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By zaehlas

market, ui, check, mc, team

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Implementation not started.

Team Based MC / Team Market Representative

Either a separate command, or integrated into the existing /mc and Market Check command, a Team capable Market Representative that can dock into team bases (that are dockable by a peon on that team) and adds prices to an MC database that shows for ONLY members of that team. If integrated into the existing market check, add a new parenthesis flag (team) instead of (AI) or (ub). On the larger teams, some players sell specific items at team prices using team-locked bases. Although these advertisements can be included in team messages, it's not always possible to coordinate letting new players know all of the possible locations and offers. I don't see this as a difficult feature to add, and gives lower players on larger teams options to help build things they need.

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isaiahr 2 years ago 1
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franklinlz 4 years ago 1
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golfman560 4 years ago 3
Yes please. And possibly list what team position you have to be to enter (Or just search by what level the player currently is)
zalistar 4 years ago 1
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zaehlas 4 years ago 3
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sundog60 3 years ago 1
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gary1992 4 years ago 3
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kleineman 4 years ago 3
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recaps 4 years ago 1
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