Space Clouds

Server Patch 07.31.2017

Bug fixes

* Fixed -weight auras applying twice
* Fixed a case of server crash.

Content fixes

* The mission “Sas Allied Defense Orders” now correctly tells the player they need to kill 10 Outposts in its description.
* Junkyard X25 hydroponics missions and Initiate of Lyceum mission issues fixed.
* Sniper Sharpshooting now mentions that it increases range

Content Changes

* Added Leopard Jump and Monkey Jump to their respective boss loot tables in The Jungle.
* Increased the XP rewards for non repeatable Enigmatic Sector missions.
* Albatross Augmenter – Rate of Fire increased 40%>80%
* Poseidon The Earthshaker Augmenter – Energy Recharge increased 50%>70%
* Mad Scientist Augmenter – Added Capacity +10%, Energy Bank +74%
* Adjusted Recon backpack Superitems to 1 minute charge time.
* Increased m4 hull space by 84% and speed by 50%
* Mythos Stream is now ethereal (This means Mythic Defenders now have an ethereal healing laser once again).
* Removed the Personal Computer and Gravity Controller cost from the basebound extractor blueprints
* New Junkyard Scrapping mission to remove Prefab Fighters from your ship.

Next uni changes

+ Suns if necessary are generated lower down so that the tops of them are no more than 200 above the z=0 plane.
+ Added 7 more tiled galaxy backgrounds.
+ Added new EF layer DG boss piloting a Vulture

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