Space Clouds

Server Patch 03.29.2017

** Beta client update **
a new beta client is now available, beta client will automatically download the update if you are using it.
If you are not using the beta client but wish to install it, the installer can be found here
* Fix for a crash usually happening when entering blue outpost or lunacy (altho could happen anywhere with a station and mission indicator)
* Attempted fix for an ui related crash.

Another small patch, this one is server only. Client patch including multiple crash fixes is still under development and should be out with the next patch.

* Green Battleship spawners in Earthforce, Wild and Perilous Space (southern spawners) will now drop 10 million credits like their northern equivalents.
* Added discount to all sheets and Dementium on the new module blueprints.
* Mission for NCC-Bulk ships in East Vindia is now repeatable.
* New Zen Reset skills available at Sai’s Retreat in Sol.
* Citizen of Earthforce mission (Completionist mission chain) fixed, it now requires completion of the “Dispatching Bellarmine, Again.” mission instead of the next “Excommunicator” mission.
* Fixed Strontium-90 Uber Slumberchrome mission displaying wrong required kill count.
* Improved Frozen Snowflakes and Christmas Tinsels tooltips.
* Radiation Cone mission in Liberty is now repeatable.
* Added a missing mission outro for Augmenter Tweaking missions.
* Nexus Station and Janitor’s Outpost no longer vend Rations.
* Space Anomaly AI emit a fourth as many particles as previously, and will be visible to all graphics levels now.
* Fixed Shadow Ambush to give 14% damage from behind like it says
* Fixed lockouts for coloured empires
* Server performance improvement in heavy spaceobjects scenarios.
* Fixed fighters being unable to multifire in most situations
* Added a basic implementation of squad damage tracking (/showsquaddamage and /resetsquaddamage)
* Fixed a mistake in the Industrial Annihilator Z BP
* Fixed some issues with Subspace and Zaphragi AI in The Jungle that caused the zone to be harder than intended, especially the Bear boss.
* Added Nexus Fighter Bay and Nexus Fighter Drones to the AI base in The Nexus.
* Increased the amount of Kalthi Manufacturing Parts, Kalthi Ship Plating, Reinforced Kalthi Essence and Kalthi Essence required for builds by 10 due to the increase in their drop rates.
* Increased the half life of Selenium Dust and Lunarium Dust to 8 hours.
* Nerfed Mythic Defender drones.
* Bravado line of Field Generator’s require Fleet Commander instead of Flight Controller.
* Fixed many damage issues with fighters.
* Fighters that used 2 slots and lasted 2 minutes now take 1 slot and last 3 minutes, their energy costs have been increased as a result. Fighters that used 4 slots and lasted 3 minutes now take 2 slots and last 5 minutes, their energy costs have been increased as well. Fighter Generators have been changed to generate up to 24 fighters at maximum. Any fighters that were obtained prior to the fighter rework will no longer be ship bound.
* Gurujana Ekam’s damage now scales with its level.
* Speed Demon Target Tracker no longer uses Speed Based Charging.
* Fixed numerous typos in the Mira missions.
* Adjusted the stats of several of the low tech Iq’ Bana augmenters, and the Jujo’qii Augmenter finally has stats!
* Increased the speed and strength of the Kalthi Armada Fighter and Kalthi Minion.
* Fixed an issue with the Neutralizing Discharge’s droprate.
* Dark Fighter Defender blueprint now builds a generator instead of a single fighter.
* Added T12 (Experimental) and 14 (Prototype) buildable extractors for Baobabs / Space Oats / Metals / Silicon / Nuclear Waste. Blueprints can be purchased in Blue Photon Processing (just like the tech 16/18/20 ones)
* Reduced the Tier 2 Industrial Commod cost of T18 buildable extractors by 80%
* Removed the credit cost of T16 buildable extractors
* Lowered the credit cost of T18 and T20 buildable extractors by 66%
* Lowered the power of Tech 20 buildable extractors from 6.5 to 6
* Increased the power of Undead extractors from 3.5 to 4

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