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Pixel Blog 08-09-2017

Ring Station


Welcome to another Pixel blog where I, Pixel, will be going over what has been done over this past week.

Hober Mallow

Tentative Tractor Beam Changes

Additionally their’s been a topic made about suggesting changes to current tractor beam mechanics. Click here to find out more…


Battle Sphere – Super Laser

Finally witness the fully operational Battle Sphere! Yes, the Battle Sphere is currently being worked on to add a super laser that will be able to cut through almost everything.
Here’s a mock demostration of the current progress on the superitem visual, this is probably going to change at the final result, as discovered some issues occur with this current animation after multiple uses.


User Interface Improvements

In other news higher resolution background textures for all dialogs in the games user interface, this will reduce artifacting that the previous version used to produce.


Ring Station

As you’ve probably noticed via this blog’s background image, ring stations! This is currently in concept stage but most of the visual work is done. Here’s some image content produced so far:



  • Ring Frame (deployed)
  • Ring Facilities (building/resource focus)
  • Ring Habitat Supports (colo resource focus)
  • Bio-ring (colo focus)
  • Ring Enhancers (galaxy effects focus)
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