Added new xMas visual for the Fuzz.
* Altered and fixed xMas augmenter size and improved visuals.
* Altered and fixed Halloween augmenter size and improved visuals.
* Added Fire Extinguisher icon graphic to client
* Added C1-esque on-hit particle splashes
* Nanite Infusion device explosion effect quantity scaled to the total damage, 10k for each one, up to a maximum of 10 explosions
* Added Nebula Hermes skin
* Mobile drones now give their mobility factor in their description


* Fixed a bug with Shadow Ambush giving half the critical hit chance it should’ve done
* Changed starting subspace missions to work even if no pirate/ef affiliation is chosen
* Roaming Subspace AI will no longer respawn every 30 seconds
* Fixed Rajanicar’ayu Superitem so the fighters no longer return to ship
* Zarkarapratinu launched by the Alien Nest drone will shoot again
* Fixes to the Nanite Infusion devices, they’ll now track the damage you do with each damage type and use each damage type as used. The damage tracked is ‘true damage’ (i.e., what you do before the target’s resistances) and the damage applied goes through the normal steps (such as resistances). Transference damage will no longer work
* Nanite Infusion device will not damage players in no-PvP scenarios and will not do 0 damage impacts
* Corrected engines 16 mission cloud mercury amount in the mission text
* Kidd and Io will now do original damage with their Incinerators. Kidd will now use his Incinerator
+ Fixed instant respawn and kickout of lavrite boss in vulcan
+ Removed the four hidden planets from Absolution, to prevent projectiles being blocked randomly as well as to prevent prospecting nodes to generate on them (and being unavailable for prospecting)
* New God Augmenters missions fixed, beginning with the Demeter Augmenter mission (intro renamed to New God Augmenters, you will now need Infinite Knowledge instead of Augmenter Tweaking to unlock them). Available in The Acropolis
* Gave the Hull Regeneration Drones on the Vaziayu Trans Efficiency instead of Transference Resistance. This will allow them to still be healed but not drain drones/bases of all of their shields while healing
* Fixed the Engineer Capacitor Device
* Fixed Seer Class 20 requirement on the missions for the Seer’s Searing Fire
* Fixed mission text and requirements for accessing Platinum level Strontium-90 missions
* Fixed a bug in missions on reset timers causing them to abandon when they shouldn’t
* Fixed class aptitude augmenter mission only mentions 1 set while mission requires 2
* Psionic Weapon’s Jammer to no longer cause over RoF cap on AI and players

Balance Changes / Additions

* Perilous Scope properly reduces your range by 25% for 5 seconds after 5 seconds.
* Changed the sizes of base chargers with the formula used for other base items.
* Added Aug stats to increase splash/chain/etc damage and range
* Fixed Twisted Torch by reducing the bullet amount from 3 to 2 and increased damage from 20 to 30 per bullet. This will make all bullets face behind the ship without affecting dps
* Increased arcadian x bank to 18k so it can fire arcadian x laser without help
* Resistances on the purchasable Kalthi Ships have been adjusted:

Kalthi Warrior: 55>50% to Laser, 55>50% to Energy, 58>53% to Heat, 53>48% to Physical, 50>40% to Radiation, 48>38% to Surgical, 57>52% to Mining
Kalthi Stinger: 48>60% to Laser, 48>40% to Energy, 41% to Heat, 48>36%% to Physical, 48>44% to Radiation, 40>34% to Surgical, 48>58% to Mining
Kalthi Deployer: 55>45% to Laser, 55>60% to Energy, 55>45% to Heat, 55>57% to Physical, 55% to Radiation, 45>36% to Surgical, 45% to Mining
Kalthi Commander: 48>55% to Laser, 48>45% to Energy, 48>45% to Heat, 58>62% to Physical, 48>45% to Radiation, 43>32% to Surgical, 43>35% to Mining

* Removed the Class Requirement “from the Art of …” Blueprints
* Greatly reduced cost of mercurian gear
* Increased Stygian Fist Blueprint manhours and max worker significantly, increased max workers from 1 to 100000
* Removed the max use and max workforce from base thruster blueprints. It is now 7.5mil man hours which is roughly 3 minutes with 500k workers available. Added a cost per build instead which is 250mil credits per Annihilator thruster to 25mil per Apollo thruster
* Increased base thruster blueprint build cost from 250mil each to 500mil each (Annihilator thruster) and scaled down each tech
* Kalthi Deployer drones have been heavily nerfed, and the Deployer’s themselves have been slightly buffed. The drones also orbit in a bigger radius
* Ult. Interceptor Augmenter Critical Hit Chance reduced 30%>20%, Damage increased 40%>45%
* Hybridized Ships no longer gain significant resistance weaknesses compared to the normal ships, they are now direct upgrades of their previous forms
* Pax Coronae, Scutelogica, Venaticora and Sheliak (As well as the Hybridized versions) now have +50% Shield Bank
* Blueprint packs now contain the industrial blueprint versions of the defender, platform, and assault drones
* Altered the Urchin Presence to now give 150/s energy to allies and take 150/s energy from enemies within a 500 radius. The energy requirement to power this aura is now 325/s
* Adjusted the Honey Badger drone to sustain much longer to account for the aura being disabled/scraped
* Academy kits (non-fortified) no longer have a build time on them
* Coppers now have tech appropriate Exterminators
* Reduced cost of thanars astral fire mission
* Nerfed the pirating/advanced pirating drones in bonnet, mccoy’s, rackham’s, and stede bonnet’s systems
* Space Blue Gamma’s now deploy Space Blue Alpha Prototype Fighters instead of Space Blue Alpha Fighters, this means their fighters no longer do extremely high amounts of damage
* The Hawk Blueprint now builds a Hawk Upgrade, which upgrades the Vulture into a Hawk
* The Harrier Blueprint now builds a Harrier Upgrade, which upgrades the Hawk into the Harrier. The prices of the Hawk and the Harrier have been reduced to account for the cost of building the previous ship
* All Multifiring Controlbots now have +50%>20% Electric Tempering
* Rime Drones are now Tech 4, Advanced Rime Drones are now Tech 5
* Updated Jungle to now drop 1 JAC per boss kill, guaranteed. Subemperor Baloo has a chance to drop up to two
* Changed Kalthi Wrathful and Armored Upgrades to be able to Swap to each other. ie. You are in a Kalthi Wrathful Stinger and want a Kalthi Armored Stinger, you can now simply use the upgrade on the Wrathful Stinger
* Changed Fembot Blueprint and Factory to Tech 16
* Adjusted station suite bps to require less factory parts
* Changed the laser station gear turn in mission rewards from canneries to a single terraforming commod factory
+ Added 8 new station gear turn in missions that reward terraforming factories, factory parts bundle and nu conv 2s
* Lyceum Exploration Cruiser has had it’s Offensive Field Generator changed from +150 Flat Damage to +150 Energy Regeneration. Going forward, this will be changed to +150 DPS, which means it will no longer be more powerful with high rate of fire/multiple projectiles weapons
* Engines, across the board, have had their thrust increased by ~100%, and their turning increased by ~33% (This is roughly the bonuses one would get from using an Ace in a Pill II)
** Ace in a Pill’s, as a result, have had their duration reduced to 12 seconds
* Uu Quu DPS increased from 140 to 196
* Increased halflife on Copper Heart to 24 hours
* Marked instanced Rumble rooms as unmappable
* Meeting Pirate Maboule mission now has Piracy level 1 as a mission goal, to inform the player of requiring Piracy to dock at Maboule’s Hideout
* Reduced manhours and maxworkforce of the vulture, reaver, absconditus, rosamarinus, equanimizer pax astronomica, dark freighter ships, to only take 5.5 hours with max workforce of 10k
+ Increased drop chance of bp and commods to make the following ships/ubers that are found in dgs/perilous space, vulture, reaver, rosmarinus, equanimaizer, pax astronomica and dark freighter
* Hydroponics and Imperial Hydroponics descriptions now state they feed 300 Workers, similar to Junkyard Hydroponics and the Harvesting Dynamo
* Fixed bug where BFDs and other neurobound drones would not stack correctly on scooping
* Changed micron mission credit, XP, and difficulty so rewards are useful at the likely level you would complete them
* Changed Darkened Diffusers to not give -Reflectivity and they don’t give visibility
* Changed Darkened Capacitor/Diffuser blueprints to have unlimited uses and are not junkyard scrapable
+ Added Darkened Capacitor/Diffuser blueprints to The Dark
* Removed Darkened Capacitor/Diffusers from drop tables
* Increased Shard/Frag Grenade’s bullet spray effect from 40% of normal damage to 200% of normal damage. (Shard/Frag Drone’s Weapons)
* Changed transference resistance on Frag/Shard Drones from 40% to 0%
+ Removed some base blueprints that can be obtained in The Acropolis via blueprint packs
* Improved damage on Anni/Ada Cannon, lowered range, and increased energy to shoot
* Prawn Piece A to H have been renamed to Prawn Piece
* Fixed typos in a couple of Catur arm subspace missions (‘etheral’ -> ‘ethereal’ and ‘LACS 1099′ -> ‘LACS S1099′)
* Decreased spawntime on Speedy Gonzales to 5 minutes (from 10)
* Allowed pax astro+ to also upgrade to hybridized pax astro
* Nerfed drop rate of hellfire, buffed drop rate of love cylinder
* Updated Carcass Missile to be shipbound and 0 size
* Changed most of the sub UZ t20 and below bps to have more reasonable maxworkforces, manhours, and costs.
* Removed about 70 class locked items from the dg drop tables and placed them in lyceum at the respective ai stations
* Added Battle Sphere superitem laser
* Reduced cost of several mission reward fighter generators. Changed missions to reward fighter generators directly instead of fighter generator BPs
* Changed all unstable overloaders to be sticky to the ship. They are now 0 size
* Mini Kasper, Kasper, Kasper+, Mzungu Disk, Faranji Stinger, Underscout, Space Blue Prototype, Reaver, Orca, Orca+, Turtle, Turtle+, Reconditioned Kasper, Reconditioned Turtle, and Tutorialis.drv have all had their weapon slots increased by one to acomodate up to 3 weapons on a berserker and 2 on a gunner including inbuilt weapons
* Ares Aegis Generator, Trident Generator and Bolt of Lightning Generator are now all super items. The Hermes Adrenaline Syringe now self injects the Hermes Adrenaline Injection into the user of the super item
* Mini Vulcanite Fighter, Ujqii Ishi, and Slumber Mc Chrome Face Fighters can now be scrapped through the Junkyard Prefab Fighter scrapping missions
+ New mission available in Serengeti Blockade, to exchange four Spirit Augmenter Blueprints into a random spirit blueprint
+ Glaucopennia’s and Phoenix’s will drop blueprints to their ships
* Fuelled energies will no longer consume fuel if you’re at maximum bank, you’ll also get your full regen when unfuelled at maximum
* New set of missions available for Lyceum Combined Augmenters. You can now recycle 10 fabrication modules of the same tier (i.e. Basic) in exchange for one random fabrication module of the same tier
* Aveksaka Xenobiology and Continued Aveksaka Xenobiology missions now require 100,000,000 Credits to complete. These missions are for obtaining an Alien Xenobiology Research Blueprint
* Aspect/Spirit/Combined Aspect of the Mastodon Augs are now attainable from The Serengeti
* Replaced Shield Monkey’s transference power from the Shield Transference with damage. ShM healing output should remain neutral, while buffing their personal and bot dps
* Removed the random boss aura from Bana King
* Changes to Engineer augmenters (stats not listed remain the same)

Twisted Tesla Augmenter: Shield regen from 60% to 0%, Energy from 80% to 125%, Transference Power from 0% to 60%, Transference Efficiency from 0% to 40%, Drone ops from 20% to 0%, Offensive Ops from 20% to 30%, Defensive Ops from 20% to 30%, Everlasting ops from -20% to 0%
Qa’ik’ Banu Akk’oj: Everlasting ops from 12% to 0%
Mechanical Hound Augmenter: Speed from 50% to 30%, Turning from 0% to 65%, Thrust from 0% to 110%

* New mission available for Combined Aspect Tablets. You can now exchange 10 combined aspect tablets for 1 Zaphragi Research Diploma and 2 Honorary Diplomas
* Lowered Bule Hyperdrive from 45 seconds to 30 seconds and added a anti gravitation effect when activated.
* Removed visibility on Queen Wasps launchers
* Can no longer tractor attacking BvB kits
* Aku Qui’Oj (Bana King Capacitor): Hull space bonus of 2% has been removed

Server Patch 07.31.2017

Bug fixes

* Fixed -weight auras applying twice
* Fixed a case of server crash.

Content fixes

* The mission “Sas Allied Defense Orders” now correctly tells the player they need to kill 10 Outposts in its description.
* Junkyard X25 hydroponics missions and Initiate of Lyceum mission issues fixed.
* Sniper Sharpshooting now mentions that it increases range

Content Changes

* Added Leopard Jump and Monkey Jump to their respective boss loot tables in The Jungle.
* Increased the XP rewards for non repeatable Enigmatic Sector missions.
* Albatross Augmenter – Rate of Fire increased 40%>80%
* Poseidon The Earthshaker Augmenter – Energy Recharge increased 50%>70%
* Mad Scientist Augmenter – Added Capacity +10%, Energy Bank +74%
* Adjusted Recon backpack Superitems to 1 minute charge time.
* Increased m4 hull space by 84% and speed by 50%
* Mythos Stream is now ethereal (This means Mythic Defenders now have an ethereal healing laser once again).
* Removed the Personal Computer and Gravity Controller cost from the basebound extractor blueprints
* New Junkyard Scrapping mission to remove Prefab Fighters from your ship.

Next uni changes

+ Suns if necessary are generated lower down so that the tops of them are no more than 200 above the z=0 plane.
+ Added 7 more tiled galaxy backgrounds.
+ Added new EF layer DG boss piloting a Vulture

Server Patch 07.22.2017

Client Fixes

* Fixed one of the most common remaining client crashes.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed -weight auras and tweaks not applying properly.
* Fixed source of 2 server crashes.
* Fixed a bug with Warp Navigation level calculation which gave people W1 for free if they weren’t a Seer
* Fixed constant shield recharge bonuses not working.

Content Changes

* The Delquadrikamdon’s “Red Pill” form now lasts 18 seconds with a 180 second cooldown.
* The Burning and Lacerating line of weapons now impart 3 times as many Medium Fires and Major Surgeries as before, and have all been standardized to 300 range (which results in a significant size reduction as well).
* The Earthshaking line of weapons are no longer high rate of fire physical pulse guns, they now work like multi-projectile Catapults. This means their recoil, firing visibility, number of projectiles and knockback has been increased. Their DPS has also been massively increased.
* The mission “A Fair Trade” should no longer have a very small chance to give the player nothing.
* Changed the Poseidon Wave and Isvas’ayu Submerger to 5 Pulses instead of 4.
* Changed Lion Maul Tweak Generator to a Superitem. This will allow Slaves to use the Superitem.
* Added FC requirement to space blue delta fighters
* Combat Bot Tweaking now gives +1% speed, +2% thrust and turning and +1% shield recharge per level
* Removed the requirement of 20 Honorary Diplomas to unlock the Unstabilized Plasma Fusion Core missions and merged the Copper/Bana/Anaconda/MS kill mission requirements with the initial mission
* Nanite Fabrication Blueprint will now show up as ’1000 Nanites’ in the construction bay of a userbase
* Added rare tag to Twisted station kits.
* The Absentis built-in tweak are now shipbound rather than neurobound
* Base Amplifications now build nearly instantly (from 1 day) and take 3 days to activate (from 7 days)
* Demolishing/Neutralizing Blast Blueprints now drop from Kalthi Depths dungeons. Kalthi Depths previously dropped Surge Blueprints, which was not intentional.
* Minor, Basic, Std., Good, Exc., Sup. and Ult. Augmenter Fabrication Modules have had their Combonite requirements reduced to 1, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250 and 500 respectively.
* Put decay on universe reset tags on all base thrusters.
* Arctia AI name pool increased by about 50% with the addition of French and Finnish names.
* Removed second Torpedo weapon from Flyswatter Flyboys due to Torpedo rebalance.
* Rumble instances have had their lockouts removed.
* Paxian Battle Frigate has had its reflectivity decreased to ~807%.
* Antuayu’s Siege Mode has been buffed. Gives -30% Electric Tempering, +25% Damage, -25% Recoil, +50% Splash Range, -50% Resists for 10 seconds with a 60 second cooldown.
* Corrected Selenite Modulating Shield’s description
* Platform Augmentation Alpha/Beta/Gamma are now Base augmenters
* Reduced weight on Defensive Annihilator Pulse Gun (1600000000 -> 2000000)
* Kalthi weapons have been overhauled completely and have completely different stats in most cases.
* A Kalthi Torpedo, the Kalthi Fist, has been added. Its blueprint should drop from the same place other Kalthi blueprints drop.
* Mythic Defenders laser and transference weapon are no longer ethereal, and the transference weapon does not chain.
* Lyceum Offensive and Defensive Fields are not usable by Trade or Combat Bots.
* Added K.S.Victory skin to Kalthi Stinger series
* Added Angry Grim skin.
* Added Golden Grim skin.
* Added Frosty Grim skin.
* Permanent drones only accept Base augs via Astral Injection.
* Adjusted the Base Radiation Fields to give vulnerability.
* Increased Golden Man Blueprint drop rate.
* Buffed the Kalthi Armored Stinger’s inbuilt tweak from 500>1500 Shield Recharge and 50%>100% Critical Immunity for 10 seconds.
* Buffed the Kalthi Armored Commander’s inbuilt super item, now deploys a mobile Kalthi Minion Protection Drone that can heal and significantly buffs the defensive stats of fighters for 60 seconds.
* Buffed the Kalthi Wrathful Stinger’s inbuilt super item. It now imparts -90% Radar, -34% Range and -34% Tracking to enemies within 1000 range for 15 seconds.
* Death of First Born fighters now have 50% less range.
* Removed the detrimental Electric Tempering effect from the Gunner Ion Missile super item.

Next uni changes

+ Instanced vulcan bosses
+ Adjusted kickout time of vulcan bosses to 5 minutes
+ Altered Anatolia background.
+ Altered Emphatic Mother backgrounds.
+ Altered Enigma backgrounds.
+ Altered Elysion background.
+ Altered Halloween zone backgrounds.
+ Altered IQ Bana backgrounds.
+ Altered some Jungle zone backgrounds.
+ Altered The Junkyard background.
+ Altered Lunacy backgrounds.
+ Altered Mausoleum backgrounds.
+ Altered Ruby Steppes backgrounds.
+ Altered Sol background.
+ Altered Temple Ground background.
+ Altered Citadel resource amounts for next universe.
+ Altered Dorado resource amounts for next universe.
+ Fixed Hallway to Mother double boss wormhole issue.
+ Massively reduced the chance to get galaxies with giant suns
+ Added 25x Junkyard Hydroponic mission options to The Junkyard.
+ Adjusted End of the Universe visuals, added background.
+ Improved the resolution of the galaxy in the background of Temple Grounds.
+ Alien Invasions no longer happen in any arm other than the Sas arm.
+ Sas Arm Invasions happen every 5 tp 7 days, and should no longer happen at the exact same time every day.
+ The Monthly missions and their rewards are still in Subspace, all but the Sas arm missions only require kills of Aveksaka ships. The Sas arm Monthly requires kills of Aveksaka ships and Aveksaka Outposts. Allied Commendations have been removed from every arm’s rewards but the Sas and Pajca arm.
+ AI now roam in every single arm of Subspace, whether there is an invasion or not.
+ Kalthi Depths will have far less mobs swarming the higher danger factors.
+ Kalthi Armored mobs, Cybernetic Battleships/Cruisers are significantly less tanky, but do more damage. Their fighters also have less range now. Kalthi Deployers drones now follow the mobs around and last longer. Cybernetic Support mobs deploy their drones faster and their drones do more damage.

Server / Client Patch 07.09.2017

Client Fixes

* Fixed a bug where buttons in the client would stay pressed if the “mouse up” event happened outside if their click boundary
* Fixed a bug where the resize border would still show when a window was focused even if the mouse was outside of the window bounds.
* Fixed a bug where sometimes the skill search bar would not reset
* Fixed the text scroll in the target window
* Fixed a bug where the “misc” type empty item slot inventory indicators weren’t being sorted properly, which resulted in them changing order every time the inventory changed contents
* Fixed a bug where the friends list would not clear when logging out and back in

Visual changes

* Adjusted Faranji Stinger texture, thanks to contribution from Klestiko.
* Improved Rhino model and texture.
* Updated faction selection dialog.
* Changed the color of the “empty item slots” to be darker and stand out more from normal items.
* Updated visuals for Chihuahua, Whippet, Terrier, and Border Collie fighters.
* Added Frozen Harrier skin.

Content Changes

* Battle Sphere: Augmenter slots from 5 to 4
* Fleet Commander augs are being nerfed
** Aptitude: lost its Turning and Speed
** Proficiency: lost its Turning and Speed
** Mastery: lost its Turning and Speed
** Art of FC: lost its Speed and Tractor Power
** Ult. Art of FC: lost its speed and Tractor Power
* Arsonist’s Augmenter: Crit Chance 20% (from 30%), Crit Strength 40% (from 0%)
* Slumber Augmenter: Crit Chance 15% (from 40%), Crit Strength 60% (from 0%)
* Hibernation Augmenter: Crit Chance 20% (from 60%), Crit Strength 75% (from 0%)
* Reaver Augmenter: Crit Chance 20% (from 40%), Crit Strength 40% (from 55%)
* Hantr Psu: Crit Chance 20% (from 30%), Crit Strength 125% (from 100%)
* Arcadian, Apollo and Ares Base Energies no longer generate Nuclear Waste
* Vulture and Hawk inbuilt scoops replaced with inbuilt super items, Scavenger fires the Vultures signature pulse guns (and gives Tracking and Range bonuses) and Hunter fires the Hawks signature weapon (and gives Rate of Fire and Radar bonuses). The AI versions of these ships do not have these super items.
* Red Photon Plasma Missile no longer does 2x the damage they should be doing, nor do its fires stack up to very high amounts. Each missile does 5k damage instead of 10k damage (For a total of 25k damage per salvo), and the fires last 2 seconds instead of 10 seconds.
* The Seer Rift generators got a slight reduction in cooldown and the lower tech Microwarps received beefs
** Warpping Paper: max distance from 200 to 1000, chargetime from 600 to 25 seconds
** Witch’s Broomstick: chargetime from 300 to 60 seconds
** Gallows Robber: chargetime from 600 to 60 seconds
** Bimbus 3000: chargetime from 450 to 60 seconds
** Monkey Jump: max distance from 700 to 1000, chargetime from 2 (no, that’s not a typo) to 25 seconds
** Leopard Jump: chargetime from 180 to 15 seconds
** Prototype Rift Generator, Seer Rift Generator, Aveksaka Rift Generator: chargetime from 180 to 150 seconds
* Assault Behemoth’s Assault Dropship fighters can now acquire a new target after their first target has been lost.
* Paxian Battle Frigate has had its Shield and Energy augmods reduced to 200% each.
* Hawk has had its Weight increased 55000>110000, Max Speed increased 137>140, Diameter increased 35>50, Laser resistances decreased 65%>60%, Energy resistances decreased 20%>10%, Mining resistances decreased 70%>60%, Aug Mods replaced (10% Turning, 10% Tracking, 15% Thrust, 15% Energy Recharge)>(20% Damage, 20% Energy Recharge, 5% Critical Hit Chance), inbuilt electricity generation increased 35>50.
* UrQa’qa Qu’ishi Qa: Energy bonus from 450% to 800%
** Inbuilt missile launcher now increases missile speed by 50% from 20%
** Inbuilt missile launcher now has 4 seconds charge rate down from 5 seconds
* Gunner Ion Missile devices should now properly apply + electric tempering to target
* Added unique with tags to anti graviton tweaks (they now share cooldown)

Misc changes

* non bvb kits must now be within 30k dist of the nearest solarbody.
** Kits that are out of bound will be notified in team chat and are given 10 minutes to be moved back in before destruction
* Base thruster are no longer restricted while under attack.

Next uni changes

+ Added Shadow AI base back into Shadow galaxy.