Space Clouds

Server Patch 05.05.2018

*** bugs fix patch notes 05.08.2018 ***
* Fix for comets orbiting too fast at high eccentricities.
* Electrified Georg Ohm no longer has Lunarian, Selenite and Perilous Augmenters equipped to his ship. Thus, he will no longer drop them.
* Travel Fields now reduce Shield and Energy Recharge by 90% instead of 100%.
* Termites should no longer pose a substantial threat to bases.
* Reduced class reset cost from 500mil at lvl 500 to 500mil at lvl 1500.
* Fixes for drones fighting ai permanent drones.

*** uni reset patch notes ***
* The Blue Photon Corvette no longer grants +1000 Damage for 5 seconds, it now grants +100% damage for 5 seconds.
* Grand Navigator’s Offensive Augmenter: 100% Energy, 80% Firing, 30% Range, 70% Damage, 60% Shields, -15% Electric Tempering, 15% Resistance to Damage
* Persephone Augmenter: 50% Turning, 10% Hull Space, 50% Energy, 22% Rate of Fire, 10% Speed, 50% Radar, 100% Thrust, 18% Critical Hit Chance
* Hebe Augmenter: Damage increased to 70%.
* Helios Augmenter: Damage increased to 40%
* Ares Augmenter: Rate of Fire increased to 80%
* Metis Augmenter: Damage increased to 80%, Firing increased to 30%
* Heracles Augmenter: 50% Firing, 33% Range, 60% Damage, 66% Hostility, -12% Electric Tempering
* Hades Augmenter: 60% Shield Regeneration, 50% Damage, -20% Shield Bank, -50% Visibility, 10% Critical Hit Chance, 100% Critical Hit Strength
* Deimos Augmenter: Rate of Fire +190%, Shield +100%, Range +40%, Visibility -89%
* Phobos Augmenter: Shield Max +100%, Damage +80%, Visibility -89%, Electric Tempering -20%
* War Chant of Ares Augmenter: 20% Range, 20% Speed, 125% Damage, 45% Electricity, +15% Critical Hit Chance, -25% Resistance to Damage
* War Chant of Ares Augmenter+: 20% Range, 20% Speed, 135% Damage, 45% Electricity, +19% Critical Hit Chance, -20% Resistance to Damage
* Molten Fires of Hephaestus Augmenter: Shield Max +130%, Energy Max +300%, Rate of Fire +25%, Electricity +20%, Speed -40%, Capacity +40%, Hostility +100%, Resistance to Damage +33%
* Molten Fires of Hephaestus Augmenter+: Shield Max +130%, Energy Max +300%, Rate of Fire +40%, Electricity +20%, Speed -33%, Capacity +45%, Hostility +100%, Resistance to Damage +35%
* Poseidon’s Tsunami Augmenter: 100% Energy Bank, 40% Thrust, 80% Damage, 70% Shield Bank, -20% Electricity, +40% Tractor, -60% Electric Tempering
* Poseidon’s Tsunami Augmenter+: 160% Energy Bank, 40% Thrust, 80% Damage, 100% Shield Bank, -15% Electricity, +40% Tractor, -60% Electric Tempering
* Zeus’ Planar Field Augmenter: 30% Hull Space, 20% Range, 50% Shield Recovery, 64% Damage, 30% Electricity, 30% Electric Tempering, 20% Resistance to Damage
* Zeus’ Planar Field Augmenter+: 30% Hull Space, 20% Range, 65% Shield Recovery, 70% Damage, 30% Electricity, 22% Electric Tempering, 20% Resistance to Damage
* The Lasers on Subspace AI that grem no longer grem, they now reduce your turning by a large amount.
* Reduced Lunarian Energized Shield, Lunarian Destructor Shield, Lunarian Modulating Shield, Selenite Energized Shield, Selenite Destructor Shield, Selenite Modulating Shield’s Visibility by a factor of 10.
* Neutralizing Pulse, Earthshaking Cannon, Lacerating Bloom, Demolishing Pulse, Burning Bloom, Lancing Tusks, and Smashing Tusks Blueprints no longer require Tech 20 skill boss commodities in their builds. The T21 upgraded versions now require them, this is a reduction in the total amount of these commodities needed to build the Tech 22 versions of these weapons.
* Super Shield Soother has had it’s -electricity regeneration removed and it now has a charge up time like every other Shield Regeneration tweak.
* re-enabled team message variables, fixed the crash caused by ‘oplist’
* Fixes for less frequent drone cross healing and healing in protected gals

* Bases outside of the userbase placement limits (over 30k from the nearest solarbody e.g. suns, planets, wormholes, etc) will not count for galaxy ownership. If the only kits in the galaxy are outside of this limit, the galaxy will go un-owned. If a galaxy is owned with kits outside of their team beyond the limits, they will be converted to bvb kits
+ Updated the spread of Juxtas and Concourses in Wild Space. They no longer only appear on the edge of the map
+ Lowered the amount of Kalthi Dephts galaxies from 250 to 140
+ Lowered the amount of Perilous Space galaxies from 300 to 250
+ Increased the amount of Earthforce Layer galaxies from 450 to 500 to allow better AI spread over Danger Factors
* Frozen Snowflakes holoprojector reward now has bigger snowflakes
* Lord Borean’s Snow Crown has proper holo text now
+ Artica AI spawn locations have been improved. They will also spawn in a burst of snowflakes to mark their entrance into existence
+ New holoprojector from Arctia, Lady Aurora’s Snow Crown. Auroral lights shine through, creating a flurry of kaleidoscopic snow
* Psionic Weapons Jammer to no longer cause over RoF cap on AI and players
+ Points of Interest in Subspace are now visible from the beginning of the universe, without being explored
* Primal Jungle Drone no longer has 2 more augmenters than the Jungle Drone. The specific augmenters removed are the Aspect of the Monkey and Aspect of the Elephant Augmenters. These drones should now be appropriately better than Jungle Drones, instead of comparable to some Tech 20 drones
* Buffed base weapons in accordance with galaxy assault changes
* Adjusted temporary drone weights.
+ Added The Vault
* Changed old gadget using bp manhours/workforce to match raw commod versions
* Changed a diploma tagged bp for sale in lyceum to berserker tagged
* Bonnet mission “Drones” now requires a Bonnet Pirating Drone instead of a regular Pirating Drone from Brigand’s Stronghold.
* Added the ability for holoprojectors to do a tweak when they convert to a different projector
* Removed base aug bps from a drop list
* Added Twisted Crimson skin to Nikola, Twisted Honey, Bule Eradicator and UrQa Vo’kii Uka Uu’Qa
* Added Twisted Blacklight skin to Nikola, Twisted Honey, Vanguard, Bule Eradicator and UrQa Vo’kii Uka Uu’Qa
* Added Twisted Honey skin to Twisted Vanguard, Bule Eradicator and UrQa Vo’kii Uka Uu’Qa
* Added Ruby Scrupling skin.
* Added Dark Scrupling skin
* Added Angry Scrupling skin.
* Added Raging Scrupling skin
* Added Golden Bana King Skin
* Added Mechanical Bana King skin
* Fixed Bimbus 3000 cooldown
* Added “Idle Attack Patterns” where AI can do certain defined patterns while not attacking rather than the default AI behavior
* Added tutorial event and sound for attempting to jump through a blocked wormhole
* Added the ability to play a specified sound when a new mission pops up, and added voices for the tutorial bot when the first 3 missions pop up in the pirate Nexus
* Made some changes to Mutara Gardens galaxy
* Gave the Gatekeeper ship in Mutara Scrapyard an idle pattern to just stay parked next to the wormhole and to slowly rotate around it when engaged
* Fixed a bug that was preventing mission indicators from showing sometimes
* Gave Junkyard station kits inbuilt hydroponics
* Updated resists on the Unforge for base Rebalance. It now has 40% resists to all but heat and 1000 Soak to all but heat
* Added a summary and mission text note to Honorary Mention and Diploma exchange missions about requiring a Silver Bar and a Gold Bar respectively
* Added Diseased Larvae with attack patterns to Mutara Gardens
* Changed the bonus thrust and turning on all Zebucarts from +100% to +50%
* Greatly buffed the rof mod on Earthforce Supply Ship from 0.07 to 0.50
* Changed loadout on Gatekeeper Supply Ship to have Nano Heavy Tracking laser so he can’t crit the player with rad just before he dies and cause confusing warp interdiction effect
* Add pop up error message when trying to jump through a blocked wormhole to make it more obvious to the player
* Base Construction Vulnerability
* Fixed chargeable neurotweaks being unsellable
* Added a minimum orbit velocity to planets in the universe generation so that they will never have an orbit slower than the server can handle. (this should eliminate planets far from their star being stationary)
* Fixed a case where planets in certain rare solarsystem types did not have an orbit and were stationary
* Removed equip method on Rich Christmas Pudding tweak and added 5,000 energy initial usage
* Removed the grem effect from annihilator platforms
* Removed/deprecated 3 missions in Mutara Gardens
* Removed the money rewards from some of the early Nexus pirate missions — to be added to later pirate missions.
* Increased forcefield drones’ health, lifespan, and time between generation of envelopments by five times
* Space Rats in The Nexus will now idle and attack with attack patterns
* Made Space Rat hull a lot faster

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