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Galaxy Assault Revamp

BvB Revamp

BvB Revamp

Hello everyone! In this post, I will fill you in on the final details of the galaxy assault revamp that will go live for the upcoming universe. Until that time, the changes detailed in this post will be up on the test server for everyone to experiment with.

Summary of changes



Players tanking pulses

Base mining vulnerability removed, base projectile damage increased, and base resistance increased to match.

Sun tanking

Unattached bases and permanent drones will receive serious vulnerability auras when near a sun.

Players spectating in spirits

Base and permanent drone target prioritization is revamped. Players won’t be shot by bases if they have anything better to do.

Base healing meta

Base transference resistance is increased somewhat to reduce the effectiveness of cross-healing between bases. However, base shield transference weapons are buffed to keep healing output constant.

Players having no combat role

Testing has confirmed that Unidyne Core Dumps are very effective at turning the tide of BvB.  Players are no longer priority targets of enemy bases, so it will be possible to actively participate in this way.

Buffer gal use

Active war and adjacent ownership instantly allows 1 BvB kit. Full 24 hours of adjacent ownership still required for 5 kits.

Junkyard kit spam

Junkyard kits now have the full 10 minute construction timer, but come with more junkyard hydros for convenience. Also, ALL kits that are under construction now receive a substantial vulnerability aura.

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