Space Clouds

Weekly Dev Meeting – 11th January



Pixel’s been adding new ships relating to the Interdiction frigate. There are now three ships where you can purchase the Recon Frigate from the Lyceum Recon base. Then you can upgrade this ship either into the Speed Demon or Seer variants. These will contain some interesting superitems that will make them quite useful!

Acoustic Frigate Interdiction Frigate

He’s also currently working on some miscellaneous holoprojectors, such as Googly Eyes.
Googly Eyes


Ryan has made a new tab in the character dialog to show active lockouts, as well as display a countdown to the next daily and weekly lockouts. He is also working on a system so that when major changes are made to a ship or augs, players will get a free aug reset on that ship. This system will be used for several of the upcoming ship changes.


More security and behind the scenes updating from Jey, this will also include some scheduled downtime while he performs some maintenance. Jey’s also been fixing crashes and memory leaks within the client.

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