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As you enter the rich fabric of the Star Sonata universe, you will notice an existing structure of teams. These teams control galaxies by owning and protecting them. 'Owning' a galaxy means it's prohibited to place a new spacestation therein. 'Protecting' a galaxy outlaws wanton aggression against friends or even neutral parties. Violations of these actions will result in an armed response by this team, and if they've got a police force, that could be very serious indeed.

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Join a Team

Searching for a team to join.


First open the Team window by either pressing the F8 key or clicking the Social button located down the bottom right and selecting the "Team" tab.

Then click the "Search Team" button to bring up available teams that are recruiting. Once you've decided what team to join click the teams name in the list and click the "Join" button.

This may take some time as the Director or Councillor of the team has to accept your request.


Team Creation

Making your own team.

First open the Team window by either pressing the F8 key or clicking the Social button located down the bottom right and selecting the "Team" tab.

Click the "Create Team..." button, type in your team name into the textbox (once this is set it cannot be renamed).

You will require to have Leadership 1+ skill to be able to create a team.


Once complete click the "Create" button, this will take you to the main team management dialog.


Team Expansion

Growing the team.


It's not much of a team without other players. Choose a player you want on your side by targeting them. Hit the 'X' key or whatever you've set the Target Options to be.

A window will pop up with various options, one of which will be "Invite Into Team." This gives this player the choice of joining your team. If they do so, you'll see their name appear on the team list in the team window.

You can't invite someone to join a team if they are already on one.


Team Leaving

When leaving the team.


When you're fed up with the team, or want to move on, select "Leave Team" and bid them goodbye.

It is tradition to request a kick from the Director or a Councillor when leaving a team, as this is seen as a polite way to leave a team.


Team Ranking

Organising members.

Each member of a team has a certain "rank," a level within the team conferring certain privileges and responsibilities. These are the ranks and their associated properties.


Managing Promotions

Demoted or promoted.


If you have the "Promotion" ability on your team (which you will necessarily have if you created the team) then you can promote (and demote) other members of your team.

To promote, you must of course be a higher rank. Only one person can be a "Big Boss" at a time. To promote someone, right-click on their name in the team list and choose "Promote".

Automatic Promotions

When the Director leaves the team, the next highest-ranking player becomes the new Director.


Team Tithing

Taxing your team.


A powerful team needs a big warchest. Weak souls who need the protection of your great team deserve to give something in return: a small percentage of all the money they make.

Select "Control..." then "Set Tithe" to select a tithe.

A small amount is suggested, no more than a few percent at maximum, (10.00% is a hard set maximum) so that you don't suck your teammates dry.

This money goes straight into the team's funds.


Team Scoreboards

Your team scoreboards.


Player teams are ranked. When you dock, you can see the relative rankings of all teams.

Each team is awarded a 'score' which is the composition of many different aspects. Most are quite intuitive, but the Member Strength is opposite of what you might assume: the stronger your individual team members, the lower you score here. This means that overall, you are awarded for doing more with less.


Team Skills

Leveling up the team.


Once you have level two skill in Leadership, you can get experience from your other team members. If you are the Director or Councillors of a team, you will get a fraction of the experience everyone else in the team earns from the kills they make.

Ten percent of their experience gets siphoned to the team leaders, as long as they are a higher level than the follower. However, this is then multiplied by (Team Score - 400) / 100.

In other words, your team score must be above 400 for you to receive experience in this fashion, and the more above 400 it is, the faster you receive it.

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