Space Clouds

Server/Client Patch 5.08.2015

This is a patch containing a lot of internal changes that were required for our steam integration to work, not all that much to say about it in patch notes until everything is actually turned on.

None the less, here are the notes.

* 14 new server crash found and fixed.
* 8 different client crashes tracked and fixed (around 3 crash left that i know off but was unable to pinpoint, keep those dmp flowing)
* A few minor client optimisations, especially when in a ship with a lot of different items.
* Achievements are now enabled, but cannot be rewarded unless you have a steam client (which are not available yet), When you get an achievement on regular client you receive a message in event and it will be awarded to you as soon as you connect using a steam client (no need to redo them)
* Added all the files needed for steam support on the server side.
* Added bonus XP for the first time capturing an AI with each different type of hull. Added /caps chat command to list how many and which unique hulls you have captured. At least for now, capping a new ship type is set to give a flat 500 XP.
* Made Ambushinmatrixes (Seer Radar Jammer items) not trigger if your weapnos’ damage is less than 0 (shield transferences)
+ Fixed a spawner bug in protoplasmica that caused spawns to only start dropping keysyncs on the second spawn.
+ Added experience tag to a lot of spawners under 120 in low/mid level galaxies so the spawned ai will provide experience.
* Removed augs from ares warriors and replaced them with an OL
* Made it so that vacuum scoops will not effect items that the owner is not allowed to scoop
* Vacuum scoops will now shut themselves off after 30s
* Improved the speed on sp related transactions (the delay should be a lot shorter now)
* Made energybanks report their energy per second rather than energy per generation interval (1.2s)
+ Fixed particle emitters. Player/ ai Holo projectors as well as particle emitters in effected galaxies have been fixed.
* Fixed a display error for skill point debt/credit
* Item factories no longer work on abandoned bases
* Small changes to the roaming UrQa’qa Qu’ishi boss
* Added a new functionality to prevent specific items (ai only items) from being used by players.
* Fixed an issue where Lunarian and Selenite Ray and Beam had their stats swapped around
* Added fires to several heat damage weapons from Perilous Perilous Space
* Small improvements to Lunarian Bank and Selenite Bank
* Improved the Hybridized Paximinus to make it in line with the Paximinus stats

Server Patch 3.18.2015

Server Patch 3.18.2015
Lots of bug fixes here today!

* Fixed a bug with /mc where certain shops would not show up in the list even though they had the best price
* Fixed a server crash
* Small adjustments to Ultimte Art of Healing Augmenter and Ultimate Art of Commanding Augmenter
* Fixed an issue where the Factories in Kalthi Stronghold didn’t use the right commodities
* Fixed a typing error that resulted in a malfunctioning endmission in Strontium-90
* Fixed some typing errors in inline replacement variables used in some missions (such as $startstation)
* Fixed an issue with Primal Leopard Scratch Blueprint requiring a Leopard Will
* Removed the last bits of the monthly event

Server Patch 2.27.2015

Server Patch 2.27.2015

* Prep for monthly event (blog post coming soon)
* Players can now construct up to 10k items at once, but the discount maxes out at the same percent as 1k items. This will potentially be lifted even higher in the future.
* Owning an HQ gal will now give a team 200 team xp per day
* Made is so that missions that reset themselves on completion (repeatable missions) will automatically correct themselves if they are marked as completed due to previously incorrect xml. This should fix most instances of missions being bugged for specific players.

Server Patch 2.17.2015

Server Patch 2.17.2015

* Server changes to allow webchat to work again!
* Fixed an issue with Perilous Perilous Space AI tossing their missiles and fighters
* New spawner values for Perilous Perilous Space roaming AI
* Slightly rebalanced all Perilous Perilous Space AI to make up for the reduction in amount of AI and swarming
* Fixed an issue where T9 Junkyard kits came with T12 extensors
* Tweaked the drop tables for Perilous Perilous Space slightly, mainly increased the chance of getting build commodities and items as drops, and lowered the chance of getting blueprints
* Added some new items to the drop tables for Perilous Perilous Space dungeons

Beta client version 286.111

beta 286.135
* tweaked the onscreen fps display to be smaller and less flickery. Should be a lot less annoying to the eye now.

–Since the micropatch was pretty minor, ill just slip that here–

* fix for the bases not updating their energy/shield properly when docked and the value change
* few tweaks to the perilous perilous ais to improve the balance

this is a minor performance and quality of life update.
* when you maximize the window it nows go in what could be considered equivalent to the “show taskbar” option in c1 (no titlebar but taskbar is visible if on that monitor). Except theres a restore button in the top right. This was done for 2 reasons, 1. it gives you more space on the screen for the game, 2. it fix an issue some graphic card have when you maximize a d3d9 window on a secondary monitor.
* 3 different client crashes were fixed.

- Currently cause issue with mouse related actions when maximized. (fixed in the new beta version)

to try out / use just install it from

Server/Client Patch 1.31.2015

This is the pre reset patch. The uni reset will occur at 1PM server time (EST) (see the website frontpage for current server time)

+ Core Skill Training Revamp: We’ve added new locations to train core skills, and revamped some of the costs and requirements for the existing ones. This should make it less monotonous to train, and give more variety. We’ve also limited training to 3 in Sol, so any skill level above 3 will be trained outside Sol. The skill training that required items that could be extremely hard to obtain, were given other ways to train the skill that is always available. In addition to this, we have also updated the Lyceum Books that explains Core Skill Training to include the new locations and requirements. The missions in Sol that are related to core skills were also updated, so they work with the new locations.
+ Perilous Perilous space (see previous blog post)
* Fixed the issue with Timotheus the Red’s script
* Removed some cloaks from some low level AI that really didn’t need them
* Fixed the bug where slaves could not enter Paksapata Ekam, Dve and Tra
* Added global shouts to King Midas, Gurujana Ekam and Timotheus the Red
* Decreased the duration of vulnerability effect from unequipping a Capital Traveling Field to 10 seconds, which also decreased the warm-up time to 10 seconds
* Reduced the invulnerability aura on Uparaksana from 100% resisance to damage to 50% resistance to damage and 50% damage. This will trigger when there are other alien in the galaxy
* Increased the damage and shield on Uparaksana and similar invasion Outposts, the Uparaksana in the Sas region saw the biggest increase in damage
* Removed the Neurobound tag on Aveksaka Rift Generator
* Fixed an issue with the new T21/22 tractor blueprints not being in the right droptable
* Fixed Aveksaka in Perilous Space. They do not use grem anymore, and can not be healed by any damage types. They are also capturable as wild slaves.
* Added a new tweak and holoprojector to Ancalagon’s drop table
* Added a bunch of new tutorial events specifically for the pirate side of the Nexus if the player is not figuring out early missions
* Removed a duplicate mission on the pirate side
* Combat slaves will only start a new attack if either their master is in the same galaxy, or else they are in a galaxy owned by their team
* Removed the parasite from Stingray Laser and replaced it with -25% range and speed tweaks on the weapon itself to prevent it being too powerful
* Fix for the uni map loading speed
* Fixed a bug with tractors where they could be activated despite the target being disrupted.
* new code to help catch and fix client freezes. If your client freeze, wait about 10 seconds and a window should popup about a deadlock being detected. It will generate a starsonata.dmp same as if you crash. Send me that to and hopefully we can fix them all
* one rare occurence (less rare when multiclienting) of a freeze was fixed on the client

Server Patch 1.13.2015

Server Patch 1.13.2015

* Fixed most advanced class subskills effecting bases and other things they shouldn’t have.
* AI Drones will no longer count towards the temp drone limit
* Galaxies at risk of being cut off will now send a message to team chat.
* Drones that have no owner and are both destroyed and irradiated will be automatically deleted (this is normally impossible, and should delete the remaining bugged Electric Eel drones) Oops, looks like we were overly cautious here (automatic deletion is scary) and not all the bugged drones were deleted, we’ll get the rest in a future patch.
* Fixed a bug where you could not invite someone to the squad in instances with the default limit of 10
* BvB off outposts is now fixed.
* The bug where outpost drones would go unowned shortly after owning a gal is now fixed.

Server/client Patch 12.24.2014

Server/client Patch 12.24.2014

+ Added Warp Beacons to Staff Quarters and Temple Grounds
+ Removed Common items from the base Friedman in Free Market
* Fixed the issue with DPE on Molten Chain
* Made 5 new T21-T22 tractors
* Added in another mission chain for tweaks to Junkyard
* Added Blueprints for new T21 and T22 tractors
* Added 18 new Neurotweaks
* Don’t automatically complete a mission if the user is in a pod
* Changed it so that you can always attack enemy bvb kits in gals your team owns, even if your HQ is dead.
* Removed Astral Travel from various space stations
* Field Generator items now have to “warm up” after you equip them for an amount of time equal to the length of the longest aura that they bestow. For most, this is about 1 second. This is to prevent people from rapidly cycling through a bunch of different field generators in order to get the effect of multiple ones at the same time.
* Changed rules for deploying drones so that they no longer get block
* Multiple crash fixes and performances improvements both server and client

And offcourse, this patch also include the new xmas letters and some other xmas related things

Server/client Patch 8.11.2014

This patch introduce 2 new major features alongside the generic fixes / tweaks etc.

– The new ship info window, containing all sorts of useful information about your ships current stats.

– The ship paintjob (skins) which are available in every spacestation at a cost of 10 spacepoints each for the first iteration of the system.
Not all ships have skins available but many of the mid to high end ships do. See at the end of this post for a preliminary list of the skins available.
- Once you buy a skin, it is permanently added to your account, all your characters can use it at any time on any ship that they own. You can also use skins on your slaves, but transfering the slave will cause it to lose the skin on server restart (will probably be changed to a demo paintjob timer)
- Skins can be seen in the preview window when buying them and can be demoed 30 seconds for free.
** Winners of the skin contest will had their skins donated to their account.

bug fixes:
* Made it so a solarbody can’t get two different types of ruins (you could only access one anyway)
* Players can no longer transwarp docked ships.
* Made it so you can’t equip fighter bays or missile launchers on ships with 0 weapon slots
* Stations now dropped in attempt to BvB keep track of that fact
** Altered the enemy-lines abandonment to only abandon bases from failed BvB attempts
* Fix for missions auto-abandoning when the server has been up for around two weeks
* Fixed an issue causing the alt key to become locked when alt-tabbing on some systems. (does not affect the locking of thrust / brake / firing that are on purpose)
* Fixed ‘Destroyed was destroyed by ‘ typo-bug
* Error message changed from ‘&myguy doesn’t belong to any squad’ to ‘You don’t belong to any squad’ when trying to do squad actions without one
* Fixed autopilot to unknown galaxy message from “Traveling to .” to “Traveling to unknown Galaxy”
* Fixed an issue with the rightclick -> activate control bot not working sometimes when the ship had never been opened.
* Fixed an issue where the weapon manager did not reset properly on reconnection.
* Fixed an issue causing inventory to not display (especially with higher /nf value)
* Fixed an issue with scoop speed.
* Hopefully fixed the issue causing docked ships to appear when docking.
* Fixed rts control for drones. They should now properly attack what you tell them to (target itself to reset to default behavior), if they are combat only drone, targeting yourself or a friendly will cause them to revert to normal behavior, and the inverse is also true for pure healing drones. targeting an enemy will cause them to revert to default behavior.

* Optimized client performance when a lot of objects are created or destroyed constantly.
* Network optimization reducing the bandwidth output by the server in busy area by nearly 40% (download rate from the player perspective).
* Optimized the low level network handling code.

* Fixed an issue with mission item rewards and autocomplete.
* Rudimentary Augmenters will no longer drop from AI.
* Beefed the T22 Resistance ship
* Fixed description errors on the Aurora Beam line
* Increased docking speed on Zebucarts, Phunkas, Volcoms, Wingships (I), Recomissioned Cadet, Patrol Cadet, Pods, and Spirits.
* Marked a lot of ships as wild slave capturable
* Made the Bigger Green a little bit bigger
* New T9 Paxian Capital Ship, Pax Vega.
* New T5 Class Overloaders, with level 1 class skill requirement.
* T10 Class Overloaders now only have a level 5 class skill requirement.
* Removed civilization from Mzungu Tag Test exterminator
+ Lowered the respawn time on the Giant Asteroid in Mzungu Angani from 2 hours to 15 minutes
+ Removed Crack Whore Haven from the planet name list
* Added a ton of new contextual tutorial events for when the player gets stuck on the first few cadet missions
* Added auto-targeting for when you use a super item that contains a weapon and don’t have anything targeted
* Made the Target Dummy MK II highly resistant to everything but physical
+ Fixed generation issue which caused dungeons to sometimes have multiple boss galaxies with the same name
* Moved the default position of the tutorial bot dialog to not overlap the mission tracker/other dialogs
* Added glow map for Warden
* Fixed visison typo in the Station Mastery descrption
* Converted the Vampyre Black Heart to consume Distilled Life Force, obtained by breaking the Vampyre Life Force crate
* Improved the text of the player progression missions
* Roaming charges fix for copper
+ Added a new drop to Dark Curse to train Cloaking 20
* Bunch of new stuff for UrQa AI.
* Fixed a bug where you could capture ships which you didn’t have skills for
* Fixed ‘Radation’ -> ‘Radiation’ in various Color Empire missions
* Missile now self-destruct when the ship that launched them docks.
* Fixed ‘Poisonious’ -> ‘Poisonous’ typoes
* ‘crack whores’ -> ‘Entertainers’ in T21 solo missions
+ Made L Star solar systems a bit bigger
* Fixed Attached Drones which were flagged as non-scoopable being scoopable
* Added the first iteration for the skins system
* Added tooltip lightly explaining the benefit of DDS textures
* Replaced the Poseidon Trident kills in Drones of Olympus with other drones to kill
* Fixed a missing space in neurotweak descriptions
* Fixed ‘seconds seconds’ in item not charged error message
* Augmenters in the trade bay should now be properly colored.
* Changed the initial velocity of credits from a ship killed by a player so that the farther away the player is, the less initial velocity the credits gain. This is to help snipers killing guys from very far away so that they money doesn’t go flying out too far.
* Added a glowmap for shrimp
* Increased cash rewards on Platinum priority target missions in Strontium-90
+ Added Mira
* AI will now no longer use Oilheart’s Afterburner Device on low shields.
* Added the new ship stats window.
* The default credits and xp values for ai is now be lowered for fast spawning ai.
* Fixed the band at the top of the screen not being clickable
* Extra information on transwarp stat string
* Fixed Resilient skill, tweaked description
* Lowered autopilot text by 27 pixels.
* Added a close button to the radar window
* Added /HideHuiMethod, this change the hideUI key “h” behavior from a deadman switch to a toggle for the session (usefull for taking videos and stuff)
* Changed solar panel stat string from every 1.2sec to energy / sec.
* Made it so fighters are no longer displayed in the small target lists.
* When a squadmate is shot, every member of the squad in the galaxy will gain a minimal level of hate toward the aggressor (the kind that fade within 30 seconds if left alone).

Skins list in the first iteration. (most of the skins are available on many variants of a ship)

Delquad -> Chilled Metal
Hermes -> Kleptomaniac Prometheus
Pax Ships -> Assasination
Chromatichrome, Santa’s Special Sleigh -> Infected Chrome
Santa’s Special Sleigh -> Infected Sleigh
Apprentice Ward, Mini Mad Scientist -> Tron’s Ward
Apprentice’s Ward+ -> Tron’s Ward+
Hybridized Ward -> Hybridized Tron’s Ward
Deathstriker -> Ice Striker
Deathstriker+ -> Ice Striker+
Faranji Wingship, Unt Faranji Wingship -> Faranji Bloodstriker
Wattage, Divine Mini Wattage, Demonic Wattage -> Tesla’s Wattage
Lion -> Mane of Flames
Hybridized Lion -> Hybridized Mane of Flames
Space Blue Beta -> Hotrod Space Red Beta
Warden -> 5-0
Earthforce Capital Ship -> Earthforce Teal Edition
Prawn, Shrimp, Shrimp+, Kidd’s Prawn, Reconditioned Shrimp, Hybridized Shrimp -> Golden Shrimp
Zeus Throne, Jovian Lackey -> Igneous Throne
Zeus Throne, Jovian Lackey -> Molten Throne
Ancient Scoutship -> Eternal Sunset
Leviathan, Leviathan+ -> Dark Leviathan
Space Blue Gamma -> Space Green Gamma
Nightfury/Scrupling -> Firespitter
Poseidon Wave -> Citrus Wave
Red Photon Warship, Red Photon Heavy Cruiser, Red Photon Carrier, Red Photon Warship Prototype, Red Photon Support Cruiser, Red Photon Logistics Cruiser -> Blue Photon
Ares War Chariot/+, Wingship II Pro -> Ornamented Chariot
Lion -> Liger
Hybridized Lion -> Hybridized Liger
Zebra, Hybridized Zebra -> Classic Zebra
Vulture, Hornet -> Lightning Vulture
Apprentice Ward, Mini Mad Scientist, Apprentice’s Ward+, Hybridized Ward -> Blue Hybrid Ward
Panther, Panther Kitten, Hybridized Panther -> Black Panther
Panther, Panther Kitten, Hybridized Panther -> Neon Panther
Vaziayu -> Crystal Vaz
Hephaestus Machine -> Deep Blue
Prawn, Shrimp, Shrimp+, Kidd’s Prawn, Reconditioned Shrimp, Hybridized Shrimp -> Tiger Prawn
Wattage, Divine Mini Wattage, Demonic Wattage -> Kilo Wattage
Shrimp, Shrimp+, Prawn -> Dark Shrimp
Earthforce Frigate, Earthforce Battlecruiser, Hybridized Battlecruiser, Earthforce Battleship, Hybridized Battleship, Earthforce Dreadnought -> Dark Capital Ship
Scrupling -> Black Stone Scrupling
Scrupling -> Cream Stone Scrupling
Scrupling -> Grey Stone Scrupling

Skins that we haven’t quite finished, but should be in the next patch:

eMassive, The Pop Tart, Crispy Lobster, Fireball, Herbal Essence, Honey Badger, Cursed Ares, Fallen Hephaestus Machine, Zeus Thunder, Red Wingship, Yellow Frigate

Submitters of accepted skins will be getting one copy of the skin that they made for free.

Server/client Patch 21/06/2014

* Added auto-targeting, where if you fire while having no target currently selected and there is a ship or drone in front of your ship that is either a mission kill goal, a hostile object, or a hostile AI, then that object will be automatically targeted
* Added map layers for Arctia and Vulcan.
* New Equip Item mission goal.
* Mission rewards can now be equipped to your ship by the mission rewarding them.
* New /age chat command, shows how long the character has been played
* New Ally AI type.
* New level-up sound
* New scoop error sound
* Added a special arrow for players level 20 and below that points them to the nearest mission target.
* New /itemsetdisplaytoggle command to turn on and off tooltip text for items with an item set.
* Item tooltips now display a line of text noting which kind of item it actually is (i.e. Shield, Energy, Radar, etc)
* Added a “Special” galaxy indicator on the map (purple text and says ‘point of interest’ on mouseover)
* Added power up sound and delay to target dummy super items
* Added engage sounds (special sfx when fighting an enemy) for Volcoms, Target Dummies, Earthforce Supply Ship, Vulcan, Arctia, UrQa, Rats, Flyswatters, Pirates and Star Runners
* New models for Heavy Zebucart and Zebu Gunship
* New chat command to toggle mission autocompletion: /toggleautocomplete
* All missions will now display the agent name under their portrait.
* Added new “Upgrade or Buy Ship” button to Ships Tab that takes you to the hull tab of a station’s trade bay.
* added /AlternativeTitle to change the format of the window title. From the fps / performance oriented version, to a ship shield status (add it to /savecommands to make it permanent) (based on The white wizard idea)
* made it so background window will flash in the task-bar if their shield ratio drop below 10%) (based on The white wizard idea)
*Added No RadEx tag to Pax Astralogica and Green Battleship
* Created a low level line of Zebucart ships that go from tech 0 to tech 3 starting with Zebucart and ending with Oversized Zebucart. Tweaked the stats of all the ships in the low level zebucart line, mainly giving more hull space, a little more speed, and a bunch more thrust and turning.
+ Increased the number of wild AI in all layers
* Added three new freighter fighter bays: Madman Fighter Bay, Qu’ishi Quu Qa and Hephaestus Launch Bay
* Added two new tech 21 capital ship fighter bays: Zeus Fighter Bay and Solarian Fighter Bay
* Docking in an AI base now gives a static shield and energy regen bonus.
* new Contact Agent button for station mission list
* New models for Heavy Zebucart and Zebu Gunship
* new chat command /toggleautocomplete. setting this will turn the mission autocomplete on or off.
* Ambush Spawners can now be triggered by multiple missions.
* New “Fire” mission goal to check if player has fired weapons.
* Arctia and Vulcan added to Earthforce Space custom DG list.
* Added some new fighter and missile bays to bosses
* Added engagement sounds for pirates, rats, flys, and Star Runners.
* Added new “Upgrade or Buy Ship” button to Ships Tab that takes you to the hull tab of a station’s trade bay.
* Mission popups from autostarted missions now automatically close after their mission text is finished typing.
* Missions popups from autostarted missions now
* Added physical impact effect to Cadet Catapult
* Made it so that if one of your current lockouts gets updated to a new time (say from killing a UZ boss) it tells you instead of doing it silently.
+ added Vulcan missions.
+ added engage sounds to Arctia and Vulcan AI.
+ Added Sup. Augmenter Condensers
+ Added Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond versions of the Ruby Carrier/Transport
+ Added Piracy 22
* New PvP galaxy flag system, instead of just being allowed or disallowed PvP has different levels, which are: None, F2P (only), P2P (only), Unmixed (f2p+p2p, but no pvp between the two) and Open (normal).
* Added engage sounds for Vulcan.
* Added engage sounds for Arctia.
* New option to allow ambush spawners to specify initial velocity for the ships that they spawn.
* new mission option (OPENTRADETAB) to open trade tabs on accept.
* added Rudimentary Augmenters to Janitor’s Outpost.
*New overloader: Strontium Overloader

* Combined the Volcom Outpost drone’s two super items into one that shoots them both one after the other
* Made the Target Dummy Missile go way slower
* Added power up sound and delay to target dummy super items
* Repositioned some objects in Nexus a bit in order to work better with the new roaming code
* Fixed credit reward on easter turn in missions
* main inventory dialogs opened by completing missions will auto-close when you undock.
* Changed the scoops per second on all scoops that were at 1/s to 2/s. (e.g. Drone Scoop)
* Items that are too low tech will appear dark gray in the trade tab instead of red.
* Mission Agent Dialog has been streamlined
* trade bay now only shows tabs that have items
* Combined the Volcom Outpost drone’s two super items into one that shoots them both one after the other
* Made the Target Dummy Missile go way slower
* increased the smoke trail length a bit.
* Removed big “Cancel” button from mission agent dialog. Accept button now handles “Accept”, “Finish” and “Close”
* main inventory dialogs opened by completing missions will auto-close when you undock.
* Mission popups from autostarted missions now automatically close after their mission text is finished typing.
* Recruit Training Area drones now give players shield and energy charge.
* Destroyed, Inactive and Abandoned drones now have a decay timer of 48hrs + 2hrs per tech level.
* Irradiated drones now become destroyed instead of exploding.
* Reduced the shields on Destroyed FirstLine from 275 to 200.
* reduced the negative elect temp bonus on alien siege mode from +100% to +50%.
* Gave the Pax Astralogica 100% resistance to all but surgical
* Moved ship upgrade items to the ships tab of the trade bay.
* reduced shields and range on the Volcom Outpost drone.
* Made Scoop size 2 and Drone Scoop size 3
* Changed the description on launching tubes commodities to avoid confusion on their use
* Improved Bhisaj Kavaca
* Small changes to Antu Varman, Antu Varmansamvita, Dhatri Sicaya and Dhatri Sicayadeva
* Changed Demon Expansion to give less hull with less speed penalty
* Reduced the number of Reavers in the ShM crucible by 2
* changes to enable auto-open-next-mission for missions that don’t end at a base.
* completed missions will auto-open when you dock.
* moved the mission title out of the mission agent text box.
* Small changes to most tech 20-22 fighter and missile launchers to make them more balanced
* Increased the range on Solarian Pulverizer from 60 to 80 to match the Mercurian Disintegrator range
* Ambush Spawner ‘Transmission’ pop ups.
* Removed Neural Keysync and Space Oat drops from Flys in the Fly Dungeon.
* Transwarps now take Seer skill into account.
* Autopilot no longer requires Astral Travel
* Removed termite spawners from earthforce and Perilous.
* Given each character selection an explicit button to click, converting the old one into a static text box
** Changed the min and max levels and repeat times of a bunch of tutorial messages
* Fixed the bug where we had an extra tab in several different tab control UI elements
* Added the ability for some AI bases to only sell certain categories of common items (so we can simplify some of the Nexus bases)
* Rattie Moe now has a sound!
* Marked various DG bosses to give boss kill points
* Missions now autocomplete when you dock at the ending station
* text in the trade bay is now colored based on price and tech levels (green for can’t afford, dark gray for insufficient tech level).

* Increased drop rate of Infernal Faction Access Card from 10% to 50%.
* Added auto-credit scooping, where credits will be automatically scooped by peoples ships that fly over them, and for the first 5 seconds after a ship is destroyed, the credits will fly towards the person who killed that ship. Credits caused by kills by non-people will not fly anywhere, but can still be auto-scooped
* Increased the speed at which credits fly out of exploding things if killed by a person
* Made it so credits won’t fly to your ship if you’re over 2000 distance from them
* Made wormhole into shielding 22 boss stationary.
* Changed the way that AI work who are supposed to stay in a particular area. They now will no longer go and visit objects outside their area when they aren’t fighting. They won’t ever move randomly, but will sometimes get random move goals inside their area. When fighting, they will no longer stop and turn around right at the edge of their area when they get slightly outside, and then turn back around the instant they are inside. Instead, they will be willing to leave their area by a bit of a margin if fighting, and then when they get too far, will return all the way to their area before turning to fight again.
* Removed big “Cancel” button from mission agent dialog. Accept button now handles “Accept”, “Finish” and “Close”
* All missions will now display the agent name under their portrait.
* Set the Goldenboy Gold/Fool’s Gold turn in missions to have a reset timer
* Made the Golden Torpedo Device tech 5
* Increased the number of wild AI in Perilous Space, also added all the normal spawners again to Perilous Space with limited number of spawns (so as the universe progresses it gets less populated)
* You can no longer transwarp into a galaxy that is engineless
* Removed regen from Defective FirstLine and Rat Carapace Shields
* Removed the Celestial Garden layer, moved all the CG custom galaxies and dungeons to the Earthforce Layer.
* Earthforce Layer is now buildable in warp 0 and warp 1 galaxies, maximum colonial population reduced to 2b
* Deep Space now directly links to Sol.
* Made space stations which don’t vend ships can scrap your old ships, you get 0 credits for it. It mustn’t have any items on it which are removeable.
* Speed Demon Target Tracker Device now has 90 second charge time and halves range when in use
* Each end boss in The Crucible is now the relevant hull class
+ Changed commodity needed in Emphatic Biologique for Warp Navigation 4 to Microbes Warp
+ Dungeons inherit pvp permissions from their parent galaxy (EF space dungeons are no longer allowed pvp)
* Changed TSL transfer cost to be 10% of item value + 50% of commodity value
* Replaced ‘Crack Whores’ with ‘Entertainers’
* Flipped Deep Space mission structure (less mission clutter for first time fliers and more accessible from the main universe)
* Tweaked a bunch of the EF wild AI’s ranges and aggro radius (how close they have to be before they’ll attack you without hate)
* Changed the random part of a dungeon number to be a static number for the whole dungeon, branches are denoted by letters after the numbers, eg ‘DG X 4.231B’
* Reworked how team tithe works. Credits will go to team whenever you gain credits that is not from another player, a slave credit transfer, or from a user station transfer or user station selling. Team tithe now effects colony purchases directly. You are told how much goes to team tithe for colonies and space stations
* Drones can now be scooped while tractored.
*Revamped the size of all player temporary drones
* Volcom Radar is now tech 0
* Implemented Egg Carton Goal for Acropolis Augmenter Condenser missions.
* Implemented Egg Carton Goal for Lyceum Mention and Diploma Blueprint missions.
* Added new NERFSALVO tag for missiles that reduces the number of missiles launched if missile is used by an AI.

Ship Tweaks
* Changed Zebucart from 2500 weight to 10000 weight, changed it’s built in turning and thrust mods to +100% each. Changed the hull space to 75 and max speed to 100. Similar changes to weights and built in mods to most every Zebucart-like ship
* Changed hull space on Phunka.dll from 95 to 100
* Changed hull space on Volcom from 65 to 75 and max speed from 85 to 100
* Changed hull space on Wingship from 60 to 70 and max speed from 110 to 120
* Changed hull space on Scooty Puff Jr from 90 to 110 and max speed from 100 to 110
* Changed max speed on Oversized Wingship from 80 to 100
* Changed hull space on Wingship IV from 160 to 200
* Changed hull space on Helga from 130 to 180
* Changed hull space on Oversized Helga from 380 to 400 and max speed from 70 to 80
* Changed hull space on Roswell from 200 to 220, max speed from 65 to 70, and number of aug slots from 2 to 3. Also added built in tuning +20% and shield max +10%. Added Shield Salvation Device as extra built in to Roswell+.
* Changed hull space on Big Roswell from 600 to 700 and max speed from 70 to 80.
* Changed hull space on Rosfire from 400 to 500 and max speed from 70 to 80.
* Changed hull space of Rosburst from 240 to 260 and max speed from 60 to 70.
* Changed hull space on oversized Rosburst from 480 to 600.
* Changed hull space on Aether Scout from 100 to 105 and max speed from 90 to 105.
* Changed max speed of Wingship II from 90 to 120.
* Changed hull space of Wingship II Pro from 110 to 130 and max speed from 99 to 120.
* Changed hull space of Wingship III from 120 to 140 and max speed from 110 to 120.
* Changed max speed of Mini Kasper from 55 to 100.
* Changed max speed of Kasper from 70 to 100.
* Changed max speed of Mzungu Flying Disk from 80 to 110.
* Changed hull space of Kelvin from 300 to 350 and max speed from 80 to 90.
* Changed hull space of Anachron from 180 to 200.
* Changed hull space of Agamemnon from 400 to 500.
* Changed max speed of Ghostship from 90 to 130.
* Changed hull space of Banshee from 220 to 270.
* Changed hull space on Sawtooth from 225 to 300.
* Changed hull space of Ragnarok’s from 320 to 400.
* Changed hull space of Wyrm from 250 to 300.
* Changed hull space of Underscout from 150 to 250.
* Changed max speed of Zebumaster from 85 to 100. Added critical resist +50% to match other Zebu variants.
* Changed hull space of Astralantern from 250 to 350 and max speed from 80 to 100.
* Changed hull space of Pax Celestica from 450 to 500 and max speed from 85 to 90.
* Changed max speed of Paxian Peacemaker, Pacifier, and Negotiator from 85 to 90.
* Changed hull space of Space Blue Prototype from 150 to 190 and max speed from 75 to 100. Added Prototype Blue Autoblaster super item.
* Changed hull space of Space Blue Alpha Scout from 120 to 140 and max speed from 80 to 100. Added Prototype Blue Autoblaster super item.
* Changed hull space of Space Blue Hunter from 160 to 220 and max speed from 80 to 100. Added Prototype Blue Autoblaster super item. Added built in turning +30%, radar +40%, thrust +40%, and shield +20%.
* Changed hull space on Space Blue Alpha from 200 to 250 and max speed from 75 to 100.
* Changed max speed of Space Blue Alpha Interceptor from 85 to 100.
* Changed hull space of Monochrome Tint from 200 to 220 and max speed from 80 to 100. Added 30% resists to laser, energy, physical, and surgical, and 50% resists to radiation. Added new built in super item called Paint Abuser Device.
* Changed max speed of Monochrom Shade from 70 to 80.
* Changed hull space of Monochrome Hue from 400 to 450 and max speed from 60 to 80.
* Changed max speed of Monochrome Tinge from 60 to 70.
* Changed hull space of Tear from 200 to 220, added built in rate of fire modifier of -50%, and changed built in damage modifier from +15% to +50%.
* Changed hull space of Salty Tear from 210 to 230 and max speed from 75 to 85.
* Changed max speed of Serpica from 120 to 200 and added two built in super items, Phunky Gremlin Device and The Finisher.
* Changed hull space of Inferno from 300 to 360.
* Changed max speed of Absolution from 72 to 90.
* Changed hull space of Cruiser from 160 to 200 and max speed from 90 to 110.
* Changed hull space of Voltage from 380 to 450 and max speed from 85 to 95.
* Changed hull space of Ampage from 150 to 175 and max speed from 80 to 90.
* Changed hull space of Flyswatter Egg from 70 to 80 and max speed from 50 to 70.
* Changed hull space of Flyswatter Embryo from 30 to 50 and max speed from 22 to 40.
* Changed hull space of Flyswatter Larva from 120 to 130 and max speed from 55 to 80.
* Changed hull space of Flyswatter Maggot from 180 to 190 and max speed from 75 to 85.
* Changed hull space of Flyswatter Flylet from 190 to 210 and max speed from 59 to 70.
* Changed max speed of Flyswatter Flyboy from 55 to 80.
* Changed hull space of Goldenboy Pyrite from 160 to 200 and max speed from 65 to 80.
* Changed hull space of Goldenboy Nugget from 200 to 220 and max speed from 70 to 90.
* Changed hull space of Goldenboy Ingot from 220 to 250 and max speed from 70 to 80.
* Changed hull space of Goldenboy Coin from 310 to 350 and max speed from 60 to 70.
* Changed hull space of Goldenboy Sovereign from 430 to 450 and max speed from 45 to 50.
* Changed hull space of Statue from 300 to 330 and max speed from 63 to 70.
* Changed max speed of Goldenboy Bar from 50 to 55.
* Changed hull space of Enforcer from 330 to 350 and max speed from 75 to 100.
* Changed max speed of Sergeant’s Enforcer from 82.5 to 95.
* Changed max speed of Ghost Ship from 80 to 100.
* Changed hull space of Paximinus from 220 to 280 and max speed from 75 to 85.
* Changed hull space of Paximinus Scout from 220 to 280 and max speed from 75 to 90.
* Changed hull space of Cadet from 200 to 220 and max speed from 75 to 80.
* Changed hull space of Outlaw’s Volcom from 130 to 150 and max speed from 90 to 100.
* Changed hull space of Mini Mad Scientist from 300 to 500 and max speed from 85 to 100. Added additional super item called Lesser Sine.

* Fixed up the Light Laser Barrage Device on the first target dummy so that it actually works
* Fixed a bug where sound emitter items would not work in superitems being used by drones

* Fix for not being able to properly drag the mission agent dialog from the top.
* Fixed up the Light Laser Barrage Device on the first target dummy so that it actually works
* Stopped the character selection screen from being moveable
* Fixed a bunch of auras that weren’t properly flagged to affect only players.
* Fix for drones spawned by spawners not properly dying when killed.
* Ship Upgrades now only check for piloting skill instead of both piloting and equipment.
* Fix for T21 Drone Ops Aug missions requiring Drone Mastery 21.
* Fixed the issue where Wave Spawners would either skip or say wave completed multiple times when multiple copies of the wave spawner existed (instances).
* Attempted fix for WaveSpawner’s not always crediting wave completion kills
* Fixed a bug where you could take slaves you didn’t own into instances without their owner
* Fixed it so that you can’t cap a ship with a sticky item that’s over your tech level, but can xfer them (you can xfer EFFs to someone without E20, but someone without E20 couldn’t cap it)
* equip mission goals now properly update the mission list if you are docked.
* Typo fix in Easter Egg Collector missions
* Rattie Moe and other rats are no longer Rad-Exable
* Missiles that can’t be fired due to range restrictions no longer get refunded.
* Missiles no longer display any death messages.
* Made the wormhole in shielding 22 boss galaxy stationary to avoid sync issues
* Fixed the bug causing Tractor 16 to be available for 1 Bauxite in Capella.
* AI can no longer own debris
* Changed userbase attack code so they will ignore AI warp beacons.
* Fixed a bug where you couldn’t use items which were marked as Freighter class on Support/Industrial Freighter ships
* Fixed Ancient Dragon Form device not triggering it’s Shield Salvation.
* Fixed issues with being able to bypass PvP restrictions by firing missiles manually from slaves.
* Fixed issues with newly purchased drones being placed in a destroyed stack.
* Moved damage auras in Bila Akara and Kandara Janayitri from a sun to the boss so they’ll disappear after the boss has been destroyed.
* Fixed damage aura in Bila Tra so it no longer affects drones.
* Fixed a bunch of EF Space special galaxies being improperly flagged as buildable.
* Fleet Transwarps will no longer take non-premium slaves into semi-premium areas.
* Fixed Reaver’s Breath not being neurobound
+ fix for Serengeti Blockade being set as the action galaxy for the Lyceum Paxian mission.
* Fixed a bug where all the AI with hate modifiers were not saving it correctly, so when the uni was saved/loaded, they came back unwilling to initiate an attack on anything.
* Warhead effects (like on Bunkerbusters) no longer splash damage friendly missiles.
* Gave Repair Rejigger Deployment Drones transference efficiency so they don’t heal themselves to death with other healing drones
* Created new Emperor’s Launch Tubes item to replace mistyped version
* Fixed a bug where Radiation Experts could transfer their wild slaves to non-Radiation Experts
* Fix for Herophilus 3000 Distress Call Olympus Daily Mission.