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By silentcobra


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Command to Prevent Slaves from Killing Targets

This goes for a LOT of FC or AI capture heavy players. When you have slaves you captures that use non radiation weapons, or in some case missiles, while they're fighting one AI and you're shooting another they inexplicably target YOUR target without even enabling that setting and killing it before you can irradiate it. My idea is simply this: a setting in the slave menu that is easily changed to a shield value in a percentage that will make the slave stop firing non radiation weapons at targets so they can be captured without the hassle of your slaves killing them when they're extremely close to being irradiated. (Example: Leaving fight enemies on, but setting the shield amount option to 20% would prevent the slave from shooting your target with anything that's not a radiation damage type weapon.)

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logan123yeaaah 1 year ago 3
No comment.
cad66 2 years ago 1
Would save a lot of hassle