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Weekly Dev Blog – 8th March


New Universe

As the universe is coming to a close don’t forget to pack before Saturday March 11th at 1:00 PM Eastern / Server time.


Added 25% shield regen buff to the shield trans of the Support Drone for low level support focus players.

Made a super item for low level Fleet Focus players called “Forward Operating Base Deployment Device”. It has a very short range field gen that gives +25% shield regen and +25% electric and launches two fighters, but the base is very fragile, with the intention that you either use it out of combat to regen, or in combat, but away from the enemies.


Hober will be posting two short blogs about what has been done to Kalthi Depths and Subspace.


Other than doing back-end stuff to ensure that AIs don’t suddenly get super powerful thanks to the class skill changes, I’ve been digging into our balance sheets and unearthing issues and oddities, like Sebastopols getting worse DPE the more pellets they shoot.

Our experimentation with weapon balance changes, mostly focused on Thoraxes and the “Burst” line of weaponry on test continues. Expect a blog post with more details, our reasoning behind the upcoming changes, as well as our thoughts on why changes were needed in the first place in the near future.


Pixel has been busy giving visual effects to all the tweak Superitems, here’s some examples:




He has also been working on new Tech 16, 18, 20 tier 0 base extractors for next universe last minute to encourage players to use higher tech bases as extraction kits. These will be sold in Blue Photon as blueprints. Here’s an example of metal extractors (these are subject to changes):


Pixel has been posting some topics on the forum related to next universe changes:
Base Extractors
Module Tablet Packs – Related to modules

Additionally the level 16 Tractoring skill acquired from Capella requirement has been reduced from 50 Umbra to 30 Umbra.

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