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Weekly Dev Blog – 14th December



I am adding multiple types of giant stars to the universe generation instead of just red giants now. There will be O, B, A, F, G, K and M type giant stars now, which includes blue giants and yellow giants.
I have tried to make the stars have their sizes follow what they should be in real life (they will be scaled logrithmically in a consistent way through), and have put a number next to the star class (like in real life) between 0 and 9, with 0 being the hottest of the class and 9 the coolest.
Sun Names
I have also done a similar thing for main sequence stars; I plan to also do it for brown dwarfs, supergiant stars and hypergiant stars.
They will be scaled so what may be the largest star known ( would have a diameter 3092 distance across in the game, which is slightly larger than the largest size for a red giant star in the game now (3000 size).
Giant Suns


Pixel wants to inform the community about an upcoming change to resource extractors. Extractors are being revamped so that you no longer need to equip multiple extractor types for each resource.  For example, if your base has 10 Metals slots you will now simply equip 10 of your highest tech extractor; you won’t need to also equip 10 of every other Metals extractor type.  We are increasing the extraction multipliers on all higher tech extractors to compensate.  For example, Kikale Mzungu Extractors will now carry an extraction multiplier of 5.5 instead of 2, to compensate for the lack of lower tech extractors.

In short, you will still get at least as much extraction as you always have, but you won’t need to juggle tons of lower tech extractors anymore.  We will also be adding some new high-tech extractors for various commodities, so look out for those!

Pixel will be watching the topic related to this blog for any thoughts about this change and try and answer any of your questions.

Side note warp beacons have been added to the north and south of earthforce layer for next universe!


Ryan finished the class skill tree, so now we’re working on getting the new class skill system ready for live! We’ll have another blog post detailing the final version changes soon. He also added support for ctrl+A (select all) and ctrl+C (copy to clipboard) to all tables in the client ui. This should allow easy copying of inventory, ship stats, skill lists, and a whole lot more.


  • Added Scorching for Ambro pulse, and Charring Fires for Anni Pulse/Primal Fury.
  • Changing base targeting code to allow bases prioritize bases while drones prioritize players/drones Healing wise atm. Will work on making offensive targeting code work the same.
  • Changing base code to shoot missile after 5 seconds of engaging a battle.


Merged the new class skill code branch back into trunk and doing final testing in preparation for the next patch.

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