Space Clouds

Weekly Dev Meeting – September 16th


Col Legno

I altered base bound gear (Junkyard stuff is most of what will be affected by this) so that you can no longer put higher tech gear on lower tech bases. This way gear won’t get stuck on bases unintentionally.
I added a pop up confirm dialog for transfering base bound gear to bases so that there are less accidents while transfering gear around.
I also fixed some minor spelling and mission issues.


I finally confirmed that the hardware buffer corruption is fixed, altho in the process another issue was found in the client where some effect nodes end up stuck on the screen. Waiting for secondary test of the issue.

Applies fixes to the webserver for dealing with team score updates.

Blue Dwarf

Finally finished up the changes I was making to aura generators, cleaning up some of the code behind the environmental damage auras (common in Subspace areas) and addressing the issue that auras affect people in instances when they shouldn’t (e.g., protected galaxies).

I’ve also tweaked the Omni Census PDP-01 item to be a bit more useful, the size and energy cost have been reduced to 25 and 750 respectively and it can now be used directly from your ship. The display has also been improved a bit.


It turns out slaves got caught up in a change where ai could no longer own debris and could no longer own debris themselves, so I fixed that. I worked on the UZ lockouts with Col Legno and now all the ai share the same instance-wide lockouts, so you can no longer get trapped in the boss room. We originally avoided this because you could kill a 10 minute lockout ai to overwrote your longer boss lockout, but I’ve changed it so that lockouts can now only be extended from new kills.

Player questions!

Question 1

Who has had the biggest influence as an programmer within this game?
Jey: i guess it would be blindside
because he was a god able to write shaders and stuff !
graphic programmers are mythical creatures
you dont often see them in the wild

Jeff: I liked the guy who wrote Effective C++

Col Legno: I’m kind of stuck on Roy Osherove atm. nothing to do with the game at all. but he’s kind of a unit testing god. He has some really cool ideas.
and Michael feathers – working effectively with legacy code.

Blue Dwarf: I don’t know, I kinda take a bit of everything from everywhere. I liked some stuff from Doug Crockford (particularly JavaScript: The Good Parts), but somethings are just ugh (One True Brace Style can suck it). I guess that’s a good thing, given I learnt Perl first.
Oh, Gary Bernhardt, because who doesn’t love some batman?

Jeff is stingy and didn’t want to do questions, so only one this week! Give us some more awesome questions so Jeff isn’t so stingy next week!

Here’s the link to submit a question!

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