Space Clouds

Server Micropatch – 7th May 2016 + Extras

Today’s micropatch:

* Made it so you can sell cantpawn (unsellable) items to user bases
* Fixed the new mobile furnaces which were claiming to only work on space stations
* Fixed factory descriptions on factories with more than 3 ingredients
* Fixed some server crash bugs
* Added base slot numbers to scan results

Also, here are some extra notes which we’ve compiled due to recent comments about patch notes.

New this universe (everything done since last uni reset that wouldn’t take effect until a new uni):

+ New base field generator blueprints in Free Market and Sol
+ Added T18 and T20 kits to Iq’ Bana and the End of the Universe.
+ Added Hybridized Demon Expansion and Ultimate Demon Expansion in Lyceum
+ Improved the spawn rate of Gabriels Neurolichs in Penance
+ Olympus Shard missions automatically start in Fiery Lemnian Plains, in case you forget.
+ Moved the specialised trade goods mission from randomly scattered around the universe to tortuga main station. Still daily missions
+ Removed the anti farm tags on roaming olympus ai spawners
+ Removed Paxian Holocubes from Paxian ruins (they’re obtainable from the asteroids in Enigmatic Sector).
+ Doubled drop rate on Solar Prisms in Prism+ New tech 21 and 22 ruin items
+ Separated Steppes and Ruby Steppes to be multiple galaxies, instead of one large galaxy. Fixing annoyances with wild slaves.
+ Improved various visuals in various custom galaxies:
  * Strontium-90
  * The Mausoleum
  * Nihilite
  * Hyper
  * The Serengeti:
    * Manyara Mire
    * Manyara Dam
    * Lake Manyara
    * Serengeti Blockade
    * The Searing Rift
    * Serengeti Nebula
    * Serengeti’s Eye
    * Crater Highland
    * Emperor’s Peak
  * Olympus Entrance
  * Graveyard
  * Temple Grounds
+ Gave Nihilite an outer ring of drones.
+ Reduce all chat spam from Timotheus the Red.
+ Moved Giant Space Still to Capella (from Serpica). Due to Fine Space Whisky now being part of the Industrial Commodity set.
+ Added Industrial commodity factories to Capella.
+ Added repeatable missions for various items:
  * PWIs in Serpica.
  * Seer items in Lyceum.
  * Ancient Scoutship in Enigmatic Sector.
  * Strontium-90 reward items.
  * Xenobiology Research for Alien Incubation and DNA Beam
  * Stable Overloaders in Copper.
  * Combined Augmenters in Copper.
  * Crystalline Reserve variants in Prism.
  * War on Earthforce missions in Brigand’s Stronghold.
+ Allowed Programming to be trained up to level 60 in Kalthi Stronghold for Kalthi Manufacturing Parts
+ Universe generation changes:
  * Suns are now significantly larger
  * Planets now have random sizes, within their gravity class, and occasionally become gas giants, which have 5 station slots and 50% chance of having 6.
  * Fixed the concentric galaxy type to no longer generate planets with overlapping orbits
  * Added a small change for T1 commodities to spawn in asteroid belts, made asteroid belts have varying levels of Metals, Silicon, Nuclear Waste and Fermium.
  * Fixed a bug where moons would orbit too close to their planet (sometimes inside)
+ Fixed the Aveksaka echoes drop table, the table for Zailaguru Ksatra Cara, the level 6k Aveksaka Perilous Space roaming uber.
+ Fixed issues with Strontium-90 stations rotating
+ Added the tweak superitem blueprints to Shadow
+ Added tech 1 to 19 ship upgrades to the station in Beta Antares
+ Fixed various odd things in custom galaxies, like wormhole positions and visages for uni reset
+ Lowered the galaxy count for Wild Space (700 -> 600), changed seeds for the universe
+ Added a neutral Warp Beacon for Transwarps to Glass Matrix.
+ Added Mobile Nuclear Waste, Metal and Silicon Furnaces, like the Junkyard versions for space stations. Available from The Junkyard
+ Added a mobile item cook book which can compress Quartz Crystals, Nanosilicon and Phased Metals into crate items (for unpacking later). Available from Ring.

Everything from last patch (which was mostly covered on the day):

* Fixed bugs in missileshotgun (mag and pulse gun) and laser balance sheets.
* Reworked rarity on scoops
* Adjusted Kalthi skill commodity build costs:
* Blue Photon fighter squadrons now launch fighters
* Missile rebalance:
  * Missile range is now scaled to tech (roughly, tech*100)
  * Some missiles received damage buffs for shorter range, others received nerfs for longer range.
  * Buffed Napalm fires (Incendiary Missiles).
  * Made Bunkerbuster Missiles do mining damage (instead of physical).
* Various improvements for sun graphics
* Added Argonaut MagCannon Blueprint to the MagCannon blueprint pack
* Various improvements to background textures
* Fixed one of our tiled cloud textures
* Fixed clipping on some sun textures
* Improved the Expanding Ring Texture (used in Ngorongoro Crater).
* Added some stat tracking for superitem use.
* Increased the speed of the Very Slow Missile Hull used by the Volcom base in the Nexus from 30 to 45.
* Added some stat tracking for when players hit specific levels and which side of the Nexus they done.
* Fixed a bug where slaves could equip ship tech upgrades while undocked (thus bypassing tech and slot restrictions).
* Renamed TSL to Storage in dialogs.
* Made it so certain tutorial events will not occur if you’ve fired recently, so as to be less annoying.
* Added a visage for Target Dummy Drone Mk II
* Changed the visage of Warptastic Drones to look like a Ruby.
* Made Nihilite and Warpastic Drones easier to cap.
* Changed “Source” to “Author” in the bulletin board.
* Improved some of our vapor cloud textures
* Gave Emperor Shaddam Kilrathi IV 70% extra thrust so he drifts around a little less.
* Added Shippy McShipFace to the list of AI names.
* Fixed a server crash.
* Added superitems to a large number of missiles which give them high turning and low thrust/speed on launch, to be swapped out for high thrust and speed and low turning.
* Lowered the cooldown on the Heavy Capacitor Device to 5 minutes (was 7 minutes 30 seconds).
* Buffed Space Blue Beta hull space from 325 to 340.
* Fixed a bug with new tractors rules
* Slight increase of tracking for Burst weapons
* Updated mission descriptions to accept shard dusts, unstables, and shard tokens
* Reduced Whiskey Outpost respawn times.
* Changed Earthforce Outpost mission to just require a kill of the outpost instead of kill and loot.
* Buffed Unt Faranji Diffuser
* Fixed Zobitan’s Hareem and changed weapons so they’re viable wild slaves again.
* AI will no longer sell commodities at less than a third of the item value (AI base buy at half). This should prevent AI from selling their stuff to playerbase buying it at 1 credit.

From the micropatches in April (iirc, this was never posted):

* Phunky Coaxer has been restored to its previous stats
* BFD 9000 damage and elec regen has been increased
* Added the “prevent warp” tag to platform and defender drones.
* Fixed Long Scope and Quick Scope (Sniper Adv. class skills) from being exclusive to one another
* Fixed issues with Sniper Analysis not resetting correctly when unequipping your Sniper Analyzer
* Changed microbes warp and amoureses to preventwarp rather then dieonjump
* Fixed the extreme ruin prices. More tweaks will come to these soon.
* Fixed the automatic event system from activating when it shouldn’t on live.

New Universe Patch – May 7, 2016

Universe Reset Patch – May 7, 2016

The Universe is now reset, let the landgrab begin! We had a patch earlier today, but we still needed to get a few more things in.

*Added EF Warp Beacon to Glass Matrix.
*Added factories for the “Industrial Commodities” in Capella
*AI Bases in wild space are now themed around individual commodities, and will buy the “Industrial Commodities”
*Added subspace mined commodity compressor for extend mining sessions
*Added mobile nuclear waste, metals, silicon mobile furnaces
*Added Programming skill training to level 60
*Added tech 1-19 ship upgrades to Beta Antares

*Subspace AI no longer count towards ownership of Aveksaka owned galaxies (this excludes the Aveksaka Outposts themselves)
*Missile launch tweaks
*Lowered the cooldown on Heavy Capacitor Device from 7.5 min to 5 min
*Universe generation changes
*Suns are now significantly larger
*Planets now have random sizes (within their gravity class), and occasionally become gas giants, which have 5 station slots and 50% chance of having 6.
*Fixed the “concentric” galaxy type to no longer generate planets with overlapping orbits
*Added a small chance for T1 commodities to spawn in asteroid belts, and made each asteroid belt have varying levels of metals/silicon/nukes/fermium (these were previously fixed amounts for all belts).

*Fixed a bug where moons could spawn too close to their planet (sometimes inside)
*Fixed a bug where ai bases were spawning inside of suns
*Fixed a bug with the new tractor rules

Server/Client Patch 05.07.2016

* Many previously unrepeatable missions are now repeatable.
+ New look for the dummy drone mk II in nexus.
+ Updated Serengeti Blockade wormhole and fixed some rotational background effects.
+ Visual improvements to Searing Rift, Serengeti Nebula and Serengeti’s Eye.

* Made item set text searchable in the inventory search field.
* Lowered Nihilite range from 200% aug mod bonus to 100%.
* Increased the speed of the Very Slow Missile Hull used by the Volcom base in Nexus from 30 to 45.
* Made it so that certain tutorial events will not pop up if the player has fired recently so as to be less annoying.
* Made Crate of Stolen Parts items that you get from a mission in nexus disintegrate if you cancel the mission before delivering them.
* Changed the drop rate of the Aveksaka Echoes holocubes from the Zailaguru Ksatracara.
* The roaming Timotheus the Red will no longer spam All chat. Instead he will yell in all chat only once per phase.
+ Updated Ruby Steppes and Steppes to be separate galaxies with some fun changes.
+ Sun graphics improved.
+ Added Argonaut MagCannon Blueprint to MagCannon blueprint pack.
+ Improved background cloud effect textures.
+ Improved Expanding Ring Texture.
+ Renamed from “TSL” to “storage” in dialogue related.
+ Altered all ruby steppes drones to look ruby.
+ Tweaked Super Phunki Aura.
+ Altered Olympus entrance galaxy.
* Changed range on “Station Point Defense Array” from 300 to 750.
* The Imperial Protector (Emperor’s Palace) now has 15.000.000 Shield bank as well as 5000 Shield Regen
* Fix for the weapon range circle in radar.
* Caracara now uses the Flaming Harrier Skin.
* Removed t18, t20 kits from all drop tables. Added t18, t20 kits to Iq’ Bana and The End of the Universe.
* Fixed Kalthi Wrathful Commander superitem. Now correctly does +heat vul. rather than -heat vul.
* Tweaked Kalthi Wrathful Warrior superitem ‘Kalthi Paralysation’ to have a Nightfury’s Vacuum Effect.
* Changed the Kalthi Wrathful Warrior’s base speed to 100.

* Made stations consider range tweaks when calculating what they can hit
* Fixed Volatile Projectile Overloader not giving projectile speed properly
* Fixed certain item types not becoming usable with ship tech upgrades
* Fixed a bug where ships could only upgrade their tech once.
* Fixed a bug where docking tweaks were multiplying with themselves to give crazy high values.
* Fixed a bug where slaves could equip ship tech upgrades while undocked (and bypass ship slot restrictions)
* Fixed the total slave slot display in the character window
+ Sun texture clipping fixes.
+ Fixed Tiled Cloud Texture.

Most fixes from the bug fix pass did not make this patch but will be patched in the first patch after the uni reset.
Those are already sure to be fixed in the next patch. More will probably be fixed at the same time
- user bases not updating their elect drain if you unequip capacitance gear (like wep) while it’s charging.
- pwi / sing brake fail if the client is sending position update at the same time (usually occur while aping)
- small target are no longer considered hotkeyable item on drag / drop client side
- fixed holoprojector remaining after transwarp / forced galaxy jump and fixed holoprojector not coming back on after a disconnection / reconnection.
- fixed issue with ships being at angle 0.0 causing them to invert due to a rounding issue.
- fixed TSL not updating the first time you dock.
- /show*damages not listing damage anymore and the damage popup not always working properly.

Server/Client Patch 04.09.2016

It had been a rather long period since the last patch, mostly due to rather long to optimise performance issues and a few crashes fix but here it is.

* Multiple Server performance improvements, especially in large scale bvb scenarios. 30 vs 30 bases should not affect the server nearly as much as it currently does.
* Client performance improvements all around the board, between 2% to 50% performance improvement during heavy scenario depending on specific hardware (cpu with a lot of cpu cache won’t see as big an improvement).
* Ship tech upgrade items for techs 1-19 added.
* Added Cabbage and Potato Singularity Sphere skins.
* Added SWAT skin to Enforcers.
* Added Annihilator Pulse Gun (for drones only).
* Added new UrQa base weapons (for drones only).
* Added a range of new MRE blueprints to drop tables.
* Added support in the base item list to show the “*” to indicate modded status.
* Added new subspace augmenter blueprints to subspace droplist.
* Item mods can now be searched for in the inventory search bar.
* Added support for item quality(color) tiers. Not all item types will have tiers assigned to start, but we’ll work to expand it to as many items as we can, as quickly as we can.

* Station Mastery doesn’t affect permanent drones anymore, instead permanent drones now receive an equal bonus to StM from Drone Deployment (maxed at level 20).
* New tooltip format. Tooltips are in a list format, rather than a run-on sentence format.
* Changed Extraction Expert to increase extraction linearly, rather than exponentially. This is essentially a beef for levels 1 through 29, while 30 remains the same.
* Reworked how mods are given to items, possible fluctuations in chances but all mods now have equal chance (they didn’t before).
* Tweaked numbers for mod rates from various locations to account for how mods are now chosen.
* Improved transference weapon graphic.
* Reduced cost of Jungle Drone, repair was 100m for a T12 drone.
* Beefed the spawn rate of Gabriels Neurolichs in Penance.
* Changed subspace aliens to not leave the galaxy or become scared of attackers.
* Made translocators (e.g., Singularity Brake) unable warp to escape pods or spirits.
* Bases can no longer use items not marked as “base only”.
* Increased T18 stationary kit price 40m -> 60m to make it more in line with the rest.
* Removed T18/T20 kits junkyard scrapnote status.
* Removed T18, T20 kits from all drop tables.
* Removed base Augmenter Blueprints from drop-lists.
* Removed lore skill requirements from ruin user bases.
* Reduced the amount of bullets a Kikale Mzungu Mining Rig to one big pulse, as a work around for sound issues.
* Altered Engineer mission in Lyceum “From the beginning… Blueprints.” to require drones instead of blueprints.
* Removed the cloaking (- visibility) bonus from Station Mastery (and now Drone Deployment).
* Replaced vision and detection in the Station Mastery description with radar, as in this context it is the same thing.
* Changed Adamantium Kit BP’s to 10 size.
* Removed the neurobound tag from the Olympus chargers.
* Bhisaj’a (avesaka wild slave) now have 0% transference resistance instead of 150% transference resistance.
* Zebra UZ lockouts changes has been changed to a new lockout type system. The main boss will reset every week on Friday and the mini boss will reset every day at the same time for all players.
* Updated CA description to show its effect on commodity trades.
* Explain the true aspects of peacemaking (Full effects on ship scanners).
* Base transferences now have different colors.
* Improved tutorial bot mission giver images.
* Slaves are now referred to as “bots”.
* Improved some existing temporary drones: BFD 9000, Ares drone.
* Perma drones were updated across the board, see for details. Already deployed drones should not be affected but newly deployed ones will have the new equipments.
* Improved user interface across the board, see for details.

* Fixed a bug where extractors would not extract as much as they should while sleepy during server lag.
* Galaxy background effect fixes: Manyara Mire, Manyara Dam and Lake Manyara,Emperor Peak, Crater Highland, Temple Grounds and Graveyard.
* Fixed a bug where certain energies were getting more power than they should have from their fuel (or wastes). Affects energies consuming or generating Nila Rakta, Distilled Life Force, Quartz Crystals, and Space Whisky.
* Made the Hope aura more visible in The Searing Rift (King Khan Kilrathi).
* Fixed Blue Emperor’s drop lists.
* Haunted House holoprojectors have been fixed.
* Bule ruin kits have been renamed to fix ruin extraction issues.
* Existing kits with non-base gear inside has been resolved.
* Removed max workforce from Achilles Energybank Blueprint.
* Added a check when owning galaxy for your HQ being destroyed, instead of reporting the confusing message that your Outpost must be connected to your team space, now reports ‘Your team’s headquarters are in ruin. You must have an active team HQ to own a galaxy’.
* Fix capacitance item keeping charge when unequipped.
* Fixed an issue with the berserker item, Reactive Hull Explosion, de-charging on healing damage.
* Fix sniper analysis not resetting when item is unequipped.
* Fixed a bug where resetting missions (e.g., Strontium and Olympus dailies) didn’t save their start time.
* Fix for Subspace Enforcer resistances.
* Added support for resetting missions to not forcibly abandon themselves when their timer elapses repair if in progress.
* The lock for the wormhole in Kandara Tra (Before Drone Deployment 22 Boss) is now on the correct wormhole.
* Fixed Mad Scientist instance and Brute Force instance map layers.
* Fix an issue where you could not transfer non-RadX wild slaves to non-RadX characters.
* Fix for transference damage weapon related to T22 wild slaves.
* Fixed the erroneous percentage population reported by the OmniCensus PDP.
* Fixed the transference power mod for the Kalthi Healing Device.
* Fixed a bug where you could repair a stack of drones for the price of one.

Next Universe:
+ Moved the specialised trade goods mission from randomly scattered around the universe to tortuga main station. Still dailies.
+ Added the concept of “gas giants” to the universe generation, and made planets have more variety of sizes inside their own gravity classes.
+ Added New Base Holoprojectors purchasable from Creaky’s Junkquarters in The Junkyard.
+ Added Hybridized Demon Expansion and Ultimate Demon Expansion missions in Lyceum.
+ Added Recon Loot superitems to Locus of Recon station in Lyceum.
+ Added Warptastic+ Drone obtainable in Ruby Steppes via mission.
+ Added T18, T20 kits to Iq’ Bana and End of the Universe.
+ Added New Base Aura Blueprints to Free Market and Sol Towing Stations.
+ Fixed Trade Skill missions in Free Market (you no longer need to do the mission 30 times after a reset) and added Trade Skill reset missions. This may go in this universe if a developer has time to add manually.
+ Made available to players some skills that were long ago unavailable. Can be obtained in Kalthi Stronghold. This may go in this universe if a developer has time to add manually.

Server Patch 1.23.2015

This was a small patch to fix some issues that have cropped up recently. To compensate for the colony suit bug for the first week of the uni colonies will be ticking 50% more often for the next week. (1 hour 20 mins instead of 2 hours) Fixes: *Colony suitability issues fixed * “AI Base 1″ visage fixed *Certain overweight bps have lost some weight *Base OLs have had a small credit cost added.

Server/Client Patch 01.16.2016 (Uni Reset Patch)

A client patch will be required with the reset, but available for manual download around 12h00 EST. Just run your patchbot to get the update beforehand and avoid having to wait once the server come back up after uni reset.
You can also connect to to automatically download the patch instead of running the patchbot.

* Added the Vermilion Behemoth skin for the Behemoth, Behemoth+, Emperor’s Behemoth, Assault Behemoth, Assault Behemoth+ and Divine Behemoth.
* Added Flaming Harrier skin for the Harrier and Hawk.
* Added Cubic Sphere skin for the Singularity Sphere, Battle Sphere and Merchant Navy Contriver.
* Added New Skins: Lord Narwhal and Neon Narwhal
* Added beer freighter skin
* Added Cyborg Dark Freight Skin
* Added Kalthi Deployer Frame skin for the Kalthi Deployer, Kalthi Armored Deployer and Kalthi Wrathful Deployer.
* Added Bule and Faranji kits to ruins.
* Fix for Dragonslayers Presence holoprojector
* Added Golden Attached Kits V and VI
* Added prefab attached / unattached tech 0, 3, and 6 kits
* Added t0 and t3 base exterminators

* Updated Clench, Burst and RNF Licin Stats.
+ Reduced Whiskey Outpost respawn times.
+ Changed Earthforce Outpost mission to just require a kill of the outpost instead of kill and loot.
* Lowered the size of Apollo and Ares shield trans
* Brought the build cost down on the new T12 spirit augs to match other T12 augs
* Adjusted Nexus galaxies vis to make it easier for new players to see.
* Removed unnecessary skills from Janitor’s Outpost in Nexus.
* Increased lifespan and weight of some of the Nexus starter drones.
* Updated shard missions to accept unstable dust and stable dust at the same time
* Most ruin related userbases were reworked, enjoy.
* Changed Amzuadiz Bhisaj from Transference damage to Surgical
* Lowered snake hole rock health one third
* Weakened the mobs in Nexus Bana, made a few mission tweaks.
* Reduced number of kills necessary for a Volcom mission.
* Only base type items and items marked as “Base Only” can be equipped on bases

* Nexus fixes, made small pest drones unobtainable from the AI base, typos, re-added tunnels and droppings mission indicator.

Server/Client Patch 12.09.2015

This patch may appear smaller than our usual full patch. But this is because it is a preparation patch for the holiday event coming up and also fixed an issue that prevented me from releasing new beta clients (due to compatibility issue between server and client).

* Added new look for most base types (adamantium, laconia, titanium etc) Only newly deployed base will have them tho (currently existing bases will still show the default look)
* Station dialog is now resizable
* Neuro training background is now animated upon training a skill.
* Added new base shield transferances (t1, t6 and t18) bps
* Base Overloader BPs have been added to Free Market
* /help and /lkc help to use the blackbox interface (easier to read)

+ AI bases conversion to the animatrix format (instead of their current animated mesh) / small changes to some of their look.
* Changed it so that you could turn in a batch of augmenters of their respective tiers instead of Condensers in the Augmenter Tweaking mission chain.
* Changed Olympus boss gates from asking for neuroKeysyncs from mini bosses to checking if those mini bosses are alive or not
* Removed NeuroKeysyncs from oly mini bosses drop table
* Changed the gate from maelstrom to diablo to check for the “Doom Guard”
* Removed neurokeys from the infernos/Doom Guard only in maelstrom
* Renamed the second “Rats!! Undead Rats!” mission to “Rats!! Undead Rat Queen”
* Changed t20 base weapon colours to red Anni lasers and mags
* Changed zebu gunship to heavyfighter and increased diameters

* Raised T9 and T12 ai base and junkyard kit mining weakness to match the Fortified kits of the same tech level
* Checking that the destination is a base before denying transfer of higher tech base bound item to lower tech base. This will fix the issue with not being able to transfer junkyard gear to lower tech ships.
* Fixed an issue where unteamed bases would count against ownership score
* Fixed an issue where loyalty score would sometimes not save
* Fixed an issue causing projectiles to be ignored from the rendering when they shouldnt be.
* Multiple spelling errors

Server/Client Patch 10.15.2015

*Base inventories will now show “(Empty Capacitor slot)” in item rows when no item of that type are equipped.
*Inventory dialogs can now be resized.
*Confirm dialog will now pop up when you try to transfer a base bound item to a base.
*New new account dialog in the client.

*Beefed Fortified, Laconia and Demented Station kits to bring them more in line with ada kits at their tech level. Ada kits are still the best option but the gap has been reduced.
*Changed it so that auras will no longer unequip themselves when they’re out of elec, and instead will just not project their aura.
*Added max workforce and adjusted manhours to limit prom usage per construction tick to some prom intensive blueprints.
*Stations are now automatically teamed on deployment.
*Made it so that bases keep their team ownership on transfer
*Made it so you can’t leave team if you own the HQ/Palace or an outpost, boot message confirmation and /basecheck to check problematic bases when leaving your team
*Lockouts can now only be extended, not overwritten (and shortened).
*UZ lockouts from first level AI are now instance-wide, instead of for the entrance gal
*Changed instanced roaming Hermes to auto aggro when you get within 200 of him instead of having to aggro him for the spawns to start.
*You can no longer transfer base bound items to a base with a lower tech.
*You can no longer transfer all or transfer type if there is a base bound item involved in the transfer.
*Stat changes on the Omni Census PDP-01: Size to 25 from 2,500, Energy to 750 from 2,500 and can now be used on ship.
*Changed end point for the cadet missions in the nexus from the “Cadet Academy” galaxy to the “Earthforce Outpost” galaxy.
*Changed it so that Tardis Extensions from DGs come in a 50 space crate called Tardis in a Box.
*Renamed skin Firespirtter to Firespitter and made the Firespitter skin also apply to the Evening Fury (All those who owned the Firespirtter skin had the new named version donated to their account. You will need to reapply the skin on the ship)
*Tweaked the projectiles so that if there are too many, it will remove the projectiles that are consistently moving away from the player and out of view (and as such, unlikely to ever be seen either way), allowing for projectile existence to be concentrated where the player can see them
*Multiple client performance optimisations

Changes for next universe:
+Changed lockout gate to check for the Giant Goblin spawner instead of asking for neuro keys in Biopsy.

*Fixing the aggro issues in which a slave gets aggro to it’s master. Then when someone heals the master, the slave gets aggro to the healer.
*Fixed a bug with Super Intelligent mods not granting the full bonus when you had multiples of that item.
*Fixed an issue mainly effecting HQ and outpost kits (any kit with a sticky aura) where when out of rations, they could not be fed.
*Hungry workers can now be removed from a base
*Added repeatable Olympus boss key missions that don’t give xp so players can replace lost keys.
*Cleaned up error message for transferring outposts when the receiving team is already at max
*Fixed a bug where towing a ship would make it appear that the ship has no items
*Fixed a bug where slaves were taking exponentially more damage from towing than was intended.
*Improved the font used on ships nametag to fix font alignment issues
*Fixed a bug where slaves could not own debris
*Fixed early AT mission text from when it used to be in the Nexus.
*Added workers required to item description
*Fixed the first level of lion not having a lockout
*Fixed typo on Atmosphere Scrubbing Project Planetary Blueprint manhours from 500k to 50k to bring it in line with other terraforming projects.
*Multiple spelling error fixes.
*Multiple client crashes fixes.

Server Patch 08.27.2015

General Improvements and Fixes:
* Commified credit values in mission messages to the player
* Removed Transference Resistance from the base drones and given them all 100% Transference Efficiency
* Added in new superitems to all player obtainable Kalthi ships, Divine Behemoth, Merchant Navy Contriver, Harrier and UrQa’qa Qu’ishi Qa.
+ Tweaked universe generation settings so subspaces won’t be created to Perilous Perilous Space galaxies from Wild Space galaxies
* Removed erroneous newlines from fighter/missile error messages
* Fixed Super Intelligent’s Critical Hit Rate bonus being multiplicative instead of additive
* Replaced display of GG in slave status with item durabilities
* Improved mining slave error checking and reporting
* Fixed a wrong mission requirement cost in some Junkyard missions
* Fixed a mistake in a Player Progress Mission
* Fixed special galaxies in Earthforce Space not having the same blueprint restriction as other Earthforce Galaxies
* Given the Armada Ambrosia Drone the same treatment as the rest of the base healing drone series
* Given team exp tithe report in event chat a resolution of a thousandth of an XP
* Gave Attached Adonis, Argonaut, Ambrosia and Andaman Drones the same treatment as their non-attached versions
* Fixed an issue where f2p could not be attacked in wild space
* Fixed Auric Sector missions not being there.
+ Removed the level 200 limit from The Plantarium and instead gave it F2P only PvP
* Set the starting cash on Palace to 10m
+ Gave the Palace sticky and cost free versions of Hydroponics and MRE Factory
* Decayed item message cleanup
* The remove option in the trading bay now removes the item from the vending list (as does setting all the values in modify to 0)
+ changed the purple emperor’s favor reward from tourmaline traveler -> topaz traveler to topaz traveler -> tourmaline traveler.
* Fixed Eridium Transdim Extension Blueprint DG drop
* Removed profanity from War Chant of Ares+ Augmenter Blueprint
* Fixed a bug where you could equip drones to husks that aren’t ships
* Multiple missions and items spelling fixes
* Replaced the aura on the Vazi’a with a less powerful version
* Fixed an issue where Micro Vacuum Scoop was listed twice in the drop tables, where one instance should have been the Mini Vacuum Scoop, so I added that
* Individual wild slave balance. This only affects Green Battleship, Multifiring Bigger Green and Qokuji’qi. This does not affect the AI itself, but when captured as a wild slave they will have the following nerfs: Green Battleship has 50% lower resistances and 20% lower range. Multifiring Bigger Green have 50% lower resistances and 30% lower damage. Qokuji’qi have 20% lower resistances.
* Fixed a bug where items built by blueprints would get their values calculated incorrectly if the blueprint made multiples of them
* Made the Golden Warrior and Neon Warrior skins also apply to the Kalthi Armored Warrior and Kalthi Wrathful Warrior, and added the files for the Raging Warrior skin.
* Fixed Hullet Radar (II) mistake to get radar 5 in shadow
* Fixed typo with ‘Hellfire Remains’
* Made the Raging Warrior skin also apply to the Kalthi Armored Warrior and the Kalthi Wrathful Warrior.
* Squad Transwarp will no longer warp squadmates in escape pods.
* Base kits now have more starting space depending on their tech and rarity/price so that they can fit 1-2 matching extensions.
* Added clarification about how many outposts you can have
* Biogenic Plasma Conduit blueprint typo fix
* Fine Tuned blueprint decription typo fixes

Spawner Fixes:
* Added the ability for wild spawners to not be placed in owned or protected galaxies
* Made it so the AI Outposts won’t spawn in owned/protected galaxies
+ reduced copper 5 spawn time to match the rest of the levels.
+ doubled the voltage and ampage spawners in EF layer so people trying to do strontium have a few more ai to kill. The additional spawners will not be aggro so low level players won’t have trouble with the increased amount of ai. The experience and drops on the additional ai have been decreased.
* Fixed some spawners jumping out of galaxies when they were not supposed to (I’m looking at you Space Rat Broodmother!)
* Increased emp’s despawn time to match his respawn time (120hr, used to be 1hr)
* Set Cardinal Bellarmine’s respawn time to 1day (from 20 minutes) as he’s instanced
* Fixed High Prophet’s lockout
+ Converted protoplasmica gates from key syncs to gate lock system
+ Giant asteroid spawner generation fix
* Fixed an issue where UrQa’qa Qu’ishi was not randomized and bound to its layer

Temple of adum:
* changed the timezone on the secret temple of adum mission to match server time instead of gmt.
+ fixing sentinel boss spawners in trials of adum so that they will as intended unequip their weapons upon engage unless you do something wrong in the trial.

Subspace missions:
+ Removed incorrect second starting galaxy for BluePhoton and Lyceum intro missions.
* some tweaks to the mission text – adding in directions to instances, reminding players they’ll need a planet scanner, cleanup of text.
* fixed some mission start and ends that had been commented out due to autocomplete. Players can now abandon and then restart autostart missions. I also made the autostart missions dialogs popup in the EFI arm of subspace.
+ Subspace missions blue photon arm boss will now drop the mission commod even if the boss is one shotted.
+ higher level missile and fighter missions have been decoupled from the lower level missions. Players will now be able to start these missions without having completed the low level mission chain.
+ added subspace enforcer for the prize at the end of the EF I subspace missions

T21 Missions:
+ Roaming Hermes will no longer roam into perilous perilous space.
+ Adding The Pilot Farm galaxy in staff quarters for the t21 capture the pilot missions.
+ Added a key mission to the Arena chain of t21 missions. All missions in the chain will need to be opened in order to open the key mission to get into the pilot farm. They key mission will be in the same base as the rest of the arena missions.
+ added a custom wave dungeon for the guardian missions for t21 skills.
+ Electric Eel now has a custom DG in staff quarters.
+ T21 missions are no longer randomized. You can now do any one of them per day.
+ T21 dailies increased to 3 day lockout, but randomization removed.
+ moved the instance holes in staff quarters to make more sense.

* are things that will go in at the time of the patch
+ are things that require a new universe before they actually apply.

May 16th Universe Reset Server Patch Notes

+ Asteroid belt fix for the belts that are small and only contain one type of asteroid (asteroids were spawning in under 30 seconds, was supposed to be 5 hours, now is far less and more in line with what other belt spawners are).

* Emperor Tithe is now 10% of scooped credits, items sold to colonies, and items sold to AI stations.
* Fixed a bug where prospecting nodes in Perilous Space would be able to appear in the lowest danger factor of Perilous Perilous Space.
* Fixed a bug where vacuum scoops were not pulling in items due to the changes that did not let them act on items the owner could not scoop.
* Increased scoop autoshutdown from 30 sececonds to 2 minutes.
* Tweaked decay message to add details if its not the active ship.