Space Clouds



What are they?

Drones are little automated combat platforms, attacking enimies, healing allies, providing auras and some making it very difficult to see what you're doing.


Buy them at your favorite corner spacestation. Some can be quite pricey. It's rumored that the best drones are lost alien artifacts...


Deploy deadly mobile drones


Drones are items that must be "used." Right-click on them and select "Use," or assign a hotkey beforehand. Once placed, drones will move at the velocity at which your spaceship was traveling at time of deployment, eventually slowing to a stop. If you don't want them drifting off into space, make sure that you're stationary before you place them.


Want to get your drone back, and re-deploy it somewhere else? Just scoop it up. Target it and use your scoop to take it back into your ship. Of course, your scoop must be capable of scooping drones -- the basic versions are not.


Enemy drones can be captured and made your own. To do this, you must irradiate them with a radiation weapon. When you have reduced their shields to zero, you will see a blue flash that indicates you have succeeded. At this point, anyone can scoop the drone up and become the new owner. However, the drone is still functional, and as such, will continue firing at you until you can scoop it.