Space Clouds

Server / Client Patch 05.10.2018

This is a small patch, mostly to fix issues that were added in the recent updates and some small quality of life fixes.

* Changed Deimos and Phobos Augmenters from rare to uncommon quality. (Deimos: 180% RoF -> 130% RoF, Phobos: +80% Damage -> +60% Damage)
* Added commas to /showsquaddamage
* Adjusted tech of the unsticky stable station diffusers, corrected 2 dampener bp pack descriptions to be more accurate. Deprecated the adonis, argonaut, and paxian unstable station diffusers.
* Fixed a bug that allowed the sun’s aura to be ignored with previously attached station (asteroid station)
* fix for first gal name being duplicated in oplist
* Fixed a vacuum scooping bug
* Fixed the construction related bug where periodics were not properly consumed. If you had a bugged build, it will still request a large amount to catch up (it did not actually consume periodics up to that point), but once caught up the periodic cost should be back to normal.
* Fixed a delay in the inventory refresh
* Improved map loading so that it should not lockup during loading anymore and refresh as new data is received

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