Space Clouds

Server Patch 06.20.2017

Content Changes

* Due to the excessively strong nature of the Mastodon as a fighter platform, the fighter bay is being nerfed to 6 slots from 10 slots. The launch speed of the Bay has been reduced from 5 seconds to 0.75 seconds. There may be further adjustments to the Mastodon, as neccessary, going forward.
* The Trap is Set mission in Katur Subspace now points you towards the Landmark Drone to begin, which has had its trigger radius increased from 100 to 300.
* On The Offensive mission in Katur Subspace requires 15 Sahvitra kills, the Sahvitra will now spawn from an interval of 45 seconds (2 spawners) down to 20 seconds (2 spawners).
* Dark Kobaldstein’s Offensive and Defensive Lasers replaced with Injectors in the drop tables. Any existing offensive and defensive lasers will still convert into injectors.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug where slaves would not follow seers into a warp if the seer was relying on their seer skills for warp nav.
* Fixed a bug where seers would not get the full map merged from their team if they were relying on their Seer skills for warp nav.
* Fixed 3 of the most common client crashes.
* Fixed a bug where team xp progress towards the next level would have been wiped when the server loads.
* Fied bugs where range tweaks weren’t counted for deathblossoms and the Seer jammers
* Fixed Voulge and Flamberge skin names.
* HAZMAT Collection mission in Tra Subspace fixed, Corrosive Alien Plamsa has been renamed to Corrosive Alien Plasma and will now appear as a parasite in your ship.

Next uni

+ Copper background adjusted.
+ Dragon Boss Lair background adjusted.
+ Easter galaxy backgrounds adjusted.
+ Captain Kidd galaxy background adjusted.

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