Space Clouds

Server Patch 07.22.2017

Client Fixes

* Fixed one of the most common remaining client crashes.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed -weight auras and tweaks not applying properly.
* Fixed source of 2 server crashes.
* Fixed a bug with Warp Navigation level calculation which gave people W1 for free if they weren’t a Seer
* Fixed constant shield recharge bonuses not working.

Content Changes

* The Delquadrikamdon’s “Red Pill” form now lasts 18 seconds with a 180 second cooldown.
* The Burning and Lacerating line of weapons now impart 3 times as many Medium Fires and Major Surgeries as before, and have all been standardized to 300 range (which results in a significant size reduction as well).
* The Earthshaking line of weapons are no longer high rate of fire physical pulse guns, they now work like multi-projectile Catapults. This means their recoil, firing visibility, number of projectiles and knockback has been increased. Their DPS has also been massively increased.
* The mission “A Fair Trade” should no longer have a very small chance to give the player nothing.
* Changed the Poseidon Wave and Isvas’ayu Submerger to 5 Pulses instead of 4.
* Changed Lion Maul Tweak Generator to a Superitem. This will allow Slaves to use the Superitem.
* Added FC requirement to space blue delta fighters
* Combat Bot Tweaking now gives +1% speed, +2% thrust and turning and +1% shield recharge per level
* Removed the requirement of 20 Honorary Diplomas to unlock the Unstabilized Plasma Fusion Core missions and merged the Copper/Bana/Anaconda/MS kill mission requirements with the initial mission
* Nanite Fabrication Blueprint will now show up as ’1000 Nanites’ in the construction bay of a userbase
* Added rare tag to Twisted station kits.
* The Absentis built-in tweak are now shipbound rather than neurobound
* Base Amplifications now build nearly instantly (from 1 day) and take 3 days to activate (from 7 days)
* Demolishing/Neutralizing Blast Blueprints now drop from Kalthi Depths dungeons. Kalthi Depths previously dropped Surge Blueprints, which was not intentional.
* Minor, Basic, Std., Good, Exc., Sup. and Ult. Augmenter Fabrication Modules have had their Combonite requirements reduced to 1, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250 and 500 respectively.
* Put decay on universe reset tags on all base thrusters.
* Arctia AI name pool increased by about 50% with the addition of French and Finnish names.
* Removed second Torpedo weapon from Flyswatter Flyboys due to Torpedo rebalance.
* Rumble instances have had their lockouts removed.
* Paxian Battle Frigate has had its reflectivity decreased to ~807%.
* Antuayu’s Siege Mode has been buffed. Gives -30% Electric Tempering, +25% Damage, -25% Recoil, +50% Splash Range, -50% Resists for 10 seconds with a 60 second cooldown.
* Corrected Selenite Modulating Shield’s description
* Platform Augmentation Alpha/Beta/Gamma are now Base augmenters
* Reduced weight on Defensive Annihilator Pulse Gun (1600000000 -> 2000000)
* Kalthi weapons have been overhauled completely and have completely different stats in most cases.
* A Kalthi Torpedo, the Kalthi Fist, has been added. Its blueprint should drop from the same place other Kalthi blueprints drop.
* Mythic Defenders laser and transference weapon are no longer ethereal, and the transference weapon does not chain.
* Lyceum Offensive and Defensive Fields are not usable by Trade or Combat Bots.
* Added K.S.Victory skin to Kalthi Stinger series
* Added Angry Grim skin.
* Added Golden Grim skin.
* Added Frosty Grim skin.
* Permanent drones only accept Base augs via Astral Injection.
* Adjusted the Base Radiation Fields to give vulnerability.
* Increased Golden Man Blueprint drop rate.
* Buffed the Kalthi Armored Stinger’s inbuilt tweak from 500>1500 Shield Recharge and 50%>100% Critical Immunity for 10 seconds.
* Buffed the Kalthi Armored Commander’s inbuilt super item, now deploys a mobile Kalthi Minion Protection Drone that can heal and significantly buffs the defensive stats of fighters for 60 seconds.
* Buffed the Kalthi Wrathful Stinger’s inbuilt super item. It now imparts -90% Radar, -34% Range and -34% Tracking to enemies within 1000 range for 15 seconds.
* Death of First Born fighters now have 50% less range.
* Removed the detrimental Electric Tempering effect from the Gunner Ion Missile super item.

Next uni changes

+ Instanced vulcan bosses
+ Adjusted kickout time of vulcan bosses to 5 minutes
+ Altered Anatolia background.
+ Altered Emphatic Mother backgrounds.
+ Altered Enigma backgrounds.
+ Altered Elysion background.
+ Altered Halloween zone backgrounds.
+ Altered IQ Bana backgrounds.
+ Altered some Jungle zone backgrounds.
+ Altered The Junkyard background.
+ Altered Lunacy backgrounds.
+ Altered Mausoleum backgrounds.
+ Altered Ruby Steppes backgrounds.
+ Altered Sol background.
+ Altered Temple Ground background.
+ Altered Citadel resource amounts for next universe.
+ Altered Dorado resource amounts for next universe.
+ Fixed Hallway to Mother double boss wormhole issue.
+ Massively reduced the chance to get galaxies with giant suns
+ Added 25x Junkyard Hydroponic mission options to The Junkyard.
+ Adjusted End of the Universe visuals, added background.
+ Improved the resolution of the galaxy in the background of Temple Grounds.
+ Alien Invasions no longer happen in any arm other than the Sas arm.
+ Sas Arm Invasions happen every 5 tp 7 days, and should no longer happen at the exact same time every day.
+ The Monthly missions and their rewards are still in Subspace, all but the Sas arm missions only require kills of Aveksaka ships. The Sas arm Monthly requires kills of Aveksaka ships and Aveksaka Outposts. Allied Commendations have been removed from every arm’s rewards but the Sas and Pajca arm.
+ AI now roam in every single arm of Subspace, whether there is an invasion or not.
+ Kalthi Depths will have far less mobs swarming the higher danger factors.
+ Kalthi Armored mobs, Cybernetic Battleships/Cruisers are significantly less tanky, but do more damage. Their fighters also have less range now. Kalthi Deployers drones now follow the mobs around and last longer. Cybernetic Support mobs deploy their drones faster and their drones do more damage.

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