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Developer Blog October 5

Ring Station

Hello!  Here’s this week’s installment of the developer blog.


Players have alerted the dev team that the “Bana King” uber has been difficult to find this universe.  I inquired and learned that he is guaranteed to spawn in DF 480 or higher of Kalthi Depths. This isn’t a whole lot of help since there are very many DGs in that range, but hopefully anyone who is looking for him will now at least know where he may be found.  Going forward, we are considering shrinking the size of Kalthi Depths. There was some initial confusion over how to interpret the XML data, but I can now confirm that he is in DF 450 this universe. Going forward, he will be placed in a custom dungeon so we don’t need to deal with this issue. Going forward, he will continue to be placed in a random Kalthi Depths dungeon but the total number of Kalthi Depths galaxies will be reduced by about half.


I have gone through and increased weapon slots on certain ships so that they are usable by Berserker. This change only applies to ships that had very few weapon slots, and especially those like Reaver that come with a weapon equipped. I also changed the unstable overloaders that are obtainable from AI bases: they now have the “can’t unequip” tag which means they also become size 0 when equipped.  You will be able to carry a good stack of them now, making them a little easier to use.


I reduced the costs of mission-reward fighter generators.

Blue Dwarf

I noticed some discrepancies in how the Lagrange Control and Resist skills work. I will publish some fixes and clarifications soon!

Hober Mallow

The Gunner proposal I posted on the forum has been accepted, it will be quite some time before we end up doing this though. I’m changing the +33% Electric Tempering aug mod on Multifiring Combat Control Bots to 20%, this should make those bots more useful to Fleet Commanders. I still have not finished with Tractor Beam balance, but I plan on doing some work in creating a Hull Expansion balance sheet so that Hull Expanders are more impactful. This will probably result in pretty radical changes to a lot of hull expanders, but overall it should be a net positive thing. Look for some commentary on both of these things in the future.

In other news, I’m also working on some proposals for Adv. Class Subskills. I want to have them done so they are easier to tackle when we finally address class balancing, so look forward to me sharing some of my rough ideas in a forum topic sometime soon as well.

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