Space Clouds

Developer Blog Nov 14

Hi everyone, the dev team hopes everyone has had an enjoyable start to the new universe.  Here’s an update on what we have done lately. As always, some of these changes may be finished but awaiting patch, so just ask if you aren’t sure if they’re live.


Emperor Shaddam will now properly drop a Combined Aspect Tablet and his usual Emperor item drop each time you kill him next patch. You can turn in the Combined Aspects for Honorary Diplomas and Zaphragi Research Diplomas in the Serengeti Blockade. I have also finished removing all of the lore skills from the lore skill items for next patch. Enjoy being able to equip a GVMO and a KMW (why you would, I have no idea).


Fixed Junkyard turn-in missions not using the selected item.  Sorting numerical fields actually sorts numerically now (beta client only but will move to live soon).  “Transfer some…” option now available when removing items from the TSL.  Also identified the bug with item teleporters and Jey has fixed it.  This week, I will be looking into creating a “pin item” option for gear so that it won’t be transferred out of your inventory unintentionally. This will be helpful to players who carry a lot of unequipped items around such as tractor beams, extra drones, and missiles.


I was requested to create two new token missions for Ancalagon the Black, and UrQa’qa Qu’ishi (Bana King). The token missions appear in Iq’ Bana and Paxian Stronghold respectively, for the bosses. I also added a breadcrumb mission for the Ancalagon the Black mission as it is out of the way of Dragon’s Lair, which appears in Earthforce Frontier Station in Sol.

Both missions revolve around the UrQa race, from their efforts to destroy other races to the technology they use. Ur qok iq’ Oj’KurniQa jij’azu?

Perpetual Motion is now offering Programming to 40 at a cost of 5 Dark Cells per. If F2P players have Programming 10 let’s say (I think around the natural random cap is 16), they would need 150 Dark Cells to train up 30 levels of Programming. This should hopefully increase the traffic in Infernal Darkness, as well as help lead F2P’s to attempt that content, or at least fly around in it and potentially find an interest in trying on the bosses.


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