Space Clouds

Server/Client Patch 07.01.2018

- Patch has been delayed due to last minute issues. Expect an update in the coming days -
- Content Changes -
* Dark Fighter Defender nolonger drops from DG Dark Transports
+ Added a 1% drop chance of Gargantuan Goblets to DG Green Battleships
* Paxian Rescue Order (broken daily in Subspace) has been removed.
* Kraken spawn time reduced by approximately 1/3rd.
* Termites will now be hostile to almost everything
* Updated engineer class description to correctly show the aug tweak bonus.
* Added Fuchsia Panther skin.
* Fixed a typo in one of the emp notification messages
* Base Amplification Blueprint description now properly states the 3 day time requirement to activate from 7.
* New generic DG consumable drops; more extracted commodity crystals/crates, pirate crest crates, and tokens that count for Honorary Mention/Diploma exchange.

- Server Changes -
* Added options for enabling/disabling fighter and missile launching for bots.
* Added an option for equipping/unequipping all diffusers on a bot at once.
* Fixed a bug where DGs would sometimes set inappropriate lockouts on their boss spawners
* Made Astral Travel and Glory skills auto-remove themselves from players that had them and return skill points to them as they no longer have any use.
* Added support for stacking certain types of construction speed boosts
* Implemented async galaxy idle which should allow a galaxy to lag without lagging the whole universe. As a nice side effect, some functions become more responsive even in a lagging galaxy (docking, jumping, inventory management and instant use items).
* Fix for a bug that prevented the “free bvb slot” from working if your team had any drones in the system (drones were counted as a teamed base and took the place of the free slot).
* Bot would not launch fighters if it would leave them with less than 1k total energy. This was problematic on lower level bot or high regen energy with no bank. Changed to prevent launch if it would drop them lower than 10% energy up to at most 1k.
* Fix to support multiple beacons in a single galaxy. When jumping into a galaxy with multiple beacons, pick a beacon in the following priority order. In same squad and team > in same squad > in same team > any other drone. Drones whose owner or team hates you cannot be used.
* Comets drop re-enabled.

- Client Changes -
* Improved the client Preload to show a better estimation of the whole progress and added shader compilation to the preload (instead of moving fast then freezing for a long time at the end)
* Added ships meshes to preload data to reduce lag when entering sol for the first time.
* Improved memory limit management a bit more, this should make the client more resilient to out of memory errors.
* The client can now allocate up to 3.4gb memory up from the previous 1.6gb, on low settings it should not make any difference, but will allow the highest setting to keep everything in memory and also allow non dds textures to be used (It is strongly recommended you use DDS for normal play, only disable it if you are editing textures and want to test the changes quickly)
* Fixed a case where having an intel and another gpu while using the other gpu (nvidia/amd) still caused the intel to be detected and some restrictions added to the render. This resulted in the few users having both gpu losing a bit of performance.
* Fixed a crash in the optimized mesh generation.
* Improved data gathering for some crashes in the UI.

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