Space Clouds

Developer Blog Oct 18

Hello!  Here’s this week’s installment of the developer blog.



The team skill Warmongering has had its cost reduced to 1 skill point per level. This should help new teams who are strapped for skill points.  We are also creating missions to allow you to turn in excess Spirit and “Hoberian” augmenter blueprints for another chance at the one you want.


Suggested and completed a change to allow the turn in of 10 Combined Aspect Tablets for 2 Honorary Diplomas and a Zaphragi Research Diploma similar to the Primal Ship Remains. Combined Augmenter tablets have also been split off from the themed Emperor loot. Once this change is patched in, you will be guaranteed to receive an Emperor item on every kill of the boss.

Blue Dwarf

A conversation about fueled energies have lead us to deciding how they operate to change slightly. In the future fueled energies will not consume fuel if your energy bank is at it’s maximum capacity. If your energy is max and your fuel burns out, you’ll drop to 25% of your regen just like when you don’t have fuel. A fuel will be consumed when your bank dips. This change does not affect energy banks that produce waste. In other news, Seer is getting a new weapon in the Underminer series. The new weapon, Seer’s Sideminer, will be available from the Seer’s Conclave soon for those with the Weaponry skill to use it (22). Lastly, Sniper Analysis charge time has been dropped to 2 minutes from 5.  This change will hopefully streamline some of the more tedious boss fights.

Hober Mallow

Mastodon-themed augmenters have been added to appropriate areas of the Serengeti dungeon.  There is a new Aspect augmenter, Combined Aspect augmenter, and Spirit (base-only) augmenter.


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