Space Clouds

Server/Client Patch 06.14.2018

- Content Changes-
* A Kalthi Torpedo, the Kalthi Fist, has been added. It’s blueprint should drop from the same place other Kalthi blueprints drop.
* Sivar’s Augmenter: Rate of Fire reduced to 80% from 100%.
* Fixed the bonnet paxian mission, fixed exploration missions overall telling you to go to the wrong galaxy.
* Corrected credit cost on the mercurian zeal from (875m init and periodic to 87.5m init and periodic)
* Expanded list of stella ai names, 10 was too few.
* Made the Equipment skill instead of Station Management requirement work for Blueprint Packs correctly (blueprint packs now require Equipment, instead of Station Management)
* Made it so that a black box only vanishes if the base owner scoops it. If a team-mate scoops it, they will receive a copy
* Added a check to prevent items that prevent warp or decay on universe reset items from being transferred to the TSL
* Added better protections for AI only items relating to slaves

- Client Changes -
* improved the game client memory management capability.
** nearly all textures can now be unloaded from memory as needed if the memory reach critical levels. (this fix the client when not using dds textures among other things)
** added “/debug texreload” chatcommand to reload all textures, this combined with dds disabled, allow texture changes to be loaded without restarting the client (very useful if you are working on a skin either ship or ui).
** if texture preloading is enabled, then they wont be unloaded unless memory reach critical, if preload is not enabled, then textures are unloaded after not being used for 5 minutes (this time goes down as the memory reach closer to critical).
* Fixes store close dialog button.
* Fixed a bug where running the client in windowed mode caused the window to get a little big bigger every time
* Fixed engine mount on Earthforce Police Zebra skin.
* Fixed bug which would caused corrupted items to appear in tables, especially on the colony and base log windows
* Added /debug bgdetect to toggle the client background state detection (the code that lower framerate and reduce the render resolution when client is in not visible). This function is mostly here to simplify streaming / video recording since those hook directly the game render and can never be obscured.
** be warned that using this functionality constantly can have negative impact especially if your hardware is contested while the game is covered.
* Fixed owner not being displayed on base control tab
* Changed phoenix and glauco visuals

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