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Developer Blog and Monthly Event

Hello!  Here’s this week’s installment of the developer blog. Unless otherwise indicated, these changes are all awaiting patch and not yet live.  Also, we will be running a Bindomite-themed monthly event this weekend. The much-discussed revamp to the item modification system has unfortunately been put on hold due to an unanticipated drop in code dev time, so feel free to go wild with the extra Bindomite!


Blue Dwarf

The spawner timer on Speedy Gonzales has been reduced to 5 minutes, but the zone is still not instanced.


I have changed the Carcass Missile on the Vulture to be ship-bound and 0 size while not being neurobound. This will allow you to transfer Vulture bots more easily. The JAC Drop rates have been increased in the Jungle, and Lore skills are no longer required for any of the Ancient Ruin Gear.


Prawn Pieces will now drop as a single uniform commodity, rather than a series of A to H of pieces. Any blueprints that required Prawn Pieces will now require this new Prawn Piece. Old A-H pieces will be renamed into the new commodity as well. This should help ease the difficulty in building the Prawn (which requires 80 pieces).


Removed most class locked items from the dg drops, and moved them to the respective ai stations in lyceums.  Most of these bps/items have had there build times and max workforces adjusted to be at most 5-6 hours. A few have had there costs changed to remove Dementium costs.  T20 ship dg ubers will drop their ship commods and bps 100% of the time. Also all t20 non Serengeti ships will take a max of 5.5 hours. Reduced size of inertial dampening blueprints (they used to be up to 8000 and can only be obtained in Lunacy). Buffed the drop rate of Love Cylinders from 0.5% to 2.5%. Pax Astronomica+ can now be upgraded to Hybridized Astronomica.

Hober Mallow

There is still work being done on Tractor Beams, we’ve hit some snags along the way but I’m confident we’ll have a balance sheet done within the next few weeks. In light of some conversation with end game and lower level Gunners, I’ll be writing up a forum post in General Discussion regarding Gunner class bonuses and a proposal I have in regards to the Deathblossom. Look out for that in the upcoming week.

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