Space Clouds

Beta client update 324.435

- 324.443 -
* Fix for a crash introduced in 324.435
- 324.435 –
* Assets preloading is no longer done upfront and instead is handled in background. The total loading time is similar but you can now log in right away instead of having to wait for the loading to complete. (this mean the game start as fast as it used to without texture preloading, but after a minute or two has the same performance has a preloaded client).
* Improved the background detection and rendering. It should be a lot less intrusive now, it no longer reduce the graphic quality and only impact the fps. Disabling background rendering will leave the last frame rendered as the image until the window is brought back to foreground.
* Modified the dds texture generation to reduce the size and improve the quality.
* Made glowmap rendering much sharper.
* Improved normal map rendering to get rid of weird graphic artifact on some ships when seen from specific angles.
* Client crash fix in the target ring rendering code.
* Support for locked “LOCKED” mission mechanic on test server.

Those changes are available in the beta client which can be downloaded here

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