Space Clouds

Developer Blog – 28th November

Hi everyone, here’s a small update on what we have done lately. As always, some of these changes may be finished but awaiting patch, so just ask if you aren’t sure if they’re live.


As mentioned in #devposts on the official Discord server, the location of UrQa’qa Qu’ishi (Bana King) has now been revealed: DG Djane 0.17C. The dev team chose to reveal its location for two reasons. Firstly, there were initially 15 (!) Bana Kings distributed across Kalthi Depths DGs; while we have now removed 14 of them, we don’t want to penalize the many players who had found one of those that were removed. The other reason is that we have officially decided to create a custom zone that will house this uber, starting next uni. Since his location will no longer be a mystery, we feel that we may as well reveal it for this uni as well. Enjoy!


Fixed what was wrong with the system of attaching bases to planets. You can now easily fit 7 Adamantium kits around a fairly small 7-slot planet:



The Aether Escape super item on the Aether Scout will be changed to its intended behavior (+150 speed, not +3000 speed). A new exploration-focused ship will be added as a mission reward in Paxius for low level players who had been using the Aether Scout for its mobility.

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