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Weekly Dev Blog – 5th of July + Universe Reset Announcement

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Universe Reset July 22nd 2017

It’s that time of the month (year..? whatever) again. The universe has become old and unstable. Scientists predict the precise collapse will occur on the 22nd of July,13:00 EDT (18:00 BST, 03:00 AET).

Earthforce would like to remind you to pack your stations, recover your drones and for the paranoid, dock your bots before the collapse.

We hope to see you on the other side!

Enkelin and Pixel

Have been hard at work putting the final touches to the new Station Management 22 zone. Pixel is working on getting the AI to function as desired and making them look awesome while enkelin is putting his focus on getting the stats for the new equipment just right. It’s unlikely the project will be finished and properly tested before the upcoming universe reset but we’re hopeful we can get it all done by the one after.



Has created a Vulture boss which is currently on test server for you to check out.


Has been working on plugging the hole regarding Base Thrusters. Before, when someone would attack, the defending party would be able to ‘outrun’ the attacking party by simply using base thrusters into the same direction, meaning the attacking party could never catch up and after the 12 hour timer their kits would go destroyed. Jey has implemented a hard limit of 30.000 distance from the nearest solar body (planet, wormhole, etc). If permanent assets go over this limit they have 10 minutes to get back in range. Failing to do so will make the station go into a destroyed state and any permanent drones will vanish. This timer never resets, but when a station has been destroyed by this mechanic the timer will be set at 1 milisecond, allowing players to tractor their kits back within the 30.000 limit and repair them. Repairing them outside of the 30.000 limit will kill the base instantly again. Once this feature gets patched in the base thrusters will be returned to their former glory.


I’ve been spending my afternoons reverting the unintentional beefs to permanent drones that were brought to our attention last week. We’re also discussing further adjustments since we’re not entirely happy with the role permanent drones currently play. More about that after next week’s developer meeting.

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