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Developer Blog – 5th December

Hi everyone, here’s a small update on what we have done lately. As always, some of these changes may be finished but awaiting patch, so just ask if you aren’t sure if they’re live.


Two weeks ago, I spent my Friday working on the Glaucopennia and Phoenix rebalance they are currently on test however you will require this client to access it.  Just unzip it into your SS folder and run the client. If you need any assistance testing this new ship please send any issue requests to NCCIntrepid on discord. I also updated the Zeus Antu to properly use siege mode. Lastly, I removed the grem off of Platform drones for next patch. This week I have been providing some dps testing on drones for Ingendum.  The image below details the new stats of the Glaucopennia and Phoenix.  Here are links for the build cost and stats on the inbuilt tweak.



The new Recycled Armada Augmenters mission in Serengeti Blockade will be replaced by a new set of five missions. They work similar to the mission they replace, however you can choose which Spirit blueprint you will get in exchange for 4 blueprints. The original “Armada Augmenters” mission will remain as the way to obtain Spirit augmenters for Zaphragi Research Diplomas, but the newer mission that gives one random Spirit BP in exchange for four will be removed.

enkelin (me!)

I am working on a document that details the plans the dev team has drawn up to revamp the way galaxy assault is carried out. Our plan is to release this information to the players as soon as possible so that we can workshop any issues, and then get things implemented and on the test server well in advance of the next universe reset.

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