Space Clouds

Server Patch 04.26.2017

Server Changes

* Another server lag from bvb (or other heavy spaceobjects scenario) fixed, hopefully is the last one.

Content Changes

* Reduced Twisted Nikola shield caps from 17mil to 15mil.
* Improved “Outpost 2 Reporting In” mission intro and summary to better convey the objective to the player.
* Made Lasting Reserves Berserker only
* Adjusted the cost of station-bought Thoraxes and Torpedoes
* Adjusted Stygian Fist
* Reduced weight on Primal Zebra Hooves Torpedoe
* Reduced size on (Primal) Lion V2 Rocket. This had a severe impact on their stats.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed bots getting full bonuses to fighter bay slots, they now get half the fighter slots bonus from the master

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