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Star Sonata 2 provides a rich fabric in which the players create and define the universe. Be a cunning trader of goods exotic and mundane. A scurrilous pirate preying on the weak. A bounty hunter tracking down the galaxy's most wanted vermin. An explorer searching lost planets for forgotten civilizations. A builder and administrator of space stations, colonies, and possibly even a famed empire. Advance in a deep skill tree, using your increasing wealth and knowledge to obtain rare spaceships, devastating weapons, powerful shields, cloaking devices, drones, scanners, and rare artifacts the human race has never seen. Create your own team and raise it to dominance, eventually seizing control of the entire universe and being crowned emperor.

Please make your way to the player guides section and learn how to safely operate your new vessel.

Our press kit, press information, and downloadable assets for media are available here.

Star Sonata 2

Lead Designer Jeff Landauer
Lead Programmer Joey Forgues-Forget
Programming Thomas Moran, Armen Niewenhuizen, Ahmed Hilali, Brian Muhs, and Jeff Landauer.
Additional programming Ryan Seaman, Philippe Sabourin, Alan Klaassen, Morten Kloster, and Michael Zeilfelder.
Graphics Joe Carabajal and Troy Owens.
Character graphics by Travis Herdt.
Music by Battan.
Content Creators Brian Muhs, Precursor, s_m_w, Feathers, SI, Blue Dwarf, Col Legno, The Voomy One, Aurora Ex Machina, and Jeff Landauer.
Sound effects by Sound Rangers,, and
Community Manager Marty Baxter.

Star Sonata 1

Star Sonata 1 was by Adam Miller, Sherman Mui, and Jeff Landauer.

Programming by Adam Miller, Sherman Mui, Jeff Landauer, Roch Denis, Joey Forgues-Forget and Alan Klaassen.
Content by Adam Miller, Jeff Landauer, Eric Prieur, and Brian Muhs.
Additional programming by Danny Chi, Mark Elrod, Adrian Eyre, Jon Cortelyou, and Philippe Sabourin.
Graphics by Loren Schmidt, Avi Leca, Dan Catts, Ryan Shimada, Adam Miller, Sherman Mui, Jeff Landauer, TheRegisteredOne, and The Praetorian.
Background composition by Christian Jones
Voice work by Barbara Lewis.
Chief playtesters Matt Hamnett and Tom Kraikit.
Economy design by Todd Kerpelman.
Sounds by Joe D'Agostin, Adrian Eyre

Contact Information

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