Space Clouds

Server Patch 06.29.2017

Content Changes

* Lyceum Offensive and Defensive Field’s are no longer useable by bots and no longer affect drones
* Fixed mission description wording in exchanging twisted tech for tokens.
* Energy needed for Earthforce Overload Prototype’s Overloaded Mining Laser Prototype increased to 25k, charge time increased to 54 seconds.
* The Lyceum Research Cruiser’s Offensive and Defensive auras are no longer improperly affected by Neuro Tweaking.
* Over 25 Permanent drone fixes. This will result in heavy nerfs to a lot of drones (but they were unintentionally too strong to begin with).

Bug Fixes

* HAZMAT Collection mission in Tra Subspace fixed, Corrosive Alien Plamsa has been renamed to Corrosive Alien Plasma and will now appear as a parasite in your ship.
* Fixed all Parasitic pulses to properly inject parasites again.

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