Space Clouds

Server Patch 11.09.2017

followup patch 11.10.2017

–This patch is currently available on and will be on live on Friday evening–
* Fixed and improved the ship info dialog: Now shows firing arc for lasers, more decimals for resistance and correctly updates the ship visage when changing ships.
* Fixed UseSome not working on bases (already live)

* Fixed description of space blue delta fighter generator mission.
* Fix for item teleporter not working properly
* Fixed disconnect on importing a very large trade log
+ Fixed Twisted AI station textures.
* Centered and Strategic deployment no longer get disabled if your drones and/or bases are attacked.
* Fixed a bug with factories where their total allowed cost was 2.4b

Balance Changes / Additions
* One sided war declaration now cause hostility on both sides.
+ Roaming Icepick Hunters and Roaming Stellas in Perilous Space now have their spawner locations randomized upon death.
* Adjusted Cleft Claw to use a tech 16 energy instead of tech 21.
+ Removed the need for and drop chance for deep/dark jungle keys
* TBFD 9000 drone now costs 50mil to repair.
+ Added new refund missions for Twisted Tesla Augmenter within the Twisted Manufacturing AI station.
* The Pax Astronomica Insurance mission within Brigand’s Stronghold has been renamed to Pax Astralogica Insurance, and will refer to the targets as Astrologicas instead of the playership version (Astralogica).
* Changed many dg drop bps from none/scrappable, to diploma/mention turn ins
* Changed Twisted tweak crates Junkyard scrappable level from 1 to 2.
* Lowering the Mining resistance on a few ships to make sure they have lower Mining resistance than userbases do so these ships aren’t as effective in tanking userbases.
** Poseidon Wave(+)/Poseidon Crown: Mining from 75% to 60%, Surgical from 60% to 75%
** Isvas’ayu: Mining from 70% to 50%, Surgical from 50% to 60%
** Twisted Vanguard / Adam’s Karkh’ala Scythe: Mining from 70% to 50%, Surgical from 45% to 55%
+ Tier 0 Industrial Commodities Steel Girders, Sentient Chatbots, Fusion Cells, Paxian Figurines and Fine Space Whisky now have a minimum price of 20% rather than 50%. This results in the consumption for these commodities being increased from 2.4x at 50% to 6x at 20%. This allows players to (nearly) always being able to sell their commodities as well as increase the gap between AI stations which gives players incentive to trade between AI stations.
* Changing the resistances on some permanent drones so that it is ineffective to block userbases with drones
** Nihilite Drone: Energy 80% to 65%, Physical 75% to 65%, Heat 70% to 65%, Surgical 70% to 65%
** Orb Drone: Surgical 100% to 65%
** Faranji Head Drone: Energy 80% to 65%, Physical 85% to 65%, Heat 70% to 65%, Surgical 70% to 65%
** Mzungu Iko Drone: Energy 75% to 65%, Mining 20% to 0%, Physical 75% to 65%, Heat 90% to 65%
** Quu Drone: Heat 40% to 5%, Mining 40% to 5%
** Qa Quu Drone: Heat 40% to 10%, Energy 75% to 65%, Mining 40% to 10%, Physical 75% to 65%, Surgical 75% to 65%
** Kasa Quu Drone: Heat 40% to 15%, Energy 75% to 70%, Mining 20% to 15%, Physical 75% to 70%, Surgical 75% to 70%
** Qafir Drone: Energy 80% to 60%, Physical 85% to 60%, Heat 70% to 60%, Surgical 70% to 60%
** Plasmite Drone: Energy 80% to 65%, Physical 75% to 65%, Surgical 70% to 65%
** Advanced Pirating Drone: Energy 70% to 60%, Heat 70% to 60%
** Qafir+ Drone: Energy 80% to 65%, Physical 85% to 65%, Heat 70% to 65%, Surgical 70% to 65%
** Mzungu Energy Blaster: Energy 75% to 65%
** Solar Collection Drone: Heat 90% to 70%
** Plasmite Defense Platform: Energy 80% to 65%, Physical 75% to 65%, Surgical 70% to 65%
** Paxian Urqa Denial: Energy 80% to 65%, Physical 85% to 65%, Heat 80% to 65%, Surgical 70% to 65%
* Temporary warp beacons can be placed in systems eligible for bvb
* Bots once again get bonuses from Advanced Flight Controller (+1 slot, +75% evasion for fighters)
* MFM now once again gives +2% to many stats on trade bots, up from +1%

patch 11.09.2017

* Lasers say in their description if they’re ethereal
* Fixed Super Item descriptions not generating in certain circumstances
* Fixed typo when a planet’s gravity is too high for a BP you’re trying to use
* Improved dialog background gradient
* UI Textbox background gradients improved
* Ekam monthly mission now correctly states the player needs to kill 200 Ekam AI
* Fixed description on the const radar bonus to say ‘Detection’ rather than ‘Radar’ since it only gives a detection bonus
* Added Volcanic Antu skin.
* Added Glacial Antu skin.
* Adjusted hive texture and added glow map. This also adjusted the Honey Comb alternative skin.
* New Halloween infected cheese wormhole texture and infected space cheese mound texture.
* Altered xMas Helga visual.
* Added new xMas visual for the Fuzz.
* Altered and fixed xMas augmenter size and improved visuals.
* Altered and fixed Halloween augmenter size and improved visuals.
* Added Fire Extinguisher icon graphic to client
* Added C1-esque on-hit particle splashes
* Nanite Infusion device explosion effect quantity scaled to the total damage, 10k for each one, up to a maximum of 10 explosions
* Added Nebula Hermes skin
* Mobile drones now give their mobility factor in their description


* Fixed a bug with Shadow Ambush giving half the critical hit chance it should’ve done
* Changed starting subspace missions to work even if no pirate/ef affiliation is chosen
* Roaming Subspace AI will no longer respawn every 30 seconds
* Fixed Rajanicar’ayu Superitem so the fighters no longer return to ship
* Zarkarapratinu launched by the Alien Nest drone will shoot again
* Fixes to the Nanite Infusion devices, they’ll now track the damage you do with each damage type and use each damage type as used. The damage tracked is ‘true damage’ (i.e., what you do before the target’s resistances) and the damage applied goes through the normal steps (such as resistances). Transference damage will no longer work
* Nanite Infusion device will not damage players in no-PvP scenarios and will not do 0 damage impacts
* Corrected engines 16 mission cloud mercury amount in the mission text
* Kidd and Io will now do original damage with their Incinerators. Kidd will now use his Incinerator
+ Fixed instant respawn and kickout of lavrite boss in vulcan
+ Removed the four hidden planets from Absolution, to prevent projectiles being blocked randomly as well as to prevent prospecting nodes to generate on them (and being unavailable for prospecting)
* New God Augmenters missions fixed, beginning with the Demeter Augmenter mission (intro renamed to New God Augmenters, you will now need Infinite Knowledge instead of Augmenter Tweaking to unlock them). Available in The Acropolis
* Gave the Hull Regeneration Drones on the Vaziayu Trans Efficiency instead of Transference Resistance. This will allow them to still be healed but not drain drones/bases of all of their shields while healing
* Fixed the Engineer Capacitor Device
* Fixed Seer Class 20 requirement on the missions for the Seer’s Searing Fire
* Fixed mission text and requirements for accessing Platinum level Strontium-90 missions
* Fixed a bug in missions on reset timers causing them to abandon when they shouldn’t
* Fixed class aptitude augmenter mission only mentions 1 set while mission requires 2
* Psionic Weapon’s Jammer to no longer cause over RoF cap on AI and players

Balance Changes / Additions

* Perilous Scope properly reduces your range by 25% for 5 seconds after 5 seconds.
* Changed the sizes of base chargers with the formula used for other base items.
* Added Aug stats to increase splash/chain/etc damage and range
* Fixed Twisted Torch by reducing the bullet amount from 3 to 2 and increased damage from 20 to 30 per bullet. This will make all bullets face behind the ship without affecting dps
* Increased arcadian x bank to 18k so it can fire arcadian x laser without help
* Resistances on the purchasable Kalthi Ships have been adjusted:

Kalthi Warrior: 55>50% to Laser, 55>50% to Energy, 58>53% to Heat, 53>48% to Physical, 50>40% to Radiation, 48>38% to Surgical, 57>52% to Mining
Kalthi Stinger: 48>60% to Laser, 48>40% to Energy, 41% to Heat, 48>36%% to Physical, 48>44% to Radiation, 40>34% to Surgical, 48>58% to Mining
Kalthi Deployer: 55>45% to Laser, 55>60% to Energy, 55>45% to Heat, 55>57% to Physical, 55% to Radiation, 45>36% to Surgical, 45% to Mining
Kalthi Commander: 48>55% to Laser, 48>45% to Energy, 48>45% to Heat, 58>62% to Physical, 48>45% to Radiation, 43>32% to Surgical, 43>35% to Mining

* Removed the Class Requirement “from the Art of …” Blueprints
* Greatly reduced cost of mercurian gear
* Increased Stygian Fist Blueprint manhours and max worker significantly, increased max workers from 1 to 100000
* Removed the max use and max workforce from base thruster blueprints. It is now 7.5mil man hours which is roughly 3 minutes with 500k workers available. Added a cost per build instead which is 250mil credits per Annihilator thruster to 25mil per Apollo thruster
* Increased base thruster blueprint build cost from 250mil each to 500mil each (Annihilator thruster) and scaled down each tech
* Kalthi Deployer drones have been heavily nerfed, and the Deployer’s themselves have been slightly buffed. The drones also orbit in a bigger radius
* Ult. Interceptor Augmenter Critical Hit Chance reduced 30%>20%, Damage increased 40%>45%
* Hybridized Ships no longer gain significant resistance weaknesses compared to the normal ships, they are now direct upgrades of their previous forms
* Pax Coronae, Scutelogica, Venaticora and Sheliak (As well as the Hybridized versions) now have +50% Shield Bank
* Blueprint packs now contain the industrial blueprint versions of the defender, platform, and assault drones
* Altered the Urchin Presence to now give 150/s energy to allies and take 150/s energy from enemies within a 500 radius. The energy requirement to power this aura is now 325/s
* Adjusted the Honey Badger drone to sustain much longer to account for the aura being disabled/scraped
* Academy kits (non-fortified) no longer have a build time on them
* Coppers now have tech appropriate Exterminators
* Reduced cost of thanars astral fire mission
* Nerfed the pirating/advanced pirating drones in bonnet, mccoy’s, rackham’s, and stede bonnet’s systems
* Space Blue Gamma’s now deploy Space Blue Alpha Prototype Fighters instead of Space Blue Alpha Fighters, this means their fighters no longer do extremely high amounts of damage
* The Hawk Blueprint now builds a Hawk Upgrade, which upgrades the Vulture into a Hawk
* The Harrier Blueprint now builds a Harrier Upgrade, which upgrades the Hawk into the Harrier. The prices of the Hawk and the Harrier have been reduced to account for the cost of building the previous ship
* All Multifiring Controlbots now have +50%>20% Electric Tempering
* Rime Drones are now Tech 4, Advanced Rime Drones are now Tech 5
* Updated Jungle to now drop 1 JAC per boss kill, guaranteed. Subemperor Baloo has a chance to drop up to two
* Changed Kalthi Wrathful and Armored Upgrades to be able to Swap to each other. ie. You are in a Kalthi Wrathful Stinger and want a Kalthi Armored Stinger, you can now simply use the upgrade on the Wrathful Stinger
* Changed Fembot Blueprint and Factory to Tech 16
* Adjusted station suite bps to require less factory parts
* Changed the laser station gear turn in mission rewards from canneries to a single terraforming commod factory
+ Added 8 new station gear turn in missions that reward terraforming factories, factory parts bundle and nu conv 2s
* Lyceum Exploration Cruiser has had it’s Offensive Field Generator changed from +150 Flat Damage to +150 Energy Regeneration. Going forward, this will be changed to +150 DPS, which means it will no longer be more powerful with high rate of fire/multiple projectiles weapons
* Engines, across the board, have had their thrust increased by ~100%, and their turning increased by ~33% (This is roughly the bonuses one would get from using an Ace in a Pill II)
** Ace in a Pill’s, as a result, have had their duration reduced to 12 seconds
* Uu Quu DPS increased from 140 to 196
* Increased halflife on Copper Heart to 24 hours
* Marked instanced Rumble rooms as unmappable
* Meeting Pirate Maboule mission now has Piracy level 1 as a mission goal, to inform the player of requiring Piracy to dock at Maboule’s Hideout
* Reduced manhours and maxworkforce of the vulture, reaver, absconditus, rosamarinus, equanimizer pax astronomica, dark freighter ships, to only take 5.5 hours with max workforce of 10k
+ Increased drop chance of bp and commods to make the following ships/ubers that are found in dgs/perilous space, vulture, reaver, rosmarinus, equanimaizer, pax astronomica and dark freighter
* Hydroponics and Imperial Hydroponics descriptions now state they feed 300 Workers, similar to Junkyard Hydroponics and the Harvesting Dynamo
* Fixed bug where BFDs and other neurobound drones would not stack correctly on scooping
* Changed micron mission credit, XP, and difficulty so rewards are useful at the likely level you would complete them
* Changed Darkened Diffusers to not give -Reflectivity and they don’t give visibility
* Changed Darkened Capacitor/Diffuser blueprints to have unlimited uses and are not junkyard scrapable
+ Added Darkened Capacitor/Diffuser blueprints to The Dark
* Removed Darkened Capacitor/Diffusers from drop tables
* Increased Shard/Frag Grenade’s bullet spray effect from 40% of normal damage to 200% of normal damage. (Shard/Frag Drone’s Weapons)
* Changed transference resistance on Frag/Shard Drones from 40% to 0%
+ Removed some base blueprints that can be obtained in The Acropolis via blueprint packs
* Improved damage on Anni/Ada Cannon, lowered range, and increased energy to shoot
* Prawn Piece A to H have been renamed to Prawn Piece
* Fixed typos in a couple of Catur arm subspace missions (‘etheral’ -> ‘ethereal’ and ‘LACS 1099′ -> ‘LACS S1099′)
* Decreased spawntime on Speedy Gonzales to 5 minutes (from 10)
* Allowed pax astro+ to also upgrade to hybridized pax astro
* Nerfed drop rate of hellfire, buffed drop rate of love cylinder
* Updated Carcass Missile to be shipbound and 0 size
* Changed most of the sub UZ t20 and below bps to have more reasonable maxworkforces, manhours, and costs.
* Removed about 70 class locked items from the dg drop tables and placed them in lyceum at the respective ai stations
* Added Battle Sphere superitem laser
* Reduced cost of several mission reward fighter generators. Changed missions to reward fighter generators directly instead of fighter generator BPs
* Changed all unstable overloaders to be sticky to the ship. They are now 0 size
* Mini Kasper, Kasper, Kasper+, Mzungu Disk, Faranji Stinger, Underscout, Space Blue Prototype, Reaver, Orca, Orca+, Turtle, Turtle+, Reconditioned Kasper, Reconditioned Turtle, and Tutorialis.drv have all had their weapon slots increased by one to acomodate up to 3 weapons on a berserker and 2 on a gunner including inbuilt weapons
* Ares Aegis Generator, Trident Generator and Bolt of Lightning Generator are now all super items. The Hermes Adrenaline Syringe now self injects the Hermes Adrenaline Injection into the user of the super item
* Mini Vulcanite Fighter, Ujqii Ishi, and Slumber Mc Chrome Face Fighters can now be scrapped through the Junkyard Prefab Fighter scrapping missions
+ New mission available in Serengeti Blockade, to exchange four Spirit Augmenter Blueprints into a random spirit blueprint
+ Glaucopennia’s and Phoenix’s will drop blueprints to their ships
* Fuelled energies will no longer consume fuel if you’re at maximum bank, you’ll also get your full regen when unfuelled at maximum
* New set of missions available for Lyceum Combined Augmenters. You can now recycle 10 fabrication modules of the same tier (i.e. Basic) in exchange for one random fabrication module of the same tier
* Aveksaka Xenobiology and Continued Aveksaka Xenobiology missions now require 100,000,000 Credits to complete. These missions are for obtaining an Alien Xenobiology Research Blueprint
* Aspect/Spirit/Combined Aspect of the Mastodon Augs are now attainable from The Serengeti
* Replaced Shield Monkey’s transference power from the Shield Transference with damage. ShM healing output should remain neutral, while buffing their personal and bot dps
* Removed the random boss aura from Bana King
* Changes to Engineer augmenters (stats not listed remain the same)

Twisted Tesla Augmenter: Shield regen from 60% to 0%, Energy from 80% to 125%, Transference Power from 0% to 60%, Transference Efficiency from 0% to 40%, Drone ops from 20% to 0%, Offensive Ops from 20% to 30%, Defensive Ops from 20% to 30%, Everlasting ops from -20% to 0%
Qa’ik’ Banu Akk’oj: Everlasting ops from 12% to 0%
Mechanical Hound Augmenter: Speed from 50% to 30%, Turning from 0% to 65%, Thrust from 0% to 110%

* New mission available for Combined Aspect Tablets. You can now exchange 10 combined aspect tablets for 1 Zaphragi Research Diploma and 2 Honorary Diplomas
* Lowered Bule Hyperdrive from 45 seconds to 30 seconds and added a anti gravitation effect when activated.
* Removed visibility on Queen Wasps launchers
* Can no longer tractor attacking BvB kits
* Aku Qui’Oj (Bana King Capacitor): Hull space bonus of 2% has been removed

Universe Reset 11th November

Strange readings have been recorded, indicating that the universe is becoming unstable. Lyceum scientists have since made a prediction that our current universe will collapse 2017-11-11 13:00 EST. All your ships should make it across into the new universe without problems, but assests such as stations and drones will need to be packed up and collected, credits on active bots will need to be collected. Remember to leave yourself in a convenient ship to travel in the new universe.

Time remaining until universal collapse