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By venom

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Implementation not started.

Speed Demon Combat Beef

-Add flares as counter-measures for incoming enemy fire -recharge on counter-measures would be 45 secs and duration would be 5 -Add micro-jump module to make micro-strafe-jumps ranging about 5 meters either left or right to dodge enemy fire -Add better skill buffs with each level of the class skill, mainly shield regen as it's almost impossible to initiate combat with higher level AI because as the AI level increases, as does their regen, making it near impossible for hit and run tactics from Speed Demon class players. Etc..... :)

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chrono warrior 2 years ago 3
No comment.
logan123yeaaah 2 years ago 3
Thats the type of thing that'd help SD be better in dg's and solo runs. Thumb's up. :)
buggy123 2 years ago 3
No comment.
venom 2 years ago 1
No comment.