Space Clouds

Server Patch 1.23.2015

This was a small patch to fix some issues that have cropped up recently. To compensate for the colony suit bug for the first week of the uni colonies will be ticking 50% more often for the next week. (1 hour 20 mins instead of 2 hours) Fixes: *Colony suitability issues fixed * “AI Base 1″ visage fixed *Certain overweight bps have lost some weight *Base OLs have had a small credit cost added.

Server/Client Patch 01.16.2016 (Uni Reset Patch)

A client patch will be required with the reset, but available for manual download around 12h00 EST. Just run your patchbot to get the update beforehand and avoid having to wait once the server come back up after uni reset.
You can also connect to to automatically download the patch instead of running the patchbot.

* Added the Vermilion Behemoth skin for the Behemoth, Behemoth+, Emperor’s Behemoth, Assault Behemoth, Assault Behemoth+ and Divine Behemoth.
* Added Flaming Harrier skin for the Harrier and Hawk.
* Added Cubic Sphere skin for the Singularity Sphere, Battle Sphere and Merchant Navy Contriver.
* Added New Skins: Lord Narwhal and Neon Narwhal
* Added beer freighter skin
* Added Cyborg Dark Freight Skin
* Added Kalthi Deployer Frame skin for the Kalthi Deployer, Kalthi Armored Deployer and Kalthi Wrathful Deployer.
* Added Bule and Faranji kits to ruins.
* Fix for Dragonslayers Presence holoprojector
* Added Golden Attached Kits V and VI
* Added prefab attached / unattached tech 0, 3, and 6 kits
* Added t0 and t3 base exterminators

* Updated Clench, Burst and RNF Licin Stats.
+ Reduced Whiskey Outpost respawn times.
+ Changed Earthforce Outpost mission to just require a kill of the outpost instead of kill and loot.
* Lowered the size of Apollo and Ares shield trans
* Brought the build cost down on the new T12 spirit augs to match other T12 augs
* Adjusted Nexus galaxies vis to make it easier for new players to see.
* Removed unnecessary skills from Janitor’s Outpost in Nexus.
* Increased lifespan and weight of some of the Nexus starter drones.
* Updated shard missions to accept unstable dust and stable dust at the same time
* Most ruin related userbases were reworked, enjoy.
* Changed Amzuadiz Bhisaj from Transference damage to Surgical
* Lowered snake hole rock health one third
* Weakened the mobs in Nexus Bana, made a few mission tweaks.
* Reduced number of kills necessary for a Volcom mission.
* Only base type items and items marked as “Base Only” can be equipped on bases

* Nexus fixes, made small pest drones unobtainable from the AI base, typos, re-added tunnels and droppings mission indicator.

Server/Client Patch 12.09.2015

This patch may appear smaller than our usual full patch. But this is because it is a preparation patch for the holiday event coming up and also fixed an issue that prevented me from releasing new beta clients (due to compatibility issue between server and client).

* Added new look for most base types (adamantium, laconia, titanium etc) Only newly deployed base will have them tho (currently existing bases will still show the default look)
* Station dialog is now resizable
* Neuro training background is now animated upon training a skill.
* Added new base shield transferances (t1, t6 and t18) bps
* Base Overloader BPs have been added to Free Market
* /help and /lkc help to use the blackbox interface (easier to read)

+ AI bases conversion to the animatrix format (instead of their current animated mesh) / small changes to some of their look.
* Changed it so that you could turn in a batch of augmenters of their respective tiers instead of Condensers in the Augmenter Tweaking mission chain.
* Changed Olympus boss gates from asking for neuroKeysyncs from mini bosses to checking if those mini bosses are alive or not
* Removed NeuroKeysyncs from oly mini bosses drop table
* Changed the gate from maelstrom to diablo to check for the “Doom Guard”
* Removed neurokeys from the infernos/Doom Guard only in maelstrom
* Renamed the second “Rats!! Undead Rats!” mission to “Rats!! Undead Rat Queen”
* Changed t20 base weapon colours to red Anni lasers and mags
* Changed zebu gunship to heavyfighter and increased diameters

* Raised T9 and T12 ai base and junkyard kit mining weakness to match the Fortified kits of the same tech level
* Checking that the destination is a base before denying transfer of higher tech base bound item to lower tech base. This will fix the issue with not being able to transfer junkyard gear to lower tech ships.
* Fixed an issue where unteamed bases would count against ownership score
* Fixed an issue where loyalty score would sometimes not save
* Fixed an issue causing projectiles to be ignored from the rendering when they shouldnt be.
* Multiple spelling errors

Server/Client Patch 10.15.2015

*Base inventories will now show “(Empty Capacitor slot)” in item rows when no item of that type are equipped.
*Inventory dialogs can now be resized.
*Confirm dialog will now pop up when you try to transfer a base bound item to a base.
*New new account dialog in the client.

*Beefed Fortified, Laconia and Demented Station kits to bring them more in line with ada kits at their tech level. Ada kits are still the best option but the gap has been reduced.
*Changed it so that auras will no longer unequip themselves when they’re out of elec, and instead will just not project their aura.
*Added max workforce and adjusted manhours to limit prom usage per construction tick to some prom intensive blueprints.
*Stations are now automatically teamed on deployment.
*Made it so that bases keep their team ownership on transfer
*Made it so you can’t leave team if you own the HQ/Palace or an outpost, boot message confirmation and /basecheck to check problematic bases when leaving your team
*Lockouts can now only be extended, not overwritten (and shortened).
*UZ lockouts from first level AI are now instance-wide, instead of for the entrance gal
*Changed instanced roaming Hermes to auto aggro when you get within 200 of him instead of having to aggro him for the spawns to start.
*You can no longer transfer base bound items to a base with a lower tech.
*You can no longer transfer all or transfer type if there is a base bound item involved in the transfer.
*Stat changes on the Omni Census PDP-01: Size to 25 from 2,500, Energy to 750 from 2,500 and can now be used on ship.
*Changed end point for the cadet missions in the nexus from the “Cadet Academy” galaxy to the “Earthforce Outpost” galaxy.
*Changed it so that Tardis Extensions from DGs come in a 50 space crate called Tardis in a Box.
*Renamed skin Firespirtter to Firespitter and made the Firespitter skin also apply to the Evening Fury (All those who owned the Firespirtter skin had the new named version donated to their account. You will need to reapply the skin on the ship)
*Tweaked the projectiles so that if there are too many, it will remove the projectiles that are consistently moving away from the player and out of view (and as such, unlikely to ever be seen either way), allowing for projectile existence to be concentrated where the player can see them
*Multiple client performance optimisations

Changes for next universe:
+Changed lockout gate to check for the Giant Goblin spawner instead of asking for neuro keys in Biopsy.

*Fixing the aggro issues in which a slave gets aggro to it’s master. Then when someone heals the master, the slave gets aggro to the healer.
*Fixed a bug with Super Intelligent mods not granting the full bonus when you had multiples of that item.
*Fixed an issue mainly effecting HQ and outpost kits (any kit with a sticky aura) where when out of rations, they could not be fed.
*Hungry workers can now be removed from a base
*Added repeatable Olympus boss key missions that don’t give xp so players can replace lost keys.
*Cleaned up error message for transferring outposts when the receiving team is already at max
*Fixed a bug where towing a ship would make it appear that the ship has no items
*Fixed a bug where slaves were taking exponentially more damage from towing than was intended.
*Improved the font used on ships nametag to fix font alignment issues
*Fixed a bug where slaves could not own debris
*Fixed early AT mission text from when it used to be in the Nexus.
*Added workers required to item description
*Fixed the first level of lion not having a lockout
*Fixed typo on Atmosphere Scrubbing Project Planetary Blueprint manhours from 500k to 50k to bring it in line with other terraforming projects.
*Multiple spelling error fixes.
*Multiple client crashes fixes.

Server Patch 08.27.2015

General Improvements and Fixes:
* Commified credit values in mission messages to the player
* Removed Transference Resistance from the base drones and given them all 100% Transference Efficiency
* Added in new superitems to all player obtainable Kalthi ships, Divine Behemoth, Merchant Navy Contriver, Harrier and UrQa’qa Qu’ishi Qa.
+ Tweaked universe generation settings so subspaces won’t be created to Perilous Perilous Space galaxies from Wild Space galaxies
* Removed erroneous newlines from fighter/missile error messages
* Fixed Super Intelligent’s Critical Hit Rate bonus being multiplicative instead of additive
* Replaced display of GG in slave status with item durabilities
* Improved mining slave error checking and reporting
* Fixed a wrong mission requirement cost in some Junkyard missions
* Fixed a mistake in a Player Progress Mission
* Fixed special galaxies in Earthforce Space not having the same blueprint restriction as other Earthforce Galaxies
* Given the Armada Ambrosia Drone the same treatment as the rest of the base healing drone series
* Given team exp tithe report in event chat a resolution of a thousandth of an XP
* Gave Attached Adonis, Argonaut, Ambrosia and Andaman Drones the same treatment as their non-attached versions
* Fixed an issue where f2p could not be attacked in wild space
* Fixed Auric Sector missions not being there.
+ Removed the level 200 limit from The Plantarium and instead gave it F2P only PvP
* Set the starting cash on Palace to 10m
+ Gave the Palace sticky and cost free versions of Hydroponics and MRE Factory
* Decayed item message cleanup
* The remove option in the trading bay now removes the item from the vending list (as does setting all the values in modify to 0)
+ changed the purple emperor’s favor reward from tourmaline traveler -> topaz traveler to topaz traveler -> tourmaline traveler.
* Fixed Eridium Transdim Extension Blueprint DG drop
* Removed profanity from War Chant of Ares+ Augmenter Blueprint
* Fixed a bug where you could equip drones to husks that aren’t ships
* Multiple missions and items spelling fixes
* Replaced the aura on the Vazi’a with a less powerful version
* Fixed an issue where Micro Vacuum Scoop was listed twice in the drop tables, where one instance should have been the Mini Vacuum Scoop, so I added that
* Individual wild slave balance. This only affects Green Battleship, Multifiring Bigger Green and Qokuji’qi. This does not affect the AI itself, but when captured as a wild slave they will have the following nerfs: Green Battleship has 50% lower resistances and 20% lower range. Multifiring Bigger Green have 50% lower resistances and 30% lower damage. Qokuji’qi have 20% lower resistances.
* Fixed a bug where items built by blueprints would get their values calculated incorrectly if the blueprint made multiples of them
* Made the Golden Warrior and Neon Warrior skins also apply to the Kalthi Armored Warrior and Kalthi Wrathful Warrior, and added the files for the Raging Warrior skin.
* Fixed Hullet Radar (II) mistake to get radar 5 in shadow
* Fixed typo with ‘Hellfire Remains’
* Made the Raging Warrior skin also apply to the Kalthi Armored Warrior and the Kalthi Wrathful Warrior.
* Squad Transwarp will no longer warp squadmates in escape pods.
* Base kits now have more starting space depending on their tech and rarity/price so that they can fit 1-2 matching extensions.
* Added clarification about how many outposts you can have
* Biogenic Plasma Conduit blueprint typo fix
* Fine Tuned blueprint decription typo fixes

Spawner Fixes:
* Added the ability for wild spawners to not be placed in owned or protected galaxies
* Made it so the AI Outposts won’t spawn in owned/protected galaxies
+ reduced copper 5 spawn time to match the rest of the levels.
+ doubled the voltage and ampage spawners in EF layer so people trying to do strontium have a few more ai to kill. The additional spawners will not be aggro so low level players won’t have trouble with the increased amount of ai. The experience and drops on the additional ai have been decreased.
* Fixed some spawners jumping out of galaxies when they were not supposed to (I’m looking at you Space Rat Broodmother!)
* Increased emp’s despawn time to match his respawn time (120hr, used to be 1hr)
* Set Cardinal Bellarmine’s respawn time to 1day (from 20 minutes) as he’s instanced
* Fixed High Prophet’s lockout
+ Converted protoplasmica gates from key syncs to gate lock system
+ Giant asteroid spawner generation fix
* Fixed an issue where UrQa’qa Qu’ishi was not randomized and bound to its layer

Temple of adum:
* changed the timezone on the secret temple of adum mission to match server time instead of gmt.
+ fixing sentinel boss spawners in trials of adum so that they will as intended unequip their weapons upon engage unless you do something wrong in the trial.

Subspace missions:
+ Removed incorrect second starting galaxy for BluePhoton and Lyceum intro missions.
* some tweaks to the mission text – adding in directions to instances, reminding players they’ll need a planet scanner, cleanup of text.
* fixed some mission start and ends that had been commented out due to autocomplete. Players can now abandon and then restart autostart missions. I also made the autostart missions dialogs popup in the EFI arm of subspace.
+ Subspace missions blue photon arm boss will now drop the mission commod even if the boss is one shotted.
+ higher level missile and fighter missions have been decoupled from the lower level missions. Players will now be able to start these missions without having completed the low level mission chain.
+ added subspace enforcer for the prize at the end of the EF I subspace missions

T21 Missions:
+ Roaming Hermes will no longer roam into perilous perilous space.
+ Adding The Pilot Farm galaxy in staff quarters for the t21 capture the pilot missions.
+ Added a key mission to the Arena chain of t21 missions. All missions in the chain will need to be opened in order to open the key mission to get into the pilot farm. They key mission will be in the same base as the rest of the arena missions.
+ added a custom wave dungeon for the guardian missions for t21 skills.
+ Electric Eel now has a custom DG in staff quarters.
+ T21 missions are no longer randomized. You can now do any one of them per day.
+ T21 dailies increased to 3 day lockout, but randomization removed.
+ moved the instance holes in staff quarters to make more sense.

* are things that will go in at the time of the patch
+ are things that require a new universe before they actually apply.

May 16th Universe Reset Server Patch Notes

+ Asteroid belt fix for the belts that are small and only contain one type of asteroid (asteroids were spawning in under 30 seconds, was supposed to be 5 hours, now is far less and more in line with what other belt spawners are).

* Emperor Tithe is now 10% of scooped credits, items sold to colonies, and items sold to AI stations.
* Fixed a bug where prospecting nodes in Perilous Space would be able to appear in the lowest danger factor of Perilous Perilous Space.
* Fixed a bug where vacuum scoops were not pulling in items due to the changes that did not let them act on items the owner could not scoop.
* Increased scoop autoshutdown from 30 sececonds to 2 minutes.
* Tweaked decay message to add details if its not the active ship.

Server/Client Patch 5.08.2015

This is a patch containing a lot of internal changes that were required for our steam integration to work, not all that much to say about it in patch notes until everything is actually turned on.

None the less, here are the notes.

* 14 new server crash found and fixed.
* 8 different client crashes tracked and fixed (around 3 crash left that i know off but was unable to pinpoint, keep those dmp flowing)
* A few minor client optimisations, especially when in a ship with a lot of different items.
* Achievements are now enabled, but cannot be rewarded unless you have a steam client (which are not available yet), When you get an achievement on regular client you receive a message in event and it will be awarded to you as soon as you connect using a steam client (no need to redo them)
* Added all the files needed for steam support on the server side.
* Added bonus XP for the first time capturing an AI with each different type of hull. Added /caps chat command to list how many and which unique hulls you have captured. At least for now, capping a new ship type is set to give a flat 500 XP.
* Made Ambushinmatrixes (Seer Radar Jammer items) not trigger if your weapnos’ damage is less than 0 (shield transferences)
+ Fixed a spawner bug in protoplasmica that caused spawns to only start dropping keysyncs on the second spawn.
+ Added experience tag to a lot of spawners under 120 in low/mid level galaxies so the spawned ai will provide experience.
* Removed augs from ares warriors and replaced them with an OL
* Made it so that vacuum scoops will not effect items that the owner is not allowed to scoop
* Vacuum scoops will now shut themselves off after 30s
* Improved the speed on sp related transactions (the delay should be a lot shorter now)
* Made energybanks report their energy per second rather than energy per generation interval (1.2s)
+ Fixed particle emitters. Player/ ai Holo projectors as well as particle emitters in effected galaxies have been fixed.
* Fixed a display error for skill point debt/credit
* Item factories no longer work on abandoned bases
* Small changes to the roaming UrQa’qa Qu’ishi boss
* Added a new functionality to prevent specific items (ai only items) from being used by players.
* Fixed an issue where Lunarian and Selenite Ray and Beam had their stats swapped around
* Added fires to several heat damage weapons from Perilous Perilous Space
* Small improvements to Lunarian Bank and Selenite Bank
* Improved the Hybridized Paximinus to make it in line with the Paximinus stats

Server Patch 3.18.2015

Server Patch 3.18.2015
Lots of bug fixes here today!

* Fixed a bug with /mc where certain shops would not show up in the list even though they had the best price
* Fixed a server crash
* Small adjustments to Ultimte Art of Healing Augmenter and Ultimate Art of Commanding Augmenter
* Fixed an issue where the Factories in Kalthi Stronghold didn’t use the right commodities
* Fixed a typing error that resulted in a malfunctioning endmission in Strontium-90
* Fixed some typing errors in inline replacement variables used in some missions (such as $startstation)
* Fixed an issue with Primal Leopard Scratch Blueprint requiring a Leopard Will
* Removed the last bits of the monthly event

Server Patch 2.27.2015

Server Patch 2.27.2015

* Prep for monthly event (blog post coming soon)
* Players can now construct up to 10k items at once, but the discount maxes out at the same percent as 1k items. This will potentially be lifted even higher in the future.
* Owning an HQ gal will now give a team 200 team xp per day
* Made is so that missions that reset themselves on completion (repeatable missions) will automatically correct themselves if they are marked as completed due to previously incorrect xml. This should fix most instances of missions being bugged for specific players.

Server Patch 2.17.2015

Server Patch 2.17.2015

* Server changes to allow webchat to work again!
* Fixed an issue with Perilous Perilous Space AI tossing their missiles and fighters
* New spawner values for Perilous Perilous Space roaming AI
* Slightly rebalanced all Perilous Perilous Space AI to make up for the reduction in amount of AI and swarming
* Fixed an issue where T9 Junkyard kits came with T12 extensors
* Tweaked the drop tables for Perilous Perilous Space slightly, mainly increased the chance of getting build commodities and items as drops, and lowered the chance of getting blueprints
* Added some new items to the drop tables for Perilous Perilous Space dungeons