Space Clouds

Beta client update 318.44

This has been a long time coming, multiple delays kept on creeping on and things just got out of hands.

The beta client is highly recommended if you want to connect to livetest, if you do not have the beta client and wish to install it, it can be downloaded here

The beta client should work fine on liberty but some features will not be functional as they depend on server changes.

Client specific changes in this beta:
* Multiple client crash fixes.
* Some slight performance tweak, should result in 5-10% higher framerate under high spaceobjects scenario.
* Removed black background from Red Photon flag (ID 222).
* Added new flag (ID 44) for team The Elites found in Edge of Reason.
* Fixed the following engine mounts: Behemoth, Goblin, Kelvin, Earthforce Cruiser, Earthforce Battlecruiser, Earthforce Battleship, Earthforce Overload Prototype, Earthforce Dreadnought, Red Photon Warship, Faranji Wingship, Pax Stratos, Ares War Chariot+, Delquadrikamdon
* Altered faction selection image to give better interpretation of options. Credit to Doran.
* Added a server dropdown to the login screen
* Kalthi warrior no longer has black triangles in the corner of it’s body and front spikes.
* Fix for floaty text memory leak
* Changed the default camera view to top down.
* Made it so that sounds will load through mods (the skin system can now be used to mod sounds)
* C1 style gal circle
* made it so that the random gal link color is only for wild space
* Gave the map a more “classic” feel to it.
* The map now show less station tabs than previously, up to a max of 15.
* Added per-team colors to owned gal links.
* Improved Space Rat textures.
* Tabs instead of spaces between cells when copying tables
* Added mods to the copy to clipboard functionality for inventories
* Added pagination to skins UI
* Fixed the target circle to point to the front of the ship
* Improved UI target rings resolutions.
* Fixed the rendering of icons next to the players name (such as the emp star)
* Fixed an issue where the “class skills available” dialog was sometimes blocking drag n dropped items that it shouldn’t be even when invisible.
* Fixed orthographic mode clipping
* Fixed ortho camera changing to perspective

livetest patchnotes will be available by monday.

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