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Weekly Dev Blog – 5th September

Ring Station

Hello everyone! Here’s what we’ve been working on lately.


Since Spirit of the Lion Blueprints are demanded at a much higher rate than any of the other Spirit blueprints, the other three variants end up accumulating in storage. We approved a suggestion to allow players to turn in any four Spirit blueprints for one Spirit blueprint of choice.

We have created new forum and Discord roles for our Press Corps. Track them down with any questions you have about the development process!


Last week I spent some time on my massive list of improved QoL stuff. So far ready for patch is I have improved the drop rates for Jungle zones on JACs; now you will be guaranteed a JAC per boss kill with a special chance for another to drop from Baloo beyond the normal drop rates. I have also updated Kalthi Ships to be swappable. What this means is if you have your augmetners on your Berserker and decide you want a KAW instead of a KWW, you no longer need to aug reset or go buy another ship form from Paxian Stronghold. You can simply build your KAW Upgrade and equip it to you KWW instantly becoming a KAW. This will apply to all Armored and Wrathful Kalthi ship types as soon as patch hits. Lastly, I have updated the Fembot Factory and Blueprint to be T16 to ease the ability to get to Station management to actually possible without purchasing Fembots themselves.

I have a few other projects in progress as well. We finally have a resolution to the Cloning Vats: I will be adding a mission to simply get the fighter generators in the future. I will also be resolving the Hermes one hit issues. I will be working to make a low level travel ship given to you by the Paxian Ships. I will also add some new dailies and weekly missions to the Serengeti and Jungle Zones to acquire some Honorary Mentions and Diplomas.


I have further tweaked the Phoenix and Glaucopennia. Updated stats are on the test server and ready for players to test some more. I’m currently under the impression that they are a bit underpowered according to their cost, but that may be OK. I’m considering reducing their cost and rarity instead of increasing their power.

The second round of engine adjustments are now available for testing on the test server. Thrust has been increased on all Engines by 100%, while Turning has been increased by 33%. These changes are meant to mitigate the necessity of constantly using Ace in a Pill tweaks to maintain a reasonable level of maneuverability. This may mean that players who were already pretty maneuverable can now use a smaller/weaker engine, or they can instead opt to use heavier gear.

I’m working with enkelin on creating some balance standards and formulas for Tractor Beams. Right now they’re in a very weird place, with a lot of their stats decided on arbitrarily. We hope to create a much more reasonable power differential between tech levels and types of tractor beams.

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