Space Clouds

Weekly Dev Blog – 22th February



Pixel’s been busy working on a new Cleft Claw to roam around earthforce and wildspace layer. Bringing abit more hell fire to the universe.

Cleft Claw

He’s also going to start working on the base extractor changes, where only one type of each extractor can be equiped for next universe.

Hober Mallow

On test are also some changes to a variety of Pulse Guns, Magcannons and Laser Beams. Many of these weapons that had less than 1 second rate of fire now have between 1 and 1.5 second rate of fire (this is especially true of the Speed Demon locked weapons like the Hell Raiser, and other weapons that impart parasites/fires). The reasoning behind these changes was to preserve their DPS (they have the exact same DPS listed on the weapons) while enabling Speed Demons and other fast rate of firing characters to use the weapons without wasting DPS due to the rate of fire cap. It should be very hard, if not close to impossible, to hit the rate of fire cap with them now. Weapons that chain or splash, have been increased to 2-5 seconds as well. This was to make the Gunner weapons feel more thematic and heavy hitting. Let me know how these changes feel, or what effects they have on your setup.

Dark Steel

Dark Steel, mainly went over with the rest of the development team what Augmenters should be given a unequip due to changes.

This also applies to the following ships to recieve a free Augmenter reset:

  • Prawn
  • Resistance
  • Hephaestus Machine
  • Wattage
  • Delquad


Masterful: Reset? Still in the works sadly as we’re still sorting out issues. The current goal is sometime March but don’t take this as a solid deadline.

Chrono: Are termites being more buffed again ontop? Yes next universe they’ll be unleashed into the wild to test your resolve!

Weekly Dev Blog – 15th February



I’ve been working on collecting bug reports and getting them fixed with the help of Egrosphere. If you know of any obscure bugs that we may not know about, please feel free to contact me on Discord and let me know about them.


Red’s been working on making various missions such as the tech 20 skill missions auto-start when you get to the boss zone.


Ingen’s been busy working on spawners and tracking down bugs in the new class system to get them all tested and fixed. More testing for this new system on the test server would be very helpful to getting this system complete and ready for universe reset.

Weekly Dev Blog – 8th February


Unfortunately for readers, much of what was discussed and done was for internal changes such as changes to spawners that won’t affect gameplay, as well as more tweaks and changes for the upcoming class system change.


Bobbo’s been working on fixing universe generation issues (issues arising from the addition of Kalthi Depths to the universe, mainly).


When a new userbase is deployed by a player, instead of being an unnamed kit, it will now display the owner’s name initially.

Deathblossoms will no longer fire at every target within range (to the maximum target count they can achieve). If your deathblossom does not think it can hit an enemy within range, it will not target them. This will not affect ethereal weaponry (because if you are in range, an ethereal weapon will go through obstacles and other enemies to hit the target), this will affect non-ethereal weaponry and as a result mainly projectile weaponry.

Weekly Dev Blog – 1st February


Community Meeting

Hober will be having a conversation with the playerbase about Kalthi Depths loot on Friday February 3rd 2017 at 3PM EST.

Click me!

Click the flailing rat to join the conversation.

Hober Mallow

Hober has finished the first pass on all of the Kalthi Depths AI, the new AI should be put on test shortly for your testing pleasure.

Hober has convinced the rest of the development team that blueprints requiring Station Management by the player equipping them was unnecessary. Going forward, they will require the appropriate level of Equipment for a player to equip them to a base.

Finally, he will be adding one time missions for the majority of non Serengeti Tech 20 ships. These missions will have (roughly) the same requirements as the blueprints. This change is meant to allow players who do not have a Wild Space presence to continue progressing through content.


Pixel is having some technical difficulties.


enkelin applied his renowned mathematical wizardry to the Gunner Analyzer. It should be up and running on the test server sooner rather than later. He has also come up with a brilliant plan that will solve all of our BvB woes… but he’s not ready to share it yet.


Working on Gunner Analyzer, courtesy of enkelin.


Created a cool new Speed Demon super item that increases Shield Regeneration out of combat! Otherwise, he is working on things behind the scenes.


Looking into potential issues with resistances and soaks.


He has been diligently hunting down bugs, and patching vulnerability issues. He was able to get the client to a point where it passed all of his stability tests. Out of the 183 dmps that were sent in the past 2 months, 164 of them are confirmed to be fixed by his changes. The rest were crashes without sufficient information, so they may or may not be fixed.

He has narrowed down the root of the graphical glitch that causes engine particle effects to display on things they shouldn’t, now he has to figure out the best way to fix it.

Oh, and we finally got him to move to Discord!

Weekly Dev Blog – 25th January

Cool man

Community Meeting

DarkSteel, enkelin and Hober will be having a conversation with the playerbase about Perilous Perilous Space/Kalthi Depths on Friday January 27th 2017 at 5PM EST. With the upcoming class changes, some of these AI are going to require reworking and rescaling. We wanted to take this opportunity to involve the player base in the process, since you are the ones who are engaging with the content on a daily basis.

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Click the following rat to join the conversation.

Hober Mallow

He has also worked with egrosphere on some interesting super item code. They are: charging based on current speed, and charging based on each instance of an evasion. The evasion and speed based charging should be helpful for both Seer and Speed Demon going forward, with some of their super items charging up faster as a result of successfully evading damage or going past a certain speed. There’s also functionality for a “target tracker” that causes all of the damage you have done to a target to be done again when the “target tracker” effect expires. He hopes to use this functionality in service of Seer in the future.

Micro Capacitor

Hes been doing a lot of things lately, heres some of them:

  • Been making Missiles 100% transference resistant so hps drones/bases don’t heal them (will work on code to prevent drones/bases healing them period).
  • Looking into making a tag for parasites/fires/nanites to allow buff type not get killed by exterminators.
  • Talked about new ways to allow players to alter the base’s targeting system. One of the thoughts were to have an item you may equip that allows the base to give targets with a specific property (example: further out) to have more priority than those not.



New Wildspace buildable galaxies!

He has also added a new superitem to the Hephaestus Machine! This superitem will allow the deployment of a Hephaestus Hospital Drone that can do a hit effect of +1.75k shield charge and 1k energy charge for 5 seconds for friendlies within 1k range.

Hephaestus Field Drone Superitem

Also a new skin for the Hephaestus Machine+

Glorious Machine

Weekly Dev Blog – 18th January


Hober Mallow

I will be adjusting the tech level for a variety of the lowest valued Olympus gear (Hephaestus’ Mallet’s/Brackish/Shorted/Damaged/etc), and I have also changed the blueprint requirements for the Hephaestus’ Striker and Maul so that they are the same cost as a Hephaestus’ Hammer.

I have been doing some work on the Subspace Monthly invasions, going forward they will provide very large and generous rewards upon completion. They will also require you to kill outposts themselves instead of droves of Aveksaka. Look forward to a blogpost from me about the changes.


Pixel has been busy this week making skins for the players to enjoy, here’s some of them below:

Isvas’ayu – Bumble Stinger.


Kalthi Armored Deployer Skin.
Kalthi Wrathful Deployer Skin.


The skin names are subject to changes. Pixel also has been working on steam content. Here’s some examples:


Questions from players

  • Chrono: Can fine tuned gear drop from dugeons?
    • We’ve decided that Fine Tuned gear shouldn’t drop from dungeons, but we’re aware none exists at tech 21+ and we’re now considering buff the current pieces.
  • Reed: Is it possible to reward returning players like a mission would appear and they receive credits?
    • We plan to do this in the future but currently no.
  • Everyone: Whens patch?
    • We’re still working the kinks out of the skill tree and fixing some issues.

Weekly Dev Meeting – 11th January



Pixel’s been adding new ships relating to the Interdiction frigate. There are now three ships where you can purchase the Recon Frigate from the Lyceum Recon base. Then you can upgrade this ship either into the Speed Demon or Seer variants. These will contain some interesting superitems that will make them quite useful!

Acoustic Frigate Interdiction Frigate

He’s also currently working on some miscellaneous holoprojectors, such as Googly Eyes.
Googly Eyes


Ryan has made a new tab in the character dialog to show active lockouts, as well as display a countdown to the next daily and weekly lockouts. He is also working on a system so that when major changes are made to a ship or augs, players will get a free aug reset on that ship. This system will be used for several of the upcoming ship changes.


More security and behind the scenes updating from Jey, this will also include some scheduled downtime while he performs some maintenance. Jey’s also been fixing crashes and memory leaks within the client.

Weekly Dev Blog – 4th January


Happy new year everyone! Here’s the first blog post of 2017!


auto_mining_drone (1)Pixel has added new permanent drones that are made to mine astroids. You deploy them in the orbit of an astroid belt and the drone will shoot a mining pulse which will sit in place until an astroid collides into it. The astroid will then explode allowing your bots to scoop the debris. This will make mining bots more efficient at mining rock belts.

These drones can be found in the Capella galaxy. The permanent versions can be made from blueprints and the temporary drones can be directly purchased from Assayer’s Refinery.

Click here for more information (spoilers).


Dark Steel

After finishing his work with many augmenter rebalances DarkSteel has finally been able to balance the new Twisted light fighters.
unknown (5)The Bana light fighter also has 5% critical hit chance on its hull.

Micro Capacitor

I’ve changed the targetting code from bases and drones. Bases will now prioritize other bases in healing and damage and drones will now prioritize ships and other drones in healing in damage. You will no longer be able to be RTS bases.

Hober Mallow

Hober has been very busy these past few days! Here’s what hes done over the holidays:

  • Mythos Scanner’s resistance to damage changed from 5% to 3%, electrical tempering has been changed from -5% to -3%.unknown (4)
  • Addressed some issues with the Strontium Cannon, it had massive amounts of particle effects before and I’ve adjusted it to not be that way now.
  • Unlocked the class overloaders, in some cases made them a bit more distinct in their intended function.unknown (2)
  • Added a Mastodon Fighter Bay as an item, it’s ship bound and sticky (just needs to be added to the Mastadon hull). It has 10 Slots, and gives fighters 10k bonus shield bank for 5 seconds after being launched from it.unknown (3)
  • Increased the rate of fire of the Talon line of weapons so that their up front damage isn’t as high.unknown (1)


Jey has been busy over the holidays but has gotten some sercurity updates done! Should be back tomorrow to get back to work.

Upcoming Fighter Rework


First and foremost, I want to acknowledge that I have taken the feedback that was given by the playerbase in response to the previous Developer Blog thread. I hear you loud and clear: the removal of power from Wild Bots, along with shifting that power into an Advanced Class Subskill that would lock you out of fighters if you picked it, in exchange for the reworked fighters is unacceptable to you. Thus, I have decided to do the following: Fighters will be released into the game in their reworked state, with no adjustments to Wild Bots. At a later date, when are ready to do a class rebalance, we will revisit this topic. For now, have fun with the new fighters next patch!


  • Fighters will no longer need to be bought or built. They will instead be generated by Fighter Generators.
  • Fighters will always stay out for their entire duration, following the user through warp and transwarp.
  • Fighters will come in 3 different variants: 1 slot, 1 minute lifespan. 2 slot, 2 minute lifespan. 4 slot, 3 minute lifespan. (Numbers may change.)

With that out of the way, lean back and get ready for a nice and lengthy post about fighters!

Lice Fighters Destroying Infernal Darkness AI


Fighters have been in an odd spot, both in terms of balance as well as function. They have found their niche somewhere between missiles and drones, but they were neither as cheap and expendable as missiles, nor as big of an investment as drones. Especially with the (somewhat) recent changes to drones which made them break rather than disappear when destroyed, the position of fighters needed to be re-evaluated.

At the lower levels, fighters have very low energy costs for (in some cases) a substantial amount of damage output. On the other hand at the higher levels, many fighters were mostly useless, costing very little energy while doing negligible amounts of damage.

Fighters Blowing Up A Very Strong Test Target


While missiles will remain as high damage, high DPE consumable weaponry, fighters will fill the role of doing significant amounts of damage over a longer period of time with very high DPE. The drawback of course is that the longer a fighter stays deployed and active, the more likely it is to be destroyed. In order to offset the higher chance of them being destroyed, fighters need to become easier to replace. Just like Engineers no longer need to fear for their drones as much, no Fleet Commander should have to worry about their precious fighters.

Fighters Orbiting


Fighters will no longer need to be bought or built. They will instead be generated by Fighter Generators. These Generators will be available through the same means that Fighters were. Blueprints that built Fighters will have their costs adjusted and build Fighter Generators instead, AI stations that sold fighters will sell Fighter Generators instead, etc. Generators will be relatively large in size, however the Fighters will be size 0, bound to the ship they were generated on and unsellable. Getting rid of unwanted fighters is easy, simply right click and “Destroy”.

(This also means that to make the transition phase from the old to the new system less inconvenient, you should move all your current fighters to the ship you want to use them on! In case you find yourself with misplaced Fighters shortly after the changes hit the live server, feel free to send in a Support Ticket or contact Bobbo directly. The changes we are implementing are significant and we’d like to reduce the inconvenience caused to a minimum.)

Fighters will no longer retreat as quickly as before. They will always stay out for their entire duration and no longer waste energy by docking prematurely. In fact, Fighters will now also be able to follow their user through warps and transwarps!

Fighters currently take a variable amount of slots, but with the rebalance, there will be 3 distinct categories.

  • 1 Slot: High damage over a short amount of time, they need to be constantly redeployed in order to deal with extended fights.
  • 2 Slot: Medium damage over a medium amount of time, they stay active for longer than 1 Slot Fighters and also have some interesting effects and/or more varied damage types.
  • 4 Slot: Very High damage over a long period of time. Out of all the Fighters, they are the most energy efficient, have relatively high upfront damage and are much more durable than 1 or 2 Slot Fighters.

Small Dachshund Light Fighter Generator and Dachshund Light Fighter

In addition, fighters now have a standard flight time based on the amount of slots they take.

  • 1 Slot Fighters last 1 minute.
  • 2 Slot Fighters last 2 minutes.
  • 4 Slot Fighters last 3 minutes.

This may be subject to change in the future, but these changes are meant to put fighters in a better place relative to the other deployables a player may use. These changes are currently on the test server, and I am ironing out issues as I find them. But fear not, you will be able to enjoy your new and improved fighter swarms on the live server with the upcoming patch!

Weekly Dev Blog – 28th December



Jeff has fixed more unexpected issues with the skill tree content. As it turns out, it is very difficult to cap AI if your prismatic conversion suddenly gets bonuses to its DPS from your Weaponry skill! It is also very difficult to heal your friends if Shield Transferences suddenly do damage. The bonus DPS from the Weaponry skill no longer applies to weapons doing 0 or negative DPS.

Berserkers should now receive the correct amount of bonus hullspace from Arsenal Expertise on the test server. There was also an issue of everyone being able to MF, even new players in their trusty zebucarts. Except fighters, who had troubles firing more than two weapons at once, causing some of them to do less DPS than intended.


Urza has brought up an issue with the prospecting system: Nodes containing basic resources, like silicon, are a bother and serve no purpose. They will be removed for the next universe.


Hober has brought up the feedback he has collected for his upcoming Fighter rebalance. Expect an additional and more detailed blog post coming soon!