Space Clouds

Server Patch 05.04.2018

Client changes

* Some slight performance tweak, should result in 5-10% higher framerate under high spaceobjects scenario.
* Removed black background from Red Photon flag (ID 222).
* Added new flag (ID 44) for team The Elites found in Edge of Reason.
* Fixed the following engine mounts: Behemoth, Goblin, Kelvin, Earthforce Cruiser, Earthforce Battlecruiser, Earthforce Battleship, Earthforce Overload Prototype, Earthforce Dreadnought, Red Photon Warship, Faranji Wingship, Pax Stratos, Ares War Chariot+, Delquadrikamdon
* Altered faction selection image to give better interpretation of options. Credit to Doran.
* Added a server dropdown to the login screen
* Kalthi warrior no longer has black triangles in the corner of its body and front spikes.
* Fix for floaty text memory leak
* Changed the default camera view to top down.
* Made it so that sounds will load through mods (the skin system can now be used to mod sounds)
* C1 style gal circle (plain circle instead of a sphere texture)
* made it so that the random gal link color is only for wild space
* Gave the map a more “classic” feel to it.
* The map now show less station tabs than previously, up to a max of 15.
* Added per-team colors to owned gal links.
* Improved Space Rat textures.
* Tabs instead of spaces between cells when copying tables
* Added mods to the copy to clipboard functionality for inventories
* Added pagination to skins UI
* Fixed the target circle to point to the front of the ship
* Improved UI target rings resolutions.
* Fixed the rendering of icons next to the players name (such as the emp star)
* Fixed an issue where the “class skills available” dialog was sometimes blocking drag n dropped items that it shouldn’t be even when invisible.
* Fixed orthographic mode clipping
* Fixed ortho camera changing to perspective
* Added a server selection combo box on the connection screen
* Multiple client crash fixes.
* Fix for a file handle leak in the client.


* Made wormholes count as object for userbase distance check.
* Andaman laser mission now gives fembot assembly plant as intended
* St. Bernard Packs will now open a generator instead of 10 Prefab Fighters.
* Corrected fab/compl bundle amounts should be 40 of each
* Fixed Ares Aegis and Poseidon Trident Generators
* Quickened Demon Tracking Device now states the loss of 50% range for its duration
* Fix for space blue fighter mission
* Fix to the Twisted Travel Field Projector/Twisted Enraged Travel Field Projector not affecting ships.
* Fixed Brute force roaming out and disabling himself.

Content Changes

* Changed warmongering team skill to 1SP
* Increased range of weapon that gives corrosive plasma for hazmat collection mission
* Added dusty commodities crates for various prospectable commodities for the use in comets.
* Made Halley’s Comet use the new elliptical orbit system.
* The new Recycled Armada Augmenters mission in Serengeti Blockade has been replaced by a new set of five missions. They work similar to the mission they replace, however you can choose which spirit blueprint you will get in exchange for 4 blueprints.
* Added Bloody Mastadon skin.
* Copper AI can no longer dock at the Copper entrance station.
* Station Point Defense Array now requires, in addition to its other requirements, 500 Titanium and 500 Gold to build (was 100 Titanium, 12 Gold Sensors and 10 Gold Nuggets)
* Hidden Nanite infusion device now does 1.75 damage, we will keep an eye on the place that nanite is in for both PvP and PvAI and continue to make adjustments accordingly.
* New Combined Aspect of the Mastodon Augmenter Token mission added to the Augmenter Tweaking mission chain.
* Added the ability for missions to reset at the same time as daily/weekly galaxy lockouts, and added monthly mission resets that reset at the first of every month. Once completed, missions with this tag cannot be accepted until their next daily/weekly/monthly period. Missions with this tag will have a tag like [Daily] in front of their name. Missions on cooldown will show up in the lockout tab alongside galaxy lockouts.
* The AI Outpost exchange missions will now indicate the amount of tokens they require in the summary text as well.
* Vacohar’ayu (ship): Weapon slots from 3 to 4
* Silent Night (ship): Visibility from 30 to 12, Reflectivity from 75% to 61%, Damage from 20% to 30%, Critical Hit Chance from 10% to 5%, Critical Hit Strength from 0% to 15%
* Removed some Missed Lore Skills from the following items: Unt Faranji Gatling X, Unt Faranji Station Tech, Unt Faranji Diffuser, Kikale Mzungu Frigate, Ancient Transdim Extension and, Bule Abadi Cell.
* Added Stratos Knight skin.
* Made the vulture’s inbuilt generator 0 size.
* Added Blacklight Nikola skin
* Increased the Danger Factor range that Smashing Shiv, Lancing Shiv, Earthshaking Driver, Burning Petals, Lacerating Petals, Demolishing Discharge, and Neutralizing Discharge drop within. They should drop from slightly higher and lower difficulty dungeons now.
* Prawn build cost reduced from 50,000,000,000 to 10,000,000,000.
* Jungle ships no longer require Aluminum Sheets, they now require Titanium Sheets. Primal Jungle ships require Titanium Sheet’s and Laconia Sheet’s.
* Travel fields (Both Capital and Berserker) no longer reduce your shield or energy bank, they now reduce your regeneration instead.
* Reduced the number of missiles launched by Kalthi Commanders.
* Agamemnon Fighters (Launched from Big Green Battleships) now last 60 seconds instead of 20 seconds.
* The mission “Restless Spirits” no longer tells the player it is necessary for the Paranormal Research quest line.
* Perilous Space Roamers now spawn more often, drop more credits, and have their spawn locations randomized (This means bosses like Sputty Nutty, Marco Columbus, Closeness, etc.)
* Lunarian and Selenite Drone Blueprints now have a small chance to drop from any Kalthi Depths boss, like other Lunarian/Selenite loot.
* The Sniper Blind no longer gives +200 and +1000 damage, instead it gives a 25%/33% damage boost. There is also a -75%/-99% reduction in tracking to go along with the effect.
* Sniper’s Ricochet Device has been changed to Sniper’s Spotter Device, and deploys a drone with a short duration Spotty Beam. The drone also gives +15%/25% Range and Rate of Fire as an aura.
* Bule Abadi Adum’s Test Expander will no longer show up in ruins.
* Buffed some Augmenters
** Tinted Augmenter now has 26% Damage instead of 4% Damage.
** Opaque Augmenter now has 35% Damage instead of 6% Damage.
** Dark Augmenter: 30% Turning, 10% Hull, 50% Energy Bank, 20% Shield Recharge, -75% Visibility, 20% Critical Hit Chance, 5% Resistance to Damage.
** Vulture Augmenter: 100% Energy Bank, 80% Rate of Fire, -10% Range, 35% Speed, 50% Damage, 60% Shield Bank, 100% Visibility, 40% Hostility, 15% Resistance to Damage.
** Hawk Augmenter: 30% Turning, 30% Tracking, 22% Speed, 100% Radar, 60% Thrust, 90% Damage, 70% Shield, 100% Visibility, -15% Electric Tempering, 10% Critical Hit Chance.
* Altered Blue Photon Corvette model and texture.
* Added free Toxified Photon Corvette skin to the Blue Photon Corvette.
* Added free Cybernetic Photon Corvette skin to the Blue Photon Corvette.
* Added new missions to the start of Subspace to fix any issues with not having an affiliation skill while trying to start the chain.
* Added Kalthi manufacturing items.
* All members of a team will now contribute to team tithe
* Added Rainbow Force Field to Ancient Asteroid Being drops.
* Added Pax Felicitas.
* Edited the amount of Kalthi Manufacturing Parts needed for a Perilium to account for the Kalthi Assembly step.
* Adjusted run cost of the Kalthi mobile factory.
* Added additional Rat names and adjectives to reduce duplicates in Nexus and holiday event rats.
* Made Space Rat Hatchery 10 times less common than Slaughterhouses, as you only need 1 per 10 Slaughterhouses
* Made blueprints require Equipment rather than Station Management
* Adjusted Earthforce Station Panels from 5% resistance to 15% shield and negative 5% energy.
* Added Horizon Station Solar Panel and Anti. As a dungeon blueprint drop.
* Added Citadel Station Solar Panel and Anti. As a dungeon blueprint drop.
* Added Crystalline Station Hybrid Solar Panel. As a dungeon blueprint drop.
* Added Avalon Station Solar Panel and Anti. As a dungeon blueprint drop.
* Added Adamantiumized Station Solar Panel and Anti. As a dungeon blueprint drop.
* Allied AI is now healable irrespective if it is attackable or not.
* A single BvB base can now be placed even if the adjacent owned galaxy hasn’t been owned long enough. Any more than one base will have to wait for the timer.
* Updated The Nexus pirate side background visuals.
* Added Earthforce Supplier skin for The Nexus.
* Added pirate Ai base skin for The Nexus.
* Added Automated Attached Miner Kit IV Blueprint to Capella AI base.
* Added a warning during planetscanner use for solarbodies having no base slots.
* Added Kalthi Orbital Habitats Blueprint.
* Added Hotrod Station Kit VI Blueprint. As a dungeon blueprint drop.
* Added Golaz Station Kit VII Blueprint. As a dungeon blueprint drop.
* Added Hermes Station Kit VIII Blueprint, separate from all existing drops.
* Added Gaia Station Kit IX Blueprint. As a dungeon blueprint drop.
* Added Depot Station Kit VII Blueprint to Dungeon Drops.
* Added Depot Station Kit VIII Blueprint to Dungeon Drops.
* Added Depot Station Kit IX Blueprint to Dungeon Drops.
* Added new drops to Serengeti for Primal Gear and possibly some ships!
* Vapor Condensor (and Mobile version) has been item renamed to Vapor Condenser. Any existing condensors will be automatically converted to the new version when taken out of storage.
* Added various features to disable AI only ships in player hands (they can no longer be undocked, if undocked already their stats will be nerfed severly. To get rid of them, dock the ai only ship and remove all items from it, it will then destroy itself.
* Added new comet tutorial to Capella, demonstrating how to acquire comet loot and finding out what each comet contains.
* Reduced player obtainable base kit transference resistance to 70% to somewhat increase effectiveness of HPS bases.
* Removed duplication of status in HQ field generators.
* Added 3 Depot Defender temporary drones to Depot kits.
* Moved the UrQa Kasa Akuk’oj Ukoq ruin to a dropped item on Bana Queen and Bana King. Separate from current drop lists. This is also within a crate for easier scooping.
* Gargantuan Give and Take has been converted into a crate of size 75 from 1585 for dg drop.
* Gargantuan Misdirection has been converted into a crate of size 50 from 1077 for dg drop.
* Gargantuan Ion Justice has been converted into a crate of size 50 from 900 for dg drop.
* Gargantuan Obsidian Ionizer has been converted into a crate of size 50 from 1069 for dg drop.
* Gargantuan Yallow has been converted into a crate of size 50 from 833 for dg drop.
* Gargantuan Fission Thrust has been converted into a crate of size 50 from 946 for dg drop.
* Gargantuan Moral Emphasis has been converted into a crate of size 25 from 418 for dg drop.
* Bhisaj Kavaca has been converted into a crate of size 25 from 841 for dg drop.
* Boson Blower has been converted into a crate of size 25 from 512 for dg drop.
* Tamed Wasp fighter is now scrappable at Junkyard like other prefab fighters.
* Rabbit Hunter Assistant Prefab fighter is now scrappable at Junkyard like other prefab fighters.
* Added Rubicite Station Kit Blueprint to dungeon drop lists.
* Added unpacking IC factories to Capella for purchase.

Misc stuff

* Allowed use of variables in team messages. Variables must be enclosed in $(), (e.g., “Hi, welcome to $(name)!”). Supported options are:
** name – the team’s name,
** chars – number of characters,
** slotcount and slotlimit – number of used account slots,
** hqloc – the location of the HQ kit, or “[no HQ]” if you don’t have one,
** gcount – number of owned galaxies,
** pcount – number of protected galaxies,
** pop – team’s total population
** popperc – percentage population ownership of the universe
** opcount – number of outposts
** oplimit – max number of outposts
** oplist – comma delimited list of outposts’ galaxy’s name
** director – the character name of the director
** councillorcount, officercount, operatorcount, soldiercount, peoncount – counts of the number of those at that rank
** score – current team score
* Fixed the lack of a space after the number of base slots when using planetscanners.
* Better optimized the teleport protections for high latency players

Next uni changes

+ Industrial Commod bases no longer deal in off-theme Industrial Commods (For example, a Girder base will only deal in Steel Girders, Titanium Reinforced Girders, Laconia Reinforced Girders and Adamantium Reinforced Girders and no longer deals in Fusion Cells, Sentient Chatbots, Fine Space Whisky, Paxian Figurines, Cyborg Brigades and Sub-Shield Buffers
+ Umbra nodes are now 2 times as common and yield 2 times as much Umbra on average
+ Updated the spread of Juxtas and Concourses in Wild Space. They no longer only appear on the edge of the map
+ Lowered the amount of Kalthi Depths galaxies from 250 to 140
+ Lowered the amount of Perilous Space galaxies from 300 to 250
+ Increased the amount of Earthforce Layer galaxies from 450 to 500 to allow better AI spread over Danger Factors
+ The Badlands, in the Jungle, can now drop Bauxite and Bronze from the asteroids.
+ Added comets, these new celestial bodies will orbit their stars for long periods of time in elliptical orbits, and when they come close to their star they will drop items. The items that they dropped can be determined by using a prospecting planet scanner on them.
+ The list of Aveksaka gal names in Subspace has been expanded with 24 new possible names.
+ The potential galaxy name LACS-01804 Lamba has been fixed to LACS-01804 Lambda.
+ Jungle Bosses, except for Subemperor Baloo, drop 100,000,000 credits when killed. Subemperor Baloo drops 200,000,000.
+ Added Sivar’s Augmenter, Glare, Broken Glare, Focus, Purifier and Purpose to Sivar Hvar’kann’s drops.
+ Added Electrified Georg Ohm, a roamer in Kalthi Depths who has a vastly increased chance to drop Georg Ohm’s loot, as well as Kalthi Depths specific loot.
+ Fixed the missing glowmap on the Red Photon Oversized Turret.
+ Added a vuln aura for unattached bases to all suns in buildable gals.
+ Updated pax mission for Felicitas
+ Fixed Aether Escape super item will now have a charge of 25 seconds, with a flat speed boost of 150 lasting for 15 seconds.
+ Added exit gate to Dark Diablo.
+ Added Compact Station Solar Panel and Anti. Will be sold in Free Market and The Acropolis.
+ Added Divine Station Solar Panel drop, separate from all existing drops.
+ Added UrQa Kasa Akuk’oj Ukoq ruin station solar panel.
+ Added Armada Station Solar Panel and Anti as a separate mission in Serengeti Blockade.
+ The Twisted Token reward missions will now auto-start upon entering Prejudice.
+ Made base amp holoprojector a fixed size.
+ Qa Quuu Drone has been converted into a crate of size 100 from 5000 for dg drop.
+ Quu Drone has been converted into a crate of size 25 from 560 for dg drop.
+ Changed resistances of Quu, Qa Quuu, and Kasa Quu to be in accord with the BvB rework.
+ Reworked paxian explorations missions, added 2 new items a microwarpers and travel ship.

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