Space Clouds

Server/Client Patch 03.11.2017

Micropatch 03.18.2017

* Updated turret positions for the Pax Stratos
* GSAs are no longer pilotable and have been removed from the drop table
+ Subspace missions are introduced to players from level 1 in Brigands Stronghold and Sol, depending on their faction choice. The AI that spawn during invasions have very high experience modifiers in the Ekam arm, giving players 10x the experience for killing those AI. This tapers off to 2x the experience in the Sas arm. These missions tell the player that Subspace is a Premium only zone and has accelerated experience.
* Fixed more Fighter related mission description errors.
* Made the description of the Fleet focus text shorter for now, until the text wrapping issue is fixed.
* Fixed Grubby Life Drone for Termites.
* Fixed another mission typo related to St. Bernard fighters.
* Roaming minibosses in the Sas and Pajca arm should now be of the appropriate level and difficulty.
* Updated the visual of the new Support Drone, Forward Operating Base and Combat Focus Drone related to The Nexus.
+ Changed Wild Warp Beacon team from Earthforce to Earthforce Transwarp Network.
* AI Base consumption rates for Steel Girders, Fusion Cells and Sentient Chatbots increased by 20%
* Fixed the Dark Fighter Defender Blueprint.
* Increased the number of Wreckages dropped from higher Danger Factor Kalthi Depths AI.
* Made Greenish Fighter Generator not sticky.

Micropatch 03.17.2017

* Fixed some more client crashes
* Fixed an issue that caused a slowdown on amd rx480 gpu (and probably other modern gpu) when multiple lasers were on screen.
* Fixed mission that was rewarding space blue delta fighters instead of a generator
* Fixed wild slaves with too many capacitors, again
* Chid Adiz Mardana drones no longer use too much electricity when firing their weapons.
* The Paxian Stronghold mission “A Fair Trade” no longer has a chance to reward the player with nothing.
* Perilium’s drop chance has been reduced, while the Perilium Blueprint’s drop chance has been increased.
* Subspace invasions happen more frequently in the higher arms, with invasions happening as quickly as every 2 days in the Sas arm.
* Subspace Monthly missions now require twice as many Outposts killed as before, due to invasions happening more frequently.
* Many missions involving Fighter Generators have now been addressed. Players should be able to obtain Generators for the fighters they previously were able to acquire.
* Chihuahua’s and Wingships should no longer be offset from their hull.
* Mini Mad Scientist is now a Support Freighter instead of a Heavy Fighter, along with some other slight stat changes.
* Updated Berserker skill tree image.
* Updated Seer skill tree image.
* Updated Sniper skill tree image.
* Updated Speed Demon skill tree image.
* Updated Engineer skill tree image.
* Updated Fleet Commander skill tree image.
* Updated Gunner skill tree image.
* Updated Monkey skill tree image.
* Chihuahua’s and Wingships should no longer be offset from their hull.

Micropatch 03.16.2017

* Lowered Rosbulk hull space from 1100 to 1000 and speed from 40 to 32.
* Added support focus skill tree image.
* Added fleet focus skill tree image.
* Adjusted new base extractors from basebound to sticky.
* Made the blueprints for the new base extractors to 10 extractors instead of 1.
* Increased the Cleft Claw to level 1200 and improved damage output.
* Increased Drop missile size.
+ Added/Fixed Base Gear Blueprint Packs to Free Market and Acropolis.
* Fixed blueprint base packs with invalid Defender, Platform and Assault drone blueprints.
* Fixed the ship details window damage calculations for crit
* Improved how the Deathblossom selects the origin for lasers
+ Buffed the difficulty and drop rates of Arctia, Vulcan, Mira, and the Jungle. The AI are also set to aggressive, and will attack players if they come within 200 distance.
* Kalthi/Kalthi Wrathful and Kalthi Armored AI have received tuning changes, buffing many of them.
* Corrupted Battleships and Cruisers no longer have insane regeneration, but have been given new tricks and tools instead. The other Corrupted AI have been buffed defensively.
* Precarium and Hazardium Blueprints have been turned into Perilium Blueprints. You will no longer need Hazardium or Precarium at all.

Micropatch 03.15.2017

* Reduced the sizes on the Burst line of weapons more towards last uni’s values
* Lowered sebastopol self damage back to 100%, reduced the sebastopol base DPE modifier to 0.6 from 0.7 and decreased Power/Size modifer from 0.25 to 0.2
* Fixed fighters not being transwarped.
* Adjusted new base extractors from basebound to sticky.
* Made the blueprints for the new base extractors to 10 extractors instead of 1.
* Radar skill no longer gives +10 vision per level.
* No longer checking if a wild slave has too many capacitors equipped. AIs and wild slaves are allowed to cheat.

Micropatch 03.14.2017

* Fixed a potential source of freezing on the client.
* Fixed an issue with some wild slaves activation
* Lowered Resist of roaming Twisted Fate of Death.
* Lowered interference from the center suns of Twisted zone to allow players to autopilot to the center ai base.
* Reduced the damage modifier of Twisted Blaster tech 21 and 22.
* Updated pick your focus image.
* Adjusted Googly Eyes to look better on more ships.
* Moved Faranji Flower Power’s in the missileshotguns.xml file, and changed both of them to be bigger with more range. Also got rid of their spray effect in favor of a mutalisk effect.
* Darkness Warmed Over is bigger, with more DPS as a result.
* Updated initial Focus image in skill tree.
* Updated Combat Focus image in skill tree.
* Updated Recon Focus image in skill tree.
* Fixed a mistype in skill tree Recon description.
* Reduced, Fixed Titanium module Manhour requirement.
* Increased the build costs of the Jungle ships dramatically.
* Decreased the drop rates of the Armored and Wrathful blueprints from their respective AI in Kalthi Depths.
* Moved Perpetual Motion to Earthforce Space, in Danger Factor 20.
* Changed sebastopols. Fixed calculations involving self damage, removed +15% DPS/Tech modifier. Increased base power
* Sped up all Space Urchins by 100 speed.
* Moved Faranji Flower Power’s in the missileshotguns.xml file, and changed both of them to be bigger with more range. Also got rid of their spray effect in favor of a mutalisk effect.
* Darkness Warmed Over is bigger, with more DPS as a result.
* Fixed Space Urchins tractor beam to remain when Raddex.
* Hantr Psu: -15% Range (50 to 35), -10% critical chance (40 to 30)
* Twisted Death Augmenter: +10% Range (40 to 50), +100% Radar (0 to 100)
* Adjusted the resistances of Solarian, Mercurian and Venusian Drones dramatically.
* Toned down many T21 and T22 drones DPS (Twisted Drones and the Subspace drones).
* Buffed Bursts and Sebastapol’s DPS by increasing their self damage (Also increased the bonus DPS added to missileshotguns.xml and sebastapols.xml by self damage from .35 to .5)
* Nerfed the Demolishing and Neutralizing pulse guns DPS, but buffed their DPE.

Fullpatch 03.11.2017

Beta Client Changes

* hundreds of different crash fixes.
* fix for some engine particles
* improvement to the projectile rendering

Content Changes

+ Split up Twisted Zone wormholes and introduced a key system, with some additional missions as a bonus.
+ Pushed Rock Hudson from 40 to 80 danger factor minimal.
+ Increased the level of roaming Stella’s to level 1400.
+ Increased the levels of the Earthforce roaming capital ships.
+ Paxian Grand Reinforcement extraction rate has been reduced.
+ Changed Umbra requirement for tractoring skill from 50 to 30.
+ Increase Holy Ward drop rate by a tiny fraction.
+ Reduced Speedy Gonzales from 30mins respawn time to 10mins.
+ Instanced Hallway to Mother boss.
+ Added more gear drops to Hawk and Roc AI’s.
+ Added drops to Earthforce capital ship roamers around the EF layer.
+ Increased Pirate Maboule spawner spawn amount from 1 to 2.
+ Added Space Urchins to Perilous Space.
+ Added Mr. The Prefect as a spawner in Wolf 359.
+ Added Fly Swatters to low level dungeons.
+ Added Ice Hunter Picks to Perilous Layer.
+ Low level Nexus AI are now capture-able
+ Added Attached Warp Beacon blueprint to Beta Antares.
* Tier 2 and 3 Industrial Commodities no longer require the Tier 1 and 2 pre-tiers.
* Massively changed all Combat Control bot stats.
* Increased the Recoil of most Pulse Guns, Magcannons and Lasers that were below 1 second recoil to 1.5 seconds for Pulse Guns/Magcannons and 1.5-2 seconds for Lasers. Chaining/Splashing lasers have been increased to 2-5 second recoil. Their overall DPS was not changed.
* Reduced the number of credit debris dropping from item damage to a maximum of 4, minimum of 2 (same value dropped).
* Made it so torpedoes don’t aim while in arming phase, range augs and mods don’t increase burn time, and sniper projectile speed bonuses increase burn time.
* Gave all ships 3 superitem slots (Capital Ships still have 5).
* Removed trade skills from the Lyceum skill reset since they can be reset through missions separately.
* Paxian Figurines no longer require Bronze.
* Added Mercurian gear to dungeon drops in Perilous Space.
* All 3 Twisted bosses will drop 2 pieces (up from 1) of Kalthi Depths loot in addition to their own respective drop tables.
* Removed the -shield aura from Dark Maelstrom in Infernal Tempest. Added the Operative as a mission reward for starting the Infernal Tempest chain (The chain starts at level 500 for the first mission, resuming at level 1000.
* Added a bunch of new voices for existing tutorial hints.
* Electrical Engineering 22: The boss, when enraged, has had it’s shield regeneration bonus reduced from +100% to +50%. The Sahvika Dhatri’s that the boss spawns have had their maximum speed reduced by 50%.
* Decreased the level requirements on twisted missions from 3k to 2k.
* Removed Quantum Brake blueprint from Perilous Space dungeon drop list (Kalthi Depths only)
* Player Progress Missions at Earthforce Frontier Station in Sol no longer have a max skill requirement on them, allowing you to complete all of them even after surpassing their goals.
* Mission-spawned zeus lackeys in EOTU will no longer dock. Increased the despawn timer from 7.5 minutes to 15 minutes and decreased their damage done by 20%.
* Increased Captain Kidd’s level from 2.5k to 4.5k.
* Improved Aveksaka Xenobiology Platform with a long range weak laser for triggering the fighters.
* Added Forward Operating Base Device for low level Fleet Focus players. Deploys a drone which launches 2 fighters
* Perilous Tweaks now require a charge time and are Unique with similar type tweaks.
* Copper AI are now worth 25% of the experience they were previously worth.
* Added Cleft Claw AI to Wild and Earthforce layers.
* Lowered the number of fighters launched by the Captured Hive in Staff Quarters Pilot Farm instance.
* Added Speed Demon energy banks to the Speed Demon class base in Lyceum
* Sapphire Carrier and Sapphire Transport now have blue colouring instead of green.
* Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond and Emerald Carriers and Transports now have animated parts.
* Added 3 Focus related super items to two bases in The Nexus.
* Added new Lacerating, Burning, Smashing, Lancing, Earthshaking, Demolishing and Neutralizing weapons. They build out of Venusian/Mercurian/Solarian Pulse Guns/Magcannons/Jackhammers.
* Added Small Tamed Wasp Fighter Generator as a drop to all Hives.
* Added visual effects to all Superitem Tweaks.
* Programming is now trainable in Glass Matrix up to level 10
* Added Massif IV blueprint drop.
* Altered missile models to be more aligned.
* Added Cybernetic Supportive Machine.
* Added new Corrupted Battleship AI to Kalthi Depths.
* Added new Corrupted Cruiser AI to Kalthi Depths.
* Lowered drop rate of Expedition Team Blueprint.
* Decreased thorax deploy time on Mad Kidd drones.
* Oversized Wingship’s hullspace has been increased, and it’s resistances have been tweaked as well.
* Added new, higher tech, mission rewards to the repeatable Mira missions and increased the amount of Paxian Medallions you get from doing the daily Mira missions to 5
* Added purchasable superitem Warhead in Vervaardiger (Allows you to blow yourself up)
* Made the Blue Photon testing dummies more useful: They report their shields every 10 seconds and also report the rate their shields have changed over the last 10 seconds as well as the entire fight. In the dummies case, this is equivalent to Damage taken per second.
* Removed Key Requirements for Olympus Bosses, and removed the missions for those keys from the AI bases.
* Added Good Recovery Augmenters to the standard setup of Forgones and Icepicks
* Added North and South invulnerable warp beacons to Earthforce layer.
* Made it easier to hold aggro on Cyborg Dark Transport (Dark Barty)
* Made it easier to hold aggro on the Twisted Nikola
* Adjusted Twisted Zone drop lists to have higher chances to drop better tiered loot.
* Increased the levels of the Spice Girls, roaming Spice Pirates in Earthforce Space.
* Increased the droprate on Scorch’s Remains to 100% (from 25%)
* Added a tech 20 Starter Capital Fighter Bay to Blue Photon, and a blueprint for the normal one to dungeons.
* Beefed Grim Reaver’s damage.
* Beefed Reaver’s shield banks.

Changes to items

* All augmenter stats have been changed to accommodate for the removal of 100% Augmenter Tweaking. Your augmenters now have the stats they would have with 100% augmenter tweaking as baseline values.
* Hydra Gear no longer has a Multi-fire Bonus.
* Ruin base radars get +Range% equal to tech/2.
* Subhatta Hrdaya: Multi-fire from 25% to 0%, Range from 0% to 40%, Regen from 359 to 397.
* Augmenters with Reflectivity on them longer have the Reflectivity stat and gained this bonus in the Visibility stat
* Qa’ik Urk’qii Akk’oj augmenter: added 29% (58% after aug changes) Crit Strength
* Everlasting Ops Mastery Augmenter: -20% shield bonus (80 to 60)
* Zeus Everlasting Mode Augmenter: +20% shield bonus (60 to 80) and 5% drone ops
* Nightfury’s Anger: -10% Rate of Fire (100 to 90), -10% Damage (80 to 70), -20% Shields (140 to 120)
* Hantr Psu: -5% Speed (30 to 25)
* Twisted Death Augmenter: +20% Speed (20 to 40), Hullspace -20% (20 to 8), Weapon Hold -30% (80 to 50), Resistances +5% (-15 to -10)
* Qa’ik Vazuk Akk’oj: -40% Rate of Fire (170 to 130), +8% Damage (52 to 60), Shields -26% (166 to 140), Critical Chance +8% (-8 to 0)
* Obliteration Augmenters are receiving nerfs across all techs. The Ultimate version will be: -20% Range (60 to 40), -60% Damage (120 to 60), Crit Strength -40% (140 to 100), Resistances +10% (-26 to -16). You can expect to see nerfs along the same lines in the lower techs of these augmenters.
* Barrage Augmenters are receiving nerfs across all techs. The Ultimate version will be: -10% Rate of Fire (130 to 120), Range -20% (80 to 60), Electric Tempering +5% (-40 to -35), Crit Chance -10% (20 to 10), Weapon Hold -75% (75 to 0). You can expect to see nerfs along the same lines in the lower techs of these augmenters.
* The Harrier and Madness Augmenter lines have had their speed reduced (Ult. Harrier 90% to 60%, Ult. Madness 60% to 40%).
* Cerberus augmenter: -10% speed (up from -28%), -18% crit chance (from 0%)
* Isvasa Sattva augmenter: Tracking -60% (from -20%), Range 0% (from 46%), Shield Charge 80% (from 60%), Damage 0% (from -10%), Electric Tempering -10% (from -18%), Visiblity 200% (from 0%). This augmenter is nolonger locked to heavy fighters only.
* New Selenite Augmenter: 60% Tracking, -48% elec temp. +70% Range, +
* New Grand Moff Augmenter: 175% Shield, 40% Energy, -10% Damage, 150% Thrust, 50% Range, 100% Hostility, 50% Resists
* Bursts have been nerfed significantly, check the blog post about them for more details. (**url to that blog please**).
* Mythos Scanner: Resistance to Damage changed from 5% to 3%, Electrical Tempering changed from -5% to -3%.
* Clenches now have 6 seconds engine delay up from 3 seconds.
* Midas Touch now has 5 seconds engine delay up from 2 seconds.
* Field Amplification Device now does 100% Aura Amplification down from 350% for 5 seconds, 500 range.
* Amplified Field Amplification Device now does 300% Aura Amplification down from 750% for 5 seconds, 500 range.
* Reduced Chid energy charge from 5000 built in energy to 45.
* Grand Navigator’s Offensive Augmenter: Removed Weapon Hold and Critical Hit Strength from and Critical Hit Chance lowered to 10% from 20%, Resistance to Damage increased to 10% from 6%, Range Lowered to 30% from 40%, Tracking Lowered to 30% from 40%.
* Qa’Uka Juju: Shieldbank from 24,000 to 22,000.
* Decreased the costs of Space Blue, Constable and Enforcer gear.
* The tech level of all of the lowest tier Olympus gear (Knackered/Faulty/Damaged/Brackish/Shorted/etc) has been decreased from Tech 21 to Tech 20.
* Created Harmonic Shield Restoration Device for recon focus which boosts shield regen while out of combat.
* Returned multiple bullets to Qa Quuu Drone and Kasa Quu Drone.
* Hephaestus’ Striker and Mallet Blueprints have been changed so that they have the same requirements as Hephaestus’ Hammers.
* Buffed Dark Flaming Excommunicator.
* Adjusted the size of 1000 Monkey’s and Typewriters to 1250.
* Reduced the charge time of the Singularity Brake to 25 seconds (was 30) and increased its size to 1500 (was 500)
* Increased the charge time of the Quantum Brake to 25 seconds (was 20) and increased its size to 2500 (was 1000)
* Made Aptitude Doughnut a Damage Tweak, you will no longer be able to equip this super item with other Damage Tweak type super items.
* The Mzungu Clash now requires Nuclear Waste as fuel rather than Enriched Nuclear Waste
* The Zeus Throne inbuilt Fighter Generator is no longer sticky.
* Changed many missile’s transference resistance to 100% so they don’t get healed by drones/bases.
* Increased HUDW superitem from 20000 to 32500 damage.
* Removed energy dependency for tweaks that don’t use energy to charge. Would stop charging if low on energy.
* Aptitude, Prowess and Mastery augmenters are now Rare instead of Exotic.
* Made Maggot Cloacae and Flylet Archbreeder to 0 size (Nexus)
* Tweaked Twisted Dragon Eye radar from 28% range to 30%. Radar is slightly reduced in other areas due to balancing.
* Removed -33% range from the Indrakoza Akramavar and Indrakoza Amzuchidvar drones.
* Reduced the credit cost on various Twisted gear builds such as engines
* Reduced the energy required to charge twisted drones by 20% on average
* Removed the Neuro-bound tag from the Pirated Lyceum Combined Augmenter Research Modules.
* Increased the number of Primal Jungle Powercores used in Jungle blueprints.
* Changed the Slave Master Pod to Bot Master Pod.
* Kalthi Protection Platform (Kalthi Deployers (AI)) now has 5min lifespan instead of 100 seconds. Has lost 20% of resist and a lower tech version of the built in shield.
* Kalthi Assault Platform (Kalthi Deployers (AI)) has lost 45% damage.
* Added a noticeable ‘Industrial Commod’ cost as well as additional module requirements to the Twisted ship blueprints.
* Tweaked Twisted Dragon Eyeball to now 10% shield and 18% host. Range is remaining 28%.
* Changed the Twisted energy tractors from electrical temp to hostility.
* Reduced the damage output of Twisted Blaster drones.
* Reduced the range of the Samgrahaka Akkramvar to roughly 2500
* The Cloakpedo Mine and Hidden Cloakpedo Mine now give off a flat Shield Recharge aura instead of a percentage one.
* Added a parasite for the GUQBSC weapon.
* Class locked overloaders have been unlocked and now have a wide array of stats, which may prove useful on multiple classes.
* Increased the credit cost on Twisted cloaks and radars.
* Toned down the particle effects and decreased the spread on the Strontium Cannon.
* Increased the size, weight and power of the Bear Force and Primal Bear Force.
* Lyceum Combined Augmenters now require Infinite Knowledge for the Blueprints and the Augmenters, and have had the Periodic Credit cost for the blueprints increased.
* Made tier 0 IC into crates that return half the resources used to create them (excluding Peasants and Promethium).
* Improved Aptitude Doughnut Superitem.
* Replaced Chihuahua, Whippet and other low tech fighter sources with Fighter Generators.
* Hyperdrive Propulsion Systems 1000 now has a 15000 electricity cost over 10 seconds (up from 1500 electricity cost over 5 seconds).
* Beefed Honey Badger abit on energy regen and energy bank.
* Lowered Twisted Blaster Disaster Drone and Twisted Blaster Drone repair costs.
* Removed the laser from the Mythic Defenders
* Increased Samgrahaka Akramavar from 20% to 80% laser resistance.
* Adjusted resistances on Subspace T22 Drones, except the Bhisaj drone.
* Created Charring and Scorching Fire weaponry
* Altered the Perilous Shield Booster, Burst, Scope to not require a charge time anymore. They do however have some alterations within them.
* Altered Captain Bling and Heavy Kidd drone blueprint descriptions to contain “These drones cannot be scooped.”
* Reduced the Twisted Nikola Leech Drone’s shield bank by -80%.
* Added the Christmas Tinsels holoprojector to replace the Rudolf’s Red Nose holoprojector. Also added the added Frozen Snowflakes holoprojector.
* Base Amplifications will now automatically equip once they finish building
* Buffed Drop Missiles (The Drop AI use these missiles).
* Changed the name of the GUQSBC’s Parasite to GUWTFBBQ Parasite.
* Buffed Carcass Missile and Carcass Missile Generator, the generator can now make up to 5.
* Improved Xenos Torpedo damage by 20%.
* Given Twisted Rage Resonance 5% rate of fire.
* Glacial Freeze has been altered from 90% resis to mining to 60%.
* Super Shield Soother now has no charge timer but does negative 8% to energy charge.
* Power Doughnut has no charge time but does 15% negative recoil instead of 50%.
* Aptitude Doughnut has no charge time.
* Added Candy Corn visual for Neurotweak debris.
* Leopard Missile Launcher is now Light Fighter locked.
* Added Microscopic Dampener(s)+ to dungeon drops.

Changes to ships

* Prawn: Augmenter slots from 4 to 3, Speed from 75 to 80, Weapon slots from 4 to 6, Resist from 35% across to 40% across but 20% to Heat and Surgical, Damage from 10% to 40%, Electric Tempering from -10% to +20%, Critical hit chance from 0% to 10%, Critical hit resistance from 40% to 0%. Prawn’s Claw (inbuilt aura generator) no longer grants resistances to friendly targets and now gives -20% Range to the Prawn. The Prawn has also gained an inbuilt item called Boarding Hooks which pulls enemies toward the Prawn. This item regenerates from damage taken as well as the conventional way.
* Wattage: Speed from 83 to 85, Surgical resist from 40% to 35%, Turning from 25% to 40%, Energy from 25% to 30%, Energy recharge from 25% to 30%, Electric tempering from -25% to -30%
* Resistance (ship): Speed from 80 to 90, Weapon slots from 6 to 5, Visibility from 90 to 250, Reflectivity from 332% to 553%, Laser resist from 40% to 50%, Energy resist from 40% to 55%, Heat resist from 40% to 45%, Surgical resist from 40% to 20%, Rate of Fire from 30% to 25%, Damage from 30% to 25%, Energy regen from 30% to 20%
* Delquadrikamdon: Laser resist from 50% to 40%, Energy resist from 50% to 20%, Heat resist from 50% to 40%, Physical resist from 50% to 20%, Radiation resist from 50% to 40%, Surgical resist from 50% to 40%, Mining resist from 60% to 40%, Thrust from 20% to 0%, Tracking from 0% to 25%, Range from 0% to 75%, Radar from 0% to 50%, Damage from 20% to 25%, Electrical tempering from -20% to -10%
* Delquadrikamdan (Red Pill Delquadrikamdon): Resists from 25% across to 5% across, Turning from 20% to 0%, Tracking from 0% to -25%, Rate of Fire from 20% to 100%, Damage from 0% to 25%, Visibility from 0% to 100%, Hostility from 20% to 50%
* Hephaestus Machine and Hephaestus Crystal Machine: Augmenter slots from 4 to 3, Shield Charge from 25% to 20%, Damage from 0 to 25%, Transference Efficiency from 0 to 30%, Drone Ops from 0 to 5%.
* Hephaestus Machine+ / Ultimate Doomsday Machine: Augmenter slots from 4 to 3, Shield Charge from 30% to 25%, Damage from 0 to 30%, Transference Efficiency from 0 to 30%, Drone Ops from 0 to 5%
* Added new superitem to Hephaestus Machine and plus. Hephaestus Hospital.
* The UrQa’qa Qu’ishi Qa (Bana King playership) has received the following changes: Shield from 425% to 450%, Energy from 375% to 450%, Tracking from 35% to 0%, Rate of Fire from 32% to 23%, Range from 38% to 30%, Damage from 32% to 38%, Critical Hit Resistance from 35% to 15%, Energy Regen from 0% to 15%, juice gen from 125 to 110.
* Pax Stratos: Hull space from 1000 to 800, Shield from 500% to 450%, Energy from 500% to 450%, Critical Hit Strength from 100% to 0%, Critical Hit Resistance from 25% to 20%
* Pax Helioseta: Hull space from 1200 to 950, Shield from 600% to 500%, Energy from 600% to 500%, Tractor Strength from 25% to 0%, Critical Hit Resistance from 25% to 20%
* Rajanicar’ayu: -5% Damage (25 to 20), -10% Crit Chance (15 to 5), +5% Crit Strength (15 to 20)
* Buffed the bear so that it is a lower tech version of the Mastodon, just like the rest of the Jungle ships.
* Adding 84% more max hull and 50% more max speed to all cap ships to compensate for stats lost in new class system.
* Added the Mastodon (Serengeti Capital Ship)
* Increased the diameter of the Kalthi Warrior, Stinger, Deployer and Commanders. This includes the Armored and Wrathful versions as well.
* Changed Curse’s Twisted Fabrication inbuilt item on twisted honey from sticky to ship bound to allow the equipping of other items.
* New Twisted Honey inbuilt: Twisted Field Amplifying Device: 300% Aura Amplification for 8 seconds, 500 range
* Added new Roscap and Rosbulk
* Amoetroidizodal mining resistance reduced from 99% to 75%
* Added Blue Photon Carrier and Glaive, tech 20 mission acquirable ships that are technically inferior to the Earthforce Dreadnought.
* The Twisted Fate of Death is now a tech 22 ship (up from 21)
* Hotrod Ultimate has been moved to Micron.
* Removed sticky from Hermes Power Punch overloader.
* Added new recon tech 11 capital ships, to revive the interdiction frigate player ship.
* Gave the Hybridized Shrimp +40% Shield to keep it in line with the Shrimp and the Shrimp+.
* Equaminizer’s in-built Juice Gen has been increased to 150.
* Faranji Pulse Charger is no longer affected by Neuro Tweaking. This means you will no longer get twice the stats you should be from the aura on the Unt Faranji Wingship X.
* Added the ability for ships to get a free aug reset if the hull or augs have undergone major changes to stats. The ui for this is temporarily disabled, but until it is re-enabled you can use the chat command /freeAugReset if your ship is eligible (the game will tell you upon login or switching to the ship.

Content rebalances

+ Reduced the shield bank by roughly 40% in Twisted zone.
+ Retuned every single Kalthi Depths AI so that they are balanced against how classes will be next universe. Reduced the concentration of both Roaming and Static AI, increased the number of galaxies in Kalthi Depths to 250, decreased the Danger Factor increase per jump to 10, and increased the number of dungeons in the layer.
* Olympus Bosses have had their shield banks reduced by ~50%.
* Shielding 22 boss switches through its resistances faster, has less regeneration and heals more when you hit it with the wrong damage type.
* Decreased the Shield Bank of all Infernal Darkness minions and bosses by 50%.
* Removed the critical hit resistance from many higher tech bosses to allow for more diversity in aug setups and classes in boss fights.
* Reduced the shieldbank on Ancalagon the Black by 40%
* Reduced the shieldbank on Divine Prophet by 30%
* Increased the Shield Bank on the Kalthi Nuclear Missile by roughly3 times
* Added energy charge ability to Twisted Nikola boss
* Reduced shield bank of Twisted Fate of Death mini boss by 20%
* Altered Corrupted Cyborg Machine Master shield capacitor from 1,000,000 to 300,000 and is now only 4x more shield bank than a corrupted minion.
* Buffed Gunboat Diplomat to give 5 Superitem slots on Heavy Fighters (up from 3).
* Added Good Recovery Augmenters to the standard setup of Forgones and Icepicks.
* Fighters have been revamped, they now come from Generators. Follow this link for a full explanation:
* Augmenter tweaking has been changed to 0.5% tweaking per level, slave tweaking effect has been removed (and it will get a different effect in the future) and other sources of augmenter tweaking have been halved to account for the increase to base aug stats.


+ Planets and moons can have multiple rings now.
+ Added 11 more gas giant planet textures.
+ Added rings to suns, rings will appear around 3% of suns (there is a chance some will have more than 1 ring).
+ Added more detail to sun names.
+ Made sun types more varied with giant, supergiant, hypergiant, main sequence and brown dwarf suns being generated. Suns have luminosities, temperatures and logarithmically scaled diameters that are modelled on real life.
* Added support for ctrl+A (select all) and ctrl+C (copy to clipboard) to all tables in the client (such as inventory, trade bay, ship stats, etc).
* Added the LFG chat channel for squad or team recruitment.
* Everyone online now gets their map updated when a gal is owned or unowned.
* Made it so that certain server side chat commands can be used even if the player is chat banned.
* Made it so that your current galaxy will be greyed out in the transwarp list.
* Added lifespan to the fighter/missile description.
* Clarified the xp description in missions to be more clear about reduced XP based on level.
* Added a confirmation window for when you attempt to tow a ship you have re-entered in stasis.
* Improved weapon descriptions with tracking and speed related information (tracking for lasers, turning and speed for projectiles, delay, burn and flight time for torpedoes).
* Expanded the description of the Historical Records skill.
* Updated the War Mongering player skill to state its effect.
* Removed Offensive Base slot bar from the user interface, due to future changes.
* Removed Adv Skill number indicator from the Character > Skills dialog due to new skill tree method.
* Changed the gunboat skill icon to better represent the skill.
* Added the first Space Point holoprojector to the towing station in Free Market. Googly Eyes.
* Added new textures for Flylet section of the nexus.
* Added new textures for Maggot section of the nexus.
* Updated Twisted Earth texture in the Twisted Zone
* Fixed the rotation background effect in Mother galaxies.
* Removed base export dialog due to new functionality of ctrl and c
* Made all fighters able to retarget by default.
* Fighters now follow their launchers through wormholes.
* Fighters stay out for their full time lifetime, circling their launcher while waiting.
* Fighters that can return are now given 60s to return to their launcher when their lifetime has finished.
* Fighters now are able to be moved via transwarp.

Base related changes

+ Added Module Tablet Packs to Platonic Academy which skips the sensors section. Will require IK20 skill to make the missions reveal on the Platonic Academy AI station.
+ Added new automated Titanium and Laconia sheet factories that convert raw materials into sheets.
+ All base extractors now have a unique with tag that only allows of one type of extractor stack to be equipped at one time.
+ Added new automatic mining pulse drones to Capella AI station.
* Changed targeting code to be:
** Userbases will prioritize other userbases in dps/hps.
** Drones will prioritize drones/players in dps/hps.
** RTS has been disabled userbase’s targeting code
* Hazardium, Precarium and the Unstable/Stable/Enriched/Concentrated Hazardium/Precarium/Perilium have been phased out of the game. The factories are no longer in existence and the blueprints requiring these commods have been altered to require the raw Perilium and (stages of) Admixium instead.
* The X line gear for Base Energies has been nerfed in Regeneration by 15%.
* The X line gear for Base Chargers has been nerfed in Shield Regen by 15%.
* The X line gear for Base Radars has been nerfed in Detection by 15% and Vision by 9%.
* The X line gear for Base Shields has been nerfed in Shield Regen by 15% and Shield bank by 9%.
* The X line gear for Base Lasers has been nerfed in Damage by 15%.
* Outposts can now share the team map (galaxy must be owned if it is own-able).
* Changed the size of all the base dampeners to be tech*50.
* Changed Size of base Capacitors to tech*100.
* Changed size on Base Overchargers from 5k to 500.
* Changed the size of all base gear to be: Tech * 100 * Modifier. The Modifier is either 1 for normal, 2 for upgraded, 3 for extreme.
* Added 25 Nuclear Waste to all loaded station kits.
* Added blueprints for the Station Point Defense Arrays.
* Added 2 new Station Point Defense Arrays.
* Increased base thruster sizes.
* Changed the fires on the Annihilator Pulse Gun/Primal Fury to Charring Fire. Changed fires on Ambrosia Pulse Gun to Scorching Fire.
* Base Amplifications will now automatically equip once they finish building.
* Beefed the ruin base weapons and others.
* Altered owner of user base tag to N/A.
* Reduced Expedition Team Prom terraforming from 4 Fermium slots to 2.
* Increased effect timers on base lasers by x2. For example Adamantium Superlasers.
* Buffed the stats of the Base Ruin weapons.
* Removed Class Skills requirement from Art of _ Augmenter Blueprints.
* Made the construction tab cleaner on several builds (preview:
* Changed weapon name on Bule base to be the correct one.
* Stations now also have Industrial Commod versions of blueprints such as the YZ upgrade and galaxy bound drones.
* Removed the Twisted Nikola & Twisted Death Remains requirements from the Twisted Augmenter blueprints
* Changed the Twisted Compact Drone blueprint from requiring Armada Wands to Rhino Restructuranters.
* Altered the Twisted Nikola Support Freighter blueprint to now take a Red Photon Logistics Cruiser instead.
* Increased the repair cost of Twisted drones
* Changed the build costs of Kalthi Depths: Perilous augmenter, Lunarian augmenter, Selenite augmenter, Kalthi ships, Urqa King ship, Overloaders, Control bots, Kalthi weapons, Lunarian & Selenite gear
* Drastically increased the build cost on the Fire, Furnace and Forge of the Gods energies. Also changed it so that Fire of the Gods uses Nuclear Waste, Furnace of the Gods uses Promethium and Forge of the Gods uses Enriched Nuclear waste.
* Doubled the max speed of userbases.
* Newly deployed bases will now be named after the person who deployed them, rather than “Unnamed”.
* Adjusted twisted player station kits to green glowing versions of the ada kits.

Skin Additions

* Added Twisted Union skin to Twisted Vanguard ship.
* Added Twisted Vanguard Flaming skin and Twisted Vanguard Freezing skin.
* Fixed the Twisted Nikola Support Freighter honey and rage skins.
* Kalthi Armored Deployer and Kalthi Wrathful Deployer received a new free skin.
* Added Bumble Stinger skin for Isvas’ayu.
* Added correctly placed engine mounts to the Flaming Harrier skin and the visage for the Caracara.
* Added Egg Warrior skin.
* Added existing skins to Hybridized Scutelogica.
* Added Industrial Hotrod Skin.
* Added Royal Paxian Battle Frigate Skin. Name is subject to changes.
* Added a Golden Zebucart Mark 2 skin to Mulligans Zebu Titan.
* Added Hephaestus+ Augmenter Machine skin.

Bug Fixes

+ Solar systems that consist of a single planet with a L,T or Y class sun should no longer be formed with the planet inside the sun.
* Fixed an issue with vacuum scoops sometimes not working.
* Fixed an issue where the team recruitment dialog would ignore several team recruitment limits.
* /showslavedamage now works again, popup message for slave damage also works again.
* /showfighterdamage added also with popup messages.
* Reverted the defensive permanent drones transferences to previous rate of fire levels (RoF cap 0.1).
* Weapon self damage now correctly shows TOTAL self damage rather than per projectile.
* Fixed “Extra Tweaked” having full effect if all augs are the same.
* Made it so that bosses will ignore destroyed drones when considering if they should reset back to their initial state.
* Deathblossoms will no longer gain extra shots toward targets that they don’t think they can hit (e.g. through a planet or through a different target)
* Show healing on superitem descriptions.
* Made emp tithe only apply to ai bases.
* Fixed typo in the Art of Fast Killing blueprint.
* Fixed a typo with one of the seer parasite superitems.
* Weaponry 22 boss properly respawns his defenses after all enemies in the galaxy have been vanquished.
* Rams spawned by the roaming Hermes event will no longer drop DG drops.
* Xmas tree commod is no longer a worker.
* Fixed some kill target missions that were pointing at the spawner but not the hull.
* Removed an unlisted modifier to visibility from the Drone Deployment skill that was making permanent drones difficult to see.
* Placed AI only tags on AI only gear.
* Fixed the twitching cloud backgrounds in fly times area.
* Increased event visual sizes by 2. Example Xmas present debris graphics.
* Fixed a typo with the Rat Attack Nexus mission.
* Fixed absurd man hours and max workforce on overshirt blueprint (took 330k weeks before).
* Fixed the force thrust on the Corrupted Cyborg Reach weapon. Tool tip at present is incorrect the force thrust is only for 1 second, not 3.
* Fixed a bug where extractors that take longer than a day to extract were showing 0 in their description.
* Fixed a bug where critical hit strength and chance would apply to superitem weapons.
* Fixed termite recoil issues and damage issues caused by the player base recoil cap change.
* Fixed some issues with Temple Grounds not forcing initial starts of guards and sped up the reaction times.
* Fixed a misspell of the Bule Mentality Blueprint.
* Fixed the search box to adding another friend to your friend list dialog.
* Fixed Code Herder’s lockout in Mausoleum.
* Kalthi Sanctuary now gives Transference Vulnerability, instead of Resists.
* Changed the model for the Lyrae and the Vega to the same model that the Coronae uses, they were using the Paxian Missile model previously.
* Fixed the unable to drag the social dialog and character dialog around where no tab buttons existed.
* Fixed raging mode of Twisted Fate of Death, wasn’t smoothly adjusting.
* Aveksaka Xenobiology Research missions now ask you to bring a Pristine Alien Egg instead of a Piloting 22 commodity.
* Fixed tabbing issue with large fonts in the squad dialog.
* Fixed raging mode of Twisted Fate of Death not smoothly adjusting from green to red color transistion.
* Fixed an issue where you couldn’t use your slave’s item while docked.


+ Added repeatable turn in missions for Hazardium, Precarium, Unstable/Stable/Enriched/Concentrated Precarium, Hazardium and Perilium. You will receive the appropriate amount of credits, Perilium and Rudimentary/Middling/Advanced/Expert Admixium.
+ Added auto start tag to Weapons 20 mission upon entering Iq’ Bana DG, Equipment 20 mission upon entering Copper 8 and Shielding 20 upon entering Anaconda DG.
+ Added Remote Control 19 mission to automatically start when you enter Red Photon Research Complex.
* Fixed the summary in Rat Attack II: The Scampering mission. From 2 huge rats to 4 like the requirements state.
* Added a Dodgy Tom mission giver related to the Acoustic Frigate upgrade mission in Lyceum recon base.
* The turn in missions for the Lyceum Combined Augmenters no longer require credits, and the Confiscated missions only require one Pirated Lyceum Research.
* Added Lyceum Exploration Cruiser, Pax Latis Recta, Operative, and Blue Photon Corvette Blueprint rewards to the Subspace Monthly missions.
* The monthly Aveksaka Mission do not require you to complete previous missions, and require substantially more AI to be killed as well.
* Unlocked the Subspace monthly missions and shifted the majority of the Allied Commendations into the Pajca and Sas arm missions, the Pajca arm now gives 2 Medium Crates and the Sas arm now gives 3 Large crates.
* Altered Meeting Barbe Bleu mission to mention to proceed to Brigand’s Stronghold to continue the mission chain.
* Added clarification to the Paranormal Research Diploma Graveyard Mission chain.
* All Olympus related missions now take place in the hidden base in Olympus Entrance
* Renamed some confusing Twisted Missions
* Made all exchange scrap item missions reward raw scrap notes.


+ The Aveksaka Monthly Invasion missions now require you to kill Aveksaka Outposts in order to complete them. They also give a very large amount of credits and experience upon completion, as well as 50 levels in the form of arm specific Epiphanies. These arm specific epiphanies provide an accelerated form of leveling, and are neuro bound. You will, however, be able to transfer them to your alts through the TSL.
+ Perilous Space Aveksaka are no longer hostile towards other Perilous Space AI.
* Massively increased the experience and credit rewards from the Subspace mission chains, in many cases this is 10x the credits and experience.
* Moved the daily mission galaxies from the Sas arm into the Pajca arm.
* Sas arm Outposts have an extra chance to drop higher tier gear, while Pajca arm Outposts have a very small chance to drop higher tier gear.
* Added Latis Recta Hybridization Blueprint to Lyceum Research Concourse.
* Tech 22 Subspace grem lasers now apply their forced turn effect for 1 second after 4 seconds, instead of 0.2 seconds every time the weapon did damage to its target.
* Buffed the Aveksaka Defender Devices, increased the cooldown and damage of the Aveksaka Plasma Devices. These changes primarily affect Hybridized ships, added the Aveksaka Regenerative Device to the Hybridized Venaticora.

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