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By mastertrader

pvp, factions, gear, meaningful, mission, pve, upgradeable

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Implementation not started.

Make Earthforce Outposts Player versus Player Areas, with a twist!

Change EF Outposts to dynamic battle zones where players who are affiliated with Pirates/Earthforce are able to accept a dynamic mission that spawns Faction Allied AI in order to further goals specific to Pirates/Earthforce. Remove unkillable police officers and replace them with a few killable police. Remove swarms of pirates and replace them with a few pirates. Implement missions to turn Outposts into Battlezones. These missions would involve players interacting in the same galaxy with AI. These players would not be allowed to interact directly with each other. These missions would progress from clearing the galaxy, securing the galaxy, interacting with a convoy, and finally destroying a flag ship of the enemy faction. Each mission would reward successively larger amounts of tokens. (1,3,5,10 for instance) Allow the completion of these missions to award tokens that can be turned in for faction specific gear. Allow this gear to be upgraded as the player progresses so that an F2P can access level appropriate gear by turning in old gear and extra tokens. This allows new players to play the game alone if they are the type of player who wants to do so. Make sure they are informed that the most powerful gear can only be acquired by roaming the universe/playing with others. In order to lessen the work required, adapt the current Pirate/Earthforce lines of gear to this tiered progression system.

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venom 2 years ago 1
No comment.
shadowstrike283 2 years ago 3
No comment.
kanescreed 3 years ago 3
Only in W2 and W3 outside of the build zone
kwilson 3 years ago 3
No comment.
left wing 2 years ago 3
No comment.
joku1999 3 years ago 1
No comment.
jechtz 3 years ago 1
No comment.
mastertrader 3 years ago 3
Definitely a good idea, mostly because I thought of it! IT EVEN HAS DEV BACKING!