Space Clouds

Server/Client Patch 03.24.2017

This is the first patch under a new system between the devs to get things patched in faster. Hopefully will result in more frequent smaller patches.

* Added Combat Focus Defensive Device for low level combat focus people. Creates a tanky mobile drone with a physical weapon and a very short range field generator that gives 10% resistance to all.
* Fixed the speed based charging Speed Demon Target Trackers
* Fixed Damage and DPE calculations in the ship details window
* Fixed Seers not getting improved warp capabilities.
* Altered Silent Night Blueprint to match up to new Kalthi Depths commods.
* Reduced new Base Extractors build time.
* removed shipbound from existing fighters.
* Made the new fighter generators make ship bound fighters under the name Prefab.
* Removed metals requirement from Planetary Core Silicon Fusion Extractor build.
* Added warning message to initial skill tree section. You cannot go back once picking a focus.
* Wingship should be properly centered now
* Fixed 3 more possible client crashes. Still more to come

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