Space Clouds

Server Patch 04.06.2017

Server Changes

* Adjusted Ai Base 3 visuals
+ Adding Combat Focus Defensive Device to the bases in The Nexus
* Fixed ult drone controller bps having an incorrect max uses
* Made it so that extractors that extract the same resource share slots with other extractors of that resource.
* Fixed lockouts for coloured empires
* Updated The Nexus to visage2 AI bases.
* Tweaked Earthforce choice visuals.
* Gunner Analysis fixes
* Controlbots now say what type of bot they are (Trade/Combat) in their description.
* Scans of solarbodies will now include the name of the object they orbit, if they have one
* Fixed a bug that prevented Diamond Extractors to be equipable on a ‘Gem Caverns’ terraform
* Beefed the Arcadian to Argonaut Barrier Booster effects.
* Adjusted base pulse pluses lower recoil and lower damage but same dps.
* Adjusted Deep Space Fuel Stations visuals.
+ Adjusted Deep Space Background.
+ Removed negetive 5% shield charge aura from Paradise.
* Made it so that automatic super items that do damage will not be triggered by healing weapons
* Buffed the missiles the Aveksaka Munitions Device’s use.
* Adjusted the Stormcloud fighter so it will always be able to launch fighters, lower the damage on the Stormcloud fighter, lowered the damage on the Zarkarayu fighter, lowered the damage on the Wasp fighter.
* Fixed issue in pax stratos turret position
* Beefed Mythic Defenders range from 100% to 125% and enabled the Light of War weapon.
* Junkyard extractor can now be equipped alongside normal version of the extractor
* Reduced size of andaman and achilles crest bps to 100
* Server performance improvement with splash weapons and deathblossom.
* Fixed Ambrosia Drone (attached), Andaman Drone (attached), Qafir Drone(+), Ancient Defense shield banks. Will require redeploying.
* Qokujiii Qa’ik no longer has way more regeneration and shield bank than intended.
* Items sold alongside a ship when said ship is sold can now be recovered with the undo button.
* Guard AI in Kalthi Depths dungeons will no longer drop augmenters from their drop tables, they’ll only have a chance to drop augmenters that are equipped to their ship hull. They, instead, have a chance to drop a wider array of commodity crates.

Client Changes

* More crash fixes, it should be pretty stable now.
* Client crash now attempt to upload the dumpfile automatically if you click yes (instead of opening the folder and asking you to send it to us).
* Small tweaks to the laser shaders
* Renamed dds texture option to compressed texture to reduce confusion.
* New lockout tab display in the character window.

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