Space Clouds

Weekly Dev Blog – 15th March

New Universe

The universe reset is at the usual time of 1PM server time. However North America has entered their summer time, making this 1PM EDT, for the UK players (who enter summer time next weekend) this is 5PM (GMT), not the usual 6PM. Here’s an countdown timer Bobbo setup: click here.

Hober Mallow

Arctia, Vulcan, Mira and The Jungle are being tweaked to be more difficult for their appropriate level. This means that players who are at that level should seek out other people to do the content with. This was done by increasing the strength of the bosses, and by adding a very small Aggro radius to the minions within these Dungeons.

Kalthi Depths is currently a little too easy, and a little too hard at the same time. AI like Corrupted Battleships and Corrupted Cruisers are far too difficult to take down, and lower danger factor AI like regular Kalthi ships are too easy. Expect outliers to be buffed or nerfed accordingly.


Pixel has been updating the skill tree section with these wounderful images!


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