Space Clouds

Server Patch 04.01.2017

** Beta client updates **
a new beta client is now available, beta client will automatically download the update if you are using it.
If you are not using the beta client but wish to install it, the installer can be found here
- 308.110 -
* Fix for multiple client crashes
* New attempted fix on the freeze when in background issue.
- 308.195 -
* save dumps now include the character name to avoid overwriting by accident.
* new system to automatically upload dumps in the event of a crash (if you click yes). It’s minimalist but should work.
- 308.221 -
* improved the save dump upload to compress and include starsonata.log + config files to help with tracking crashes.
* fixed another client crash
* temporary disabled gameview related texts (floating messages and nametags). Some crashes came from here and a fix is currently being written.
- 308.223 -
* gameview related texts fix is done and they were enabled back on.

Client patch still has to wait a little, lots of new crash found that need to be fixed but its progressing at a great pace.

* Nerfed shield bank on jelly carapace from 4k to 1k
* Increased Apollo Energybank X from 25k to 28k to allow tech 3 kits to fire a Apollo MagCannon.
* Gear from the Jungle is now properly Tech 12, with Primal gear being Tech 14.
** Many of these items have seen their power levels increased, while also increasing their sizes. This is most true for Bear/Tiger/Elephant gear.
* New items have also been added, namely the Tiger Claw/Primal Tiger Claw and Primal Bear Fighter and Missile Bays.
* Removed the maximum piloting level restriction from Super Phunka mission (p21+ player could not start it).
* OS / Gigantic / Gargantuan conversion effiency changed to 0.55 / 0.60 / 0.65. Credits per ration reduced to 5 (from 6 – 10)
* Fixed a bug that prevented Diamond Extractors to be equipable on a ‘Gem Caverns’ terraform
+ Removed any scoops from the AI in the Rumble galaxies.
* Stormcloud Fighters now launch 3 mini fighters instead of 6 mini fighters. Pax Cosmologica fighters now do their intended damage. St. Bernard, Cerberus and Zarkar’ayu fighters no longer do more radiation damage than they should. The generators that make Greenish Fighters, Mini Vulcanite Fighters, Honey Strikers, Slumber Mc Chrome Face Fighters, Twisted Strikers now make 24 of them like other fighters.
* Reduced the damage output of Arctia AI.
* Kalthi Depths no longer drops random items and gear that are inappropriate for the zone.
* Small server performance improvement with death blossom (more to come)

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